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    1. Tall wine bottles are great for this! Just dig a trench and place bottles standing up as a barrier around your garden, etc

    2. The gopher or mole sees its reflection and runs away - plus, they can’t dig through the bottles

    3. " That sounded rather small, but then again, she had managed to dig up what happened to Tdeshi on a trail that was twenty decades old, this was only fourteen

    4. Johnny started to dig a hole through his clothes, placing the Super Chip in the center of the hole

    5. This is when you dig into the center of the pile making it look like a volcano has just erupted, then you throw everything back into the center of the pile mixing it up and watering lightly as you go

    6. dig the holes everywhere

    7. There were a few wagon ruts going this way, but at half the washes they had to have the kedas dig to make ramps for the wheels

    8. Then we had to unload everything and dig out sufficient bedding and so on for Liz to cope for the night

    9. Why would it have to be Betty’s smoke detector that plays up? I mutter to myself as I dig in the drawer where the spare batteries live

    10. ‘Yes, she came across when she was seventeen to work for a time at an archeological dig in the Bristol area … we don’t know the details but she became pregnant

    11. It’d be another positive outcome of this whole affair if she and JJ were to get together as Berndt seems to think they may … Abery Hall ought to have children running around its grounds … Kara, get your feet back on the ground! Talking of which, you had better get yourself moving … get this bread home and dig out that authority Berndt gave you

    12. I am also frustrated by the knowledge that, even if I could present you with such tokens, you probably wouldn’t wear them … I have never met a woman who wears less jewellery or who is so difficult to buy presents for! This being the case, I am sustaining my ego by building up a little store of surprises for you – one day I shall dig them out of storage and watch as you open the various boxes

    13. Wasn't that nice?' She swallowed, 'Do you know, after three years they exhume the bones and put them in a little box and keep them in the ossuary at the entrance to the cemetery? The ground must be too hard to dig deep and it seems before the burial they fill a pillow with olive leaves for his head and they trim his hair

    14. Believe me, there has never been a systematic dig here and surprisingly, it's been overlooked by most archaeologists

    15. Ok everyone – dig in!” Plates of food were soon passed around the table

    16. In fact, the archaeologist said that considering there is so much evidence to show Dorini was an established Minoan settlement, it's surprising there has never been an official dig

    17. he was making a dig at me

    18. Where once he could dig for hours on end and spend time out of doors on the coldest or wettest of days without complaint, he now found that his bones and his muscles, complained ever more loudly

    19. a park or something? I'll have to dig out a map of Naples and see if the address of Bunty’s flat is shown

    20. He’s managed to dig up some information about the building contractor who originally started the project before going bust

    21. Where did I put that copy of the Trust Deed … I dig through the file where I keep important papers, grateful for the practical activity … there it is

    22. Hang on, I’ll dig out her telephone number for you

    23. Where once he could dig for hours on

    24. started to dig his vegetable patches one last time, but instead of

    25. 18And thou shalt be secure, because there is hope; yea, thou shalt dig about thee, and

    26. Can you dig that? His mother and I have the breast cancer, the mastectomy things in common, but that doesn’t make us family

    27. As soon as his secretary materialises with the coffee, she is sent off to dig out the documents from the strong room

    28. Chrissie dawdled in the wake of the workers as they trekked along the path towards the dig

    29. Ozzie was standing to one side with Chas, the managers of the dig – above such menial tasks as digging

    30. “Fine, you stay and dig in here for a couple weeks,” I’ll leave you here and head back to the center city

    31. The path she was used to taking turned off to the right outside the barracks and led down to the cove, a junction part way along leading off to the dig … but what if she went left outside the barracks? With one finger, she traced the route of the path as it wound through the marsh, concluding that it appeared to end up further along the coast at a stretch of beach shown on the map by a splash of yellow … at least she assumed that’s what it meant

    32. ‘The ground there is easy to dig – that’s one good thing

    33. ‘The dig will be flooded

    34. Maybe they would be able to get out to the dig this afternoon

    35. As he paused, Poly said in a voice of resignation, “I suppose Tani and I will be using 'spoons' to dig the two and a half foot deep post holes

    36. As he munched Andy persuaded himself that Ozzie and Chrissie would be well clear of the barracks by the time he got there with the Sergeant and, unless the police went foraging outside the barracks, they wouldn’t find the dig either … he should be in the clear

    37. ‘There are some old rags in the broom cupboard – can you dig them out?’

    38. A day’s growth wasn’t going to make much difference and he couldn’t be buggered to dig his razor out … all the same he swept a glance round the cell – oh well, that underlined the fruitlessness of the exercise – there was no shaver point

    39. I suppose I could dig up his phone number and see

    40. It had taken them over an hour to get as far as starting the dig

    41. In Employment Dormant Records they should be able to dig up the time sheets for these people on that day, you can see the dates on that, if something was made up later, those might be later dates also

    42. He’d told Angie a little about the dig, skimming over the nastier aspects, saying that it had been a wild goose chase – well, it wasn’t so far from the truth

    43. ‘There’d been rain, they were pumping out the dig

    44. ‘And all the others were together at the dig, I think

    45. and dig his boot into the ground, wearing away the spot where the rubber should

    46. I dig Sam’s bowl out of the carrier bag and we set up her feeding place

    47. “Here is how you are to dig the holes

    48. The whole border could do with a serious dig over … maybe when you’ve finished the cleaning

    49. The run of warm weather has dried out the soil so that it’s reasonably easy to dig over

    50. Once released by the turtle to dig for the eyes in the sand, the rabbit shook the water from his coat, and winking at his clumsy betrayer said,

    1. Venna went thru it all looking for all your garden research," Herndon choked when he heard that, "although it was me that actually did the digging involved

    2. Henry started sorting through the piles of paper with renewed energy, like he was digging for buried treasure

    3. “Hey dad,” he called as he dropped his backpack onto the floor and started digging around in the fridge for something to eat

    4. He risked a glance and saw a child staring out of a smudged window, finger lodged up his nostril, digging for gold

    5. With some digging in some financial back doors he knew thru the merchant's committee, he was able to find that she drew royalties on 'photovoltaic devices' which meant Yingolian crystals

    6. The ground here was rough gravel, they would have a hard time digging scrapes and the top would never stay up, so they only dug into shallow pits

    7. ’ He said, digging out a clean hanky from his pocket and wiping my eyes with it

    8. But the room is not very large and, after a couple of steps, I have the edge of the wardrobe digging into my back

    9. Deciding that, as it is my day off, I shall wear something different, I trawl through the wardrobe, digging out a flattering, mid-calf length woollen skirt in a pretty shade of deep blue that Nick hasn’t seen yet … with a pretty light blue top and my best gold necklace (a present from the school when I left) it would look smart and it would make me feel partyish

    10. I was, to be frank, a pain in the arse, a wet blanket of the dampest order, and I felt as though there would never be an end to the digging of the shallow grave that held what was left of my worthless life

    11. After discovering 350,000 seats, they are still digging

    12. It's claws were shorter, more for bearing weight than digging, almost a hoof

    13. I bury my head in the soil, and smell the digging of earth

    14. ’ Berndt commented, going back to his bag and digging out a cloth so he can wipe his hands

    15. ’ He replied, digging into the pocket of his hosen, apparently with little success

    16. It wasn’t easy to find, but since he knew Ava kept logs that the remaining officers on the ship didn’t know about, he kept digging

    17. Together we all go round to the back garden where Rob is digging a hole under the tree in the back corner

    18. ’ I replied, digging the envelope out of the bin where I’d thrown it automatically

    19. ’ Mused Alastair, digging into the biscuit container, ‘How old is the child? Any idea?’

    20. digging out the information from tenuous leads

    21. I'll give you his number shall I?' Dawn offered, digging in her handbag for her address book

    22. The aches caused by their digging had hardly been

    23. ditches were nearly dry, and the task of digging out the accumulated

    24. again digging ditches and pruning the hedgerows

    25. ‘Well, he’s got class … him and Chas are obvious out of the top drawer … but then they’re here, digging for titanium … it doesn’t add up

    26. Ozzie was standing to one side with Chas, the managers of the dig – above such menial tasks as digging

    27. Sheila was squatting on her haunches as close as she could get to where Mickey and Kev were digging, muttering something to Mickey

    28. His t-shirt was stained with sweat, demonstrating clearly the effort he was putting into the digging

    29. However, the men soon discarded their outer garments, warmed by the labour of digging - the sweat marking dark shadows on their t-shirts

    30. The men continued digging for the titanium; Chrissie heard vague comments from them occasionally suggesting that the results were less than exciting

    31. The fact that he had been by the book for twenty decades would make no difference to whoever was digging in those records

    32. Maybe that was all she was digging at? He wasn’t going to get into that either

    33. Damn! I’m blushing! I’d started digging in my bag for my sandwiches half hoping that she would leave it there

    34. nails digging into the slick roof

    35. He might as well find out before digging too deep a hole

    36. pushed together, and soon our group was at least twenty strong, digging into the

    37. She noticed that Kelkar’s pair had torn up Enva’s field pretty bad digging scrapes for the dark

    38. Underneath it was a large hole that Roman had apparently been digging for the last

    39. They were digging so deep and so distant, that the cost to transport their goods basically tripled its value; thus allowing Rafe to sell his silver at an obscene price

    40. If by digging the ground a whole day he can get what will purchase a small quantity of rice in the evening, he is contented

    41. Sometimes he could still feel them digging into his flesh, tearing him apart as they sought his power

    42. of carrying out his threat, and immediately started digging

    43. with which to begin digging

    44. Her swords were still in her hands, though now they were useless for Solo Ki had her pinned to the ground, his staff digging into her chest

    45. Consider what Lou Engle says in his book Digging the Wells of

    46. "The Plague!" he cried, digging his heels into the dirt as a wall of undead began falling on their twenty-one heads

    47. She felt the imp's claws digging into her neck

    48. "Still hungry huh?" Alec said, digging into the quiver at his back

    49. ’They’ll be up on those moons before long, digging the wealth out of them, then we will have permanent half moons to look at

    50. The fifth hole had Lemoss digging out the golf ball after Morton had walked on it and pushed it into the green

    1. ” Travis digs for his wallet to pay her

    2. Russ digs out a chaw of Redman, offers it to John, who shakes his head

    3. John looks over his shoulder in the direction of the firing, takes off his wedding ring slowly, studies it sadly for a moment, digs out a small hole in the ground with his hand, buries it, puts a rock on top

    4. astral guardian would bring the boy to her arms and to her digs soon enough

    5. The low greyness of the sky blotted out the stars, but as Lucy headed up the road towards Waitrose and the uphill walk towards Chesterton, past the old hospital and the mouldering bones of the old Roman amphitheatre, she felt sure that some astral guardian would bring the boy to her arms and to her digs soon enough

    6. Why? Her new friends, the girls sharing her digs had elected to go on to a small club a few yards down the street, but not she

    7. One digs in his pocket for a grubby cloth and wipes his forehead before exchanging greetings with the Gottesman

    8. "Does she know where home is? Does she know that mum, dad and the rest of the fucked-up Brady Bunch are waiting for her with open arms? Shame about the digs

    9. " Ken digs his fingers into Ted's bony shoulders

    10. She was starving and tired; the thought of beans on toast –the best her digs would offer – was not appealing

    11. After all, the most she had ever done in this line was cooking for herself and one of the other dancers in the troupe who had camped on her floor for a few days when between digs

    12. All that they need to do is fell a couple of trees in the right direction and they get a walkway over the wall and into the digs

    13. wonder if I could ask you, whether they have a place for digs in town, or a hotel?”

    14. Then he walked back to his digs, deep in thought

    15. Nate turned and started to walk back to his digs

    16. Except, the holder of the stylus digs into my hand

    17. He digs under his pillow and fishes out a dollar

    18. We made a deal with Bernie to use part of his Paris digs for an office when we needed it

    19. fast at the loose clay, as a terrier digs at a bone

    20. talks a lot that’s why girls digs him while Alex is usually on the other

    21. Then along comes Caroline, a broad he really digs, and what happens? No sooner does fancy-ass Brian Walston start strutting his stuff than she fucking takes off and goes with him! Bitch! Well, he’d given her a taste of something to think about

    22. Archaeological digs have unearthed many representations of the god Baal by way of small household idols of clay

    23. In the midst of my rappin’ I saw Gina giving him dirty looks as she tugged away at his grip, which gave me added inspiration to rap a few more digs,

    24. It digs in its talons and doesn’t move

    25. The edge of the armrest digs into my palm

    26. The fabric digs into my throat, choking me, and I stumble after him

    27. She never gave him digs about his children as other Glen women did; she never bored him with local gossip; she had no malice and no pettiness

    28. 21 Who longs for death, but it comes not; and digs for it more than for hidden treasures;

    29. man digs out evil, and in his lips there is something like the burning fire; the foul man sows strife, and a whisperer separates best

    30. Whoever digs the pit shall fall in there, and he who rolls the stone, it will return onto him

    31. Caution! If you have a dog that digs

    32. The investor conference had more humble digs at the Edinburgh ICC but it was still impressive and was a great venue for all involved

    33. We had only 1 BR, so I told him to take her to his North Side digs or be immodest and let me listen while I crashed on the couch

    34. He digs two fingers through the opening, lets out a low grunt as he brings out a small object

    35. In The Lovely Bones, that pervert digs his child trap using the headlights from his truck to see what he’s doing

    36. She digs deep into the pockets of her skirt and brings out the emerald

    37. Grit digs into his cheek and all he can see is the executioner’s feet and the wild swirls of the cloak he wears

    38. The man slams him back into the wall behind and the jagged stone digs into his body

    39. First Of Those Who Fight wished that One Who Digs Holes had been killed by the human along with He Who Fell In A Hole

    40. •Comfortable to wear - your child will need to wear this alarm nightly for a few months, anything that digs into your child, prevents sleep or has sharp edges could be detrimental

    41. He said we could be in Wales working on the Roman digs

    42. All the digs before were rehearsals

    43. He retired three years ago, but was still invited to most of the digs in Great Britain as a consultant

    44. Ras digs in vigorously

    45. The child looks down and digs his fingers into his pocket, pulls out a small yellow and orange stripped Super-ball and beams at his mother with delight, “Mommy, look!”

    46. ” She drops the remote on your head and digs herself out of your arms

    47. ” She digs into her bag

    48. Jeremy came to our digs with his parents who interviewed us over tea in the boarding house parlour, then watched as Jeremy was auditioned

    49. I had the responsibility to check him into his new digs, but more importantly, I had to secure an arrest warrant for Bob Nakamura from judge Manley

    50. Richard digs into his modern physics college textbook, boning up on statistical mechanics

    1. Henry is pretty sure that we dug it out earlier this year when the carnival committee had a gangsters and molls themed evening

    2. He dug it into his forearm with a sewing needle and some printers’ ink

    3. The ground here was rough gravel, they would have a hard time digging scrapes and the top would never stay up, so they only dug into shallow pits

    4. He drives on, points out a freshly dug trench

    5. He dug in, waiting

    6. Refusing to eat, refusing to cry out when Smiler dug his elbow into my side as we walked down the corridor, was the sum total of my defiance

    7. The deeper he dug, the weaker it got

    8. I was an excavator, I dug facilities, I should say my bots did

    9. Archeologists have dug up a temple of the Aztecs where they found 42 children that were offered up to the god Tenochtitlan

    10. Meanwhile, Son had just dug a hole in which he planned to burry his

    11. Without comment, he pushed across a sheet of paper for her to write on; she waited while he dug in one of the drawers for a pen that worked

    12. We’ve discovered one, and it wasn’t that large, but then there was another stadium dug up

    13. They dug the ground with gusto and dined on the roots

    14. “This looks great! Thank you for making it,” he said as he picked up the fork and dug in with gusto

    15. Dug out by years of mechanisation

    16. Their aroma filled the house and they both dug in like a pack of ravenous wolves

    17. the coruscating wail of the wounded lying in dug outs

    18. There were no stones here, so they dug a pit for their fire

    19. Desa dug for it with one hand, Alan began losing ground as both Luray's heels made furrows in the soft soil

    20. in the furrows dug between chair seats and arms

    21. lying in dug outs and craters, watching

    22. We dug into our pockets for contributions to the bill whilst Mercouri heaved himself upright and made a loud announcement,

    23. Alexis dug the hole, wrapped him in his cardigan and put him in a cardboard box in the hole then covered it with flowers and soil

    24. Her posthumous instructions were quite specific and Ken dug her ashes deep into the soft brown loam while his infant son sat wrapped in soft, white baby wools in his buggy, gurgling at the sky and staring out at the vaguely muscled shape of his perspiring father

    25. Lucy wept and wept throughout the ordeal, hanging onto her mother’s arm with feral strength as they dragged Alan’s torso out into the garden and rolled it into the pit that had been dug for the patio

    26. of the incredible hulk and his rabid guard dogs the boy dug deep

    27. into the garden and rolled it into the pit that had been dug for the

    28. the ditches that they dug and cleared

    29. At the end of the discussions, they dug a shallow grave, buried him, and covered it with loose rocks

    30. Someone had made a pretty bad fist of replanting a bush in the recently dug ground in an attempt to conceal the disturbance, the shrub lurched heavily to one side giving away the fact it had been planted in a hurry by black-fingered hands

    31. They’d dug up a body ten years ago, a body preserved by the peat

    32. Efficiently, Chrissie dug out a bucket from the cupboard and stood at the sink watching it fill with hot water

    33. Fired by her rediscovered domesticity, she dug around in the cupboard and found cleaning materials, spending several satisfying hours cleaning the sitting room and putting it straight, and then attacking the bedrooms one at a time

    34. “That pendant I dug up last year,” he said to Tom, “When we

    35. ‘Yes, from what we can piece together, it seems that the failure of the project affected his mind, it appears that he dug up the body of your brother and hauled it into the hostel to the bedroom he shared with his wife

    36. ' More post holes were dug for several piers beside the kitchen/dining room exterior wall, with more concrete and squaring

    37. Reynard tried to twist his head, but Francois dug his knee

    38. Joe dug his fingers into the black leather of Johnny’s coat, a grip that was

    39. winced whenever they dug too deep and cut into the roots

    40. Accordingly, I dug up a piece of ground as well as I could with my wooden spade, and dividing it into two parts, I sowed my grain; but as I was sowing, it casually occurred to my thoughts that I would not sow it all at first, because I did not know when was the proper time for it, so I sowed about two-thirds of the seed, leaving about a handful of each

    41. Finding my first seed did not grow, which I easily imagined was by the drought, I sought for a moister piece of ground to make another trial in, and I dug up a piece of ground near my new bower, and sowed the rest of my seed in February, a little before the vernal equinox; and this having the rainy months of March and April to water it, sprung up very pleasantly, and yielded a very good crop; but having part of the seed left only, and not daring to sow all that I had, I had but a small quantity at last, my whole crop not amounting to above half a peck of each kind

    42. With his other hand he dug the nail of his index finger into the thigh of one of the servants

    43. "But it was humans who dug that hole to trap me and since you're a human I am going to eat you"

    44. "Just because it was humans who dug the hole doesn't make it fair for you to eat him

    45. He wrapped his tail around Solo Ki's arm, entwining it from shoulder to wrist where it split into a pair of curved barbs that dug into the elf's cape

    46. Yes it was, it had sunk right down and with the extra weight of three boys it had dug in as well

    47. They had then cut off all branches between two and three inches thick, sharpened both ends and dug in a forest of spikes around the walls and the gate

    48. She dug heels like she hadn't since encountering that skinny theirops cub out in the Kinsheeta pass

    49. He dug deeply into his bag to find her letter but withdrew only a small parcel addressed to the Clothiers Farm

    50. He stared at the woman, his yellow eyes not only wondering at her inability to see him, but awed by the fact that no matter how far his claw dug, Galimoto's presence could not be felt

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