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Dig в предложении (на )

  1. He did not dig them.
  2. This is where I dig.
  3. Ashi had to dig her.
  4. Dig holes in the snow.
  5. He did not dig in Old.

  6. We dig and find a body.
  7. And prepared to dig in.
  8. We've got to dig it out.
  9. Come on -- dig beside it.
  10. It was there he must dig.
  11. As I began to really dig.
  12. I’ll dig out my history.
  13. Would you dig me a small.
  14. You dig? Dan the man said.
  15. Then they have to dig us out.

  16. He had not even begun to dig.
  17. I'm going to dig in the clay.
  18. If you can, dig out the shot.
  19. Don’t squander it! Dig into.
  20. We continued to dig even faster.
  21. Want me to dig around some here.
  22. You have to dig deeper than this.
  23. We need to dig deeply into this.
  24. At first, I would dig up these.
  25. He started trying to dig Tim out.

  26. But when did they dig it up?
  27. Huck began to dig and scratch now.
  28. Then I should dig till water cool.
  29. You’ve more graves to dig, lunk.
  30. The dig had been here over fifty.
  31. We should dig in here and lie in.
  32. That's the time to dig deeper and.
  33. Dig holes and canals to drain water.
  34. I need to dig my way out, he thought.
  35. And you dig still deeper and deeper.
  36. Dig out the long roots, slice, boil.
  37. What have you managed to dig up?
  38. Arch Coal already had a permit to dig.
  39. In this field you must dig a little.
  40. That was perfect, now dig in, Kurt.
  41. She said well you can't dig stuff up.
  42. It involves not dying; I can dig that.
  43. Where once he could dig for hours on.
  44. The other, Dig 44, had suddenly seen.
  45. Her fingers dig into the beaded fabric.
  46. It was a terrible task to dig out our.
  47. How deep do you think we dig, senor?'.
  48. Why not I have a dig at them then?’.
  49. He did not dig in Old Testament Israel.
  50. We’re doing an archaeological dig.
  51. As soon as I was about to dig in to my.
  52. Here is how you are to dig the holes.
  53. The builders started to dig a hole for.
  54. Why did you bother to dig me out of.
  55. He’ll bow his chatty head and not dig.
  56. Dig out all of the potential markets for.
  57. Is he expecting us to dig our way out.
  58. How deep do you think we dig, señor?’.
  59. I don't dig into his reasoning any further.
  60. He asked the investigators to dig for more.
  61. The rescuers began to dig to free the child.
  62. Well, let’s go out and dig some ditch.
  63. As you can see there, they dig ceaselessly.
  64. So now it was time to dig in a little more.
  65. I went over to him and began to dig him out.
  66. Wax with that jive ass shit, ya dig?
  67. No, I’ve never seen it before in a dig.
  68. When I moved, I forgot to dig them up and.
  69. I got her to dig out the birth certificates.
  70. Brent continued to dig with a renewed energy.
  71. Diligent investors dig down yet another level.
  72. Know anything about the other site, Dig 44?
  73. I let Windstalker amble over to the dig site.
  74. Then they dig holes called basements and wells.
  75. I dig wood out from under the tarp, carry it.
  76. Can't dig a ditch or even clean out a pig-pen.
  77. I’l have a dig about, see what I can find.
  78. Dig in, as you say and help yourself to bread.
  79. You can't dig a dry grave in Volkovo Cemetery.
  80. Where did he dig that up? He gave the order!.
  81. Before she knew it, she had joined the dig and.
  82. Sim told him where it was and how to dig it out.
  83. And the others inclined to give her an odd dig.
  84. Especially after her dig about his wedding ring.
  85. You said no man could dig over twenty acres.
  86. Astounded at this finding, they continued to dig.
  87. Though they dig into HELL [grave-sheol], thence.
  88. We'll be asking for a warrant to dig up the yard.
  89. I even tried to dig under but was thwarted there.
  90. She had to dig deep into the earth to uncover it.
  91. Merthin the man hefted his spade and began to dig.
  92. She lays it on the bed and says, Well, dig in.
  93. The workers did not dig so much as they excavated.
  94. Though they dig into Hell [grave-sheol], thence.
  95. You can't dig with a shovel and fill with a spoon.
  96. Perhaps Sam could dig something out of his memory.
  97. I suppose I could dig up his phone number and see.
  98. The man smiled e started to dig in the wheelbarrow.
  99. Her voice cracks and her fingers dig into my arms.
  100. Mom only called him when a dig uncovered something.
  1. The cold is digging deep.
  2. They were digging in soil.
  3. Hit it with my digging shovel.
  4. Sam was digging his own grave.
  5. All of that digging, I suppose.
  6. As they were digging into the.
  7. Jason had started digging again.
  8. Keep digging and be persistent.
  9. I say it will be much digging.
  10. He did all the digging manually.
  11. Everyone was still busy digging.
  12. I was actually digging at times.
  13. Very soon the digging was resumed.
  14. Why are you digging my history.
  15. Alice and Jody then start digging.
  16. Only because I did my own digging.
  17. I bent over and started digging a.
  18. What else is she digging into?
  19. He carried on digging, his face set.
  20. The digging arms moved towards the.
  21. The three started digging vigorously.
  22. Jon was digging at a patch of stucco.
  23. The boy had finished digging his clay.
  24. They were back digging in the ground.
  25. He was digging himself a bigger hole.
  26. When you are in a hole, stop digging.
  27. The guys digging had been working hard.
  28. Darek eyed the meat before digging in.
  29. Meanwhile the grave digging went slowly.
  30. Something hot is digging into his palm.
  31. But first I have to keep on digging.
  32. So we set up lights and started digging.
  33. Look, E said, digging in his pocket.
  34. There ’s plenty of time for digging.
  35. Flipping their bed up, he started digging.
  36. You boys be careful digging in that hill.
  37. They growled a response and went on digging.
  38. He grabbed my arm, his claws digging in deep.
  39. Yeah, he said, digging through his bag.
  40. I found his shovel and started digging the.
  41. Fire for Chief, he said, digging his.
  42. She froze, fingernails digging into the sand.
  43. The other took no notice but went on digging.
  44. The ball was digging in and then ballooning.
  45. I saw a man digging in the dirt with a pickaxe.
  46. So we set up lights and started digging.
  47. Compared to digging for gold, it was easy work.
  48. With her gold digging, manipulative lying ass.
  49. She felt the imp's claws digging into her neck.
  50. Another water-related activity was clam digging.
  51. Within minutes he was helping with the digging.
  52. Their little hands were quite nimble at digging.
  53. The birds must have found a way here by digging.
  54. Some advice: When you are in a hole, stop digging.
  55. He was digging over his fallow land with a spade.
  56. Tandrick was already there, digging into the dirt.
  57. And you keep digging deeper to unimagined depths.
  58. Yes, I’ve been digging for over thirty years.
  59. This man is habitually engaged in digging a hole.
  60. He spat on his hand and went on with his digging.
  61. He fingers were bleeding from the frantic digging.
  62. Mack and the boys knew Eddie was digging up a keg.
  63. Work-crews dug up the ground, digging a foundation.
  64. It got so bad, I crawled away to the next digging.
  65. That’s true, she said, digging in a cupboard.
  66. The aches caused by their digging had hardly been.
  67. And I should have had to do all the digging myself.
  68. Anybody who was caught digging in that area could.
  69. He called Rocket over from the digging of the grave.
  70. Still digging up the bones of Strummer and Jones.
  71. I danced like crazy digging the keys out of my jeans.
  72. Digging you out, Fina said, puffing with effort.
  73. We can hear the wheels spinning, the tires digging in.
  74. Soraya spent the day digging into her mother's kitchen.
  75. I felt like one of those reporters digging for a scoop.
  76. Sammy watched them digging from a corner of the garden.
  77. Unfortunately, their digging disturbed something evil.
  78. It was Rafael’s deep voice that stopped her digging.
  79. The Sheriff stopped digging and moved in behind his son.
  80. I spent my childhood climbing trees and digging drains.
  81. Yes, with digging machines, electric lights and stuff.
  82. Kala laughed and then started digging through our closet.
  83. In the meantime, continue your digging around this ship.
  84. It was about digging in the garden and locking the door.
  85. What’s this? Melvin asked digging for his wallet.
  86. We had not only hit rock bottom but had started digging.
  87. Virginia felt as though claws were digging into her neck.
  88. After discovering 350,000 seats, they are still digging.
  89. Some farmers discovered it in 1972 while digging a well.
  90. A gang of men was digging a ditch to expose the conduit.
  91. Nearby, Harkwell was digging a pit in the ground to one.
  92. Digging into his pocket he pulled out all the loose bills.
  93. He might as well find out before digging too deep a hole.
  94. She turned to Clarice who was digging around in her purse.
  95. Homais was digging and delving; he was becoming dangerous.
  96. Anybody who was caught digging in that area could be shot.
  97. I see all your does are busy digging holes along the bank.
  98. We were constantly digging them out of the sand in Kuwait.
  99. What, did you come digging here entirely because of me?
  100. We had been digging in the summer heat for nearly an hour.
  1. He dug and he dug.
  2. So, I dug in a bit.
  3. This was a dug well.
  4. Well, has he dug it?
  5. He dug in his pocket.
  6. They dug into his skin.
  7. Next we dug up the money.
  8. She moaned and dug her.
  9. If I dug into the earth.
  10. We'd dug a place under.
  11. However, DUG paid out $8.
  12. As soon as she dug into.
  13. My fingers dug in harder.
  14. Vincent had dug his own.
  15. As the boat dug into the.
  16. Francis dug me in the ribs.
  17. She dug it from her pocket.
  18. The casino's dug the angle.
  19. This was dug by someone.
  20. He dug out as much of the.
  21. Conversely, DUG drifts to 81.
  22. They hunted and dug up roots.
  23. And dug the tip into her skin.
  24. The pond was my well ready dug.
  25. But I dug around some more.
  26. I dug that, said Cardiff.
  27. DUG | 200% inverse of the DJ U.
  28. The chain dug into her stomach.
  29. He dug his nails into his scalp.
  30. In the end Jeremiah dug the hole.
  31. Have they dug a hole for you?'.
  32. A hole dug by humans to hide in.
  33. Graisse whined in pain as he dug.
  34. Grit and leaves dug into her face.
  35. He dug his hand free and squeezed.
  36. He dug the keys out of his pocket.
  37. The tunnels dug in railroad cuts.
  38. The San Francisco defense dug in.
  39. Then he dug through the pile of.
  40. Her claws dug into the guard’s.
  41. Dug out by years of mechanisation.
  42. After a while he dug another hole.
  43. He still dug at the earth viciously.
  44. A small splinter had dug into her.
  45. When they were dug out (they were.
  46. He pulled out his knife and dug a.
  47. She dug her finger into the ground.
  48. The deeper he dug, the weaker it got.
  49. Six men couldn't have dug that grave.
  50. I went back at night and dug this up.
  51. Valley that needed to have a well dug.
  52. As I dug myself into her, it was Olga.
  53. He smelled like the ground we dug in.
  54. He left that place, and dug another.
  55. He dug in his pockets for his matches.
  56. So factoring this in, DUG lost only 7.
  57. The real hole has still got to be dug.
  58. Someone had dug trenches to create it.
  59. Such a hole I could have dug in a day.
  60. I dug out the spyglass and had a look.
  61. He dug through the men’s possessions.
  62. She dug her growing nails into his arm.
  63. Fretting, she dug her chin into her arm.
  64. He dug in his pockets and found a few.
  65. I dug him in the ribs with a bony elbow.
  66. The cuffs behind him dug into his back.
  67. Everyone dug into the food with relish.
  68. But that night Leofric dug me up and….
  69. He dug in the wood using smooth strokes.
  70. He dug further to root out the offend-.
  71. I dug them out of the back of my closet.
  72. There I dug my grave… I mean, my hole.
  73. He dug his hands deeper into his pockets.
  74. I dug into my food and drink with delight.
  75. Davidson dug needfully under her worn bra.
  76. I dug around and came upon something hard.
  77. Alvin quietly exited the car and dug his.
  78. She dug her own hole, N’elent said.
  79. She hesitated, but then nodded, and dug in.
  80. Jenni took the soap and dug out more candy.
  81. I dug a hole using my hands and small sword.
  82. The grave is dug in the Vaugirard cemetery.
  83. I dug into my pocket with an unskilled hand.
  84. I dug up the earth till I reached a large.
  85. Funny, he hadn't dug in the way she expected.
  86. Her fingers dug into the muscles of his back.
  87. The truck hit the mud pit Poppa Bear had dug.
  88. She dug in her purse and handed them to him.
  89. Once in place the soil was quickly dug away.
  90. She dug a gravel for the commander and laid.
  91. The little girl dug in her nose with a finger.
  92. They had river transportation and dug canals.
  93. Mary swung and dug the axe deep into his side.
  94. Specifically, it’s a trap dug in the earth.
  95. I sighed and dug into the box of screws again.
  96. Someone had to have dug up the Ancient, and.
  97. I dug it out of my purse and handed it to him.
  98. Dug her up to lug her off to Elgin, Illinois.
  99. She cringed as his nails dug into her wrists.
  100. A well had been recently dug, that produced.
  1. Digs up near the Mater.
  2. TK digs deep into his thoughts.
  3. But Kathy had a few digs for her.
  4. Steve digs deep in his interviews.
  5. All the digs before were rehearsals.
  6. Hope digs deep in the consciousness.
  7. Caution! If you have a dog that digs.
  8. He digs up the number from the internet.
  9. It digs in its talons and doesn’t move.
  10. The edge of the armrest digs into my palm.
  11. Nice digs, she says, going for light.
  12. Incredibly unique digs with no freaking rent.
  13. I’ve told you about him - we share digs.
  14. Officer Roberts hesitantly digs out his wallet.
  15. Nate turned and started to walk back to his digs.
  16. Then he walked back to his digs, deep in thought.
  17. He digs under his pillow and fishes out a dollar.
  18. Except, the holder of the stylus digs into my hand.
  19. Then I asked him if he had got digs for next term.
  20. You’d think after years of archaeological digs with.
  21. He said we could be in Wales working on the Roman digs.
  22. She digs her cell phone out of a pocket and sends a text.
  23. I am one who digs dung, soiled by the smut of destruction.
  24. She dips in two fingers, digs up a wet, soft, slippery thing.
  25. Ciere, still invisible, digs into the bag and finds a tablet.
  26. He digs it out and Morana takes it, passing it over the scanner.
  27. He digs holes in the geranium bed to bury the bones you give him.
  28. The fabric digs into my throat, choking me, and I stumble after him.
  29. She digs deep into the pockets of her skirt and brings out the emerald.
  30. Russ digs out a chaw of Redman, offers it to John, who shakes his head.
  31. Later, he digs them up and decorates them with numbers and fluffy flowers.
  32. She digs her heels into the floor and grapples his leg, stopping him short.
  33. He packed and left the house to return to his old digs, which he had kept.
  34. He found that it was often a valuable thing to bring on archaelogical digs.
  35. It was the same with Scully’s digs and the doctor fella; Shark and nursie.
  36. The same way he picks his nose is the same way he digs out his ass for shit!.
  37. The man slams him back into the wall behind and the jagged stone digs into his body.
  38. Then he pushes off his car, grabs my shoulders, and digs his gray beard into my neck.
  39. He or she wants to know how you are at the present first, before your date digs deeper.
  40. We made a deal with Bernie to use part of his Paris digs for an office when we needed it.
  41. Sharing digs with two mates of mine from the hospital was made easier by our sharing the.
  42. Richard digs into his modern physics college textbook, boning up on statistical mechanics.
  43. Fortunately, for Bob Simpson his key-fob had the address of his digs on it so it was not too.
  44. He digs two fingers through the opening, lets out a low grunt as he brings out a small object.
  45. Whoever digs the pit shall fall in there, and he who rolls the stone, it will return onto him.
  46. Fingernails: press down on the bite with a fingernail so that the nail digs in and leaves a mark.
  47. Beth Rapha wasn’t exactly a commune, more a sort of cheap digs and hanging out place for hippy types.
  48. He retired three years ago, but was still invited to most of the digs in Great Britain as a consultant.
  49. Evidence of damsons have been found in Roman archaeological digs across England and there is even evidence.
  50. Violence does, in truth, recoil upon the violent, and the schemer falls into the pit which he digs for another.
  51. They both agreed to move out when they could though, and find a flat or some digs somewhere near their college.
  52. She was starving and tired; the thought of beans on toast –the best her digs would offer – was not appealing.
  53. Archaeological digs have unearthed many representations of the god Baal by way of small household idols of clay.
  54. One digs in his pocket for a grubby cloth and wipes his forehead before exchanging greetings with the Gottesman.
  55. She digs through the drawers and finds a brush and begins to run the brush through her hair until she hears the.
  56. Grit digs into his cheek and all he can see is the executioner’s feet and the wild swirls of the cloak he wears.
  57. In The Lovely Bones, that pervert digs his child trap using the headlights from his truck to see what he’s doing.
  58. First Of Those Who Fight wished that One Who Digs Holes had been killed by the human along with He Who Fell In A Hole.
  59. But my conscience tells me, son of Cronos, that the work of one who digs dung is also necessary for the future temple.
  60. Then she digs her sharp teeth into the throat, keep digging until the windpipe of the prey lose its breathing capacity.
  61. I mention that Andrew Gillespie of Scottish rockers Les Verse told me how he digs deep into the experiences of his life.
  62. When Bannion digs deeper, he upsets quite a few people in organized crime along with their co-conspirators in the police force.
  63. Why? Her new friends, the girls sharing her digs had elected to go on to a small club a few yards down the street, but not she.
  64. Sometimes the loner digs a well and a cesspool, and plants a garden, but others transport their water in fifty-gallon oil drums.
  65. Cam thought about what they must look like, a young couple ready to take the next step in life and wanting new digs to go with it.
  66. It is as though the short term trend is the spade with which the specialist digs the investor's intermediate and long term grave.
  67. All that they need to do is fell a couple of trees in the right direction and they get a walkway over the wall and into the digs.
  68. We had only 1 BR, so I told him to take her to his North Side digs or be immodest and let me listen while I crashed on the couch.
  69. He talks in little sketches and odd jargon; the modest theatrical boardinghouses in which he spends most nights are his digs.
  70. The investor conference had more humble digs at the Edinburgh ICC but it was still impressive and was a great venue for all involved.
  71. He was happy with his swording, his job as a college professor, his archaeological digs, and his writings dealing with archaehistory.
  72. But that will mean that, for the time being at least, you must avoid your present haunts – your digs, your laboratories, everything.
  73. Jeremy came to our digs with his parents who interviewed us over tea in the boarding house parlour, then watched as Jeremy was auditioned.
  74. She never gave him digs about his children as other Glen women did; she never bored him with local gossip; she had no malice and no pettiness.
  75. After leaving the Martin place Sam checked out Joe Billie‘s home place while his partner went to the Greek‘s digs to see what he could find.
  76. I noticed him running his hand over the leather seat, and his eyes checking out the stereo, but he kept any compliments, or any digs, to himself.
  77. I had the responsibility to check him into his new digs, but more importantly, I had to secure an arrest warrant for Bob Nakamura from judge Manley.
  78. He will refuse to be bested, refuse to go down, he will scramble out of every hole fate digs for him—and he will take the tribe with him by doing so.
  79. Does she know where home is? Does she know that mum, dad and the rest of the fucked-up Brady Bunch are waiting for her with open arms? Shame about the digs.
  80. Corley at the first go-off was inclined to suspect it was something to do with Stephen being fired out of his digs for bringing in a bloody tart off the street.
  81. So guess what happened to Grandmom after moving into her new digs? Forget that she traded up to a beautiful new apartment with modern amenities and 24-hour care.
  82. I make monthly trips to the library and pay good sums of money for long range communications just so I can keep up on everything you translate from the Earth digs.
  83. After Ben finished the projects and research papers he needed for his PhD, and after he graduated, he started putting in the time and energy to organize the digs on Earth.
  84. The child looks down and digs his fingers into his pocket, pulls out a small yellow and orange stripped Super-ball and beams at his mother with delight, Mommy, look!.
  85. Such was my lust that not even their sly digs could diminish my excitement and on the dot of one, having shaved, showered and deodorised with care, I knocked at Melvyn’s door.
  86. After all, the most she had ever done in this line was cooking for herself and one of the other dancers in the troupe who had camped on her floor for a few days when between digs.
  87. MI5 managed to gain entry to his digs near Culham, and has taken film of the inside so you can see something of his lifestyle when he’s at home – which isn’t often these days.
  88. You know, my colleagues and I could never understand why you didn't come to Ar and interview people from the four cities when you were doing your digs and writing your history of Earth.
  89. Why would the new Commander feel the need to warn him off? With his instincts on alert, Riley digs deeper and discovers not only is Kate’s mother in a wheelchair, she also hates the water.
  90. Like maybe I should plan to get buried in a coffin full of glitter because that way if anyone in the future digs me up they’ll be like, What the fuck? Is that glitter? That shit never goes away.
  91. Starting with Jarvis, work out his most likely route to both Barclay’s digs and to Harwell, and stake it out, so that when he leaves home, we get regular reports on where he is and which way he is heading.
  92. John looks over his shoulder in the direction of the firing, takes off his wedding ring slowly, studies it sadly for a moment, digs out a small hole in the ground with his hand, buries it, puts a rock on top.
  93. As she talked about her characters, she used broad gestures, did pirouettes, clasped her hands to her chest as though she were still a young girl and not a fifty-year-old squatter in someone’s abandoned digs.
  94. Even though technically he was now off duty he was always on call, so it was more sensible for him to hang about the headquarters to kill time rather than to go off to the digs he had been allocated for the night.
  95. When he thought about it, he remembered he first became interested in Earth when he found out it was untouched territory, meaning that no other archaeologists or archaehistorians had conducted any digs on this planet.
  96. Lynde gave Anne many exasperated digs about it, until fresh gossip reached that worthy lady, through the medium of Moody Spurgeon MacPherson's mother, that Anne had another "beau" at college, who was rich and handsome and good all in one.
  97. Then along comes Caroline, a broad he really digs, and what happens? No sooner does fancy-ass Brian Walston start strutting his stuff than she fucking takes off and goes with him! Bitch! Well, he’d given her a taste of something to think about.
  98. He had begun to wish that his parents hadn’t been so insistent that he should live in digs, rather than in College accommodation as he had during his first year, and where he was at least able to eat in the dining room with other students when he wanted, even though it was expensive.
  99. Teaching hurts, but not because it demands long hours and deep research, but because it demands that the teacher grows and learns along with the students, and it demands that the teacher digs deep into the emotional abyss and finds the courage to teach from the heart and then the head.
  100. They say that wood ticks wait up in the branches of trees, and when an animal passes below the scent of the animal triggers a response in the wood tick whereupon it drops down, presumably onto the subject animal where it then digs in and proceeds with taking a warm meal from its unsuspecting host.

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