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    1. When you’re trying to grasp something for support, you have to be able to see it

    2. His grasp was more like what a business associate of Kulai's would do

    3. He grabs Fumai's hand, but Fumai doesn't grasp back

    4. ’ I said relieved as I grasp the gist of what she is saying

    5. Teekra removes her hand gently from John’s grasp

    6. "Probably Alan," Ava answered, confusing her grasp of reality a little more

    7. And so it came to pass – always a sign of an author who can’t quite grasp the

    8. I grasp her hand and hold it

    9. Rampone grabbed hold of a 10m Staas container with the mighty claw-foot in the rear and gave a burst of gas to grasp another of the belt-iron steel containers and bring it in contact with the first

    10. As he scrambled with his hands and clawed and tore and ripped whatever he could to escape that alien’s grasp, gloved human hands gripped either side of the Squidies ‘helmet’

    11. Lucy shivered and felt the reverie slip away from her grasp

    12. into the grasp of surf and sea currents, they hoisted

    13. ’ Berndt said, extricating himself from her grasp

    14. Driving ahead they would speak to me hoping a word or phrase would sink in so I could grasp what was really going on

    15. But her reins are firmly in my grasp and, hauling myself closer to her, I start swimming towards the shore

    16. In the past I'd condemned the tales of the old Cornish wreckers, the poverty-stricken coastal villagers who misguided freighters onto rocks in a grasp for survival, but now I understood and was playing my part in condemning the robbers on the Kaliantikos to their deaths

    17. He was suddenly very conscious of having her arm in his grasp

    18. and can help the subject to grasp the relevance of the

    19. belongs to you without a loss of grasp

    20. When you grasp and

    21. within and then, and only then, can we grasp its real beauty

    22. Refusing all offers of help from her, he fusses around the kitchen, getting out plates, pouring red wine … ordinary activities which restore her balance, wiping away the memory of Chas reaching out for her, his hands clawlike in their eagerness to grasp her flesh

    23. White linen hand towels hung within ready grasp and a dish with hand-cut marbled soap sat also in close reach

    24. Horrified, Chrissie watched, one hand covering her mouth, as Chas hauled himself out of Ozzie’s grasp, launching himself at Mickey yet again

    25. She stood amongst the bushes watching as the sea slowly ebbed and flowed, gradually releasing the land from its grasp; the tide went out leaving rocks shiny in the sunshine

    26. Salamander pulled the flask back out of her grasp,

    27. Then immediately spread the lever poles to grasp the captured soil, returned to the initial posture---but now with their hands wide apart instead of together---pivoted on one foot, disgorged the captured soil, pivoted back on the same foot and repeated the process

    28. ’ Chrissie put in, relieved to be presented with a straw she could grasp at

    29. Harry didn't have a firm grasp of even modest compound interest earned over time with monthly and annual contributions, otherwise he might have been prepared for the sums he ogled as they sat with George's Bank Director friend in his office

    30. My concern is how can you have made deposits in the amounts you did over the last ten years, when a cane rod sells for $12, even with your considerable volumes?” Harry posed, once his own clear grasp of his family's finances had been made certain to his benefactor

    31. He chose his phasing cautiously, “Kaitlyn there is nothing which I have done, or do, that is outside your own reach, should you truly wish to grasp it for your own

    32. She hurried forward with her last argument while her nerve still held, “You told me not long ago that, 'there is nothing which I have done, or do, that is outside your own reach, should you truly wish to grasp it for your own,' Did you really mean that?”

    33. “Then with a steady grasp of the wagon in your hands, hop with both feet into the same squatting position you began, with your knees deeply bent

    34. Roman pulled her to the door, but as he opened it, Gale slipped out of his grasp and

    35. The size of the original land grant was something else she found beyond her grasp of understanding as well

    36. carefully released himself from the Knight’s grasp

    37. Worse than that, there had been many times she had to spend hours trying to get a person to grasp the concept that marks on paper could represent the sounds of speech

    38. took him a second to escape the story’s grasp, and then turned to me with his

    39. In her grasp, she dragged a limp body with her, motionless it laid on the ice

    40. ” Samuel held out his hand and Harry took it in a firm grasp

    41. " He continued stepping out from behind the frightening shadow of a man, to reach for her hand, and glide her out of the man’s grasp, and into his familiar warmth

    42. Johnny’s feet dragged in the snow, his arms now limp in the grasp of

    43. He placed a handgun in the grasp of every henchman that passed

    44. Avery Goodman does have a real flair for direction, and an intuitive grasp for subtly managing the extremes of emotion displayed by the Players from time to time

    45. But could the Bank grasp this simple – though

    46. He was the first person since Alan to really grasp the concept, and he was from a society that they'd all thought was primitive

    47. The undead had victory all but in their grasp when the two hundred Boulder Lords came storming down the wall, sweeping thousands of the fiends to their deaths

    48. Jolting as though a dagger had been thrust into his back, Alec nearly slipped from the tall man's grasp

    49. His body was hot, he had probably been doing sempaneet, though where he would ever find a woman to do it with was beyond Klowa's grasp

    50. She tried to explain more about the ghosts and mortals of YingolNeerie, but it was just too abstract for Klowa to really get a good grasp of it

    1. "Brandon!" Their hands grasped for his sweatshirt

    2. I grasped the material of my hood and slowly, slowly, lifted it, ever mindful of the mirage

    3. him again that as he flew close, she grasped at

    4. He repeated the words in slow whispers, one after the other, until he grasped the full weight and meaning of each one, then his mouth fell open

    5. went well and she quickly grasped the rudiments of reading,

    6. He grasped her hand and moved her toward the hill and stopped before a cliff which had a smooth and shiny silver surface

    7. The older man grasped the proffered palm and shook it warmly

    8. “Briz,” Tom said, correcting himself, as the older man grasped his

    9. Now they were supposed to use the squat position from the sanding chore, but with a heavy towel grasped in both hands in front of them

    10. Tania and Poly made a simultaneous grab and leap, a little like lifting horizontal fence planks actually but exponentially quicker, their hands grasped the ends of the pole and they used it as a trapeze to vault over Harry head, never letting loose of the pole

    11. He grasped her hand and they shook in a firm clasp, “Thank you for the offer; and for passing it by me before the lad

    12. Relieved, he grasped it and flicked the switch

    13. He stood up and grasped each of them warmly by the hand,

    14. 'Sonny,' still hovered in their ears as Harry firmly grasped the hand on his shoulder and dropped into a spinning crouch; the scream of pain from the hand's owner was silenced shortly as he yanked on his arm to free his hand with such force that as Harry released his hand his own fist smashed into his face and he crumpled like an imploded building

    15. Tom accepted, with tears in his eyes, and he grasped

    16. ' Sarah grasped her husband’s arm

    17. He grasped Jack’s distorted leg by the ankle with

    18. Smythe-Wilkins smiled and extended her hand to Chloe, who grasped it firmly and shook on the agreement

    19. As he made the sudden lunge forward, they dropped their own staffs, grasped the ends of his just as suddenly and with the strength necessary to heft a two hundred pound timber, they pulled him forward adding his own momentum to theirs

    20. Francois grasped the man roughly by the collar and

    21. He only grasped her hand even tighter

    22. then gently grasped her with his other arm

    23. With his free arm, Roman grasped from behind him the knife he had

    24. Johnson tried to grab Heather as she ran by him but only grasped a handful

    25. grasped him by the shoulder

    26. Pater Dominic grasped his scribe's hand tightly

    27. Nathaniel grasped his shoulder and squeezed

    28. grasped hands briefly and Rene greeted the stranger with

    29. this topic grasped the whole program

    30. As it spun, I grasped threads and braided them together

    31. Andrastus grasped Chloe around her perfectly formed hips

    32. ” He grasped her revolver-wielding hand

    33. The officer grasped her shoulders, steadying her in the threshold of the tent

    34. “Business near Ivarstead, eh?” After impatiently gesturing for his companion to hand it over, the gray-eyed man grasped the small note

    35. The words on the page that the lone Altmer still grasped were a much-loathed start of the day

    36. A female arm shot out, a hand grasped him in a surprisingly strong grip and pulled him into the room

    37. She grasped his prick, stuffed it in her asshole, and holding him tightly to her behind, fell over onto the bed, with Danny already pumping his cock into her hole with as much speed and energy as he could muster, which was considerable

    38. I don't know who moved first, Joss or I, but we grasped each other's hand as we watched Becky

    39. Doris grasped his cock firmly and steered it into her slit as the boy pumped furiously

    40. She grasped his chin with her free hand, even as she fondled his cock through his pants, and holding it firmly, she kissed his mouth wetly again

    41. Kate kissed Robert’s stony face, closed her tear-filled eyes for a moment, and then stood up and grasped his ankles

    42. He checked once more that both the ropes were securely attached, then he grasped Lucy’s thighs to hold her legs up

    43. Glen continued to back away, shaking his head, as Sebastian’s hand appeared and grasped the edge of the bed

    44. ” He grasped her hands with his own

    45. Russell knelt at the side of the tomb and lowered a hand to Alex, who grasped it

    46. Glen snickered as Russell grasped his stomach

    47. Ruth grasped my hand, “Go with it, Mary

    48. Sebastian grasped the front of Rogan’s shirt with both fists, his muscles bulging as he yanked Rogan into his face

    49. Then he grasped Hans’s hand once and ran to where groups were gathering, fighting demons who were rising out of the holes in the rock

    50. Sebastian grasped Rogan’s arm as his disbelieving eyes passed over the woman who entered the room

    1. Then the muscles have to have enough strength and there has to be enough range of motion to generate the required action, whether it’s stepping or grasping

    2. ‘What else did you learn, Mum?’ he asked, grasping his mug in both hands and looking intently at the brown liquid swirling around inside it

    3. There were no external points of reference in my life any more I felt as though I was the dumb-struck aboriginal grasping desperately for meaning as the explorers walked up the beach, taking their first colonial steps towards empire

    4. Before you rise into the Headstand, raise your arms above your head with the elbows bent, with your hands grasping the opposite forearms

    5. ’ I said, grasping his hand with both of mine and looking him straight in the eyes

    6. I couldn’t move … grasping my shoulders gently but firmly, he turned me towards him taking in the tears running down my face

    7. Roman, still grasping Heather’s hand, led her over to the couch

    8. “Thanks,” Roman said, grasping his teacher’s hand as he smiled

    9. grasping from below pulled with all my strength

    10. ‘No, he didn’t, but he was simply grasping at straws

    11. the bandaged hand of John Smith was grasping the doorjamb

    12. His hands still grasping his guts, the soldier's body toppled

    13. Grasping the journal in my hands, I moved closer to Willow

    14. Her grasping hand hits the phone, sends it flying

    15. You see, he’s got these tremendous claws called talons that are so incredibly sharp and strong that many times with a swift grasping and clamping he can not only crush the skull of his victim (ouch!) but also knead its body (ouch again!), thereby giving it a first-round knockout blow (with no ten-count) and simultaneously preparing it for a soon-to-be scrumptious munching down (yum!)

    16. The big dog climbed on top of her from the rear, his forepaws grasping her firmly about the waist, his long, red, angry-looking prong shafting her all the way to the hilt

    17. Glen ran around to the side of the bed, grasping her hand

    18. Glen stammered as a grunting sound came from within the grave, the hand grasping at the edge of the dirt cavern

    19. ” Both Elijah and I looked at the ground grasping for some way to tell this gangling enthusiastic lad that his and our mate was dead

    20. When she snagged the ring, grasping it tightly between

    21. Grasping for that control

    22. his fly and grasping his hot red dick

    23. Critical faculties suspended in favour of grasping for that last vestige of hope

    24. She knew she was grasping at straws because in her heart of hearts she thought that Rich had led them to the right place but he was way out of touch too

    25. I said you’d be coming to turn yourself in…” I was grasping at straws, “for an accident that happened in the heat of passion

    26. Grasping their weapons anew, the adventurers drew their swords and kept them before them

    27. She nodded and grabbed the bag, grasping it to her chest as though he might snatch it back again

    28. Slowly he stood, grasping the arms of the chair to steady himself, then made his way across to the cupboard, stretching out a trembling hand for the bottle he knew was there

    29. Or I should have chosen to accept my cancer as terminal—to go quietly instead of grasping at straws

    30. Payne grabbed the man in a strangle hold, pressing his forearm into the back of his neck, locking it off by grasping his other arm

    31. grasping of fresh opportunity

    32. He had drawn his knife and was grasping it with his right hand with his torso somewhat swiveled, ready to deliver a forceful blow; his body seemed ready to spring in action, putting as much of his weight and strength behind his knife

    33. As her feet touched the ground, she raced away, grasping for her wrap as she went swiftly out into the night

    34. He slid his hand over the stone, grasping it firmly, feeling its icy surface fill his palm

    35. She was wearing a regular kind of t-shirt, nothing too low cut or anything, but the weirdo, lecherous afro dude was grasping her shirt at the collar and neckline with his fingertips and pulling it a few inches away from her body to give him a bird’s eye view right down her shirt

    36. - It is so beautiful, she said also laughing, still incapable of grasping the enormous beauty around her

    37. It is said that they treated the Muslim armies almost as liberators, with the Jews in residence grasping onto the Muslim promise to rebuild their Temple

    38. down and started grasping the true essence of Christianity, i realized

    39. At first his words had no power as she soundlessly repeated them without grasping the meaning of them, but then they grew in her and she heard them repeated everywhere around her

    40. It seems like the simulation is grasping at any fears it can find within him, and it hasn’t found much

    41. He waded through the steam, down a dimly-lit corridor, firmly grasping his

    42. Because he has spent his life grasping at her and coming up with nothing

    43. He continued to grieve, rolling over on the concrete, grasping at his chest

    44. I had a feeling they were grasping at straws, but the plant was a striking sight

    45. According to the philosophical texts, the karmic imprint of ignorance is what causes the appearance of inherent existence, and the karmic seed is what ripens to cause the grasping at that appearance

    46. Of course, she was not particularly fond of it and never expressed any interest in returning, but it was another connection to her, and I suppose my mind was grasping at anything at this point

    47. Nicolas landed on the bed with his hands grasping the raven’s wings

    48. As her hands were on Aria’s neck, Elena started pressing them harder and harder as the Creature’s eyes began to widen more and more and a grasping for air was being attempted

    49. I felt like my soul, or what remained of it after I was transformed, left my body, ultimately grasping what humans often term an out of body experience

    50. I pushed and shoved the passers-by’s, the onlookers frantically in an attempt to touch him, my arms outstretched in front of my body, grasping, clinging onto his coat that seemed so close yet always managed to evade my fingers

    1. “And we’d love to hear you talk about it on the show,” he grasps my hand and squeezes it

    2. It says much for Karen’s power in the classroom, that Lucy mumbles a ‘sorry’ in my direction … before I can respond, Karen grasps my elbow and steers me away towards another group

    3. The hand that grasps the pen, the mind that catalogues

    4. It provides food for rational thought grounded in Experience that, whenever properly applied, without prejudice or bias, grasps the Intuitive, as well

    5. For what he grasps

    6. For what he grasps, just cannot be

    7. Because the mind grasps simple concepts more quickly and effectively, we need to speak the mind’s language in the most basic way in order to get the work done

    8. has a chance and it grasps it

    9. A part of me grasps the deadly consequence of such a decision, whereas another cares little

    10. He instinctively grasps our predicament

    11. He then grasps my hand gently, reassuringly

    12. Without waiting for any kind of response, though Ralph already knows what that will be, he grasps the boy’s shoulders and knees and swings him up into the air so his thin face is level with his master’s chest

    13. As he reaches the well, the women stumble over the ramshackle stone of the ruined dwelling and disappear from sight beneath the walls and, as the dogs finally catch up with him, his hand grasps the sides of the well and he feels the hint of water on his flesh

    14. Acting on instinct alone, Duncan grasps the Lost One by the arm and begins to run

    15. His hand grasps Johan’s tunic collar and he raises one quizzical eyebrow

    16. that intuitively grasps the SELF’s actions and introduces them on the scene

    17. He grasps the handlebars and---

    18. His last words that night were: "Grow in grace by means of that living faith which grasps the fact that you are the sons of God while at the same time it recognizes every man as a brother

    19. Not giving them the opportunity to test out his theory Grailem attacks; standing quickly he extends both arms and grasps each robot around the thick neck

    20. He watched the Oikumies ascended to the heavens with the souls in their grasps

    21. It grasps nothing; it refuses nothing

    22. We were all sent from the heavens with the intentions of being loved, cherished, and cared for with parental protection The thunder in the sky filled the world with adversities and strife The time has come to rise graciously from being a victim To become a survivor through love and inspiration The sun grasps its loving hold

    23. aunt, and even your children from the curse that grasps all that

    24. Practitioners of medical qigong, unlike acupuncturists, often take the twelve pulses by placing one hand near the organ being diagnosed while the other hand lightly grasps the fingertip or toe associated with that organ meridian

    25. It grasps the same root without reframing

    26. Loki grasps the point and click concept immediately

    27. This is the grade that man attains and the reality that he finds after his continues thinking, he grasps it (the reality) and his true belief in God:’ There is no god but Al’lah’ becomes based on the knowledge of certainty as God the Almighty commands

    28. Standing at the border of where a once thriving community village stopped, a uniformed lone figure faced the shrinking rear of the car escaping the grasps of Lucifer

    29. and our self-grasping mind automatically grasps at it in this

    30. Sara sees the conflict in Julie’s eyes as she grasps the two letters in both hands as if to tear them up…

    31. Opponents use various grasps to restrict the movements of their adversary, thus preventing harmful consequences

    32. There are no holds barred when the divine restrainer grasps the fleshy nature of the human beast to allow spiritual fruit to blossom in the spirit of humanity

    33. What is it that grasps, and then lets go of grasping? It is this permanence that is forever changing, the flame of this truth that dances and flickers a thousand different ways and yet is always only burning

    34. The hand that held the teat now feebly grasps a cane

    35. He means to offer liberal payment for permission to lodge at the Heights; and doubtless my brother's covetousness will prompt him to accept the terms: he was always greedy; though what he grasps with one hand he flings away with the other

    36. Just as he has done so many times at the firing range, Hinckley grasps the butt of the pistol with two hands for maximum stability

    37. His left hand grasps a huge crayfish by its two talons

    38. He places a large shopping bag on a chair and grasps each end of the towel that he has around his neck

    39. His hand comes up, and he grasps my chin, tugging it so my lip is released from the grip of my teeth

    40. He stands behind me and grasps my hips, and then quickly lifts me backward so I’m bending forward, holding the post

    41. ” Reaching out, he grasps my hand, draws it up to his lips, and kisses my knuckles gently

    42. Reaching up, he grasps my left hand and he tugs me over his knees

    43. Of course, everyone grasps the basics of moving averages: add higher prices and the average will go up

    44. He means to offer liberal payment for permission to lodge at the Heights; and doubtless my brother’s covetousness will prompt him to accept the terms: he was always greedy; though what he grasps with one hand he flings away with the other

    45. Nevertheless, the attacking column, constantly recruited and enlarged under the shower of bullets, drew inexorably nearer, and now, little by little, step by step, but surely, the army closed in around the barricade as the vice grasps the wine-press

    46. How hurried was their first glance! But how they fix! How he starts! How he suddenly and vehemently clasps in both arms the form he dared not, a moment since, touch with his finger! How he calls aloud a name, and drops his burden, and gazes on it wildly! He thus grasps and cries, and gazes, because he no longer fears to waken by any sound he can utter—by any movement he can make

    47. But the frightened master comes to him, and shrieks in his dead ear, 'What meanest thou, O, sleeper! arise!' Startled from his lethargy by that direful cry, Jonah staggers to his feet, and stumbling to the deck, grasps a shroud, to look out upon the sea

    48. During that summer on his aunts’ estate, Nekhludoff passed through that blissful state of existence when a young man for the first time, without guidance from any one outside, realises all the beauty and significance of life, and the importance of the task allotted in it to man; when he grasps the possibility of unlimited advance towards perfection for one’s self and for all the world, and gives himself to this task, not only hopefully, but with full conviction of attaining to the perfection he imagines

    49. Every man of our time, if he grasps the contradiction between his consciousness and his life, is in a very desperate condition

    50. He somehow manages in his hurry to pull the shirt over him, after missing the sleeves, somehow puts on his trousers and leg-rags, draws on his boots, looks for his shawl and cap, grasps his fur coat, and is led into the hall, where he is placed behind a bench

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