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Dilute in a sentence

Dilute juice with water.
Tears may dilute the blood.
Dilute it with plenty of fresh water.
This will help dilute it from your system.
They dilute the original idea, pollute it with.
Raising debt would dilute net income with interest.
The melting of ice caps is acting to dilute the oceans.
If you can't take it then dilute the lemon a little bit.
I had to get out of the barrack and dilute the gas somehow.
Use copious amounts of water to dilute and wash off chemicals.
In hot weather dilute 1 cup of ful cream milk to 9 cups of water.
If bowels are loose, dilute combination in 2 to 2 1/2 cups water.
Since it is a stronger astringent you need to dilute it with water.
The more salt you eat the more water your system retains to dilute it.
Relieved that Max was not nearby to dilute his authority, Buck readily agreed.
We will dilute contaminated material 1,000 to 1 with clean material and then.
If he elaborated, it would only dilute and crumble what had already been stated.
Using more than one format of link for the same page could dilute the impact of.
Leaving the door ajar and a window open helped dilute the stench with London air.
Strong scented soap with a feminine fragrance will help dilute the smell of bleach.
Simply dilute the condensed milk with an equal volume of water, and use as whole milk.
Example: Fading in information will dilute the impact that it could have otherwise created.
Moreover, Johnny’s presence in Marilyn’s life threatened to dilute Natasha’s importance.
They did little to dilute the impression that Amaranthe and Maldynado were visiting a fortress.
In an effort to dilute the power of the slave states, the Northern delegates secured a compromise.
He closed his eyes and breathed in, trying to dilute the alcohol on his breath as much as possible.
Watering heavily also helps dilute the food for the hybrid teas to process more easily and acceptably.
By that time there should be enough new arrivals to sufficiently dilute the population that the problem becomes manageable.
He quickly washed the pouch with dilute bleach, its laundromat ambience causing his young wife to wrinkle her nose and squint.
Combined with iron in any proportion, it gives, as it is dilute or concentrated, a pure blue or blue-black; while galls, sumach, &c.
A round of drinks might dilute their natural antipathy to the point where they’d cough up something useful, a name, a number to call.
In fact for all children with diarrhea, I do not ask them to change milk just dilute it to half strength and take the medicines that I gave.
The bomb is their statement that the hedging position with their bank is crippling them and they might have to dilute through an issue of shares.
Use one capful only of shampoo and spread it between the palms of your hands; for very greasy hair you can dilute the shampoo and repeat the shampooing process.
Investors need to find such a company without preferred stock so that the company does not need to pay the interest and dilute the stock of existing shareholders.
Prevention was to avoid the above food, drink lots of water to dilute the uric acid in the blood and take a drug called allopurinol which help to turn the uric acid to urea.
It was just one drop of last dilute, only a few thousand doses, they made little over an aluminum off it and didn’t dare spend it now because their finances would be watched.
You can not dilute and nullify the Word of God with silly and stupid, but politically and socially correct arguments to nullify his statutes, laws and the perfect examples He gave us!.
Second, they feel that they have few enough great ideas and do not want to dilute the performance from these potential stars by filling the rest of the portfolio with more mediocre opportunities.
Finally, if a business uses its stock to make acquisitions, make sure the stock is not undervalued, as the acquisition would then dilute the ownership interest of the acquiring business’s owners.

The food is often concentrated and requires diluting.
The possibility of it seeped in, diluting his conviction.
The ice in his glass was melting rapidly, diluting the whiskey.
Diluting the oceans is reducing the concentration of salts and other minerals.
WFI should be used in injectable product preparations, for dissolving or diluting substances or.
Democracy has merely succeeded in diluting the usual pyramidal process and dynamic of accumulation.
Just by returning to the old milk and diluting the milk the child was able to handle the digestion of his milk.
The warm water diluting it only makes the stuff worse; a fact which amuses Gilla as I express my distaste and wince.
And the presence of a mass of outstanding options can only dampen the returns to investors, diluting earnings as the options are exercised.
Pennzoil infused cash for 80 percent of the stock, thereby diluting existing shareholders (and edifying short sellers who managed to stay short), and paid off Hindman handsomely for not working.
The Smile turned into a giggle, the giggle into belly laugh, belly laugh into near hysteria causing salt tears to tumble across the dried blood, diluting it to a strawberry pink, and leaving a salty rich taste in his mouth as it coursed in.
When I removed your restraints back in the Examining Room, I had already sent Medusa what’s called a ‘reverberation’—an influx of code, echoing back and forth, diluting her senses, and making her work harder to monitor any speech or movement within that quadrant.
There is a huge difference between derivative contracts with third parties that do not result in more shares being issued and company-issued options that increase the number of its shares outstanding in the future, thereby diluting the interests of the current stockholders.
Perhaps he had desecrated his heritage by diluting his seed in the immense native population, but with all their catholic reproductive zeal, there were still less than a hundred pure-blooded Brazilians and less than a thousand known any-blood Brazilians on this planet of forty billion.
In a subsection entitled A Dangerous Device for Diluting Stock Values, the authors write,.
But this isn’t diluted at all! I.
Year Total Diluted Outstanding Shares.
Call her diluted, but I prefer pastel.
In those waters, my regrets were diluted.
Existing shareholder ownership diluted 10.
Most of the smell was gone, diluted by water.
Diluted earnings per share during 2008 were $3.
Existing shareholder ownership was diluted more.
Add those all up for fully diluted shares outstanding.
Even though the sunshine diluted the shadow between us.
The ashes mixed and diluted with the flowing water of Ganga.
I will have a glass of diluted red wine that is a slightly.
I knew it was pure blood, not tainted or diluted or poisoned.
Market cap of the company = Diluted share count × Share price.
All your energy has been diluted in that silly fight with Duprina.
Then the doctor nodded and ordered something diluted to give to me.
That perhaps the poison had become diluted and would have no effect.
But his nuttiness just diluted all the menace and turned it into farce.
The human population of the town seemed to only know the diluted story.
Adjusted diluted earnings per share are expected to be in a range of $2.
Tommy Hilfiger is another company that suffered when it diluted its brand.
This was her crime, passed on to her children through their diluted blood.
He took the company back to profitability in 1989 with fully diluted earnings of $2.
Infosys’s total diluted outstanding shares have increased over the last four years.
Now that I’m looking at my frozen self with a gun to his/my face, the panic is diluted.
Three days had passed, and with them, the chances of my survival were gone away, diluted.
She bathed his face in rose water and gave him diluted wine whenever he asked for a drink.
Barclays is having a rights issue and looks to hit the new diluted price as of today, 30 July.
But if the Ebola virus has been placed in water, maybe it’s been diluted, said Rinehart.
Remaining market cap growth was diluted by new and secondary issuance boosting the number of shares.
Remove it with diluted lemon or vinegar rinse which will adhere to the unconditioned top of the hair.
Aside from that, put lots of ice cubes into the drinks, so that they would become diluted with water.
If insiders cashed their options, Sysco’s earnings per share would be diluted much less than Cisco’s.
In the process, substances that form kidney stones are diluted, reducing the risk of kidney stone recurrence.
When most of the seeds have sprouted, remove the cover, and water the sprouts with diluted all-purpose fertilizer.
Market capitalization is calculated using the number of diluted shares multiplied with the share price of the stock.
This way, the total count of diluted outstanding shares will reduce and existing shareholder ownership will increase.
Her skin the color of diluted amber, she is darker than Ren now, white wine to the color of heavy champagne and honey.
The company at least buys back the management’s option dilution so that outside shareholder shares will not get diluted.
She injected her kill with diluted serum and instead of not turning into a vampire, it turned into the first zombie vampire.
This dilutes the wealth of the.
When this conversion takes place is dilutes the oxygen in the air.
In sales, rounding off figures dilutes its impact so state numbers without rounding off.
It’s a low-volume setup, and when too many people dive into a low-volume setup, it dilutes the effectiveness of that setup.
This dilutes the very objective of the debate, and the ‘liberal’ thus avoids the necessity of proposing positive ideas and discussion.
For one thing, there aren’t that many strong research inputs, and dealing with 20 or 30 firms dilutes the value and impact of the few good ones.
Nothing transpires, at least to her knowledge, though with each passing moment the air grows cold and the dappled, golden sunlight dilutes until it is nothing more than grey.
The problem is: the English translators translate the same word 13 different ways! If you translate something 13 different ways, it dilutes its importance by a factor of 13, correct? I'm going to show you some of those ways.

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