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    1. I am not the prophet to be able to discern which peoples fit into which “generations,” but I know that God will sift all nations (generations/peoples) and separate them like a Shepherd separates the sheep from the goats (Matthew 25:32)

    2. We need to better understand the physical before we can even discern the spiritual

    3. She twisted around and raised her head until she could barely discern the car

    4. Glancing back along the path she couldn’t discern any difference in the land surface … so how come there was a cliff here? This unanswerable question causing her to chew on her lip in frustration, she looked about her

    5. Learn to discern the difference between Spirit led prayers and words of prophecy

    6. Prophets have a call to teach the children of God how to hear the Lord and how to discern and walk in prophecy

    7. in the presence of God will know how to discern the

    8. When we discern that

    9. how to discern the ways of God and His purpose for our lives

    10. As far as LeCynic could discern, the girl's womb had ruptured, the force of which was yet displayed on the ceiling and adjacent wall

    11. After all the wonderful tales which have been published concerning the splendid state of those countries in ancient times, whoever reads, with any degree of sober judgment, the history of their first discovery and conquest, will evidently discern that, in arts, agriculture, and commerce, their inhabitants were much more ignorant than the Tartars of the Ukraine are at present

    12. At last they could discern the dim lights of a large town in

    13. discern between the two ways of the propagation of

    14. Flickering torch light illuminated the corpses of varying sizes and builds, and that was about as much as he could discern

    15. The sun had begun its ascent, though it was difficult to discern as much

    16. That was the job of the Guardians: discern the prepared from the merely curious

    17. I wasn't able to discern which ones would take notice or ignore me completely, but every time one turned towards me I shuddered

    18. However, when it is turned on, the blades will start to spin and after a while, our naked eyes will not be able to discern the individual blades anymore, let alone count them

    19. In our present state of being, we find it hard to discern relationships appropriately, because we have forgotten the truths of life

    20. The truth is, the number of habitable places and the total number of souls out there are far too numerous, for the human mind to discern

    21. Rest assured, in the ultimate reality, there is fairness, which most people cannot discern due to their limited perspective

    22. Scott could just discern a man in a T-shirt and shorts scrambling up the slope towards the waterfall

    23. “We all study the stars, attempting to discern what is to happen

    24. creature didn’t move, still inspecting me, as though it could discern my intentions from my

    25. Struggling with his last fraction of awareness to discern he knew that voice, it was Zolla! He was saying ‘Listen to me, just concentrate on my words

    26. There was a very slight mist so he could barely discern the horizon of hills and further forests

    27. He squinted into the darkness but could discern nothing in the heavy shadows

    28. Yet those, who have not received, rely upon the spirit of men to discern, and stumble greatly

    29. From within the heavy smoke, I was able to discern what looked like images of people with a stretcher running toward us

    30. Nadir could discern the progress of the touch to the other two men

    31. He hadn’t been able to discern the sound of a motor; soon, however, it came faintly through the silence

    32. The captain of the boat leaned close, attempting to discern the man’s words, but they were in English and he comprehended little

    33. He could discern a sullen mood

    34. While his ability to discern nuances in the Polish language was not perfect, he had suspected from the syntax and vocabulary used by Karol’s associates that they were educated men

    35. As much as he looked, Hilderich indeed could not discern any sort of controls, levers, ropes, weights, or wheels; nothing a gate could be associated with in his experience

    36. There was no such thing as the smell of victory and defeat, they both were foul to the senses and he could not discern the real difference between them

    37. Over the broad expanse of this elongate double river plain that is modern-day Iraq, the interested observer can discern a variety of things

    38. Fortunately, as well as innocently, as Man had followed in pursuit of his favored quarry, he began to discern the patterns of their existence

    39. Ethan nodded his thanks and laughed despite himself, while James still sat there looking at Ethan seemingly unable to discern whether or not the man was simply drunk and already grieving, making up ideas

    40. Within the gabble of sound around him, he felt that he could discern orders and questioning, and the behavior of the participants seemed to confirm that

    41. There was less in the way of preparation to be done, and for some reason he could not discern, Colling found himself calmer than he had been the day before

    42. Either he wasn’t looking or he didn’t see anything, she mused looking down quickly to discern what might have been within his view of her

    43. He was still trying to discern the truth in her eyes, her voice, her face, but he had proven quiet inept at it so far

    44. Colling could discern a conversation in progress, and although he could not distinguish what was being said, Helga did not return immediately, leading him to believe that the German maid’s offer had been accepted

    45. At one point, an airplane flew over, so high that it was impossible to discern its markings

    46. They shouted something back that I couldn’t discern but I was done with them at that point

    47. Was this God answering the pleadings of His people? Was this anything like when Constantine came to the aid of persecuted Christians? It is difficult to discern

    48. He couldn’t seem to discern which was the least onerous choice, but decided to side with his Moslem counterpart who had ironically become the new “defender” of the Holy Land

    49. How this affected my later expectations of what life ought to be like is difficult to discern, but as far back as I can remember, I have felt a certain caution toward entertaining anything new or uncertain

    50. As he learned to thrive beyond mere survival he began to discern this special spirit as in a way superior to those that he had once so ardently pursued in the world of the hunt

    1. But sometimes He makes statements that are so specific and so terse that you wonder how the prophets even discerned that word

    2. Jalan blinked and his mind ran through the events again, and he discerned the implication

    3. On the other hand– had he hit other women? Was that what he was telling her? She considered all aspects of the man, as she knew him, and discerned he couldn't hit a woman

    4. I remember one time I was in prayer when I discerned God speaking

    5. ” I discerned that he was homosexual and speaking with a deceptive spirit

    6. He knew I discerned who he was and became angry

    7. It was invisible, marked only by the slightest crack in the smooth wall that was too thin to see, and could only be discerned by a familiar touch

    8. Micaiah discerned a deceptive spirit in the mouth of the

    9. down the hill carrying a Bible in his hand, but I also discerned

    10. He knew I discerned this and became

    11. ” I discerned that in the dream, homosexuality

    12. What have you discerned?” Alana asked, more than a little hesitant to hear the reply

    13. It could be vaguely discerned that the light held a number of books

    14. It is also what the ancient Taoists have discerned as the ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ of life

    15. No footsteps could be discerned in the dusty covering of the valley floor

    16. old road map and discerned that it would be about a ten-hour trip to Baltimore

    17. When Karol, Tomasz and Jan discerned what Colling and Elizabeth were doing, they joined in, and used all the buckets they could find to bring water

    18. Theology appears to have discerned the destination, but in my opinion, in its quest for stability it has become sclerotic in its ability to digest new answers to age-old questions of just how we’re meant to get there

    19. So, how does this apply to the opposites as indicated in the title? Satisfying the near term desire that would be termed good by the individual seeking it can be seen as having a bad effect if repeated too often and can be discerned as selfish or even evil by others at whose expense the repetitions are allowed or insisted upon

    20. 41 And he hasted, and took the ashes away from his face; and the king of Israel discerned him, that he was of the prophets

    21. Because Christ is the truth, He discerned evil in

    22. certain Stephen Blackwell on the Titanic could have been discerned by anyone with access to a

    23. 65 And Joseph observing the countenance of Judah discerned that his anger began to kindle when he spoke to him, saying, Bring to me your other brother instead of this brother

    24. 23 And he discerned him not, because his hands were hairy, as his brother Esau's hands: so he blessed him

    25. He was especially impressed by her daughter Marguerite whose intelligence he promptly discerned

    26. 23 And he discerned him not, because his hands were hairy, as his brother

    27. Kami and Yania discerned that their brothers and sisters aspired to have them help

    28. 65 And Joseph observing the countenance of Judah discerned that his anger began to kindle when he spoke to him saying Bring to me your other brother instead of this brother

    29. The more alike they are to us, the more of their thoughts can be discerned

    30. Amid a gabble of raucous voices, an air of anxious questioning could be discerned

    31. No end could be discerned as they wended their careful way through the shadowy interior

    32. not a single sign of movement or encampment could be discerned

    33. end could be discerned as they wended their careful way through the shadowy interior

    34. When told of my vision, Lovern discerned that we -- he, I and Crisi -- would be the start of a new blood line

    35. The travelers discerned a worn road through the shaggy moss

    36. While this was doing with delight, I discerned the robust Petrarco silhouette, whose outfit was short and showed his adipose belly between the border of his shirt and pants

    37. It didn‘t take long before Jana‘s trained ears discerned what it was

    38. Margaret herself as Bridget discerned felt isolated in her new surroundings but was happy at least to be living with her mother

    39. He discerned that Laurence did not notice it at all he being used to it

    40. discerned that Stephen was leaner and would be fitter over the distance

    41. discerned that morning, until the ice began to melt in the pale winter sun

    42. He would not contemplate applying for welfare because he was a proud man who had always worked for a living and discerned that they would have no life or future trying to manage on the pittance that it paid

    43. Reading between the lines she discerned that the tone was a little depressing, with lots of references about passing the time and Laurence their stepfathers ambitions to move back to his native County Kildare following their mothers passing

    44. Even things and people were changing there he discerned as was he unconsciously

    45. It was Susan’s and although the house was crowded he had still discerned that it was hers

    46. She was, he discerned easily pleased in many respects and was happy to do things around their local area

    47. In that he had certainly succeeded, but as Matthew had already discerned, he had in a sense failed his daughters whom he held in less regard

    48. No wonder she was acting strangely the last time he saw her, he discerned

    49. It was a journey of seven miles or more he discerned through narrow country roads

    50. The sheer scale and diversity of London only hits you when you live in it, Matthew discerned

    1. The purchase and sale of hi-value skin work to discerning international connoisseurs, predominantly from the wealthy countries of South East Asia, but also occasionally from Western buyers of American and European origin

    2. Judging There is a difference between judging and discerning

    3. the elder have a discerning spirit to

    4. When everyone is sharing what they have received as the interpretation of the dream, be discerning and listen for the voice of God in the interpretation

    5. However, on the flip side, discerning people who are able to see through the ploy would certainly not assign much credibility to the said person

    6. Iceland store or at a stall on Chapel Market, and not the discerning rich, who drove to Waitrose in Holloway, but a good mix of the middle without

    7. For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit; To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit; To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues:

    8. It is the responsibility of discerning thinking to tell the difference

    9. She had to wonder why it would be so discerning; why the apparent need for this level of security? Enough, then, surely to sustain her interest through all the mundane work of minutely adjusting interface responses to get the TIAR computer to take the bate and do its thing

    10. Therefore, a forest populated by trees, in a manner that properly defines a forest, may be misconstrued by less discerning minds as a collection of trees (parts) rather than a forest (whole)

    11. Therefore, what are commonly understood as points of ―fact,‖ should be properly regarded with suspicion by discerning minds

    12. it is of such importance in discerning the leading of the Lord, i felt

    13. repeated over and over, many people became less discerning and accepted it as the way the world was

    14. By practicing mindfulness we can become discerning about the thoughts we let into our mind

    15. However, one of the difficulties in discerning or comprehending karma is due to the fact that it often does not ripen in one lifetime (if one considers the possibility of rebirths)

    16. Third, there is a moral sense of a story – discerning a meaning which concerns the conduct of the practitioner

    17. Kirk speaks of “the strange human faculty—inexplicable if men are assumed to have an animal nature only—of discerning greatness, justice, and order, beyond the bars of appetite and self-interest

    18. M: Find out, by discerning and rejecting all that is unreal

    19. He put all his concentration into discerning exactly what the curse was doing to re-assemble his beloved, and how it was done

    20. philosophies on the lookout for material to incorporate into your own, personal way of thinking, you’ll want a means of being more discerning

    21. He had a hard time discerning the

    22. There can be trickery, false promises, someone who has trouble discerning the end of truth and the beginning of falsehood, which makes him a liar

    23. I CONJURE and call upon you, ye strong and holy angels, good and powerful, in a strong name of fear and praise, Ja, Adonay, Elohim, Saday, Saday, Saday; Eie, Eie, Eie; Asamie, Asamie; and in the name of Adonay, the God of Israel, who hath made the two great lights, and distinguished day from night for the benefit of his creatures; and by the names of all the discerning angels, governing openly in the second house before the great angel, Tetra, strong and powerful; and by the name of his star which is Mercury; and by the name of his seal, which is that of a powerful and honoured God; and I call upon thee, Raphael, and by the names above mentioned, thou great angel who presidest over the fourth day: and by the holy name which is written in the front of Aaron, created the most high priest, and by the names of all the angels who are constant in the grace of Christ, and by the name and place of Ammaluim, that you assist me in my labours, &c

    24. The most discerning St

    25. " He was almost without discerning vision; he was unable to grasp the dramatic possibilities of a given situation

    26. His instruments eventually become known among the elite for their discerning nature, and they begin to sell well; he can now afford seating closer to the stage

    27. would shout through the long skirts of a more discerning female clientele, ‘I hope

    28. I prayed to God they worked when Jenna began recording, even though I didn't think it would get them any closer to discerning Sergei's intent

    29. eyes, lacking eye shadow, looked cold and discerning rather than

    30. John and Matthew spent a lot of time discussing these stories of ancient language, and often attempted to divide them in the text of what a parable really is; and at times, I would join in, and discerning little, but I still kept them stored in my heart

    31. It is merely, Total Assets / Total Revenues and discerning students will notice that it is the inverse of the “asset turnover” ratio

    32. The discerning reader will notice that the concrete

    33. The government soon realized how badly they screwed up, and realized that McVeigh was our inside man, so in order to not let any of that information make its way to the discerning public; they quickly tried and executed him as their scapegoat

    34. simulation that he considered himself enough of an expert to be capable of discerning the difference

    35. “But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: 8 for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same Spirit, 9 to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healings by the same Spirit, 10 to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another diverse kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues

    36. “to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues

    37. “But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: 8 for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same Spirit, 9 to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healings by the same Spirit, 10 to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues

    38. So notice several things there; casting out of demons which is discerning of spirits and also working of miracles and faith is involved in that, speaking in new tongues and maybe interpretations

    39. I'll move through this part reasonably fast now, but in 1 Corinthians 12 and Verse 7 it talks about these - the manifestation of the spirit is given to every man to profit with all: word of wisdom; word of knowledge; faith; healing; working of miracles; prophecy; discerning of spirits; diverse kinds of tongues; and to another, interpretation of tongues

    40. So that's actually like a - it's revelation knowledge, and it could be described as a word of knowledge, or it could be described as discerning of spirits, picking the motivation of the man's heart

    41. So in this session we're going to start, I'm going to do some teaching in discerning of spirits, and then we're going to do some activations for a little while just to get you busy

    42. So if you open up your notes there in Section 17, you'll see the section on discerning of spirits

    43. I said: well the Lord's shown me that the reason you have this pain in your shoulder, it's actually a spirit of infirmity, and it's come because of the unforgiveness in your heart towards your father - now you see, so some of that was word of knowledge, and some of that is discerning of spirits

    44. The cause of the sickness is a demonic spirit - that's discerning of spirit

    45. Okay then, so for example - and the more you have examples the easier it is to see it, so discerning then is to be able to look through, and see what is behind this matter

    46. People have usually hidden agendas, and the agendas are not so obvious, but if you are discerning of spirits, you can pick what lies behind it, so there are a number of Bible examples of that

    47. So how did I get it? I got one, discerning of spirits and two, word of knowledge

    48. The second was discerning it was actually a spirit of infirmity, associated with the occult, so I asked her the question then - and this is how you can bring out revelation, just ask questions - I said: what happened 10 years ago? I said did someone near you, close to you die? She said my husband died

    49. What's happening is, you're discerning an unclean spirit or intention around the person, and you are feeling the impressions of it, and you're identifying it as a yuck, I don't like this, I don't trust that man, I'll stay away

    50. Now you notice then, the gifts of words of knowledge, then prophetic flow mingled in, and then discerning of spirits, what actual spirits were there, that need to be broken off her life, and then ministry

    1. The one that hears and discerns the Spirit the greatest is no better than the one that encourages

    2. Rather, it discerns a deeper meaning beneath the surface of the historical event

    3. As the universe looks upon an inhabited world, it likewise discerns two great classes: those who know God and those who do not

    4. 9 Then the Master portrayed that the Father in heaven, after man discerns this spiritual freedom, wills that his children on earth should begin that eternal ascent of the Paradise career which consists in the creature's conscious response to the divine urge of the indwelling spirit to find the Creator, to know God and to seek to become like him

    5. But he who is spiritual discerns all things

    6. Now when you look at it, the woman is saying all the right things, but Paul discerns that behind it there's a spirit operating, and he discerned exactly what it was

    7. for a mind that learns and discerns,

    8. henow discerns a future where commerce shall replace war

    9. He discerns not the unspeakable sorrow taking hold upon the unnumbered throngs of earth-born creatures as they realize themselves cut off forever from existence, from life, from eternal life, with its unfolding ages of bliss to the redeemed

    10. „There is a mechanism,' he said, „which automatically discerns

    11. She discerns, it may be, such a hopeless task before her

    12. She had that rare sense which discerns what is unalterable, and submits to it without murmuring

    13. There are certain queer times and occasions in this strange mixed affair we call life when a man takes this whole universe for a vast practical joke, though the wit thereof he but dimly discerns, and more than suspects that the joke is at nobody's expense but his own

    14. But even admitting this was so, it is psychological subtlety, I suppose, that discerns that under certain circumstances I become as bloodthirsty and keen-sighted as a Caucasian eagle, while at the next I am as timid and blind as a mole

    15. When a man's whole life is held in bondage by laws whose injustice, cruelty, and artificiality he plainly discerns, and yet is compelled to obey these laws under penalty of punishment, he must suffer; it cannot be otherwise

    16. A Russian publicist, who was in Paris at that time, describes this entrance of the sailors in the following manner: "They tell the truth,—it was an incident of world-wide import, wondrous, touching, soul-stirring, making the heart quiver with that love which discerns the brothers in men, and which detests bloodshed and concomitant acts of violence, the tearing away of the children from their beloved mother

    17. In the idea of truth, Weisse explains, lies a contradiction between the subjective and the objective sides of knowledge, in that an individual I discerns the Universal

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