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    1. Chloe was embraced and praised for her discernment and future distinction

    2. discernment will see that

    3. Discernment of spirits Come in the Opposite Spirit

    4. This illustrates mature discernment in

    5. This world is indeed the ultimate environment for self-mastery and personal discernment is the key

    6. And finally, overthrow by a new discovery that held the promise of reigniting the excitement that had long ago drained out of the elders’ more rigid and progressively intolerant frame of reference that had left little room for individual discernment

    7. This time it was not the déjà vu of a previously mentioned tract concerning Elie Wiesel’s “Cain and Abel” story, but that there was something that I had not had the mental discernment to appreciate the first time

    8. And what of the scholar’s quest for enlightenment as he tried to pierce Man’s curse of that linear veil of imperfect discernment? And is science only the latest attempt at that scholarship?

    9. Awakening: Discernment; attentive to wiles of the devil; watchman; sober; stimulated to act

    10. discernment that is spiritually off

    11. And, smiling with pride for his discernment, returned to

    12. relationship with Christ that brings discernment

    13. Wisdom and Spiritual discernment

    14. the discernment that is part of a wholehearted

    15. the mind, its crudity and restlessness, lack of discernment and

    16. M: The discovery of truth is in the discernment of the false

    17. The girls returned the greeting, but were surprised by the inspector’s apparent discernment

    18. Just before the moment of sure discernment, they’d disappeared behind a huge stone monolith that rose high and solitary in the sea of sand that surrounded it

    19. We ask you to use complete discernment in looking at the stories that are being told about the sun

    20. and after that he appeared to two of them on that day and while they were going to the village which was named Emmaus and whose distance from Jerusalem was sixty furlongs; And they were talking the one of them with the 41 other of all the things which had happened; And during the time of their talking and inquiring with one another Jesus came and reached them and walked with them; But their eyes were veiled that they should not know him; And he said to them What are these sayings which you address the one of you to the other as you walk and are sade One of them whose name was Cleopas answered and said to him Are you perchance alone a stranger to Jerusalem since you know not what was in it in these days? He said to them What was it? They said to him concerning Jesus he who was from Nazareth a man who was a prophet and powerful in speech and deeds before God and before all the people and the chief priests and the elders delivered him up to the sentence of death and crucified him; But we supposed that he was the one who was to deliver Israel; And since all these things happened there have passed three days; But certain women of us also informed us that they had come to the tomb and when they found not his body they came and told us that they had seen there the angels and they said concerning him that he was alive; And some of us also went to the tomb and found the matter as the women had said: only they saw him not; Then said Jesus to them you lacking in discernment and heavy in heart to believe! Was it not in all the sayings of the prophets that the Messiah was to suffer these things and to enter into his glory? And he began from Moses and from all the prophets and interpreted to them concerning himself from all the scriptures; And they drew near to the village where they were going and he was leading them to imagine that he was as if going to a distant region; And they pressed him and said to him Abide with us for the day has declined now into the darkness; And he went inside to abide with them; And when he sat with them he took bread and blessed and brake and gave to them; And straight away their eyes were opened and they knew him and he was taken away from them; And they said the one to the other Was not our heart heavy within us while he was speaking to us on the way and interpreting to us the scriptures?

    21. They flew from her mouth, without the most minimal apex of intelligence or discernment, spreading its poisoned aura on the nourished public who was ready to listen to her imbecilities, and the nourished public was always composed of “them“ and “us“

    22. They think a thing and say another! What they say is not always what they do! And what they do not always is what they feel! Who understands them? It is too exhausting to deal with you and one needs a keenness of exceptional discernment to crumble what your heads hide! And if these heads belong to the feminine genre, it is much worse! And if this head supports itself on the shoulders of Camila Montero? I think there is nothing worse than could happen to a human being! You speak very much!, Too much!, Very, very much!

    23. Concepts such as discernment and discrimination are highly

    24. Abba Poimen, the great father of discernment, says that there are three most useful principles: fear of

    25. They act with boldness, experience, knowledge – with the discernment they have of the ways which

    26. 5 The Pharisees were astonished and confounded by his words of discernment and wisdom

    27. 5 "But, Nathaniel, there is much in the Scriptures which would have instructed you if you had only read with discernment

    28. 7 The parable proceeds from the things which are known to the discernment of the unknown

    29. 3 We are utterly at a loss to differentiate between his practice of self-limiting his divine consciousness and his technique of concealing his preknowledge and thought discernment from his human associates

    30. They can be passively listened to without some deeper level of critical discernment, but there is a unifying presence in all that he does through music and it speaks to others, from a wide variety of backgrounds and types of lives, that they are not alone, they are too capable of sharing this positive and healing light

    31. Conversely, let’s observe what Hebrews 5: 14 says about the spiritual discernment and

    32. Then the Almighty clarified to us that His Guidance is presented to mankind by means of His merciful envoy who reveals it basing on an enlightened discernment

    33. It is consummate cognition, unmediated discernment,

    34. same discernment and restraint when they were armed

    35. It was getting towards high sun before we took off north, and it seemed everyone in the group had a positive discernment about this trip and was also excited to see what God was going to do next

    36. So going, to first Andrew, and then John, I asked if they would be willing to direct tonight’s events, for I knew that God had used them many times before, and their discernment for the things of God were at times superior to mine

    37. something that we understand with any real discernment

    38. I know what they're all saying, or I know what I can see, but what lies behind it - that's the driving factor? We need discernment, because in the world, and in the church, people have all kinds of agendas, and it shouldn't be that way, but that's how people are

    39. Getting the idea? So discernment enables you to see what is really there

    40. Understand? That's actually discernment

    41. He possesses another gift, the gift of discernment

    42. The internal, impulses lead to Discernment, Renunciation,

    43. lodged in Discernment, Renunciation or in other areas of the like

    44. secondly, “the Way of Discernment” (Gyan Yog)

    45. dedication nor a proper discernment of their assets and liabilities

    46. so because men who are bereft of discernment are, as we have seen in the

    47. Arjun’s reply to this is that his illusion is dispelled and his discernment restored

    48. ship of the Supreme Spirit in a spirit of discernment and renunciation

    49. Chapter 2 that both the Way of Knowledge and Discernment and the

    50. God revealed to us the wrong way that the sinner follows in his life which causes his discernment to be blind from observing the high conduct which the righteous adopt

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