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    1. A long, drab corridor illuminated with fluorescent lights

    2. There are bars on the windows and the same genre of drab reproductions in gilded frames that we saw in John’s room adorns the walls

    3. where, cold and clinker drab,

    4. For two days the blissful romance that should be the ambrosia of all newly weds was forced to give way to lessons in using the Hoover, heating up baked beans and loading the washing machine in such a way that the clothes didn’t all come out shit colour drab

    5. way that the clothes didn’t all come out shit colour drab

    6. The wealthy had plush private cars, the poor rode public cars that were more or less drab depending on the city

    7. discourage rust, and painted in olive drab camouflage colours

    8. The street this Hyondahi currently lived on was pretty drab for one so high in the growth

    9. It didn’t matter that it was in a drab school hallway on hard

    10. of the season to the same drab landscape it was every other month of the year

    11. “I most definitely prefer your drawings to their drab and droll cousins

    12. She went on and on about how drab her mansion’s

    13. It was a rather drab counter, and he was

    14. Soon three individuals appeared dressed in drab olive and sand colored uniforms

    15. pointed to the very drab gray but ornate building ahead

    16. He was no longer dressed in the drab, grey uniform

    17. It seemed all heads and eyes were intent on a harried man in a dark, drab boiler suit sitting at a table, checking tags and glaring at a little computer screen on the table as he scrolled through a seemingly endless list

    18. It was painted a different shade of olive drab, unlike those of the German army

    19. It was furnished with a comfortable double bed, two drab over-stuffed chairs, and a writing desk

    20. Still the same office for these twenty past years, but somehow it didn’t look as small, not as drab as it should be

    21. The olive drab Plymouth was parked in the same place as it had been the previous day

    22. He was struck by the realization that they all wore a kind of drab, dull grey, workman-like uniform

    23. Vincent ordered all their helmet liners to be repainted a uniform glossy olive drab, and he had produced from somewhere, decals of the 61st Division patch to be affixed to the sides of each liner

    24. Mary got it organized, and a few days later our social services van was pulling up to a drab looking government office building

    25. It lay drab and not at all like its memory

    26. to work, but on the other hand she didn’t want to look drab for the

    27. I looked around the office and saw a drab,

    28. It was a bitterly cold and drab morning for the middle of

    29. been tossed so unceremoniously into the drab motel room

    30. Shaftner crawled into his olive drab jeep and splashed up the road toward the center of the base

    31. The Colonel wore immaculate pressed and starched olive drab USAF fatigues

    32. Even though he had been told it was now lifeless and drab

    33. Far from the drab shades he'd recommended to his troops, their clothing was colorful, some garments woven in stripes or checks

    34. She sat back down and gazed at the drab and very dreary cabin

    35. She took me down a long drab hallway that reeked of smoke and Ben Gay

    36. The guests were a drab couple in their early forties

    37. He didn’t know why in Fariel she’d covered herself in white powder, but obviously it was one of those things that went along with the drab dresses and the head-coverings

    38. Even in that drab dress, with that horrid cap covering her hair and that powder hiding her true complexion, she was beautiful

    39. It was a drab room, stuffed with Formica topped tables and shabby metal chairs

    40. If it is allowed to operate without interference it will transform this drab, dreary, earthly experience into something magical and miraculous

    41. The walls were painted in a cream paint but that was some time ago as the whole place appeared drab and tired

    42. Behind them the gay pavilions of the lords and knights and the drab tents of the common soldiers stretched back almost to the river

    43. Listening to you at times is like reading an old English novel, drab and colorless

    44. anywhere other than drab browns and greys

    45. She was wearing a drab gray shirt and pants

    46. Hatch was disappointed at losing the company of his old university friend and, after Siri had collecting his belongings from the Quartermaster with Sergeant Bacon, Hatch slung the webbing of an olive drab canvas bag over Siri’s head and said, ‘Take care of yourself without me, old friend, but maybe this will be of some use to you on your journey

    47. They dragged the wreckage clear to uncover a floor safe which May Ling opened and, from it, she removed a leather pilot’s bag and the olive drab canvas bag that contained Hatch’s pistol, which she handed over to him

    48. Davidson was parked under the tall sycamore tree that edged his property, sitting with the headlights shining brightly against the drab cement blocks of his establishment

    49. "I think they call it olive drab, Papa,” Henry exchanged with a sliver of a smile, just enough you could see the teeth glimmering out from under his thin lips

    50. “Olive drab, huh?” Mr

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