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    1. It was good and cold because there had already been heavy snow the previous Dawnsleep and Raltain's kegs were well packed in it

    2. Jorma's head was feeling too heavy already to stretch this out any more, "What then?"

    3. He breathes heavy, staring the dead moose in the eyes

    4. ” His already heavy heart sank even further

    5. That traffic moved at the speed people paddled and the speed big teams of kedas moved the heavy barges around

    6. As Nancy stopped to watch, water started pouring down like heavy rain from the ceiling

    7. The robots stood there for a moment, their circuits sputtering and shorting out, before falling over with a large, heavy clunking sound

    8. "This baggage is getting heavy, I was just going to throw this in the house and borrow a bathroom if I might?"

    9. He had always been a heavy sleeper

    10. "Got something heavy you need moved?"

    11. Ingredients: SUPERSEAWEED is a blend of over five liquid seaweed’s from around the world, selected especially for their purity (no heavy metals, toxin’s, etc

    12. It's not really very heavy for its size, it couldn't be a treasure chest, all metals are much heavier than that, it's lighter than a section of tree trunk that size and I've moved them with the rockosaur

    13. As the night air grew heavy on the scent of herbs and ripening lemons they

    14. The crate was a swollen collection of planks, but framed out with good heavy timbers and fitted with lifting eyes that could have held a long suspension bridge

    15. He found a heavy, yellow egg there

    16. Detaching the tongue is a heavy job by itself, carrying it along while the kedas turn around was a strain for the three of them

    17. Once the shiny Audi was out of sight he made his heavy way back into the station and fished an old battered phone from his pocket and selected a speed dial number that picked up quickly

    18. none of the furniture is heavy any way

    19. It was about a half a century ago, when I first got into heavy hauling, I think it's what started me on it

    20. Heavy orange curtains are draped across windows

    21. There were two of them, both heavy duty

    22. Johnny took a sip from one of the heavy but

    23. A while later, somewhat breathless from manoeuvring the heavy box down the ladder but gratified that I have managed it on my own, I sit on the bed and start going through my history

    24. It poured like it was heavy as molten metal and fumed the like pits of hell

    25. ’ He said with a heavy sigh

    26. his bag for the hard, round goats cheese and the hunk of heavy bread that he had

    27. Must be having a heavy period, Melinda thought

    28. heavy bread, wild legumes and mushrooms, and, out of preference, jugs of the

    29. "She tells me more than you, even when you were hot and heavy re-enacting Earth mating rituals in the new silicon age down there

    30. I tried to relax but there was a horrible dull pounding, like heavy road works, that was setting me on edge

    31. The question was though, would the heavy come back with his boss, with a baseball bat, or with both? Either way it wouldn't be easy

    32. down onto the unyielding flagstones as they swept past heavy browed doors set in

    33. companions emerged onto a short landing at the end of which was another heavy

    34. From behind the columns of the flanking courtyards, the men of the crew began to emerge, dressed in white, coifed with heavy turbans, long black beards down their chests, long sideburns on their shoulders

    35. lock and the heavy, ratchet grumble of sliding tumblers

    36. The Al-Harron's main section appeared to be a thousand-foot chunk of heavy rock with a hundred foot hole bored thru it that twinkled with containment fields

    37. Though Brazil was still ruled by mortals, they had a heavy presence in the solar system and space based weapons with which to retaliate

    38. Those heavy nuclei moving that fast… just rips right through flesh, but not the way you’d think

    39. heavy burdens but turn away when it is their time to carry the load

    40. It was a heavy week last week

    41. Then, her three emitters spat out wide and ghostly streams of heavy nuclei

    42. Behind me I heard the sound of a heavy diesel engine barking at the walls of the warehouse

    43. We approached junctions, the heavy braking making me slide feet first towards the front of the truck and sending needles of dull pain up my legs

    44. Then I hear something that's like an answer to an unspoken prayer, "The preparations for the ceremony have been delayed, due to the heavy rain

    45. Some weeks after receiving that first message, with breakfast due any minute, I heard heavy boot steps and then a door slam open

    46. I sat in silence, afraid to disturb a single atom of this still and heavy atmosphere

    47. She had to work her way down into the heavy framework that held the containment and supported all the life-support compartments above

    48. Those pumps are heavy in the stern, it wallows easier than I would have liked

    49. In spite of the fact that this area of the planet did have motors, the vast majority of heavy cargo moved under sail and was loaded and unloaded by shirtless, sweating men pushing it on rollers in the late Afternoonday sun

    50. All of a sudden I was tossed into the air, landed against bookshelves and I collapsed on the floor together with some heavy volumes, while Arion was already aiming his weapon at me

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    heavy big enceinte expectant gravid great large with child lowering sullen threatening clayey cloggy profound sound wakeless leaden arduous backbreaking grueling gruelling hard laborious operose punishing toilsome labored laboured fleshy overweight weighed down lumbering ponderous grave grievous weighty intemperate sonorous dense impenetrable heavily burdensome troublesome cumbersome vexatious depressing distressing harsh massive hefty stout huge portly coarse blunt broad thick intense concentrated important momentous pithy serious difficult complicated trying complex obscure depressed crest-fallen crushed dejected despondent disconsolate downcast downhearted overcast cloudy gloomy oppressive clumsy listless slow dull boring lifeless tedious tiresome wearisome