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Drab en una oración (en ingles)

Dozens of olive drab U.
Olive drab, huh? Mr.
Drab browns and greys, a.
where, cold and clinker drab,.
Some appeared to be rather drab.
stared at the drab dilapidated floor.
She hated her drab, ill-fitting clothes.

anywhere other than drab browns and greys.
It was a rather drab counter, and he was.
It lay drab and not at all like its memory.
She was wearing a drab gray shirt and pants.
I looked around the office and saw a drab,.
Rodney O’Neill sat beside him in a drab suit.
I'll put a white hat and drab coat on to-morrow.
She went on and on about how drab her mansion’s.
He was no longer dressed in the drab, grey uniform.
The guests were a drab couple in their early forties.
pointed to the very drab gray but ornate building ahead.
been tossed so unceremoniously into the drab motel room.
A long, drab corridor illuminated with fluorescent lights.
It was a bitterly cold and drab morning for the middle of.
Behind the two men, the hallway was just as gray and drab.
Even though he had been told it was now lifeless and drab.
Its witchery transformed his drab work into vibrant colors.
way that the clothes didn’t all come out shit colour drab.
discourage rust, and painted in olive drab camouflage colours.
She sat back down and gazed at the drab and very dreary cabin.
into the dark and drab atmosphere of this old, historic location.
The old drab soon deserted me, but Tegid our cook stayed with me.
It didn’t matter that it was in a drab school hallway on hard.

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Sinónimos para drab

drab dreary sober somber sombre blue dark dingy disconsolate dismal drear gloomy grim sorry

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