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    1. ’ I said, pointing out the flaw in his suggestion

    2. Mental illness is no more severe than any other human flaw and to pity us or to belittle us is an insult to someone with most likely a lot of potential behind that wall of mental blockage

    3. I can track down the flaw in my technique

    4. Yet they have one flaw; when they find their mate they shy away because of the intensity of their emotions

    5. The headmaster continued, “The heads of each department were enlisted to scour your submissions for any flaw, whatsoever, to no avail

    6. The only one true flaw my father has is not standing up to her

    7. only now realised the flaw in his plan

    8. his head trying to see the flaw but in the end just took a small level off of his belt

    9. She knew it was such a huge flaw in the design of this expedition, allowing one person to gain the power to shut off any and all universes and their inhabitants

    10. He knew every flaw, every nick and every scratch on every wall of this ship with far greater detail than even the advanced computer mind of Argos

    11. flaw in their plan, and wondered why they hadn’t

    12. flaw because of the many good deeds they had done, but He

    13. A major flaw in the Dead Gods' plan

    14. The Elders saw this flaw as well

    15. of ignoring a flaw, do the opposite and draw attention to it (so long as it

    16. Even if it earned him punches to the face and more than mere threats, it was a character flaw he could never overcome

    17. Not a flaw

    18. It felt strange to see himself on screen and he was suddenly aware of every flaw in his face, every mark and imperfection

    19. This continually proved to be a futile effort; the system would always detect some minor flaw in the replicated memory

    20. You see the pickup line approach has a huge flaw -- it indirectly communicates that you're very interested in her from the very beginning

    21. If the Darangi had one flaw in their collective psyche, it was a tendency to underestimate their opponents, the deviousness of a human and someone who at least could think like a human

    22. This was a serious design flaw and I often wondered if anyone would notice if I put extra spotlights on them

    23. And that every good thing here has a flaw

    24. Suddenly, it appears to me, that it is as easy to become guilty of the same flaw as Jesus’ disciples were, that is taking the parable to be the message

    25. “Gary, you missed a couple of those ideas that Charles has told us about over the past couple of days,” I said, adding, “One of them was about a flaw that Charles discovered in how economists value public goods, like environmental quality

    26. Would Luther have gone on to discover such a glaring flaw in the ecclesiastical structure of this Catholic version of the Christian church had he not had his honor and life so threatened by this new priestly class? Had they, as he accused them, fallen away into this “new perversion” of those First Works?

    27. With that, it corrects the flaw of the current economic model, generating income mainly for the billion of excluded human beings through the passive activities or active activities that exist in any country, without breaking its economy, without any capital loss or work and without there is vinculum to the employment

    28. Molly and I have the same flaw in combat

    29. Pride is what killed Al, and it is the flaw in every Dauntless heart

    30. In flaw, in water, in every thing –

    31. After researching Chloe’s spell thoroughly, George noticed a fatal flaw in its design upon reading a volume about blood magic—a spell could fail due to the blood collected not being fresh

    32. the least flaw in his understanding and compassion

    33. It’s my biggest flaw and something I have to fight constantly

    34. Stevenson claimed some type of flaw existed in every case he had ever

    35. There is an obvious flaw that truth will cure, once we deserve to have the cure

    36. But, there is a major flaw in our Constitution

    37. The machine had a design flaw

    38. It found that the Appellant had “a character flaw which impairs

    39. Vulnerability is the intersection of three elements: a system susceptibility or flaw, at-

    40. still didn’t know if it was a flaw in the one video unit they’d

    41. perfect Creator bringing into being an imperfect universe; rather, the existence of the universe is the result of an inherent flaw or crisis within the infinite Godhead, and the purpose of creation is to perfect it

    42. The F flat flaw induced twisted

    43. This flaw removed

    44. “Perhaps, though it has a bit of a flaw, there, see? And I have many of them

    45. If there’s one flaw kids have, it’s that they do have the tendency to chat about unbelievably mundane shit as though it actually means something

    46. He heatedly declared that my morality was full of flaw and that the morality of earthlings in general was full of flaw

    47. one fatal flaw, that we were the most deviant mutation, the

    48. have no financial interest in their decisions (the basic flaw in managed care)

    49. The biggest flaw in the need for the Institute is the assumption that American

    50. He created the illusion of having a hidden fatal flaw, something that first needed to be detected and then to be nurtured

    1. It is a moment in time when a flawed man

    2. But they are also all flawed

    3. This is flawed thinking

    4. He was a deeply flawed man, true -- jealous, vain, self-centered, ineffective

    5. Deeply flawed as it may be

    6. My hypothesis is this: Knowing that the Evolution Theory does not correspond to the evidence that is found, and that Darwin and others realised that his Theory was flawed and even expressed the reasons for their doubts, we need to investigate the alternative

    7. ’ Torbin wanted to tell Zardino how this more cautious plan was flawed, how his own plan for making personal contact with the device may have worked

    8. And he couldn’t even argue the Elusivers were wrong in seeing humans as irredeemably flawed, not progressing towards enlightenment but technological oblivion

    9. President Ivanov was someone who had been democratically elected – though could there have been a more stark illustration of the flawed nature of democracy? In centuries past, people voted for the radical alternative seemingly out of desperation, for whoever seemed convincing enough that they alone held the key to a better future

    10. All bullets had to be accounted for, but even that system was flawed

    11. It was a flawed system, and it would be repeated over and over again to satisfy a longhaired liberal masquerading at Police HQ as a commissioned officer

    12. The expression ―Feet of Clay‖ implies a transitory, material existence that is essentially weak or flawed or (otherwise) subject to decay; contrasted with spiritual existence that is eternal, everlasting and timeless

    13. Even fledgling Third World countries, when given the opportunity, are superceding its flawed assumptions with more reasonable designs favorable to free and open markets

    14. Final y the cosmic goat had caught him, Adriano had tolerated his flawed

    15. Politicians seeking imaginative ways of defining poverty in our nation by targeting its ―root causes‖ plays well among certain audiences however fundamentally flawed their analysis

    16. Its flawed assumptions oftentimes fail to consider, however, that every Individual is subject to his or her own private set of moral and ethical assumptions that are naturally resistant to categorical imperatives or the conscientious ―merits‖ of narrow-minded viewpoints that seek to impose their (myopic) moral authority on others

    17. these artificially contrived results should be considered statistically flawed as well

    18. President Bush‘s flawed Immigration Reform Bill providing ―conditional‖ amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens must be reassuring to 1) (Moderate) Republicans who would consider its passage a political opportunity to place the party in better stead with Hispanic Voters and the Business Community, 2) Corporations seeking to attract Cheap(er) Labor, 3) Democrats who, for the same reasons indicated above, are uncomfortable with the idea of controlling our nation‘s borders at the risk of alienating a sizeable voting bloc and (who) would otherwise seize the moment, for purely political reasons, to challenge Republican proposals that (surprise!) ―don‘t go far enough,‖ 4) Multiculturalists and Internationalists likely to embrace such ―reforms‖ as a (positive) first step towards achieving their (respective) Universalist Agenda, and 5) Shakers of Western Culture who would seek its destruction at any cost for its own sake and who would therefore (also) consider such measures as an appropriate step in the ―right‖ direction

    19. Good Intentions, limited and flawed as they oftentimes are however, are not enough! The believer must (first) place his or her trust in God, alone, who reminds each of us, who are receptive to His Wisdom, that every kindly deed, however ―ordinary‖ or ―exceptional‖, or every Act of Faith, cannot properly achieve its intended fulfillment without God‘s guiding intervention; that is to say, unless properly informed by God

    20. We are all flawed in one manner or another

    21. Each of us is fragile or flawed in our own unique or peculiar way

    22. That it seemed to have flowed to the four corners of that same garden-like environment might have been an artifact of later flawed interpretation

    23. Hilderich was hearing the machine in disbelief, understanding that it had implied it was not infallible; not only that but it had also admitted there was something seriously flawed about him

    24. Everybody has someone else to blame for the failure of the healthcare system missing the essential point that the system itself is inherently flawed and so doomed to failure

    25. ) and are factually flawed

    26. This type of thinking is seriously flawed

    27. But my mother would tell me that people are flawed and I should be lenient with them

    28. complicity of the Main Media in service of the cabal against him meant that the president, flawed as all presidents before him, had a two-front war on his hands

    29. “Your plan is flawed,” Cara says

    30. warming, and the whole process of jumping to conclusions may be drastically flawed

    31. We know that while we are flawed in a unique way, we are not unique because we are flawed

    32. “Your history is a little flawed

    33. affect our personality behavior, so flawed character, deal with the problem is flawed, and so we need to perfect personality, we will be not perfect character

    34. Spot: Flawed; Jesus’ death; instructors that are false; without spot: the church in true glory; made right in God’s eyes; to obey

    35. As we are flawed today, we have

    36. In not being enlightened, our perceptions are flawed

    37. Court as the author of a flawed forensic report that got basic biology

    38. Supreme Court as the author of a flawed forensic report that got

    39. consultations [saying] management "accelerated drafting" of flawed security

    40. Environment Policy Act? They knew it was flawed but to appease

    41. of Engineers was flawed

    42. gone beyond the intent of Congress or will be flawed

    43. However, the motivation of the Jewish Left is doubly flawed: this is not

    44. In addition, we must bear in mind that the writers of the New Testament were flawed human beings and that their flawed understanding has to have been transferred to their transcription of God’s Word

    45. slightly flawed masculine light

    46. Promoted by the flawed E data

    47. Help him to receive Your forgiveness so that he will not hate himself for having flaws, because all of us are flawed

    48. that I was just as flawed as them, and knew that if I’d had the

    49. The problem is that the RBRVS is deeply flawed, grossly underpaying

    50. Like me, she desperately wants to believe the flawed American justice system and the goodness of humanity all while cognizant of the ugliness of reality and the human condition

    1. To look into the eyes of a God and see the flaws, to witness the

    2. in the physical form, I can see these flaws

    3. To look into the eyes of a God and see the flaws, to witness the failure of resolution and will, to see such frailty, still shocked him

    4. Lust is one of the many flaws of the human race, an ancestry of our more animal past

    5. the flaws you ‘see’ in who and what you are

    6. carpenter would you? My daughter’s new boyfriend pointed out a couple flaws in

    7. It also highlighted the cracks and flaws

    8. All types have their qualities and flaws, so, inevitably, it

    9. Vanquishing the most calamitous of mortal flaws is

    10. “Did you hear any flaws?” he asked, without a speck of irony

    11. Though he stared at her with sightless eyes, Nerissa knew he saw her as she really was, with all her monstrous flaws and empty places

    12. Having demonstrated some of the flaws in the Theory of Evolution and showing that it has no proper scientific foundations for its standpoints - considering facts that go directly against what the Evolution Theory proposes - the only other option available today would be that of Creationism

    13. It contains some flaws, but over the centuries these have been properly documented and we know what they are

    14. Adem admitted he saw great flaws in the plan though he emphasised his desire to preserve his soul

    15. It may have a tale to tell about it and so was more appreciated with its flaws than if it was perfect

    16. “All he can see is the flaws,” countered Kay in frustration

    17. sticking to normalcy caused fears and flaws that, logical y, took their toll from him

    18. To what extent should (any) civilized society assume (―partial‖) responsibility for the character flaws of its (political/social) leaders?

    19. Stylish knock-out with only minor flaws

    20. But there’s always flaws in a design, and that fact was remarkably pointed out when Eileen arched her back all the way, hands touching the ground, exactly the moment the demons’ claws swept at nothing but air, and then sidestepped him by rolling to the side, avoiding his kicking legs and tail with a motion so graceful and regally syncopated, it reminded me of a cross between Grace Kelly and Tito Puente

    21. example to serious flaws in the actions of some of the leadership of the

    22. There are continuous flaws that conduce the bankruptcy or entropy

    23. The Second Sector also has its flaws

    24. The flaws of the current system allow arguing us the question of the administrative departments (fiscal, financial, accounting, human resource, purchase and others) that exist in millions of organizations in the world that generate high unnecessary expenses

    25. Arrogance is one of the flaws in the Erudite heart—I know

    26. ) They found many statistical and design flaws

    27. way and they are not fussing with the flaws we see

    28. keep zeroing in on all your flaws, it will be your flaws that show up

    29. bounces with every move, the physical flaws are airbrushed away and

    30. The major motivating factor in the invention of object-oriented approach is to remove some of the flaws

    31. “It has two major flaws that have had Band-

    32. If she had any flaws, he was blissfully unaware of them

    33. But this system too has some inherent flaws

    34. with all of our secrets and flaws, and He sees our potential, too

    35. also the specific personality flaws of the Caucasian female that, from what I’d been told,

    36. Yet, what it actually does is allow mankind to use our flaws to cultivate a bottom line that serves us

    37. The Bible is truth, or at least has a foundation of truth, but is polluted by some major flaws

    38. This would strengthen our souls in their goals which include reducing flaws such as racism and war

    39. Our Post Office rebuilds were better than the original because the OEM seats for the little white trucks (LLVs-long life vehicles) were loaded with design flaws which resulted in driver back injuries

    40. Many religions or other spiritual practices tell us to let go of these inherited flaws, but they give us tools that cannot work

    41. Even though the ego is the result of a vibrating dimension, and it is the cause for us to be dishonest and have so many flaws, it is also the tool I would use to change it all

    42. Brie might have her flaws but not learning from her mistakes was not one of them

    43. He is the mirror that covered my flaws and insecurities, and the sun that made me shine in ways I never thought I could

    44. that outlined flaws in Canada's marine security regulations and highlighted "unethical

    45. for all of its flaws, was lost at one stroke

    46. “When you have been in the Light and realize that God accepts you and loves you just as you are and that none of your flaws really matter, there is no guilt or shame

    47. Help him to receive Your forgiveness so that he will not hate himself for having flaws, because all of us are flawed

    48. In spite of her flaws, he still loved Candace

    49. He had several serious flaws to his character, but these would be washed away during The Change

    50. She'd worked there so often she could compensate for some flaws and idiosyncrasies of the masks by clever twists and angling of the paint gun at the right points, and acted as a second inspector in catching poorly molded parts

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