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Streak в предложении (на )

  1. But he has a hard streak.
  2. She's on a wild streak today.
  3. He had that streak in him too.
  4. One to let this dominant streak.
  5. A winning streak can end suddenly.

  6. It is more of a wild streak.
  7. I had a bad streak that’s all.
  8. He’s developed a ruthless streak.
  9. It was just a blur, a white streak.
  10. A streak that is in you too, Corina.
  11. It has put a streak of meanness in.
  12. Joey looked up at the glowing streak.
  13. The girl with the blond streak nodded.
  14. He doesn’t want to break the streak.
  15. Even the most stubborn streak, he.

  16. It was that damned stoic streak again.
  17. Like her friends, she had a wild streak.
  18. Apollo feels pain streak across his face.
  19. Thereafter followed a 17 day winning streak.
  20. Lo and behold, he goes on a winning streak.
  21. But then I see another Raven streak past me.
  22. The white streak tracking our every move.
  23. Another red streak and one more Toral went down.
  24. He used his hand and wiped a streak of the fog.
  25. Rachael paused again and Purple Streak took over.

  26. A few minutes later the streak of light was back.
  27. He had a roguish streak in him, and by now was.
  28. It did not however, quell his adventurous streak.
  29. There was a little streak, it was getting bigger.
  30. Despite his charm, she sensed a streak of cruelty.
  31. A streak of black and blue crossed Andrew’s vision.
  32. He could just make out a silver streak down the side.
  33. She gestured toward her head where a streak of silver.
  34. A powerful streak of gushing blood spurted out of the.
  35. At the top he saw a streak of light from an open door.
  36. He was opinionated, and he had a deep stubborn streak.
  37. I kept an eye on this streak until it became a massive.
  38. There had been a streak of desperation in her screaming.
  39. A streak of fork lightning is a natural example of this.
  40. His winning streak was phenomenal, passing the dice over.
  41. If looks could kill… This guy's got a real mean streak.
  42. Then it disappeared as a white streak across the ceiling.
  43. Upon turning my head to face the streak I was shocked to.
  44. I purchased the black bag to hide the white streak on my.
  45. Nancy’s dominant protective streak is nowhere to be seen.
  46. Purple streak glanced at him as he turned from the counter.
  47. The lone streak of black hair remained matted to his scalp.
  48. Tiny bubbles streak up from its surface popping in streams.
  49. Streak the painted sky, warm crimson shades of orchard rose.
  50. He had a streak of stubborn righteousness that Godwyn feared.
  51. Alexanthros Patakis would be here like a streak of lightning.
  52. So they increase their position sizing during a losing streak.
  53. Kaite overtakes you in a blue streak dashing over the pavement.
  54. Her black hair holds a glistening streak of white over her ear.
  55. The dirty cloth rubbed out one streak of dirt and left another.
  56. Lightening continued to streak the sky and the thunder to crash.
  57. They'd eat Chinese six nights a week but for his creative streak.
  58. Kris was also keen to continue his winning streak in real estate.
  59. He had been cornered and the yellow streak in him showed through.
  60. Jesus, I knew Caroline had a streak of vengeance in her, but I.
  61. I lose the battle with the tears then and they streak down my face.
  62. Wow, how long could this streak possibly have been going on?
  63. Trask knew he shouldn't, but his antic streak slithered to the fore.
  64. The slight streak of contempt in this hasty reply offended Dorothea.
  65. Showing my mean streak, I threw firecrackers between his bare feet.
  66. Tony turned and stared outside the window, watching the rain streak.
  67. He focused on her, wondering why she had this dark, suicidal streak.
  68. His pistol had slid a few feet away; behind it was a streak of blood.
  69. Problems, real or imagined, brought out a stubborn streak in Sebastian.
  70. Tony turned and stared outside the window watching the rain streak by.
  71. He had an impish streak that made everything he did seem mildly wicked.
  72. A blue streak jets around the corner and stops at the side of your car.
  73. So, I have a fairness streak in me, not liberalism, just equality.
  74. Such ruminations naturally produced a streak of misanthropic bitterness.
  75. There was definitely a streak of wildness inside her, good wildness, too.
  76. Its top was now being blown in a streaming streak across the sky in the.
  77. Yeah, Purple Streak cut in, She was always bunking off with Gary.
  78. Their eyebrows were orderly plucked like a streak black-colour was drawn.
  79. He is from the ‘First’ line; marked with a white streak down his mane.
  80. Was there a greying streak of light in the east? A car came from behind me.
  81. How long had it been, a couple months? He should have kept the streak going.
  82. As we stood there, a streak of light briefly appeared in the black sky –.
  83. Despite the mousy tendencies, Bergman also had a wonderfully twisted streak.
  84. Out of my way, his sword made a red streak as he swept it in a circle.
  85. His bulk was fat, and he had a vicious mean streak as Ravan had already seen.
  86. Faint and barely discernible, it showed a vague streak of warmth in the snow.
  87. Then I realized that it was dawn breaking, the first streak of gray in the sky.
  88. That same black shape that Marty had vaguely seen streak across the pale blue.
  89. Pretty soon she made the cold chills streak all down my back, because she says:.
  90. It was this event that seemed to lead to Matthew developing a competitive streak.
  91. Her ears were pure velvet and a white streak from brow to nose divided her face.
  92. Joe had run into a streak of bad luck and found himself without money and with a.
  93. Barbara, I don’t know how to put this but I have hit a creative streak in my.
  94. He watched as Missy, a yellow streak behind her, shot past him yelling her loudest.
  95. This was not just a trading hot streak, but, with this much data, a changed trader.
  96. One girl had brown hair with a purple streak, the other black hair with a blond one.
  97. Winning became a streak and soon the fans were counting our results along with the.
  98. The red hawk keened once and a huge wolf with a thick black coat and a white streak.
  99. Davey had inherited that streak of stubborn determination from Gwenda, Ralph thought.
  100. Ward commented that 'Spalding's Team' might return to their streak of pennants soon.
  1. She looked away, the silent tears streaking her face.
  2. I wiped the tear streaking down his cheek with my thumb.
  3. She pointed ahead to a massive plume of fire streaking.
  4. She wiped at a tear streaking down her cheek and sniffled.
  5. A female devil form came streaking out of the dream heaven.
  6. The other girl looks up, too, tears streaking down her face.
  7. They could see the motor-boat streaking towards the mainland.
  8. Hartstongue, his eyes wide, sweat streaking his forehead, nods.
  9. Through the rain streaking down her visor, I saw tears in her eyes.
  10. Iratus was nearly blinded by the streaking turbo laser bolts that shot.
  11. It was a single comet streaking across the sky, fading as quickly as it.
  12. It ascends slowly at first, fighting gravity, but soon it’s streaking upward.
  13. Streaking in from behind the mountain, the two warships laid the column to waste.
  14. His fingers brushed away the dust, streaking the dull red cover with brightness.
  15. Tears streaking her face, she brought her hands to her chest to secure her blouse.
  16. Would he care? She doubted it somehow; the man was colder than a streaking Eskimo.
  17. His hair a dark chestnut with what seemed like flames of red streaking through it.
  18. My sister went in first and came out some time later with streaking tears to suit.
  19. Streaking in uncontested, I was preparing myself to take the shot when I felt the.
  20. A solitary moped whizzes past, its headlamp streaking the bars of a wrought-iron fence.
  21. The car was moving before the doors were all closed, streaking back to the White House.
  22. At this some of them were laughing so hard that tears rolled, streaking their dirty 48.
  23. The missile was streaking head on with the bar-Seth and would crash into it within seconds.
  24. We sat there and Constance, still staring ahead, the tears streaking down her cheeks, said:.
  25. They scattered as he dove through them, wings folded so his body was a red streaking bullet.
  26. My files are shooting upward at the speed of light, streaking toward the communications satellite.
  27. Its readings indicate that gamma rays are streaking through the dusty air at 100 millirems per second.
  28. In fact as she ran out of my room with tears streaking her face I felt like I might expire on the spot.
  29. Carmen? Yeah, Carmen! And as Bruce watched, he saw tears running down her cheeks, streaking her make-up.
  30. Blood and water dripped off her chin, her face not as lovely now, with burns streaking over the pale skin.
  31. Torbin got back on his chair and watched the forward display of the faint blue of the stars streaking towards him.
  32. It shattered on the roof of the trailer, just wide of the wall, and sent waterfalls of fire streaking down the side.
  33. With sweat and blood streaking down his face, Jai stirred and sat up shakily next to Ceder in the bottom of the boat.
  34. Wolfe turned his face away, and in a flash of passing light from outside, Jess saw that there were tears streaking his face.
  35. Old women in housedresses gawk at the crazed white boy streaking past their stoops, but at least they don’t call the cops.
  36. One shaking hand reached out to grab some noodles, streaking back to his mouth so fast I could barely track it with my eyes.
  37. The two boats settled in, rowing in full-sprint mode, the boats streaking down the course most of the way as if locked together.
  38. His answer came in the twang of the bow-string, the streaking flight of the arrow that sank to the feathers in his broad breast.
  39. Washburn's hoarse voice caught her attention from behind the fountain bar "You'd better sit down" he continued, streaking to her side.
  40. When Amaranthe woke, early morning light slipped between the boards across the windows, streaking the maze of hanging papers with slashes.
  41. My brother-in-law, who lives next door, named her Smokey when he saw the black/brown/gold/gray torti streaking across our yards one summer.
  42. Now, the distant sun had set in the west, behind the Tinden Mountains, after having burned the skies with red, orange and pink streaking clouds.
  43. Norah appeared from somewhere, managing to look polished and put together in her jeans and camp shirt, despite the paint liberally streaking her legs.
  44. It disappears into His chest and exits out His back, streaking away over the top of the stadium and exploding somewhere in the unpopulated city beyond.
  45. She has chopped her hair to chin length and dyed it what in this picture will appear to be dove-gray but is really black, roots streaking through like paler lightning.
  46. The short hairs on his scalp prickled, and he stood for an instant undecided, certain that a move in either direction would bring death streaking at him from the bushes.
  47. She spoke a little more rapidly now, but held her body very relaxed against the window with the rain streaking the glass, breathing out and in the next words she wanted to say:.
  48. As a result of the recent eruption of Vesuvio, the sunsets are fantastic … deep reds streaking across the sky, interwoven with oranges and greens, resulting in the most amazing displays.
  49. By early light I would awaken to observe all four cats lying chin on hands, figuratively speaking, gazing with rapt attention at the magical sight of pearly light and mists streaking into the garden from the east.
  50. Besides, he had to admit he liked the resinous warmth of the wood on his palms, the ultraquick rip of the pocket through the air when he sent the little ball streaking deep over the Great Lawn—his old friend leverage, again.
  51. Dingle had been called away by Grandpa to survey some goings on in Frica but on his return some weeks later came face to face with one of the silver tubes, at the time it was streaking some thousands of meters above the plateau.
  52. Set free by their absence from the intolerable necessity of accounting for her grief or of beholding their frightened wonder, she could live unconstrainedly with the sorrow that was every day streaking her hair with whiteness and making her eyelids languid.
  53. There they were: an impossibly vast swarm of Glaive Fighters, arrayed in a protective grid-like shield around the massive Dreadnaught Sphere gleaming in their midst, the warped reflection of the starfield streaking across its chromed surface as they hurtled toward us.
  54. On the two bigger islets of Diaoyu Dao/Uotsuri-Shima and of Huangwei Yu/Kuba-Shima, the Chinese ground garrisons of the islets could only watch with growing apprehension the ballet of streaking missiles and explosions in the night sky, then the fireballs from the missiles hitting the nearby warships that were supposed to protect them.
  1. The sky was streaked with red.
  2. They streaked past a black door.
  3. Blood streaked both her cheeks.
  4. They streaked along his cheeks.
  5. Her face was streaked with tears.
  6. Worry lines streaked his forehead.
  7. Meteorites streaked across the sky.
  8. The stars ahead streaked by faster.
  9. His face was streaked with tears.
  10. Their faces were streaked with dust.
  11. Shooting stars streaked across the.
  12. An open claw streaked towards his arm.
  13. His face was streaked with tear tracks.
  14. She could see his cheeks were streaked.
  15. Dried blood and tears streaked his face.
  16. In hair that’s streaked with sunlight.
  17. The dog streaked ahead and David followed.
  18. Her blond hair was now streaked with gray.
  19. From the rain – the paint had streaked.
  20. The shaft of fanlight streaked with rain.
  21. Its black whiskers streaked lines in the dirt.
  22. The color streaked his forehead and faded out.
  23. Yellow and black blurs streaked across the sky.
  24. Amazingly, some kid streaked through the crowd.
  25. Long shadows streaked across the stone walkways.
  26. Within seconds her hair was streaked with slick.
  27. Her face is streaked with saliva and drying vomit.
  28. His hair was knotted, his face streaked with pain.
  29. The pig streaked across the plain in the direction.
  30. The east streaked with light before Sam tried to move.
  31. Halibut and streaked bass, dissection of the eye of, W.
  32. Dusty water ran out of his hair and streaked his neck.
  33. Pinched faces streaked with suspicion or fear or both.
  34. No! Ella said, her face still streaked with tears.
  35. The air was streaked with violent flashes of lightning.
  36. Bullets streaked through Super Man from every direction.
  37. Wallace's Dissection of the Eye of the Streaked Bass, 218.
  38. His wide blue shirt-front was streaked with Joy’s blood.
  39. Caramel skin, warm chestnut eyes and silver streaked hair.
  40. The color of the pall was green, streaked with dark spots.
  41. Is that her? she asked, her face streaked with tears.
  42. Her cotton nightgown was streaked with ashes, but not burnt.
  43. Her face was cleaner, but still streaked with mud and blood.
  44. Her dress was streaked with dust and splotched with car oil.
  45. Tears streaked down her face and fear made her features drawn.
  46. His hair and beard were matted and his face streaked with tears.
  47. Her own face was streaked with strange colours but she was calm.
  48. Perhaps it is the locksmith’s own eyes that have been streaked.
  49. Something like a white flash of light streaked through the bushes.
  50. Sweat streaked his dark blonde hair, plastered it to his forehead.
  51. Anne quickly looked at her cousin, her face now streaked with tears.
  52. Her hands dripped the colors now streaked on the body of my husband.
  53. Soulless just ahead of the shockwave as the ship streaked past the.
  54. A flash of red and green suddenly streaked by the top of the stairs.
  55. Rapp wiped at his face and his fingers came back streaked with blood.
  56. His hair hung in clumped strands, and his face was streaked with dirt.
  57. Occasional clumps of cat grass, streaked up from the silvery grey sand.
  58. His collar-length red hair and full beard was now streaked with silver.
  59. She crossed the threshold to the apartment as rain streaked the windows.
  60. The motor of the Chevrolet roared and it streaked away, churning the dust.
  61. Please come take her, Leif chanted, as tears streaked down his face.
  62. The night escaped as dawn’s light streaked over the top of the mountain.
  63. The dirt on her face was streaked with tears, but she wasn’t crying now.
  64. His cloak was torn and his face streaked with ashes as a sign of mourning.
  65. They were camped in a glen having a nightcap when a bright light streaked.
  66. Tears streaked his face, dripped off his chin and plunked onto the railing.
  67. The guitar strap produced a high-pitched whine as it streaked along the wire.
  68. Byron could not hold back the startled look before it streaked across his face.
  69. She was deathly pale, and her cheeks were streaked with deep red in her anger.
  70. It was gray and dusty, and sweat had streaked long rivulets across his cheeks.
  71. Vasant smelt the pungent scent of his own fear as the cat streaked towards him.
  72. Christina stands next to my bed, her cheeks streaked with mascara-tinted tears.
  73. Their swollen eyes and tear streaked faces mirrored each other across the room.
  74. When I opened my back door, she streaked right in and she hasn’t budged since.
  75. He was clean-shaven and his light blue, intelligent eyes were streaked with red.
  76. Lifting her tear streaked chin, she marched on, and there would be no going back.
  77. Tears had soaked into his T-shirt, turning the dirt that streaked it a muddy gray.
  78. Gray now streaked her bronze hair, and her blood cough caused her to lose strength.
  79. Their leader was an older man with a grey streaked beard and long hair that matched.
  80. Julianne cried as they embraced, tears streaming down her lovely, dirt streaked face.
  81. He streaked across the valley, like a dart, in a sustained, shallow, high-speed dive.
  82. The hammer streaked down towards his head, both men now gasping with their exertions.
  83. They listened in silence and when it ended Jarek’s cheeks were streaked with tears.
  84. Sighing as though the air might help relieve the hurt, a tear streaked down Lizan’s.
  85. Then lightning streaked a path down to the sea, and deafening thunder tumbled after it.
  86. Marcia’s dark hair was streaked with gray but the look in her eyes was that of a child.
  87. With that, both Kaya and Jacob streaked off into the distance in pursuit of their friend.
  88. The words on the letter were blurred and streaked, as if drops of water had bled the ink.
  89. The elderly woman was staring out the window, her face still red and streaked with tears.
  90. His eyes were glazed and red rimmed, and the grime on his cheeks was streaked with tears.
  91. Despite her earlier feelings on the temperature, sweat streaked down the back of her neck.
  92. I wanted to sleep, but my legs and arms were streaked with dirt; my stench was magnificent.
  93. The cub reached the shore and streaked to the upturned wheelbarrow lying next to the water.
  94. His face was filthy and his hair was matted and streaked with some mouldy green substance.
  95. With his face streaked with tears, earth, and wolf blood, he made his way towards the caves.
  96. Her face was streaked with mud and blood, and he could not tell if the latter was all hers.
  97. I don’t want to see him! She whispered, as tears streaked down the sides of her face.
  98. Ahhhhh! Chuck ran through the camp at high speed, his pants streaked with urine and crap.
  99. The colours in the air still streaked by, but something told him their onward flight had slowed.
  100. The tall one, dirt streaked and clothes torn, raised his head as if to survey what had befallen.
  1. You have to cut bad streaks.
  2. I journeyed and saw streaks.
  3. The cloth left streaks of dirt.
  4. Sandy hair with purple streaks.
  5. All traders will have losing streaks.
  6. Streaks of lightning stabbed the city.
  7. Frances looked at the streaks of blood.
  8. Streaks of white ran through his beard.
  9. Streaks of tacky blood matted the grass.
  10. I saw the streaks of blood along her thighs.
  11. Streaks of deep red had been sprayed across.
  12. We’re not going over 4 game losing streaks.
  13. I stared at her black hair with blonde streaks.
  14. It was an odd colour, purple with grey streaks.
  15. The sea was emerald blue with streaks of green.
  16. Her hair was mostly gray with wispy red streaks.
  17. It left odd, bloodlike streaks on her tawny skin.
  18. I had streaks of early knockouts that lasted weeks.
  19. Streaks ran down the tree like rust colored tears.
  20. Stylish streaks of green paint wrapped around the.
  21. The high streaks of clouds near the horizon had a.
  22. Overhead, the sky was ceiled with streaks of purple.
  23. Yes, yes, I know; but look, see those red streaks?
  24. Her hair had streaks of gray, and there was a hint.
  25. Their blood now layered his armor in crimson streaks.
  26. And the rain whipped white streaks through the lights.
  27. There were no laser streaks through the misty darkness.
  28. Death streaks down out of the sky, screaming and laughing.
  29. Before we reach it, however, a sphere streaks through it.
  30. She was a red-headed beauty with streaks of grey hair at.
  31. Her palms had left wet streaks on the cold, meshed metal.
  32. The sun had completely disappeared and the last streaks of.
  33. Fire! A rocket streaks towards the New York Stock Exchange.
  34. All the Campbells had similar streaks of mulish stubbornness.
  35. His sparse hair was brown shot through with streaks of gray.
  36. The color of her hair faded, and the white streaks increased.
  37. Now, inside the blackness, she saw streaks and tears of color.
  38. Two games that would either make the Silver Streaks immortal.
  39. Pilate started videoing with his phone as the streaks of light.
  40. Streaks of red now could be seen rising through the black base.
  41. Losing streaks may lead to feelings of inadequacy and disparity.
  42. The cute brunette with blonde streaks was a teenager about my age.
  43. The gentle streaks of water released from the refreshment of sky.
  44. With that said, great investors have streaks of being a contrarian.
  45. It is a faint intimation, yet so are the first streaks of morning.
  46. Anyway, how would heat sources like those just leave streaks?
  47. And then these jaggedy streaks filled with purple and became wider.
  48. I smiled as streaks of yellow, red, and blue swarmed around the boat.
  49. The streaks of grey were becoming very noticeable, and Liz was still.
  50. It was a light brown colour with blond streaks in it, like sun bleaches.
  51. It was yellow with streaks of blood splashed across the bumper and hood.
  52. He held it up into the light and streaks of thin lines began to glisten.
  53. Your face showed wear, and your hair became painted with streaks of grey.
  55. She was a woman of dignity a white woman with streaks of gray in her hair.
  56. He could see nothing; there was no illumination, no more streaks of light.
  57. Monica noticed that Sadie had black curly hair peppered with white streaks.
  58. Their shape was often snaking ribbons, but could also be balls and streaks.
  59. She had blonde streaks in her black hair, a lean body with mint green eyes.
  60. Her long black hair flowed around her with bright blue streaks throughout it.
  61. She rubbed it the other way—the first streaks came out, new ones were made.
  62. I knew it was her by the bright red streaks in her hair and the slutty outfit.
  63. I closed my eyes and saw, in my mind’s eye, streaks of red and gold on black.
  64. Large streaks of blood ran from injuries inflicted on her body so maliciously.
  65. Soon streaks of red light started to form in front of the vessel and the other.
  66. We have to remember and accept the fact that losing streaks are part of trading.
  67. He had a volatile nature that was curbed by his adventurous and studious streaks.
  68. When she awoke, a few streaks of morning light penetrated the blinds and windows.
  69. The gray at his temples was mirrored by the gray streaks in his thick brown hair.
  70. All the tranquil glimmers of the ice walls had then changed into blazing streaks.
  71. A few of the wind turbines slowly rotated clockwise towards the streaks of waves.
  72. I saw streaks of clouds in the sky, and a strange formation started to take shape.
  73. His gray hair is combed neatly up and backward and streaks of white run through it.
  74. Julie wiped the blood off Gwenda again, and this time the streaks did not reappear.
  75. The first streaks of dawn broke over the encampment and the scene was grim and stark.
  76. The teardrops falling onto her face are making pale clean streaks through the blood.
  77. One of its eyes was torn out, leaving streaks of blood and yellow jelly in its place.
  78. I kept my gaze on her, on her large miserable eyes, and the streaks of hair that ran.
  79. He could see the newspaper headline now: Pizza Delivery Boy Streaks Through Lone Tree.
  80. And in the mountains are streaks of white and red-varying in their hue-and pitch-black.
  81. The sun streaks were high on the wall by now, and the light was growing soft in the barn.
  82. The iron was black, pitted, and almost unmarked by streaks of dark red, for all its age.
  83. His tears fell freely, silently, streaks of salty mud on the tortured face of the mercenary.
  84. The stationary little fluffy clouds were stretched out in continuous parallel white streaks.
  85. He paused, sick at heart, watching the bright streaks as the heretics’ shells arced upward.
  86. Julie wiped the stains away from Gwenda’s body, but the red streaks reappeared immediately.
  87. Cristal squinted and could see an image where the lightening streaks were crossing each other.
  88. She could almost feel the missing streaks of skin where Paul had raked his fingers up her leg.
  89. I wonder how it is that whenever babies cry, streaks of mud immediately appear on their faces.
  90. His words become the fierce wind and the horse’s mane the streaks of flame in the night sky.
  91. He opened his hand to see streaks of red clay running down his palm, over the back of his hand.
  92. Haigyl watched him go, then glanced up at the pale streaks beginning to appear in the eastern sky.
  93. I affirm this by faith, and not because I can see, as yet, even the first streaks of its dawning.
  94. Okay, there were a few grey streaks in his dark hair and more lines about his eyes than he liked.
  95. Violent red streaks crisscrossed his chest and arms, and the wound in his shoulder pumped out blood.
  96. Between the tall houses, she could see the sky, clear with streaks of cloud and sparkling with stars.
  97. She turned around and one wall was covered in red with streaks of white cloud in between each stroke.
  98. This is my mom, Stephanie, she says, indicating a woman with gray streaks in her dark curly hair.
  99. Ralph hears his own ribs crack, and pain streaks through him as he is drenched in another man’s blood.
  100. The blue magenta sky seemed to infuse her mellifluous chocolate tresses with sparkling streaks of silver.

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