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    1. She swooped down toward the island like a fighter plane peeling off the formation

    2. away the shades that displeased, and so came the formation of ideas that later we

    3. A massive cloud formation was the backdrop of the stage

    4. He saw them against the foreign stars before they veered to port in formation and were suddenly lost from view

    5. Smith put away the shades that displeased, and so came the formation of ideas that later we would call Good and Bad

    6. Pecans are also antioxidant-rich which helps prevent the plaque formation that causes hardening of the arteries

    7. Research show that vitamin c help decrease melanin formation

    8. Vitamins, in controlling the body’s use of minerals, promotes a balance in the body necessary for the proper functioning of the endocrine glands and the formation of hormones

    9. It also aids in the formation of gastric and other digestive juices

    10. Flying in formation and then free fall, Ichor and his fellow warriors flamed as they passed and then did a complete turn around and flamed again

    11. They were flying in a tight figure eight and flaming dragons as they went through their formation when a large black dragon dropped down out of nowhere and flamed at Jake

    12. They were laid out in typical barracks formation

    13. trapped emotion into that formation, you alter the

    14. I've been asked by some members of the Foundation to research Bunty Danvers' life and the formation of the Foundation

    15. He paced, he breathed, he tried reviewing the extensive volume of information stored in his head from his ten years of study, until at last he had his butterflies flittering in formation and it was five minutes until noon

    16. “I am most taken with Hipolyta's handwriting and number formation, always so precise; she would provide an excellent model of instruction for the younger one's as they attempt proper letter construction and also as they move from block letters to cursive---always such a challenge for the finer muscles of the hand and wrist

    17. The next thing I know Father Ed grabs me by the hair, starts shaking me violently, yelling at me what the hell was I doing disturbing his formation? I still hate that son of a bitch and I'll hate him the rest of my life; I'll hate him but forgive him because I'm a good Christian and he's not

    18. Giant’s Causeway is a mysterious rock formation in County Antrim that may be due to volcanic activity, but the locals say legendary giant Finn McCool built it!

    19. Much of this phase of the tower's formation was only possible from this side, and if he didn't complete it by the time the wall was up, most of the workers would be hard pressed, perhaps unable, to make it to the city side should a problem arise

    20. Though he was certain all the dead were thoroughly dead -- having seen to the duty personally -- he did his due diligence along with the rest of his troupe and waited in single file formation under the shadow of the Rift

    21. Blisters and humility were forgotten as Rian sent his men into formation

    22. formation allowed later theologians to quote him in the

    23. The very same question applies to the formation of a human

    24. They walk back farther and farther on the path of the formation of thought until the get totally confused and lost

    25. Such particularity implies that a number of theories about the formation of planets have to be revised

    26. Anon wasn’t the only one who waited, far below him, the inhabitants of the Seventh World had changed themselves from workers to warriors, and now stood in formation around the Rift

    27. What is that force that attracted all the particles required to build men? How come they were free to be used in our composition and why will they, one day, part from us and join another organism? Why has the elusive intelligence that presided over our formation made us temporal? Is it a “use and discard” concept as some thinks of? Why does that powerful force that firmly held billions of particles together give up after 50, 70 or 100 years? Why does that force keep an interest in our organism only while it is living as a human being abandoning us afterwards?

    28. process of formation at that time

    29. hidden thought (a desire), namely the formation

    30. for the template formation!”

    31. The Huntress and her 'girls' were sitting right on top, beside and beneath the formation tucked deep inside the dusty stellar nursery

    32. Masaru Emoto it was revealed that water subjected to prayers using these two words , would result in the formation of beautiful crystalline structures

    33. b) Formation of coagulate structure of

    34. Deformations of expansion in cement stone and concrete at hardening are results of formation of the crystallization stone structure

    35. At present, there is no general theory explaining the reason of frost destruction of concrete though it is obvious that finally, strength decrease of damp concrete at cyclic freezing and thawing is caused basically by formation of ice in concrete pores

    36. Formation of cracks in massive concrete

    37. After producing concrete's constructions, decrease in its permeability can be reached by processing of concrete surface by waterproof substances and the substances chemically reacting with minerals of cement stone with formation of insoluble compounds or covering surface by protective materials

    38. This was seen in a recent study in which animals were genetically bred to develop intestinal polyps, a condition that leads to tumor formation

    39. The researchers found that pretreatment of cells with lutein dose-dependently protected the cells against inflammation associated with LDL plaque formation, again confirming lutein’s protective effect against atherosclerosis

    40. The four troopers quickly fanned out into a covering formation and crouched close to the ground, each of them intently surveying the area around them while holding their rifles ready

    41. The commander of each escort vessel in the attack fleet had been given strict instructions to get a missile lock on Vanguard as early as possible but not to use actually any weapons, other than in self-defence, and to come to a complete halt and hold formation at a distance of ten kilometres from Vanguard

    42. These four documents are followed by Acts, written by Luke, concerning the formation of the Christian Church; followed by the Epistles, most of them written by Paul, but also including other apostles, such as James, John, Jude and Peter

    43. If one is to rely on the information as it is provided in the Bible and compare it with what Evolution depicts, can one find similarities where the two viewpoints meet or are they opposing? From the Internet, the following description of the Universe’s formation after the Big Bang occurred is given:

    44. It perfectly matches the conditions for formation of fossils that are evident today

    45. Theories of Formation for the Moon, 30 Sep

    46. We also now got extra training on attacking trenches in formation and it got bloody annoying as attack after attack was simulated as the Officers tried to get it right

    47. The trenches had been marked out with white tape and we practised moving foreword in formation as smoke pots created a fog over the field

    48. Then he shouted who ever reaches the ball first can kick it onwards but don’t chase after it always kick it and walk towards it” as the whistles kept shrilling Frank gave the ball a good kick we moved forward following its path and keeping our formation

    49. It was then they started tearing into our formation and I saw big gaps appear in our line I watched as Frank dropped face down his tin helmet rolling along the grass

    50. They came out in a spread, no huddle, shotgun formation which they hadn’t shown all year and really hadn’t practiced much

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