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Shape в предложении (на )

  1. The shape of a town.
  2. He was out of shape.
  3. He was in bad shape.
  4. It is ovoid in shape.
  5. Bend it and shape it.

  6. The guy was in shape.
  7. Papaw is in bad shape.
  8. He was so out of shape.
  9. It has the shape of a.
  10. I was in very bad shape.
  11. Because I was in shape.
  12. I need to get in shape.
  13. They were in bad shape.
  14. The heart shape on his.
  15. Shape into 1 inch balls.

  16. Form the shape of a bow.
  17. Shape dough into a heart.
  18. God, I was out of shape.
  19. Keeping in shape was a.
  20. It is also in good shape.
  21. On the ground the shape.
  22. He’s been in bad shape.
  23. First, look at the shape.
  24. My true shape lives here.
  25. Beast, I said to the shape.

  26. The shape of your eyebrow.
  27. You have to stay in shape.
  28. The next shape that came.
  29. She’s in a bad shape.
  30. About the Shape and Frame.
  31. Camrod is a shape changer.
  32. A skier's shape, they wist.
  33. The shape is a dead crust.
  34. Is he in good shape?
  35. Christ, he was in bad shape.
  36. A spell is taking shape.
  37. It's the shape of the room.
  38. Obviously, he was in shape.
  39. The shape of things to come.
  40. That’s not a useful shape.
  41. Whitfoot was in shape again.
  42. She’s in pretty bad shape.
  43. The shape of the gunman he.
  44. It does not form a shape, i.
  45. The killer was taking shape.
  46. As the plan took shape and.
  47. Carter began to change shape.
  48. They are identical in shape.
  49. Demons shape hate with fear.
  50. Some, in the shape of a man.
  51. The pyramidal shape was gone.
  52. Raiders formed an arrow shape.
  53. It was rectangular in shape.
  54. The number "000" takes shape.
  55. They were in good shape, too.
  56. He worked out, kept in shape.
  57. She was in bad shape, dear.
  58. The tranny’s in good shape.
  59. The genii can take any shape.
  60. He kept himself in good shape.
  61. Q: What shape his grace took?
  62. The question that will shape.
  63. He was familiar, his shape <.
  64. It kept subtly changing shape.
  65. It was in the shape of a door.
  66. Pim was just his normal shape.
  67. Another shape, but only trees.
  68. It’ll be in really bad shape.
  69. Rude kingdoms are taking shape.
  70. The shape was changing by the.
  71. The same shape, the same size.
  72. Clearly she wasn't in bad shape.
  73. He could now see a human shape.
  74. The Soul 101: The Shape of Thy.
  75. He was definitely out of shape.
  76. For spherical shape it is Cx =.
  77. Then the shape moved toward him.
  78. Q: In what shape does He come?
  79. They’re still in bad shape.
  80. Even the shape of it suits you.
  81. His shape melts into the atoms.
  82. Louis had to be in prime shape.
  83. The shape lay against the wall.
  84. The roads are in real bad shape.
  85. She’s in better shape than me.
  86. Her decision took shape with a.
  87. The hill in the shape of a skull.
  88. You can shape it as you see fit.
  89. Out of the Light stepped a shape.
  90. It did have a human shape?
  91. No, Earl, just real bad shape.
  92. They formed the shape of a sail.
  93. It also has a weird shape to it.
  94. Shape your conduct by its light.
  95. So she’s in pretty good shape.
  96. The aliens began to shape shift.
  97. It gains shape in consciousness.
  98. They're in amazingly poor shape.
  99. She was in pretty bad shape.
  100. Give yourself no name, no shape.
  1. It was shaping up nicely.
  2. Innocence shaping - No child is.
  3. Some summer this was shaping up to be.
  4. I’m still shaping the work programme.
  5. The shaping of such a strategy calls for.
  6. This night wasn't shaping up the way he'd.
  7. Think of this draft as shaping your material.
  8. It was shaping up to be a fun day and even Mrs.
  9. I pity the fool, who is shaping his soul to hell.
  10. A good look at how things are shaping up in the.
  11. Things are shaping up as well as we could wish for.
  12. Its not likely given the way things are shaping up.
  13. Shaping the aftermath, though, would be more delicate.
  14. And John was shaping up the mound when Tom stopped him.
  15. Rather than shaping all the parathas at one time, cook.
  16. Thursday afternoon Frankie receiver her trim and shaping.
  17. They have been shaping us into weapons to fight for them.
  18. Socialist: Comes from Marx’s ideas about shaping society.
  19. Clouds floated overhead, shaping themselves into chivalries.
  20. For partly in the primeval shaping of the hill, partly by.
  21. We interchanged that confidence without shaping a syllable.
  22. He illustrated the Bible by shaping a rectangle in the air.
  23. The mask you wear is the result of long and constant shaping.
  24. This is shaping out to be a major event and tragedy in 2018.
  25. This case is definitely shaping up to be a critical one, sir.
  26. Let me give you an example of it, of shaping your inner world.
  27. My images of Beverly played an intricate part in shaping the.
  28. Shaping our bodies is a nice bonus that comes with our efforts.
  29. Sophia nodded agreeably and started shaping in the air a rainbow.
  30. The room was shaping up, as were the feelings of the young couple.
  31. Every kind of experience is given a voice in shaping its decision.
  32. Wow! It just shows that you are powerful beyond measure in shaping.
  33. Where the magician is largely interested in shaping his students at.
  34. He also purchased the iron chisels and files for shaping and carving.
  35. They saw it their duty to play an active role in shaping human culture.
  36. Lester's second appointment with the finance broker was shaping up well.
  37. In addition, it is used in forming and shaping the main idea of speaking.
  38. Charlie danced up, satisfied, tamping his cigarette, shaping it to his mouth.
  39. Did you have anything to do with shaping Caitlin Martin’s testimony?
  40. Charlie glanced up, satisfied, tamping his cigarette, shaping it to his mouth.
  41. Chastise: A father punishing and shaping his child in love, to a preferred end.
  42. The Cubans desire the right to live free, and a voice in shaping their destiny.
  43. Aristeus’s mouth moves silently, shaping a word that is definitely not Magnus.
  44. Koran is a book used for shaping children at school radicalism, weaving widows.
  45. Other than shaping the display, these transforms have no impact on the indicator.
  46. A man is an exhibition of his belief with spirit shaping the person as its artist.
  47. Sylvia’s party was shaping up, she had a guest list filled with interesting names.
  48. Question: What is shaping your world? The Word of God or the agreement with Demons?
  49. She's actually down there now working with Wellington in head office, shaping policy.
  50. The last thing he remembered was the challenge he saw shaping over the next three days.
  51. The same basic dynamic which Impetus had in the prehistory of shaping of our Universe.
  52. All too often, they would still require some adjustment, some filing and shaping to fit.
  53. But there was such a thing as firing metal too often, bringing it to a glow, shaping it.
  54. Susana has taken my fitness and body shaping to the limits past what my mind would allow.
  55. I just cannot stress enough the vital role your daily decisions play in shaping your life.
  56. The dumbbell fly is a recommended workout for shaping the pectoral muscles of the chest.
  57. And by shaping gods into jealous, vengeful monsters, the priests gained a defense against.
  58. Even the most expanded experience of Being is still not free of this shaping or limitation.
  59. Joseph Beck named it ‘The New Reichstag’ and it was shaping into a magnificent creation.
  60. Some of the items of wood required shaping and bending in order to fit into place correctly.
  61. For all of us, I say thank you for the immense role you have played in shaping a better world.
  62. Kulkarni had also played an important role in shaping Advani’s contentious homage to Jinnah.
  63. It is frequently the most important single influence on shaping the values of a child in the U.
  64. Thus, you need to make sure that whenever he is with you, you should focus in shaping his good behavior.
  65. Inform other members of your family about it, so that they can all help in shaping up your dog’s behavior.
  66. A number of women and people of color played prominent roles in shaping the course of our nation‘s history.
  67. It now appeared to Tamar that others were instead pulling their strings and shaping the world in their image.
  68. Training is not just about shaping our bodies; it’s about giving our bodies the exercise we need to function.
  69. Even when we fall short of the mark, God has promised to work within us, shaping us into the image of Christ.
  70. Dobson, James, Bringing Up Boys: Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of Men.
  71. Unlike the hurried presentation she’d given the City Council, this was shaping up to be a legitimate enterprise.
  72. At his suggestion they both waited at the mouth of one of the larger holes to see how his companions were shaping.
  73. Where my professors were moving markets and shaping the world economy while they were coaching me one-on-one.
  74. This should not be a problem to women since they are more concerned with toning and shaping rather than gaining bulk.
  75. The being hovered beyond the range of his weapon, shaping itself into a man and looking back at Alec with an empty face.
  76. Events shaping our lives are sometimes owing to accident or chance although more often than not by our determined actions.
  77. Juke nodded his head now, eyes bright, young, seeing into the past, making it new, shaping it with words, smoothing it with his tongue.
  78. Now, yes, now she saw it shaping in her mind quietly, and with a serenity like a sea moving along an endless and self-refreshing shore.
  79. Through it all, Pocock’s overriding passion remained the simple pleasure of shaping cedar, crafting his exquisite and delicate shells.
  80. Even in the Bible, which is a very late male-spirit shaping of earlier myths, there are tacit admissions of the first human being a female.
  81. If he takes his eyes and attention off the pot as he is shaping and molding it, he could make a big mistake and damage the pot in the process.
  82. Vulcans would be excellent delegates to the affected alien races in the disaster, in view of how their history is shaping up in the new universe.
  83. The 1934 regatta was once again shaping up to be a clash of eastern privilege and prestige on the one hand and western sincerity and brawn on the other.
  84. It wore the concentrated expression that she loved so much, the look he had when he was working, his small hands shaping wood with tenderness and skill.
  85. Why not be revenged on society by shaping his future domesticities loosely, instead of kissing the pedagogic rod of convention in this ensnaring manner?
  86. Shaping their perceptions on the one gig entertainment debt that clawed at the reservoir, and there were a lot of magnifying glasses calculating the scores.
  87. Proud of his new skill, he found that shaping cedar resonated with him in an elusive but elemental way—it satisfied him down in his core, and gave him peace.
  88. The Russians still weren’t convinced that Chinese peasants were a revolutionary class, but they were generally happy with the way Mao’s regime was shaping up.
  89. Today, China, known as the world’s factory, boasts more than 700 steel mills and nearly 7,000 companies involved in bending, shaping, or otherwise forming steel.
  90. Regardless of the complexity of circumstances and veracity of argument, it’s mere ideas and emotions: those simple perception and attitude shaping thoughts and.
  91. I was far too timid, and missed what was essentially the sweet spot of a severe leg down within an overall bear market that was shaping up to be quite brutal.
  92. I expected I’d only have a couple more nights in the mountains and they were shaping up to be interesting ones, especially if my nighttime visitor came once again.
  93. As it was doing this, Impetus was giving Formlessness a shape, it was shaping Formlessness into a form; it was turning Formlessness into a single shape called a Totality.
  94. Instead of focusing on individual stocks, he bets on trends that are shaping the world—from the United States to China; from currencies to commodities to interest rates.
  95. As Nehru so convincingly argued, one can perhaps appreciate the real genius of Muhammad in shaping Islam if only the Quran is approached as the testimony of his inspiration.
  96. Lewis holds his hand to his ear shaping his fingers to impersonate a phone, smiling and coughing he indicates Suzy to phone the fire brigade and pushes her towards the hall.
  97. The same might be said for philanthropic and educational institutions, since these generally have the benefit of experienced financiers in shaping their financial policies.
  98. We would however have to be careful not to touch or hurt Laplante then: she was still influencing heavily the British government of the time and thus shaping our eventual making.
  99. E S S E N T I A L S o f K n o w l e d g e M a n a g e m e n t knowledge worker (unless economics dictates it), managing the relationship is focused on shaping his or her behavior.
  100. The last thing that Pat will do is to take a knife and start cutting off any excess clay that has accumulated around the pot as he was molding and shaping it on the spinning wheel.
  1. It is also shaped by.
  2. Is an apple shaped room.
  3. Will's mouth shaped the word.
  4. His panther shaped face with.
  5. Each one shaped to perfection.
  6. A rueful smile shaped her lips.
  7. And shaped into a new creature.
  8. It was shaped like a large paw.
  9. They were shaped differently too.
  10. Her shaped lips were painted red.
  11. But Saruman had slowly shaped it.
  12. My treatment shaped up immediately.
  13. They were two barrel shaped goons.
  14. She had a perfectly shaped rear end.
  15. Cast and shaped by His perfect plans.
  16. It was shaped like a carving dagger.
  17. I tried to use various shaped molds.
  18. These tables were rectangular shaped.
  19. The future can be moulded and shaped.
  20. One was a bot with a egg shaped head.
  21. Behind those square shaped glasses I.
  22. His hair was neatly trimmed and shaped.
  23. She carefully shaped around, and made.
  24. She was fair and had almond shaped eyes.
  25. They shaped our decisions and our lives.
  26. He met my gaze in the oval shaped mirror.
  27. I gave him the heart shaped CD in my bag.
  28. At least the stone is shaped differently.
  29. Love and hate can’t be shaped together.
  30. I looked at Gloria’s heart shaped peach.
  31. Ben’s prop guard was shaped like a cage.
  32. I had a T- shaped uterus, a rare disorder.
  33. And shaped out hearts with carved cement-.
  34. Mothering is shaped and defined not just.
  35. The Avatar has such a star shaped mark.
  36. Cletus Snopes was a man shaped by hardship.
  37. Especially those that shaped you in your.
  38. The human heart is not shaped like this:.
  39. Well, that’s how nature shaped the sexes.
  40. Its shape was dome shaped with a flat floor.
  41. A U shaped dent was to be seen in the bar.
  42. At first I could not see anything cup shaped.
  43. They were low but rather than being shaped.
  44. Shaped the way it is, it might have been a.
  45. There is a saucer shaped dip on the horizon.
  46. The tweaks are guided and shaped by something.
  47. The barrel shaped eatery has been located on.
  48. Its, leathery, oddly shaped face spread wide.
  49. Though these feet appeared to be shaped more.
  50. She held a wooden staff shaped like the head.
  51. Remember he took his tools and shaped the calf.
  52. This is what the breast of a bird is shaped like.
  53. A dome shaped standing stone leant against the.
  54. It saw the shaped and of the body, and the face.
  55. You will see life is shaped as a boundless star-.
  56. One more big factor of the physical world shaped.
  57. The odd shaped structures resemble little cities.
  58. They’ve all somehow shaped who I am as a person.
  59. The “normal” configuration is “U” shaped.
  60. To each his fate, shaped by passion or sentiment.
  61. On the far side of the summit lay a wedge shaped.
  62. His Teutonic mouth shaped itself to merely haughty.
  63. It was shaped like the helms of the Guards of the.
  64. A classic, saucer shaped UFO appeared on the screen.
  65. He led an army shaped by his father, and those who.
  66. It was shaped like a black flower, gilded with gold.
  67. This is a light-boned dog that is rectangular shaped.
  68. Before our eyes was a tunnel with an oval shaped roof.
  69. We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.
  70. In hours spent poring over the book, they shaped a plan.
  71. Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think.
  72. The cabin was a large L shaped cabin built in the woods.
  73. Yes, those short shaped skis will carve, but, as I ex-.
  74. The relic was an oval shaped box with rounded off sides.
  75. The pear shaped loop made by the tip of the rod is what.
  76. Large, almond shaped eyes framed cat-like, green pupils.
  77. Viracocha’s men built them of stone, shaped and moved.
  78. It is one of the many forms that shaped the later laws.
  79. Know that I’ve been shaped and molded by your absence.
  80. Then a dark shaped leapt out and hit the ground running.
  81. Heart Shaped Whole-Wheat Pancakes with Strawberry Sauce.
  82. The mouth of the cave was oval shaped and roughly twenty.
  83. The container is rather large and shaped like a big disc.
  84. It was smooth, and shaped like a giant clam, or football.
  85. Its body is composed of other spirits shaped to be atoms.
  86. Dessert was to be a heart shaped chocolate ice cream cake.
  87. David said in Psalm 51, he said I was shaped in iniquity.
  88. I need that spoon that’s shaped sort of like this.
  89. His muscles were still toned and powerful, albeit shaped.
  90. It was floating next to an embankment shaped like a wharf.
  91. Peering through the binoculars, Mick could see the shaped.
  92. Shaped like a torpedo, he was missing one arm and one leg.
  93. Grindel finally led them into a huge, oddly shaped chamber.
  94. He was crucified in patras Greece on an X – shaped cross.
  95. Large red hot furnaces poor metal into rifle shaped moulds.
  96. Man is thus born in bodies that are shaped by his own will.
  97. The square and triangular shaped cells, although produce a.
  98. Inside the walls strange shaped metal objects could be seen.
  99. Is shaped by the way that we live So perhaps my perceptions.
  100. The Judicator then grabbed a small shiny disc shaped object.
  1. He saw the two shapes.
  2. There were shapes in the.
  3. But the weird shapes form.
  4. Face Shapes and Skin Types.
  5. New shapes towered over them.
  6. The shapes of some of which.
  7. The shapes gathered and fused.
  8. I see blurred shapes hovering.
  9. The shapes and colours of the.
  10. Shapes all his universe to feel.
  11. A host of dark shapes poured in.
  12. His Story shapes our world today.
  13. The shapes and creases of cowboy.
  14. Anger shapes the face differently.
  15. Overhead, jagged shapes of purple.
  16. Anthony shapes it into a fist again.
  17. And stoves of various shapes abound.
  18. She could see shapes all around her.
  19. Tests come in many shapes and forms.
  20. The shapes and shadows of the room.
  21. Look at different shapes and colors.
  22. The shapes merged into a small being.
  23. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
  24. These come in many sizes and shapes.
  25. Names and shapes change incessantly.
  26. On it was constantly changing shapes.
  27. Coherent shapes were forming as the.
  28. In darkness and amid the many shapes.
  29. Balthus stared at the ferocious shapes.
  30. He recognized the dark shapes at once.
  31. Along with different shapes of leaves.
  32. In the mirror shapes of a tall suburb.
  33. In chit the man shapes the world and.
  34. Score the mixture into desired shapes.
  36. Use small cookie cutters to cut shapes.
  38. It started to change colors and shapes.
  39. Unconscious Mind Shapes The Baby Mind.
  40. The window displays all kinds of shapes.
  42. They came at us in all shapes and sizes.
  43. Mold in egg shapes and chill in freezer.
  44. The shapes of surfaces shown in Figure 1.
  45. To control the shapes they were creating.
  46. From the earth, shapes appeared in what.
  47. There were no colors, no definite shapes.
  48. Shapes play weirdly on walls and windows.
  49. Maggie Rose knew what all the shapes were.
  50. Some shapes were beautiful crystal forms.
  51. Shapes and the relationships between them.
  52. Special games come in all shapes and sizes.
  53. They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors.
  54. Only two shapes were left at the stone gate.
  55. She could now glimpse the shapes out there.
  56. Toys of all shapes and sizes surrounded me.
  57. Triangles are found in three distinct shapes.
  58. This reality directs and shapes our life's.
  59. He turns to see two fuzzy shapes before him.
  60. Infinite in number are its names and shapes.
  61. I drew the shapes on the wall with a Sharpie.
  62. They changed shapes — became flying wolves.
  63. Hostels come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  64. Dark shapes appeared in the doorways of tiny.
  65. There were strange shapes and sizes within him.
  66. But his mouth was moving, forming other shapes.
  67. Ego-gratification comes in all shapes and sizes.
  68. Technical signals come in many shapes and sizes.
  69. This process of cataloging different shapes has.
  70. Nameless shapes turned to disappear into their.
  71. I thought I saw some dark shapes in the water.
  72. It comes in quite a variety of shapes and sizes.
  73. She make with a limited set of shapes or words?
  74. Mim both transformed themselves into heart shapes.
  75. The love of a stream for the rocks that it shapes.
  76. Dry fly hooks come in a variety of shapes and size.
  77. He can exchange shapes with Proteus to advantage.
  78. There were about fifteen, of all shapes and sizes.
  79. Consult the specific shapes for additional meaning.
  80. Once you have learned the simple shapes that mean.
  81. He then attached these shapes to the walls of his.
  82. Aquarium coral comes in all shapes, types and sizes.
  83. A host of small dark shapes could be seen emerging.
  84. Piping of all shapes and sizes covered the ceiling.
  85. The shapes of tall trees surrounding a vast meadow.
  86. From the fog of battle, three white shapes appeared.
  87. When you understand that names and shapes are hol-.
  88. The intricately weathered shapes there appealed to.
  89. There were only two shapes she could vaguely define.
  90. Around him he saw huge shapes that were like houses.
  91. There were eggs everywhere, in all sizes and shapes.
  92. What shapes the movement of love is the sense of me.
  93. But I prefer this: carved shapes, all the same shade.
  94. Those choices come in many different shapes and sizes.
  95. When he opened them again he saw shadowy shapes out.
  96. Roll out, cut into shapes, and bake about 10 minutes.
  97. I opened my eyes, but all I could see was vague shapes.
  98. The brain that shapes, the voice that chants this song.
  99. He couldn't understand why those shapes were his name.
  100. It shapes us, teaches us, helps us to become like him.

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