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    1. fractious temper got the better of her, she was sorry and begged every

    2. His countrymen, those who remained alive, were as fractious as before and the government as wrought with corruption

    3. He was already agitated by the fact that he hadn’t died in his sleep, and the long night had left him empty and more fractious than normal

    4. We trotted for a while and by the time both horses were tired, Diomed was less fractious but still spooky, spooky of me

    5. At the same time Jane and the two detectives headed off towards Vicky Brannan’s home, Sir James Lovatt and Sir Peter Stevenson were having a fractious conversation on the phone

    6. But a lot less fractious

    7. The relationship between earl and sheriff could be fractious: the earl ranked higher, but the sheriff’s judicial power was independent

    8. Mole, of whom you so often have heard your father tell!' But when their infants were fractious and quite beyond control, they would quiet them by telling how, if they didn't hush them and not fret them, the terrible grey Badger would up and get them

    9. Ah! he had confessed everything, this fractious Jew, this bribon

    10. Even muffled by the drape, the patrons sound thirsty and irritable, having had a hard day, pulling their sunburnt, fractious kids off the sands and out of the arcades

    11. Or so, at least, went the story that circulated in the fractious period before the meeting came to order

    12. Jaume frowned to see just how the travails of keeping not just the Companions but the whole fractious army tight, fed, and functional had worn his friend down

    13. She then peeped round to where I sat; so stern a neighbour was too restrictive to him, in his present fractious mood, she dared whisper no observations, nor ask of him any information

    14. Her legs were swollen, and for the last few days she had been continually fractious, quarrelling with every one, though she always stood rather in awe of Liza

    15. “Who not only fractured his leg,” John Carrington broke in, “but got fractious in other ways as well

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