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    1. It was at least forty minutes since her last fag and she was starting to get really scratchy

    2. This was upholstered with a few scratchy wool blankets

    3. deep and scratchy, showing the class with great enthusiasm the mysteries of

    4. The scratchy voice on the other end answered, “Johnson

    5. its scratchy marks on the screen gave her a sick feeling

    6. She glanced at the woman, trying a scratchy voice

    7. She winced and rubbed away tears, her wool mittens scratchy against puffy eyes

    8. She passed me a few sheets of the paper towels but they were hard and scratchy and made my face look worse

    9. Do you accept the charges?” A nasal and scratchy voice, difficult to understand for its heavy southern accent jolted her to full awake

    10. His throat was scratchy and swollen

    11. His fingertips—she realized there were nobbly, scratchy things there

    12. A cock that hung huge but flaccid between the scratchy fur of his goat's legs

    13. Or I try to demand, but my voice comes out strangled and scratchy, and I have to clear my throat and say it again

    14. The radio strapped to his belt was on, and static and scratchy voices rose up from it

    15. She tossed the heavy, scratchy blanket into the car then

    16. His voice scratchy and dry

    17. " The prisoner said, his voice had a rough, scratchy texture

    18. "It's Calvin," his CO's voice filled the room sounding scratchy

    19. His throat felt dry and scratchy as he talked

    20. in a scratchy twine net with my feet in the air

    21. You have been compromised by the troll folk,” a scratchy voice hissed

    22. The stone troll woman called out with a scratchy voice

    23. The warriors heard scratchy laughter that descended into the darkness

    24. Ten minutes tramping through tree filled gullies, lantana clad ridges and scratchy re-growth, brought us to my boundary with the State Forest

    25. It was so rough and scratchy

    26. “Affirmative,” was the scratchy reply

    27. "G'mornin'," his scratchy morning voice greeted me

    28. “Damn it!” came a scratchy voice

    29. The line rang once and then Joseph's scratchy voice greeted him

    30. She tried louder and only managed scratchy noises

    31. He cleared his throat harder, feeling the rough and scratchy sensation it created

    32. “OK, Jim, I should preface with, ‘ we believe’ – since the intel is only scratchy at best – but, it

    33. The pillows were hard and the bed covers scratchy, but he lay there silently

    34. scratchy chirping produced by the male crickets’ rubbing the edge of one of their front wings against

    35. My words were muffled by the lapel of his jacket, the scratchy wool of which I was using as a handkerchief

    36. In the very early hours of the morning, they all felt tired and scratchy

    37. " Her voice was a scratchy whisper

    38. It would explain a lot and I had to admit, my throat was a little scratchy

    39. In her quest for new motivation, she browsed her CD collection which, having replaced her scratchy vinyl, had stalled in about 2007

    40. A girl about my age, Greek of course, for everyone in that hall was Greek even if one would have never deduced it from the patchy smattering of Greek and the few scratchy Greek records, noticed the

    41. And the most common allergic reactions generally include: itching, skin redness, hives or rash, sneezing, itchy eyes, scratchy throat, coughing and wheezing

    42. Allergies generally cause quite a bit of itchiness, including itchy eyes and a scratchy throat due to postnasal drip

    43. “Yeah,” he muttered, a scratchy croak

    44. Her throat was scratchy

    45. The recording was scratchy, but the voice was unmistakably Paul’s

    46. He’d said that people were tired and grumpy from sitting in church for hours in scratchy clothes, and that they drove like bats out of hell when they were finally released

    47. The broadcast had been scratchy and indistinct, but she was sure that she had heard the name right

    48. When he spoke his voice was scratchy and hoarse

    49. The DJ obviously sensed that a fourth consecutive spin of “Israelites” would be stretching it a bit, so he found a scratchy copy of Desmond’s follow up hit, “It Mek

    50. But his courage ebbed at the sound of Mama’s voice, muzzy from sleep, as though she were talking through a corner of her scratchy nightgown

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