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Function в предложении (на )

  1. I function on my own.
  2. Are a function of growth.
  3. It was a twofold function.
  4. The basic function is: 0.
  5. We only function as the.

  6. We used the function for.
  7. Cost is a function of risk.
  8. How to use min( ) function.
  9. Mutes it so I can function.
  10. How to use avg( ) function.
  11. The function is ( µ - σ ).
  12. My voice refused to function.
  13. The only proper function of.
  14. Stress is a Function of Life.
  15. The function is: ∑ (X(i)-.

  16. There is no function within.
  17. What Is The Function Of IRA?
  18. That was their only function.
  19. The function of her symptom.
  20. When a function is small, a.
  21. This function is valid for U.
  23. Their function is to serve us.
  24. Form versus Function (5 of 6).
  25. He requires energy to function.

  26. For the same function Russian.
  27. The function is ( σ / µ) µ.
  28. Still, I managed to function.
  29. The function is defined as σ.
  30. That is its only function and.
  31. The artists would function as.
  32. String Function may change the.
  33. The main function is the point.
  34. That should be its only function.
  35. The function of a summary is to.
  36. In short, reality is a function.
  37. Sample Function Call Date Result.
  38. Although function is one of the.
  39. In my new function, it was that.
  40. The function of DNA is to store.
  41. A good man performs his function.
  42. The function accepts no parameter.
  43. Printf function is used to move.
  44. Form really does follow function.
  45. The printMax function works the.
  46. That is because it is a function.
  47. This is a very important function.
  48. MA is a basic statistical function.
  49. Harry's function at Burton's was.
  50. They all function on the sense of.
  51. The function of the device driver.
  52. That is their only useful function.
  53. The argument to this function may.
  54. Therefore, the normal function of.
  55. The main() function lets the user:.
  56. A major function played by occult.
  57. Life’s function is to move forward.
  58. The last part is the main() function.
  59. It is their most important function.
  60. He willed it to function and found.
  61. The marginal benefits function will.
  62. CALL SYMPUT() function and 192–193.
  63. Such function was used in equation 1.
  64. Stomach and spleen function affected.
  65. To have learned to function as tools.
  66. That is the function to be optimized.
  67. Oh, and you have one more function.
  68. Or we won’t be able to function.
  69. Every German fulfilling his function.
  70. I knew I couldn’t function that way.
  71. Form follows function and vice versa.
  72. Nevertheless, many of them function.
  73. The basic function of making tools i.
  74. SUBSTR( ) called as substring function.
  75. The purpose and function of a Strong.
  76. For example, the function mul() will.
  77. See the function of each team below:.
  78. It is a bodily function with a purpose.
  79. Generally, template's function is to.
  80. Understanding the function of carpets.
  81. You start with the most vital function.
  82. So therefore all body function slowed.
  83. It grows because that is its function.
  84. Th is very social function — form-.
  85. The payoff function shown in Figure A.
  86. Also, the function of imagination is.
  87. Thus black holes function in the mind.
  88. Our function was to ensure that Frik.
  89. The rainbow trail doesn’t function.
  90. Transformation of the Weight Function.
  91. This action occurs in function of the.
  92. The function will compare the strings.
  93. There were many girls at every function.
  94. By stimulating the kidney function in.
  95. In order for your body to function at.
  96. Abnormal function of liver causes old.
  97. The function was a success with awards.
  98. It helps to increase liver function in.
  99. It is designed to function harmonically.
  100. I learn to function without sleep,.
  1. They were functioning at peak.
  2. New realm of functioning (1 Cor.
  3. The pump would stop functioning.
  4. Optical input feeds are functioning.
  5. However, such functioning makes a.
  6. Its functioning was crucial, as the.
  7. So, this is the way I am functioning.
  8. My light source isn’t functioning.
  9. It wasnt functioning anymore, but it.
  10. Mars wil be a ful y functioning planet.
  11. We have a functioning phasing cloak.
  12. You're functioning against your purpose.
  13. Its sensor array is fully functioning.
  14. Therefore, it is not functioning typically.
  15. Rick prefers functioning while smoking pot.
  16. With knowledge about functioning of human.
  17. Total Functioning of the Holistic Operator.
  18. CARROLL WAS BARELY AWAKE, barely functioning.
  19. The dream catcher isnt functioning! Do.
  20. As long as buddhi is functioning through the.
  21. None of my life support systems were functioning.
  22. Nucleus was burned, but he is up and functioning.
  23. The team were functioning and Monika cracked the.
  24. I should have them both functioning in an hour.
  25. It was amazing that my brain was even functioning.
  26. In the human brains normal as designed functioning.
  27. Now, because she was functioning from a distorted.
  28. Carkuff's theory of high-level functioning helpers.
  29. Allele*2 is associated with a reduced functioning.
  30. They like functioning unfeelingly and repetitively.
  31. I don’t know how she’s functioning like she is.
  32. As I calmed down, my brain started functioning again.
  33. So it does not matter if one hand is not functioning.
  34. This man will instruct you in the functioning of.
  35. Data and navigation appear to be functioning normally.
  36. Hence, green tea improves the functioning of the liver.
  37. When everything is functioning, log out of your router.
  38. I’m sure the phones in town will still be functioning.
  39. This is just your 2 billion yr-old instinct functioning.
  40. The abuses interfere with normal functioning and create.
  41. It's what the functioning psychological process is about.
  42. Functioning thing a phenomenon that is produced and dis-.
  43. They were no longer functioning as an integrated totality.
  44. It supervises the functioning of the commercial banks and.
  45. I guess I was, but I thought I was functioning pretty well.
  46. Have all functioning ships travel in the opposite direction.
  47. Many of my pre-frontal cortex neurons are still functioning.
  48. Aggregate In general, all functioning things are aggregates.
  49. Hypocrisy is the lubricant that keeps the world functioning.
  50. But it is not painful, and my muscles are still functioning.
  51. Even had it been functioning, I would have not been watching.
  52. The functioning of your logic centers has returned to normal.
  53. Even had it been functioning, I would not have been watching.
  54. Upon being convinced that it was functioning well he began to.
  55. There was no functioning government, and it was beyond lawless.
  56. Systemic functioning and processes should always flow smoothly.
  57. It means his mind is still functioning on a subconscious level.
  58. It is the mechanical functioning itself that is most important.
  59. The government as it is now functioning is not in a position to.
  60. This was not a normal functioning market; anything could happen.
  61. How could he be so emotional and remain functioning? he wondered.
  62. In fact, it is necessary for the proper functioning of the liver.
  63. Its functioning is based upon two values: On and Off: or 1 and 0.
  64. Harry, on earth much is known of the functioning of the chakras.
  65. Hence, what we see as reality is just the functioning of our brain.
  66. Any man, functioning on the astral plane during the sleep of his.
  67. With no soul inside the body, it stops functioning and shuts down.
  68. If you're not doing it, what's wrong? You're not functioning right.
  69. Functioning mechanically takes precedence over functioning humanly.
  70. Dumb terminals do not have these ports or the functioning software.
  71. Lichman’s suit was still functioning within acceptable parameters.
  72. Work is a boring functional existence: it is mechanical functioning.
  73. A zombi man has body functioning model, but can’t declare answers.
  74. In the last fifty years, the Tibetan exile government functioning in.
  75. Civilization values only the transcendence of mechanical functioning.
  76. The environment influences the functioning and structure of children.
  77. A fully functioning and supportive team, with a strong and effective.
  78. If that hiking bridge is still functioning, it will save so much time.
  79. The device I gave you stopped functioning before you reached the city.
  80. It forces people to become inhuman, single-purpose functioning robots.
  81. The emphasis on work and mechanical functioning is as much as possible.
  82. Carter used every functioning muscle in his neck to look over at Amber.
  83. The super boat, now functioning perfectly, powered its way out of the.
  84. This place had to be incredibly old and yet it was still functioning!.
  85. In addition, green tea aids digestion and the functioning of the liver.
  86. Dalton, for too much depended on the undisturbed functioning of Georgia.
  87. Green tea is known to stimulate the functioning of metabolism naturally.
  88. This was the closest she had ever been to a functioning mortal society.
  89. Bhagwat hadn’t always been an admirer of Modi’s style of functioning.
  90. I was a functioning person known as Kenna and was being treated as such.
  91. You need to spend more time being human than functioning like a machine.
  92. Therefore, water is crucial for the proper functioning of your metabolism.
  93. Exogenous cannabinoids alter the normative functioning of the endogenous.
  94. Labarique was also holding up a white flag with his sole functioning arm.
  95. Such maladaptive functioning only arises while we are in a conscious sleep.
  96. When we spend most of our lives functioning as machines instead of humans.
  97. I was in a woman’s world, accepted and functioning as might be expected.
  98. God’s functioning through things, acts, and relations (the manifest uni-.
  99. My right arm was still functioning, though it had lost much of its feeling.
  100. Videogame joypad: A fully functioning gamepad measuring 3.
  1. It was just the way her brain functioned.
  2. Her mind no longer functioned efficiently.
  3. The way it functioned was very interesting.
  4. Maybe he just functioned better as a drunk.
  5. These churches functioned as they should be.
  6. Homesteading, as it functioned in the early days of.
  7. It could have passive defenses that still functioned.
  8. This too must’ve been how the old South had functioned.
  9. Realistically the hangout functioned as a secondary building.
  10. In some cases they were premises which alreadv functioned as.
  11. Somehow the computer no longer functioned in high level mode.
  12. Talked of how amazing it was and how it had functioned to perfection.
  13. Telegraph Office, which currently functioned as the post office as well.
  14. The left side of his face drooped and his left hand no longer functioned.
  15. Its two hemispheres functioned more and more independently of each other.
  16. Ben drew a shiny dagger that functioned as a short sword for the halfling.
  17. He needed to fully understand how Delta functioned to help in his trading.
  18. Each time his senses functioned a little longer before returning to the void.
  19. There would be no way to know if they functioned until they attacked something.
  20. It was the place in which she functioned best; where her thoughts were clearer.
  21. The hospital section was the only part where the life support still functioned.
  22. We seemed to have body clocks that functioned on the same level as well, both of.
  23. Richard and I wanted to know how lamin A and its mutated form, functioned in cells.
  24. HOW these congregations functioned before elders were appointed, we simply are not.
  25. Its root-base of general awareness underwent a complete reversal in how it functioned.
  26. I functioned as operations coordinator of his companies through 1981 for nineteen years.
  27. Working with the cardiac unit he believed the hospital functioned to its best capability.
  28. The civil courts still functioned after a fashion but they functioned at the pleasure of the.
  29. The air-vac functioned on both sides, catching smoke and ashes from the cigarette itself, and.
  30. In spite of all the chaos, the postal services still functioned with amazing efficiency and speed.
  31. Now my poker table not only looked good and functioned good; it had a beautiful nice soft felt top.
  32. For this is how Q-web functioned; it was a malleable chaos made tangible plasma by thought interface.
  33. Electric installations failed, the rudder no longer functioned and the gyro-compass was out of action.
  34. Because its function is purely electrical, this type of repeater functioned at the network’s physical layer only.
  35. I understand that a PI ship can take control of another ship and run it as if the bigger ship functioned normally.
  36. Gerrid himself had no assurance of his own health: no one was meant to leave TIAR while the program still functioned.
  37. He knew exactly how these operations functioned and how the funds earned here were sent back overseas without having to pay taxes.
  38. One of the larger cells had been located here, back when the dungeon was still in use, but now it functioned as a simple storage room.
  39. Built in 1865, it functioned as the national parliament from 1901 to 1927 when the capital was transferred from Melbourne to Canberra.
  40. All of the other systems on the network then functioned as standby monitors, should the computer functioning as the active monitor fail.
  41. It functioned as a watchdog agency against vice and led successful censorship campaigns against books it deemed obscene or pornographic.
  42. He’d sat on the Royal Council longer than any of its other members, and he functioned effectively as the kingdom’s foreign secretary.
  43. An alumnus of the Lore Masters, Siegemunde, has functioned as the Chief Administrator of the Martial Academy there for the last few years.
  44. After some critical reflection, I realized that my "feelings" functioned not as authentic feelings but meaning perspective driven judgments.
  45. At one time, it was easy to differentiate between servers and clients because servers functioned only as servers and clients only as clients.
  46. Every Token Ring network had a system that functioned as the active monitor that was responsible for ensuring the proper performance of the network.
  47. Not even Forsberg – who had always been a staunch defender of whatever workplace he was at – believed that the centre functioned especially well.
  48. If he had a microchip inserted into his body it appeared that it no longer functioned, maybe the electrical power of the living body kept it activated.
  49. The plant would not be permanently disabled, and its safety over ride equipment, which functioned on lower order electronics, would shut the plant down safely.
  50. Theretofore each synagogue had existed and functioned as an independent congregation of worshipers and was under the rule and direction of its own board of governors.
  51. Too many things about the capabilities of Charisian spies and how smoothly Sharleyan and Cayleb functioned as a coordinated team even when they were tens of thousands of miles apart.
  52. An avalanche of buy orders was expected at the opening, so Steve Porpora, who functioned as Director of Floor Operations for O’Neil headed downstairs while we finished up with breakfast.
  53. Two years later the boy was clearly disabled, with a diminished IQ and slowed speech patterns, but he functioned enough to play a little tennis, exercise in a gym, and do a little work outside.
  54. But even back then, it served mainly as a way to channel the armed conflict of warfare into a less destructive form of conflict, while glorifying only how humans functioned physically-mechanically.
  55. Both before and after becoming an apostle, John functioned as the personal agent of Jesus in dealing with the Master's family, and he continued to bear this responsibility as long as Mary the mother of Jesus lived.
  56. It was hard to tell how many of the containers functioned, but enough did that they had a large impact on the forces attacking from behind where the Queen Elizabeth and group had slipped inside the defensive perimeter.
  57. It was all drug goons who functioned as lackeys, bodyguards, unquestioning assassins, whatever the boss wanted, hooked to their giant televisions or chattering away on their cell phones, or even up to their waists in the pools.
  58. He knew that in Dempalan times there was a method of lighting the towers without Kortrax, but most of the time today they functioned in only their most basic relay capacity, something that had been called Passive Diagnostic Mode when they were new.
  59. This was a most interesting episode in the human life of Jesus, for he functioned during this year in an executive capacity, being responsible for the material intrusted to his charge and for the safe conduct of the travelers making up the caravan party.
  60. Junior went on to explain the gel needed a synthetic brain stem in order to function and the only way this could be achieved, was by scientists who had researched brain cells and understood how the brain functioned and how specific cells could be harvested.
  61. As they had been told early in the voyage, Byia and Eelon were not like normal captains, they let marVan the navigator bawl the orders and functioned more like business managers of the Vikenvor, so she had no real reason to be on deck other than socializing.
  62. While in the experience of this God-man there was always the possibility that the divine mind would transcend the human intellect, nonetheless, when, and as, his human mind functioned, it did perform as would a true mortal mind under the conditions of the human environment of that day.
  1. One of the main functions.
  2. A number of functions are.
  4. Listen now to their functions.
  5. Its functions are to help in.
  6. Neurons functions when we think.
  7. All alarm functions are tested.
  8. Here are the NLS date functions.
  9. The SIN, COS and TAN Functions.
  10. Primary functions of the heart.
  11. You can use these functions to.
  12. This book has only two functions.
  13. It weakens the normal functions.
  14. The functions of the five Prans i.
  15. Some functions will convert all.
  16. That’s how a society functions.
  17. At one of those functions – he.
  18. She’s losing her motor functions.
  19. Its main functions are to polli-.
  20. It stimulates body functions and.
  21. Creating so the functions of mind.
  22. As the functions of atoms changes e.
  23. The crew functions often for long.
  24. Chapter 5: Date and Time Functions.
  25. It has all the basic functions for.
  26. The final shield serves two functions.
  27. Jason, I am aware of the functions.
  28. His main functions are to avert the.
  29. These machines had multiple functions.
  30. Functions are a community of numbers.
  31. These pertain to different functions.
  32. Life, on the functions of vegetable, G.
  33. The functions of this administration.
  34. There was no restoring their functions.
  35. Receiving Tuples and Lists in Functions.
  36. One method employs hyperbolic functions.
  37. Now, my bodily functions embarrassed me.
  38. It functions as an interconnected whole.
  39. There it functions to hold and release.
  40. Zem then began to explain its functions.
  41. Because of this, it functions very well.
  42. Functions are reusable pieces of programs.
  43. Now, it only functions as a penal museum.
  44. The clear plastic has several functions:.
  45. He could monitor his own bodily functions.
  46. These functions were important to princes.
  47. The importance and functions of gut flora.
  48. The sheathed transparent ovoid functions.
  49. I mean except for state functions and all.
  50. They are hardwired for different functions.
  51. Functions are a community of numbers that.
  52. That’s all for String Functions in QBASIC.
  53. Functions are defined using the def keyword.
  54. Objective Functions and Their Application.
  55. Since launch, only the minor functions of.
  56. It can also affect how the heart functions.
  57. Proposed Functions of Dopamine in the NAcc.
  58. Functions with arguments and return value:.
  59. The functions of the fields are as follows:.
  60. Men can chew and exercise bodily functions.
  61. In fact, less features and functions would.
  62. She functions for people, she isn't a person.
  63. The inline functions are defined as follows:.
  64. Functions with arguments and a return value:.
  65. Biological needs and functions wil not exist.
  66. The functions of the website you create are.
  67. It functions basically as an insurance policy.
  68. A trinity under unity in functions was formed.
  69. I did not grow up attending charity functions.
  70. Defined for functions over the natural numbers.
  71. It is necessary for all functions in our body.
  72. The functions of the options are as follows:.
  73. The charity functions are coming along okay.
  74. I have seizures that limit my brain functions.
  75. In essence, we have two functions to look at:.
  76. Correlations of different objective functions.
  77. Functions and Purpose of Speaking in Tongues.
  78. Functions with arguments and no return value:.
  79. The young Theo was not popular at its functions.
  80. Giry, who had been reinstated in her functions.
  81. You made use of the R functions quantile(), cor.
  82. These functions provide the interface between.
  83. Functions are just reusable pieces of programs.
  84. The circuit basically functions as an oscilla-.
  85. Such functions are called methods of the class.
  86. Some of the SAS functions described in section 5.
  87. Minutes later, the sighs of functions subsiding.
  88. The functions of the subfields are as follows:.
  89. So, the bounding functions we use are therefore.
  90. So why not disable functions that are not needed.
  91. Next, we will see how to create and use functions.
  92. Such functions can be used for rounding numbers.
  93. However, functions of one object can access the.
  94. Functions with no arguments and no return value:.
  95. I met Lisa at one of our own Embassy's functions.
  96. This is the functions and features that you are.
  97. As water performs multiple functions in the phy-.
  98. The functions of the ESP fields are as follows:.
  99. Blackiron functions as a window into the void.
  100. At one of his political functions he ran into Dr.

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