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    1. These were much bigger devices, but similar in function

    2. For example, some professionals believe the deterioration of motor function can be held back by regular exercise

    3. Because walking was essential to our survival during our developmental years, our bodies have developed so that walking and movement are essential to health; as it has been said, form follows function

    4. They’re left with chronic pain and limited function that robs them of independence

    5. One should not under estimate the importance of finding ways to diffuse stress before it threatens your health and your ability to function

    6. · Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, which places added strain on the kidneys and can impair mental function

    7. Valerian and passionflower aid relaxation and sleep, oats have a calming effect, ginseng supports the adrenals (but shouldn't be used during pregnancy or if you have high blood pressure) and Echinacea boosts immune function

    8. A regular waking time in the morning strengthens the circadian function and can help with sleep onset at night

    9. Some awkward motor function in his brain willed his hand to jerk up to the doorknob and turn


    11. Without coercion, without laws and governments, isn't it something akin to the ants that guides these people, that makes them do what they have to do to make their world function?"

    12. If they knew they were simulating a cell in a larger organism, they would not be able to perform their function in the larger organism that is the Haad of Al-Harron

    13. things that are not important to the main function of the Lord's church (seek and save the lost)

    14. How should the local church/congregation function without elders?

    15. However, we do see the idea of the function of the ruler in majority rule


    17. The first clue he found was in a signal search, there was a CLX2 listed in the connection list of a substrate function, he needed to see what that lead to

    18. congregation losses sight of this function of the church, it has the majority rule' by doing nothing The majority Rule are interested only in holding services and not to working for the Lord

    19. "So you are bored with houris because they have no soul, because there is no 'mutual pleasure' but just a heavenly spirit performing its natural function

    20. It Is a question of function as given to us by God! Man has his God-given place

    21. A single false move and those guns would carry out their terminal function without a moment of compassion

    22. We shall focus our attention on how a congregation can function where there are no elders, and specific

    23. When brethren study the contents of this book, they should find assistance in helping a congregation function

    24. function when it has no elders, and what are measures such congregations can take to assure that it will eventually have a scriptural eldership in place? The church without elders-What is it to do?

    25. A congregation without elders today can follow the teachings of the inspired New Testament, preserved for all generations, and function in an expedient fashion

    26. function properly in the absence of an eldership

    27. He wished it was not possible for the mind to function in this much pain but still it would not quit

    28. "This planet doesn't function the same as Earth," Blaise said

    29. The pastor has become a performer because the people are not able to perform that specific function themselves

    30. Finally, Ideal for those with low thyroid function, Brazils are a good they’re rich in omega-3, so they’re a great alternative if you source of the mineral selenium, which we need to produce don’t eat oily fish

    31. Our lives together, our view of the gifts of the Spirit, the role and function of the Spirit, understanding the character of God, what the offices (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher) look like and what their functions and rule facilitate; all of these things are properly understood under the context of theocracy

    32. The mystery had not yet been revealed that there should be an age of the Church to fulfill a specific role and function

    33. a stain of blind function that is an automatic response

    34. It also exerts a healthy pressure on the kidneys, thereby correcting any disorders in their function

    35. The chief function of this inverted posture in the battle against period pains lies in the reversal of the influence of gravity upon the internal organs

    36. He never knew it could even be done, much less the details of that keyword’s function

    37. NET provides helper function to check for Ajax requests which internally inspects X-Requested-

    38. normal function of organs and glands

    39. are hampering the normal function of your tissues,

    40. Certain meridians are actually thought to function as

    41. function it is that you desire to discontinue and how that affects other

    42. But know that when circuits are not wired correctly they will not function

    43. really function, how to correct problems and how

    44. Once you know the function of your website you will have a clearer idea about the

    45. is circular in function; the other is an upward line

    46. function without wholeness; you become incomplete

    47. conclusion that until we can function in a continual state of detached

    48. Do your best to function from this purpose in every

    49. I explain that I am about to settle down with Dave and he congratulates me, going on to say that he met Dave at a corporate function sometime last autumn

    50. She disappears into the corridor that connects the main function room to the kitchen and the office while the young man resumes his place at the bar and gets his pint

    1. HOW these congregations functioned before elders were appointed, we simply are not

    2. As they had been told early in the voyage, Byia and Eelon were not like normal captains, they let marVan the navigator bawl the orders and functioned more like business managers of the Vikenvor, so she had no real reason to be on deck other than socializing

    3. He knew that in Dempalan times there was a method of lighting the towers without Kortrax, but most of the time today they functioned in only their most basic relay capacity, something that had been called Passive Diagnostic Mode when they were new

    4. Now my poker table not only looked good and functioned good; it had a beautiful nice soft felt top

    5. functioned as an "open space" of it

    6. It still functioned perfectly

    7. It was the place in which she functioned best; where her thoughts were clearer

    8. Somehow the computer no longer functioned in high level mode

    9. Gerrid himself had no assurance of his own health: no one was meant to leave TIAR while the program still functioned

    10. Maybe he just functioned better as a drunk

    11. still functioned to kill at an attempt to unlatch it, by means of electric shock

    12. father functioned in a land outside the box

    13. We seemed to have body clocks that functioned on the same level as well, both of

    14. Built in 1865, it functioned as the national parliament from 1901 to 1927 when the capital was transferred from Melbourne to Canberra

    15. I functioned as operations coordinator of his companies through 1981 for nineteen years

    16. These churches functioned as they should be

    17. 1950s treaty has not functioned, irrespective of the paper work that has been done

    18. Working with the cardiac unit he believed the hospital functioned to its best capability

    19. Realistically the hangout functioned as a secondary building

    20. In spite of all the chaos, the postal services still functioned with amazing efficiency and speed

    21. that functioned against Christ

    22. An alumnus of the Lore Masters, Siegemunde, has functioned as the Chief Administrator of the Martial Academy there for the last few years

    23. Ben drew a shiny dagger that functioned as a short sword for the halfling

    24. This was a most interesting episode in the human life of Jesus, for he functioned during this year in an executive capacity, being responsible for the material intrusted to his charge and for the safe conduct of the travelers making up the caravan party

    25. While in the experience of this God-man there was always the possibility that the divine mind would transcend the human intellect, nonetheless, when, and as, his human mind functioned, it did perform as would a true mortal mind under the conditions of the human environment of that day

    26. Junior went on to explain the gel needed a synthetic brain stem in order to function and the only way this could be achieved, was by scientists who had researched brain cells and understood how the brain functioned and how specific cells could be harvested

    27. Both before and after becoming an apostle, John functioned as the personal agent of Jesus in dealing with the Master's family, and he continued to bear this responsibility as long as Mary the mother of Jesus lived

    28. Theretofore each synagogue had existed and functioned as an independent congregation of worshipers and was under the rule and direction of its own board of governors

    29. Her mind no longer functioned efficiently

    30. wings which still functioned for a while as the pirates watched him die

    31. If he had a microchip inserted into his body it appeared that it no longer functioned, maybe the electrical power of the living body kept it activated

    32. It could have passive defenses that still functioned

    33. The hospital section was the only part where the life support still functioned

    34. The plant would not be permanently disabled, and its safety over ride equipment, which functioned on lower order electronics, would shut the plant down safely

    35. There would be no way to know if they functioned until they attacked something

    36. It was hard to tell how many of the containers functioned, but enough did that they had a large impact on the forces attacking from behind where the Queen Elizabeth and group had slipped inside the defensive perimeter

    37. I understand that a PI ship can take control of another ship and run it as if the bigger ship functioned normally

    38. and the program would have functioned properly just as with the first set of lines

    39. Richard and I wanted to know how lamin A and its mutated form, functioned in cells

    40. functioned as furniture in the visitors’ room was also on the roof

    41. He also functioned as

    42. them, when all the world functioned under the same identical

    43. Each time his senses functioned a little longer before returning to the void

    44. this type of environment I, in-fact, functioned at my very best in

    45. functioned in lieu of the suggestion put forth by factual premise,

    46. Telegraph Office, which currently functioned as the post office as well

    47. Electric installations failed, the rudder no longer functioned and the gyro-compass was out of action

    48. He knew exactly how these operations functioned and how the funds earned here were sent back overseas without having to pay taxes

    49. It was just the way her brain functioned

    50. In some cases they were premises which alreadv functioned as

    1. Memory is the worst affected by hunger as the brain requires a minute-to-minute supply of glucose for its normal functioning

    2. age of 80? Functioning new organs in the body, which were amputated

    3. an ordeal? How is it possible that today all of my organs are functioning?

    4. And today I say: “I have new organs! All my internal organs are functioning

    5. That was just enough to stave off the worst of the depression that cutting off yaag could bring, leaving her functioning but with a sad and quiet air

    6. The bargemaster explains in detail to me how the sea floods this area frequently in the winter and how the wasteg has to be reinforced regularly to keep it functioning

    7. Vitamins, in controlling the body’s use of minerals, promotes a balance in the body necessary for the proper functioning of the endocrine glands and the formation of hormones

    8. It's not that we don't have fully functioning brains, it's that they are over active and sometimes over functioning; this leads to an overload and then to temporary irrationality

    9. emotion was lodged, was already functioning as best

    10. This was the closest she had ever been to a functioning mortal society

    11. be reliant on that external source to keep functioning

    12. you as long as you have a functioning brain

    13. In functioning in this way, the ease with which you currently create pain,

    14. In each ambulance, under bright fluorescent lights, the paramedic member of each crew tries to ensure that airways are clear and functioning

    15. Obviously, the train cannot move unless all its doors are fully functioning

    16. A connecting bath served both suites, and Chloe and Kaitlyn held each others hands as they were shown the appointments and were told of the functioning of the house

    17. ” Maybe they thought God should have put some corollary into physics or biology that would prevent the organs from functioning unless conception would take place? Or maybe they were advocating some lab cooking up a mod that would remove desire from everyone who didn't plan on parenthood? Probably some lab had somewhere, but she doubted that it sold very well

    18. ‘He knows already,’ said Deria, but don’t worry, I can already tell he isn’t picking up our thoughts, also he doesn’t as yet have Debra fully functioning

    19. The abuses interfere with normal functioning and create

    20. But I saw those creatures and I'm sure a body that deformed can't have much of a functioning brain in it

    21. Lacking vocal chords and functioning eardrums, communication with Hollabrand flowed smoother when conducted telepathically

    22. gifts so that the fullness of the body is functioning in that city

    23. Men who did not react in the same way as any other normally functioning member of society

    24. Her conscious motor nerves were shut down by the poison, her autonomous motor and all senses were still functioning

    25. Silver flames ignited around him while he struggled to free himself -- the many weapons hanging from his armor the only thing keeping him from harm, functioning as a weapon as well as a means of defense

    26. nothing left alive (functioning) of a person after God's destruction (in whatever

    27. If she was the rat, she wouldn’t have leaked about that attack and jeopardized her brother, and if she was bugged, the Justicars would know that if they killed her brother their rat would stop functioning as she would be mourning him

    28. Children who feel valued and supported, and have good cognitive functioning, are more likely to bounce back from adverse experiences – divorce, car accidents, death of a loved one, or other unanticipated events

    29. The truth was, he was so excited at being so near her cunt, that his brain seemed to stop functioning for a moment

    30. He asked her if it was still functioning, and she answered that it had given out during the winter

    31. The AI was still functioning on some level, situated on a white semi-circular desk in the grey and white lab

    32. If that hiking bridge is still functioning, it will save so much time

    33. He had already checked the engines, and the major electronic systems of the ship and found, as he had expected, that everything was functioning as it should

    34. Coming to a halt at a kilometre from the vessel he made a check with the transponder beacon, needing the reassurance that it was still functioning

    35. Lichman’s suit was still functioning within acceptable parameters

    36. Many of my pre-frontal cortex neurons are still functioning

    37. that most of us here, including us, are functioning under Plan A?”

    38. Connected to a TIAR interface and using the life memory of Jimmy Findral in the hope of providing some insight into Earth’s governor monitor net, its core functioning process

    39. This is a highly legal activity, with an organization built to govern its functioning

    40. Many regions, which had previously been considered uninhabitable, held dwellings in poorly functioning biospheres, never designed for the intense heat of North Africa or southern Asia, but based on lunar and Martian technology

    41. promised to have the minimum three drives functioning within twelve hours, but in the meantime

    42. So much of his original self had to be discarded in order to form a functioning nervous system

    43. with three fully functioning engines powering them could they safely make the transition to

    44. So it does not matter if one hand is not functioning

    45. They require the mutual support and interaction of its churches, schools and other (community) organizations to (properly) reinforce that society‘s customary values necessary for the functioning of a well-ordered society

    46. The “visiting” set might have a tougher time integrating into the fabric of the household while the “live-in” set of children have an easier time of adjusting because they experience the day-to-day functioning and routine of the family

    47. shunt was still functioning properly and to have her feeding tube

    48. The Spanish vote has succeeded in functioning as a lung of oxygen that purifies the contaminated air of their last flapping wings

    49. Unfortunately, that particular occasion, the elevator was not functioning well and could not be used to go down to the ground floor

    50. What a pity that we could not see it functioning! It would have been an unforgettable remembrance, especially for the children…

    1. When it comes to plants, they want the type of energy that can be converted into sugars that they need for the various plant functions such as assimilation and flowering

    2. Functions, festivals parties are full of love and fun due to large number of participants

    3. They are hardwired for different functions

    4. The clear plastic has several functions:

    5. He functions as some kind of spokesman for their ethnic group or something like that

    6. Oh yes, he attended their functions and their family

    7. exchange their distinctive position and functions

    8. They perform religious functions to cause one to feel at peace with God, but they never once bring the power of salvation to the hearts of the pew sitters

    9. Nurses came and went, doling out medicaments and checking her various bodily functions were working as they should

    10. Oh yes, he attended their functions and their family gatherings but only so that he could stand there as if he were watching the world from inside a goldfish bowl

    11. Our lives together, our view of the gifts of the Spirit, the role and function of the Spirit, understanding the character of God, what the offices (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher) look like and what their functions and rule facilitate; all of these things are properly understood under the context of theocracy

    12. Thom attached his gear with a DNA, a Diagnostic Network Adapter, and one of the functions in that device is a remap block

    13. body that perform certain functions and produce

    14. All life functions either in alignment to Divine Plan (Truth) or resistance to

    15. Me … a pretty ordinary, middle-aged woman … and he wants me… me with all my insecurities and idiocies … He’d been surprised when he’d realised my age … nasty moment … half expected him to make excuses and run away … underestimated him seriously … made a point of convincing me that age gap does not matter … remarkably efficient at convincing … his hands … phew … quiver at the thought … must be getting used to it … starting to retain some basic mental functions whilst thinking of him (thank goodness) … laugh

    16. how The Singularity functions,”

    17. It hasn’t crippled any of his basic functions, just filled his memories with bad data

    18. No longer a tomb, the room now served many other functions; play room, prison, torture chamber, and laboratory

    19. Up to a half second delay in the round trip of the signals to Narrulla and back and relatively low-level autonomous functions

    20. of the Universe, where we will be promoted to higher functions

    21. regulating the various bodily functions

    22. to keep Earth alive; otherwise the vital functions of the

    23. By this operation, therefore, twenty thousand pounds in gold and silver perform all the functions which a hundred thousand could otherwise have performed

    24. pages in an e-book, or the luxury functions in a software product

    25. This is the functions and features that you are

    26. The dates of all the functions had been decided long back,

    27. the key aspects of your functions

    28. something that no longer functions at all

    29. The Elf pointed out the functions of each of the controls, the properties and general arrangement of the panels and monitors, their usefulness and a few tricks of the trade as it were to their more arcane applications

    30. It is having confidence in one’s ability to resolve difficulties; and includes the executive functions of analysis, planning, logical thinking and problem-solving

    31. I mean except for state functions and all

    32. This is why it’s so critical that Jason, David and Jill are positively nurtured and challenged – when a child is stressed out by their environment and unable to control their negative reactions, they are focused on their emotional state and thereby less able to follow directions or develop higher-level skills that allow them to analyze situations and plan ahead (executive functions)

    33. The seven chakras are thus considered as centers of energies which govern different bodily functions)

    34. The following table shows examples of language for each of these functions

    35. But what caused his death? It only told that all vital functions had ceased

    36. “This worked on the streets?” one Arrow asked, whom Sebastian recognized from other functions

    37. It then presented her with the standard icon menu functions to be plucked out of the air

    38. Currently action may only be taken when corruption negatively affects overseer critical functions

    39. ‘I cannot connect your voice functions but you now have total movement

    40. the way it functions now

    41. “Blackiron functions as a window into the void

    42. with other ships and many social functions that were part of the gamming experience

    43. Be very careful buying ready-made sites… these sites may have limited functions such as SEO!

    44. functions

    45. The dogs ‘metabolism functions by absorbing nutrients as fast as it can into the body and then spending the fasting times, when there is nothing in the gut, utilizing and rationalizing all these nutrients and clearing toxins from the system

    46. We went to a couple of charity functions together

    47. L-Seven-Six’s higher functions would have to be disabled, enough that maintained life support to each recipient whilst the protocols were overwritten

    48. She is involved with many charities, but has done little except attend functions

    49. ‘Yes, at best certain brain functions would be compromised

    50. Now he could only wait until his neural patterns were scanned and then re-mapped on to his physical self’s uncoupled neurons? And as to the original Gerrid: his mental functions were subsumed by a wealth of compressed data, to the point where his self no longer existed

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