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Выберите язык, затем введите слово ниже, чтобы получить примеры предложений для этого слова.

Office в предложении (на )

1. The office was a mess.
2. I went to the office.
3. Office is to build up.
4. In the office I had a.
5. Up in the office with.
6. His Office is to teach.
7. He led me to his office.

8. It was a private office.
9. A man entered the office.
10. Late Night @ the Office.
11. See you at the office.
12. This is my office, too.
13. He is back in his office.
14. He came into his office.
15. This should be his office.
16. His Office is to discover.
17. She met him in his office.
18. He found her in her office.
19. I ran to the tourism office.
20. Please step into my office.
21. It was a snug little office.
22. Suzuki rushed to his office.
23. If they enter your office.
24. I was called into the office.
25. Please, come into my office.
26. They both entered his office.
27. The office was empty though.
28. His Office is to give unto.
29. I need to go to the office.
30. Roger was not in the office.
31. Oval Office, The White House.
32. The door to my office creaks.
33. He led us to the post office.
34. Andras: His Office is to sow.
35. He was sitting in his office.
36. No longer was his office in.
37. The door of the office opened.
38. We were shown into his office.
39. Oval Office, the White House.
40. None have been to his office.
41. She led him out of her office.
42. I was just in their office.
43. They were here in my office.
44. He called Joseph to his office.
45. Who has sat in an office and.
46. A woman is seated in my office.
47. He found Rachel in her office.
48. Adam walked back to the office.
49. Glayet met them in the office.
50. I walked into his office and.
51. House, Senate and Oval Office.
52. But it is not a lavish office.
53. Räum: His office is to steal.
54. Vual: His Office is to procure.
55. He saw your note at the office.
56. Not in her office, then?
57. Meanwhile, back at the Office:.
58. She was not in Jeff’s office.
59. No one in Bill’s office moved.
60. They were from Bill’s office.
61. I was in a large office complex.
62. I was late leaving the office.
63. There isn’t any home office.
64. You mustn’t go to your office.
65. I have to go to the post office.
66. He opened the door to his office.
67. The office seemed somewhat out.
68. Home Office when she gave birth.
69. My everyday selling and office.
70. My office is in Room 701 on the.
71. Sat in an office where the main.
72. They both went out of the office.
73. The Oval Office, the White House.
74. Hall now serves as office manager.
75. In the center of the oval office.
76. Jared was in the office as usual.
77. Forrest is already in his office.
78. It was in the safe at the office.
79. The office had a metal fire door.
80. Usually, he sits in his office.
81. Ben to Sheriff’s office over.
82. Her office is on the third floor.
83. Kenichi stormed out of the office.
84. Moving office space is not news.
85. These office are corporate, our.
86. Just another day at the office.
87. We followed Steve into his office.
88. Rachel called Wren into her office.
89. Sir Richard walked into his office.
90. He remained in his private office.
91. FAQS From the Historians Office.
92. Nothing more than an office drone.
93. I’ve got a plant in your office.
94. Where is your badge of office?
95. Putnam‘s had this kind of office.
96. I know his office there very well.
97. The first room was an empty office.
98. McClure returned into Hal's office.
99. On his first day in Office he had.
100. And thanks for coming to my office.

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