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Function in a sentence

And a function.
The R function t.
Just to function.
A function call.
# End of function.
function of 10, 36.
function decode ( ).

They can't function.
function of the ship.
function in the dark.
cannot be a function.
/* function call */.
I function on my own.
value of the function.
guess the function of.
so she could function.
had the same function.
The Function of Evil.
And function required.
in its function, holy.
*Asc and Chr Function.
The Function of Logic.
using the IF function.
way they both function.
Form follows function.
about able to function.
us call this function x.
I could function again.
Using the dir function.
He cannot function in.
and so functioning of.
functioning of its peers.
It was still functioning.
functioning at that moment.
functioning would be smooth.
functioning by the humanity.
functioning in this society.
functioning at full strength.
It is functioning perfectly.
functioning with 1 Mb/s lines.
functioning in the real world.
They were functioning at peak.
ficulty functioning in society.
Mental functioning is similar.
fatigue and mental functioning.
end to fully functioning adult.
the body`s physical functioning.
New realm of functioning (1 Cor.
The pump would stop functioning.
mapping its physical functioning.
functioning іn thе real wоrld.
badges from functioning normally.
different functioning of a person.
It boosts cholinergic functioning.
to keep us functioning and growing.
and 2/3 functioning as specialists.
line and functioning at full power.
Everything is functioning normally.
work and smooth functioning of the.
He also functioned as.
It still functioned perfectly.
that functioned against Christ.
functioned as an "open space" of it.
It was just the way her brain functioned.
Her mind no longer functioned efficiently.
father functioned in a land outside the box.
These churches functioned as they should be.
Maybe he just functioned better as a drunk.
The way it functioned was very interesting.
old bike out of the bush that functioned as his.
Homesteading, as it functioned in the early days of.
It could have passive defenses that still functioned.
This too must’ve been how the old South had functioned.
them, when all the world functioned under the same identical.
Realistically the hangout functioned as a secondary building.
In some cases they were premises which alreadv functioned as.
Somehow the computer no longer functioned in high level mode.
functioned in lieu of the suggestion put forth by factual premise,.
this type of environment I, in-fact, functioned at my very best in.
functioned as furniture in the visitors’ room was also on the roof.
Talked of how amazing it was and how it had functioned to perfection.
Telegraph Office, which currently functioned as the post office as well.
wings which still functioned for a while as the pirates watched him die.
Its two hemispheres functioned more and more independently of each other.
The left side of his face drooped and his left hand no longer functioned.
He needed to fully understand how Delta functioned to help in his trading.
Ben drew a shiny dagger that functioned as a short sword for the halfling.
Each time his senses functioned a little longer before returning to the void.
There would be no way to know if they functioned until they attacked something.
It functions to.
In the functions.
pin functions 14.
h same as functions.
functions as a whole.
by all the functions.
each of the functions.
to the basic functions.
One of your functions.
functions of PPP, 246.
There it functions to.
functions are but tools.
Math Functions of JAVA.
Main functions of RBI:.
functions in Nam County.
church functions with me.
Pin functions of CD4026.
the way it functions now.
Pin functions of CD4017.
(If these functions are.
functions are all about!.
the functions of a program.
present at these functions.
strings and even functions.
functions of other objects.
One of the main functions.
A number of functions are.
The functions of specific.
• Above all the functions.

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