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    1. Learn to enjoy soft music to reduce stress and feel at peace with the environment

    2. Soft and Hard Goods

    3. His shoulders were little larger than hers, he was soft spoken and self deprecating

    4. Apart from situations of repeated non-compliance or serious misconduct of the patient and when essential but unpleasant activity is required to be performed, rest of the time consultants should be soft spoken as talking is the main ingredient of patient-doctor relationship

    5. Will effectively kill many soft body insects and repels many others

    6. None of the nearby stores were open yet and there was a soft morning mist that added to the eerie calm that contrasted strongly with all the fighting and explosions they had just left behind

    7. Her arms were folded as she still lingered at the table, she frowned and slowly shook her soft blond curls, "And I don't think those ghosts can help you

    8. as a soft and sultry summer night’s whisper

    9. through the soft snow, and David began to doubt whether he had the strength to make

    10. She joined him, took the offered hand and planted a soft, ruby lipped kiss on

    11. The lamb was soft and succulent and the potatoes

    12. slightly, their teeth inexplicably on edge, the old man spoke once more in a soft voice

    13. Empty scrawls and letters punctured into their soft, vain flesh by lazy, fat monks willing to sell their souls for a few dollars

    14. He pointed to his big, fat, soft ear and I nodded yet again

    15. The voice had a soft south Dublin accent, female

    16. mattress was far too soft and the sheets somewhat threadbare, Johnny soon dropped

    17. stopped her circling and drew close to Johnny, taking both his hands in her own soft

    18. was secluded, the grass thick and soft, the trees full and weeping heavily with fruit,

    19. With his hand held firmly in her soft, white and cool

    20. She had gotten used to native standards of bodily contact in social interaction in this universe and enjoyed his fingers in her soft flesh

    21. the Waitrose car park seemed ambrosially soft compared to this hard, cold, terminal

    22. towards him and spoke with that soft, serrated, killing voice

    23. ‘Is that all?’ Stephen’s mother replied, her eyes soft and understanding

    24. blocks of solid rock and the space was illuminated by the soft glow of candles,

    25. them wearing red, white and blue cockades on the front of their soft red caps

    26. It was soft, but Wrigley twitched

    27. In spite of that he was a conciliator and usually soft spoken

    28. When again I awoke from the dream-time I developed a raging thirst and the soft flesh of my mouth thickened

    29. He wore a shirtless two-piece suit in the trendy mode, flowing and soft with pants that didn't conceal the size of his sack and large looping epaulettes with solid gold commandant's stars

    30. I watched mental pictures of them flash across the wall in front of me, images of gardens and soft sunlight

    31. The soft, almost childish timbre of Smiler’s voice grew hard, diamond-sharp edges

    32. With the tears there came a hand on my shoulder, a soft hand, and a tone of voice that I thought lost to me: compassion

    33. The brief euphoria that came with a new voice and a soft hand was as fragile as my cracked ribs

    34. I could feel no sunny warmth on my skin nor could I luxuriate in soft and yielding sand under my toes

    35. A roll of toilet paper, soft and pink and quilted

    36. " That's all she needed to hear, "I swear Oriah! The ceremony is in three days and the boy has no idea!" She turns her attention toward Apollo and her voice returns to its soft tone, "Apollo, you can stay here with me if you want, your father apparently has no idea what he's doing

    37. I craved the touch of another’s hand, soft and warm, a hand that did not smell of oil and gunmetal

    38. I remembered the spites and the triumphs of the playground, and those soft evenings sitting on the boughs of my beloved Turkey Oak

    39. As soon as she speaks, he hears the soft voice again in his mind, find me

    40. I listened dumbly to the sound of receding footsteps and the soft snick of a door closing and being locked

    41. Slowly, as if a soft, breezeless tide were creeping up a gently sloping sandy shore line, I became aware of waves in the distance, and slowly I tuned into the echo of my exhalations

    42. Menachem unfolded the paper and started to read in a low and soft whisper

    43. ’ He seemed relaxed and soft, quite out of character, which made the meeting all the more sinister

    44. One would then run some thongga to clean up what the karga wouldn't eat, or, if you had a fence, lentosaur, a better tasting animal but slow and soft and vulnerable to predators on the open prairie

    45. That snowflake would have left one of the larger of the dozens of pinholes thru the soft aluminum framework of any large structural member of the Lula

    46. It was given off by the fabricators mounted to the Lula's great top plate, a sandblasted foot of soft iron in a circle, meant to soak up all the snowflakes they would hit

    47. His red hair waved in the soft breeze, his green eyes sparkled like emeralds in the weird diffuse light

    48. The olive grove was secluded, the grass thick and soft, the trees full and weeping heavily with fruit, and the air was still and calm

    49. With his hand held firmly in her soft, white and cool embrace he let himself be lead to the far corner of the olive grove

    50. The door closed behind Angie with a soft clunk

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    soft subdued balmy mild cushy easygoing flabby flaccid diffuse diffused easy gentle piano indulgent lenient sonant voiced delicate smooth fine velvety fluffy feathery downy pulpy malleable pliant mouldable pliable yielding mushy pappy impressible sweet pleasing pleasant melodious faint low faraway tender kind affectionate kindly genial considerate compassionate sympathetic benign soothing mollifying ingratiating flexible submissive compliant irresolute undecided impressionable sensitive feeble weak sentimental wishy-washy poor dull dim wan light quiet shaded pallid