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Soft в предложении (на )

  1. He gave me a soft.
  2. It was a soft kiss.
  3. Her lips were so soft.
  4. It was a soft sweet.
  5. Soft touch of a hand.

  6. It was soft and warm.
  7. It was so soft that.
  8. Do you see the soft.
  9. Then, I felt a soft.
  10. It was warm and soft.
  11. Joey sat on a soft mat.
  12. Sue had a soft landing.
  13. He was so warm and soft.
  14. It is leathery and soft.
  15. A soft knock on the door.

  16. For me it is a soft and.
  17. His was voice soft and.
  18. My voice was soft, Yes.
  19. Like it was a soft throw.
  20. Austanite is a SOFT PHASE.
  21. Use the soft pedal often.
  22. With a soft inland murmur.
  23. You’re too soft on him.
  25. Her kiss was soft and warm.

  26. He had started to go soft.
  27. Soft and pretty in colors.
  28. A nice soft rock please.
  29. Ground was moist and soft.
  30. And lips as soft, but true.
  31. Soft sobs left her throat.
  32. He could have it too soft.
  33. Finally I said in a soft.
  34. I could never be so soft.
  35. One of them was still soft.
  36. Smooth and soft and sweet.
  37. His hand was warm and soft.
  38. A wail - soft but chilling.
  39. Now the sand was soft –.
  40. He felt the soft hands of.
  41. Then the soft rustle of a.
  42. Her skin was soft and warm.
  43. Her voice was soft and low.
  44. The sand was soft and white.
  45. They heard a soft, deep roar.
  46. The mouth so red, soft lips.
  47. All their voices are so soft.
  48. The belly’s nice and soft.
  49. Sue said in a soft, loving.
  50. Johan can hear its soft hum.
  51. Greg was starting to go soft.
  52. It felt soft and comforting.
  53. It felt good, warm and soft.
  54. It was soft against my skin.
  55. It was soft, but unyielding.
  56. Even though his soft hands.
  57. Her cat uttered a soft hiss.
  58. A soft brushing of the lips.
  59. Bring to a soft boil or 238.
  60. But she had a soft side too.
  61. There’s a soft cool breeze.
  62. Sauté until onions are soft.
  63. A soft knock came on his door.
  64. Because of presence of Soft.
  65. A soft wind touched my heart.
  66. My hand rested on soft cotton.
  67. His touches were soft, light.
  68. Her soft skin reflected the.
  69. Her voice is broken and soft.
  70. In this context, even a soft.
  71. With the touch of a soft hand.
  72. His voice was soft and broken.
  73. His own hand was smooth, soft.
  74. A soft moss grew up the walls.
  75. The soft beauty of red velvet.
  76. Would her skin be this soft?
  77. Her eyes were bright and soft.
  78. Are you going soft on me and.
  79. He smiled at how soft it felt.
  80. Light and soft classical music.
  81. You ,re innocent, sweet, soft.
  82. He rested my head upon a soft.
  83. The exclusion related to soft.
  84. His voice was distant and soft.
  85. With a soft spot in our hearts.
  86. The music is soft; touching me.
  87. They look so soft, so inviting.
  88. The cat went up in soft bounds.
  89. Was it a hard or soft dildo?
  90. Queers are soft and effeminate.
  91. A soft rapping came at my door.
  92. Soft warm sticky gumjelly lips.
  93. A soft chuckle rolls in my head.
  94. Her voice was so soft in a way.
  95. Tom felt his knees getting soft.
  96. I feel a soft breeze beside me.
  97. Then Sue said in a soft, high.
  98. His hands were strong but soft.
  99. Soft laughter peeled out of her.
  100. A soft tapping came at the door.

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