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Git in a sentence

Git on with it.
Hush and git.
He cain't git out.
Go on now, git.
Git, Ma said.
The old git grinned.
Now git out y’all.

It'll help you git.
Git the hell out of.
"Git the thimble in?".
Git! And Ruthie ran.
You git, he said.
Fuck off, you old git.
She oughta git the Aid.
Git it acrost yer chest.
Git up an’ git washed.
John, git up! You, Al.
Tends to git overexcited.
After what that git had.
Git away, she cried.
Git that mattress in!.
You’ll git some rest.
Le’s git that lumber in.
Git work? she asked.
We have to git goin’.
But he can't git near us.
What they git in jail for?.
Git back, Satan,’ I says.
"Tom, less git out of here!".

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Synonyms for git

bum crumb git lowlife puke rat rotter skunk stinker

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