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Gravel в предложении (на )

  1. He looked over the gravel bar.
  2. Gets me level with the gravel.
  3. I parked along the gravel and.
  4. Clean as much of the gravel as.
  5. He wiped at the sand and gravel.

  6. Along the gravel paths boys shout.
  7. A thin trail of gravel made its.
  8. The roads are still gravel roads.
  9. The car swerved onto the gravel.
  10. The gravel flew again and across.
  11. He fell onto the gravel path, his.
  12. The judge rapped his gravel for order.
  13. To kneel on ones knees in the gravel.
  14. Her joints had filled with gravel dust.
  15. He kicks at the gravel with every step.

  16. Claire lost her footing, hit the gravel.
  17. She heard his shoes crunching on gravel.
  18. I stand up, brushing gravel off my pants.
  19. And stumbled aimlessly down a gravel path.
  20. A crunch of boots on the gravel behind her.
  21. The roads were now dirt and gravel at best.
  22. There's a gravel path of many stories told.
  23. Haakon on a patch of loose gravel and rocks.
  24. The crunching of gravel under tires woke me.
  25. The judge did not bother to rap his gravel.

  26. If in gravel would be some products of the.
  27. On either side, the gravel ground sloped up.
  28. The shore was made up of pebbles and gravel.
  29. She dug a gravel for the commander and laid.
  30. With that weight of gravel on the outside edge.
  31. There was the sound of a car on the gravel drive.
  32. His voice is rusty, with an edge of gravel to it.
  33. Route H, a gravel road that dead ends in a forest.
  34. Their feet scuffed and dragged on the gravel road.
  35. You want to live on gravel and watch the corn grow.
  36. We found a gravel car park by the side of the road.
  37. Skim ice has formed atop puddles in the gravel paths.
  38. Tires crunched on gravel and he glanced out the door.
  39. By the time we reach the gravel road, I've had enough.
  40. The gravel beneath sloped gradually toward the center.
  41. It has a gravel road and it can be driven on at speed.
  42. The police stopped at the entrance to a gravel driveway.
  43. He hears footsteps running across the gravel courtyard.
  44. Tom followed the gravel path directly across the garden.
  45. The two companions began walking along the gravel path.
  46. Gravel vac only half of the tank with each water change.
  47. It took only a few moments to reach the gravel riverbank.
  48. Beside the gravel road on both sides were a very packed.
  49. As soon as my paws hit the gravel, a group of teenagers.
  50. The two men dug into the gravel and sluiced the material.
  51. In the centre sat a gravel courtyard surrounded by trees.
  52. The gravel path rose and led around the mausoleum to the.
  53. LP swerved left, hitting loose gravel and losing traction.
  54. A minute or two later he heard their steps on the gravel.
  55. He then rapped his gravel for order and the crowd hushed.
  56. He looked down the gravel path towards the gate.
  57. As soon as I dropped Louis onto the gravel I heard a loud.
  58. They're covered with gravel, perhaps earth and some grass.
  59. Nervously, he stepped onto the gravel dirt road, and spoke.
  60. He parked in the gravel lot, deciding to wait outside for.
  61. They sat on the hard packed gravel in front of the hillock.
  62. Where is the greyness of the gravel and the beauty of the.
  63. I backed up wildly and swerved into the gravel parking lot.
  64. Gravel crunched beneath his feet as he jogged to the house.
  65. Chris bent over and scooped up a handful of the grey gravel.
  66. Is it dead?’ She braked slowly, two wheels on the gravel.
  67. The subsurface gravel must have been poorly laid and sealed.
  68. Julie slammed on the breaks and skidded on the loose gravel.
  69. They both emerged on the other side standing upon a gravel.
  70. He bounced around as he hit deep pot holes and loose gravel.
  71. As he made his way along the base of the cliff, the gravel.
  72. They were like pale pebbles mixed with a gritty gray gravel.
  73. She placed it carefully upon the gravel and knelt before it.
  74. Sure enough, the Honda Pilot is parked in the gravel driveway.
  75. With that Bobby let the man’s head fall back into the gravel.
  76. The dagger fell from her fingers, rattling on the gravel road.
  77. They walked down the gravel path dissecting the lawn hand-in-.
  78. He seized the gravel that lay on the right hand corner of his.
  79. Loose gravel slid down the tunnel walls like rain on a window.
  80. Mornin, Mitchell said with a bit of gravel in his voice.
  81. The sound of a car in the gravel driveway woke her with a start.
  82. The walking surface was rough, mostly a mix of dirt and gravel.
  83. They walked through the great oak trees lining the gravel path.
  84. Mitch, anxious and jittery began to shuffle on the gravel laid.
  85. Imagine riding a giant steel brush over a bed of gravel all day.
  86. Hillary walked along the long gravel path with her new companion.
  87. As he fishtailed off the gravel onto the tarmac he called it in.
  88. Plus, she desperately wanted to empty the gravel out of her boot.
  89. It led to a gravel road, which Jeff attacked like a stunt driver.
  90. I heard the tires rolling over gravel, and soon, all became still.
  91. Sees an empty gravel lot, picnic tables under a lone streetlight.
  92. He turned into the gravel lot and parked his car under a silver.
  93. They got in and drove off, gravel spurting from under the wheels.
  94. The gravel parking lot is almost empty when I walk up to the door.
  95. In front of the house, there was a gravel driveway formed into a.
  96. They turned onto a gravel road and bounced along for a mile or so.
  97. They moved out of the car park, which was just a gravel area, and.
  98. Monte Cristo advanced a few steps, which were heard on the gravel.
  99. Their boots crunched over the gravel as they entered the gate and.
  100. The sand began to fill the spaces between the rocks and the gravel.

    К сожалению, у нас еще нет примеров предложений для этого слова.

    К сожалению, у нас еще нет примеров предложений для этого слова.

  1. Items that are crashed into gravels or crystal, bits or bytes are all elements that are used to construct, build, plan or program another page into the chapter of our current lives we have.

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