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Land в предложении (на )

First I land in the.
They can't go on land.
In his days the land.
In terms of land area.
This has been our land.
I’m not a land Baron.

The pair came to land.
In this arid land? Yes.
The land is oddly silent.
Entering The Land Of Oz.
Pain is a land of bliss.
E LIL: Ruler of the land.
In the Land of the Light.
We went to the Holy Land.
The farmer tills his land.
The land was full of life.
Jake was the last to land.
I will go to the old land.
He tilled the land by hand.
His army lived off the land.
Land us as close as you can.
The land is wild and untamed.
Father had escaped the Land.
And the land is in disarray.
The push west was about land.
To rain no rain on the land.
He never received that land.
I want to land at Mt Hutt.
I have sent you to this land.
Calneh, in the land of Shinar.
When we reach land, that.
No-man’s land was a morass.
He looked up the slanted land.
They had taken all the land.
Phillips was the land man who.
What is this land then?
It was a very attractive land.
Is she from the old land?
To speculate light in the land.
It was a hard landing.
Sue had a soft landing.
We will be landing in.
This is the landing pad.
They stand on the landing.
On the second landing, a.
On the landing stood Rose.
The landing gear comes out.
The landing had woken Jim up.
The fat old idiot was landing.
She came landing on her feet.
Then they were landing, the.
Shy about landing, I think.
His footfalls cross the landing.
On landing in India, he said:.
A helicopter was landing nearby.
Hilde was waiting on the landing.
Sir, they're landing on the roof.
She followed him, landing on top.
The landing struts of the MAV.
She could sleep on the landing.
I leaped into it landing on the.
It was going to be a hard landing.
A news story of a landing on Mars.
Instead of landing on a 737 with.
The village was King’s Landing.
The visitor was now on the landing.
On the landing he kissed her close.
Garcia, landing him hard on his back.
And the landing and the carrier bags.
The bedroom was on the second landing.
The winds are what make the landing.
The landing was five by five, at best.
We will be landing shortly to refuel.
He was on final approach for landing.
I twisted as we fell, landing on top.
Someone waiting on the landing above.
For a moment, the landing was perfect.
Affirmative, the Eagle is landing.
Create a FB landing page for your biz.
My match landed in a.
He had landed on his.
Then I landed on the.
She had landed a job.
Once they landed at St.
One landed on the car.
It landed with a thump.
He landed hard on the.
The bee landed on the.
They landed on a branch.
She landed with a roll.
It landed with a rocky.
I’d landed in the sand.
He landed in the grounds.
Hey, I landed 30 of them.
One of them had landed.
She landed a couple of.
They landed in the back.
I landed on the window.
He had landed onto the.
He landed on the ground.
It landed in the stands.
She landed a great job.
He landed on his shoulder.
His gun landed in his lap.
The second landed in the.
Victor landed on his feet.
The penny landed on tails.
Babsy landed onto the sand.
He landed without a sound.
And he landed in a skylight.
They should have landed at.
Her finger landed on France.
Presque landed a few yards.
He landed me on the pavement.
She landed on his back and.
The ships landed as directed.
Blackjack landed next to me.
A hand landed at his shoulder.
Plaza when he landed his LIMO.
He lands on the roof.
She lands on both feet.
Out of bounds it lands.
A tear lands on her face.
He would build new lands.
Monument to all the lands.
Our lands and our families.
The lands are safe in truth.
And lands atop my vein that.
Something lands on my shoulder.
They showed unknown lands to.
City of Zion, The Temple Lands.
Roman legions from Celtic lands.
Thus foreign lands call to you.
I am at home in the high lands.
I will visit lands in the past.
Far over the lands and through.
To other lands the famine swept.
State your purpose in our lands.
The lands to the far north did.
Just stay off the king’s lands.
All employees lived on pack lands.
There are gorgons in these lands!.
The tribal lands of Pakistan are.
It was a fine day in the Bad Lands.
Beleriand & the Lands of the North.
It is so in the lands they now live.
Out in the Bad Lands, where the sun.
And bind it with the Star that lands.
And bind it with the star that lands.
It is forbidden to go to those lands.
Scorch laughs as she lands the copter.
On lands bestowed upon him by Batory;.
I too will leave these lands although.
They did not migrate to fresher lands.
This was The farm lands of Lancaster.
The lands were usually of low quality.
Lord of himself though not of lands;.
I am adding the northern lands myself.
He plans to be there when Ares 4 lands.

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