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Group в предложении (на )

By a group.
then a group.
This group of.
The group had.
The group was.
This group is.
In the group,.

a group of seven.
The small group.
that of the group.
Later the group.
The group rode on.
, group of houses.
While a group of.
group of the enemy.
They group moved.
Thus, a group of.
It shows a group.
The group sat in.
Not even a group.
visited by a group.
others in my group.
The group arrived.
together as a group.
The social group I.
over the other group.
members of the group.
along with the group.
the group as a whole.
in front of the group.
As a grouping.
Because you will be grouping.
for the grouping that is contemplated.
resulted primarily from simple grouping.
by a pivotal symbol within that grouping.
that same significant grouping of colours.
Objections to the Conventional Grouping: 1.
It is simply a grouping of like-type data.
Lov found a grouping of several nice plants.
The basic structure of elements grouping on.
grouping of elm trees at the crest of the hill.
We can see that all fields now have a grouping.
The grouping was performed with the step of 1%.
Avoid all grouping by clan, race, beliefs, etc.
a different though related grouping of characters.
serve as the plausible basis for grouping together.
They also give rise to others of the same grouping.
grouping the hands up around the shoulders---or maybe.
This symbol grouping underlies most of ancient wisdom.
Grouping by numbers, colors, or under the same category.
A sector is a broad grouping of companies and industries.
King Simon walked into the next grouping of apple trees.
directed against them because of their biological grouping.
himself comfortable on the bed, grouping two cushions and a.
Grouping words into pictures or through subjective organization.
This collective grouping of all energies and life will be to some a.
Big Bang: The post result of the grouping of all energy in the universe.
Earth, water, air, fire as a grouping, symbolizes the underlying.
Target the nearest grouping of life pods and prepare to fire on my orders.
Once you have identified a specific symptom or grouping of symptoms, research.
They grouped around.
blocked by the grouped of police.
Preferred Stock Grouped with Common.
We too have grouped them in with the.
thousands of objects grouped into the.
The assailants were grouped about that door.
Nevertheless, horrors, when grouped together,.
There were many containers grouped here with vast.
Stars are grouped in huge structures called galaxies.
The Amazons grouped round them at a cautious distance.
purposes of this review, they will be grouped this way.
The Masters grouped Themselves in a semicircle on the.
Grouped around it was a stack of clean, porcelain cups.
grouped together and one price is set for the combination.
Children were grouped together in the middle of the room.
Human Y-chromosome haplogroups are grouped by letter (A-R).
It was just the way the data is grouped, interrupted.
numbers, can be grouped together in an ―Other‖ category.
Leaving the Hab in pairs, they grouped up outside Airlock 1.
They were also grouped around a central figure, as Moshe's.
houses were graded and grouped in A, B, C and D category as.
previously grouped together as the thecodonts) disappeared,.
Jocks formed their own circle, cowboys grouped in another,.
Marina went with the limping Bahit and grouped with the others.
factions grouped into organization for the purpose of combating.
for private instruction may also be grouped in a small class by.
Words grouped by alphabet are mostly unrelated in their meanings.
countries were grouped by the Coca-Cola Area Office into Regions.
Matching down-filled armchairs were grouped around the fireplace.
The associative power suggested by groups or grouped items help.
Nancy could count a total of eight explosions, all tightly grouped.
In groups of.
Groups of women.
Groups of friends.
Some groups become.
The groups scattered.
Groups contain 7 to.
Males in all groups.
I imagined groups of.
these food groups as:.
The main groups were:.
Many groups, such as.
Yeshu by certain groups.
done in 3-sector groups.
groups within the church.
Groups attract attention.
Groups consisting of 10.
small groups in the wings.
Both of these groups had.
you fill in your group(s).
Subjects in both groups.
groups were down to chance.
The three groups moved out.
Thirteen of those groups.
also formed musical groups.
such groups to begin with!.
of different groups changes.
The leaders of the groups.
The two main groups were:.
Small groups, in, out fast.
Some men hang with groups.
We blended into the groups.

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