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    1. They were traveling down, deep into the Earth, where Johnny’s secret spy group, Department X, had one of its main operations centers

    2. While group singing of 'bhajans' can be done in a suitable place like a temple or a hall in a manner and time that least disturbance is caused to those not involved in it, the individual prayer is necessarily a communion with God best performed in a quiet corner of the house

    3. She was in a training room surrounded by high tech equipment and lethal weapons watching the group try to kill each other for practice

    4. Johnny and Ackers were standing beside her, but Nancy couldn’t help thinking that they were all in danger just for being this close to the group, which was currently sparring with a robotic army and, as far as Nancy could tell, each other

    5. He mumbled to himself as he walked into harm’s way, with a group of robots attacking him from all sides

    6. A group of three big shaftwoods surrounded the bed end, they would grow to a tower that could be level with the main house's porch

    7. Big Petey walked up to the group while they were all watching Vinnie intently

    8. An activity that brings the young, the middle-aged and the seniors together is much better than a group dedicated only to the interests of the senior citizens, from the point of view of building relationships

    9. They all walked inside, Nancy bringing up the rear of the group and still looking for any traces of Silence

    10. Cities and towns are not communities but group of individual families

    11. Before they could react, Big Petey had barreled into the group, sending bodies flying in all directions as he wrestled with all of them at the same time

    12. But if you are in this age group then you would be in a bit of a dilemma: trying to catch-up on retirement planning at the same time paying/saving for your children's higher education

    13. ‘Joanna was shot with that old gun of Grandpa’s … you know, the one I gave to the drama group

    14. If anything, the paper boy would have probably been less alarmed if he had stumbled upon a group of people wearing masks and trying to openly burglarize the house

    15. I gather that he often uses the van from the garage when the drama group needs stuff transported

    16. Any attempts to infiltrate the group have ended in tragedy: a dead reporter, blood drained and clean-shaven

    17. Women are transformational leaders; they encourage people to transform self-interest into that of the group

    18. He functions as some kind of spokesman for their ethnic group or something like that

    19. Some of the Brazilians want to retain their identity as an ethnic group

    20. There was another faction who felt that it was acceptable to do daily business with the locals but retain their own culture with no more 'political boundary' than land ownership, and a third group who wanted to remain in voluntary association like the core of any other ethnic group, but not be required to join one contiguous territory

    21. A group therapy session in progress

    22. He was of the moderate faction of the Brazilians, he would preserve what he could of their heritage as any other ethnic group would

    23. we’ll have to miss group therapy

    24. "They're a group who never adapted," Tahlmute said

    25. Russ points at a group of women queued up for water at a faucet next to the outhouse

    26. Those using the name were many, but those using the name who also held a connection to human trafficking, prostitution and more specifically to the skin-trade, were a much more exclusive group

    27. "The tension between the group and the individual," the buyer said

    28. of this authority, but before Jesus comes back there will be a whole group

    29. The members of the group turn and shuffle a little to let us into the circle

    30. We stand watching a small group of ducks as they dabble in the water amongst the water lilies dotting the surface

    31. There following are the organizations that the home group of Iri-

    32. He and his mates – Joe and Ian – made a group with some of the girls from school – it was very much an all friends together type of group

    33. That lasted nearly nine months, I believe, by this time he was sharing a house with a mixed group – and they went around as a crowd much like he had in his teens

    34. ’ She said, looking round the group

    35. I often need to run after them and make them hold my hands either they like or or not! Moreover, during the break I can barely endure all that concentrated negativity against me: It is impossible for me to exchange even a word with anyone in there; if I dare approach a group of pupils, they turn their faces the other way, they stop talking and they all split in a second

    36. A number more than half of the total number of a given group

    37. If this group of individuals are financially strong enough, they can will do

    38. Once Hardway’s battlegroup and convoy had finally rendezvoused with Admiral Ming’s combined fleet over the debris field that had been an alien task force only hours ago, the Air Group Commander called the Lancers to Bay 23 in full flight gear

    39. The privateer attack carrier Hardway is drafted into a force group commanded by Harry Cozen's bitter rival from Staas Company

    40. We’ve sold you to another group, more experienced with this sort of thing

    41. Everybody in the group was exhausted and complaining

    42. Ernesto's wife had been killed three years before departure by a group of extremists on what they called a 'drug raid

    43. As the youngest in the group I tended to listen more than I spoke, and I enjoyed a vicarious and voyeuristic expansion of my hinterland through the far more interesting stories from other people’s lives

    44. infectious or DeLightFULL than a group of giggly, laughing

    45. They are a desperate group and already tried to murder me … and yes, I am being careful

    46. Unless you’re travelling somewhere or, like me, live alone and can’t be bothered to cook something, everyone eats at home with the family or whatever group they share their home with

    47. It is a group headed by Blinky Bill, the

    48. The other members of the group

    49. the strong forsaking the consists of a diverse group of astronaut-pioneers

    50. The captain and a couple others wandered off from the group and it sounded like they were calling Alan when they got nearer the probe

    1. The two women gravitated towards the other side of the room where half a dozen semi-comfortable, rather scruffy chairs were grouped around a low table on which some tired-looking magazines had been heaped

    2. Here before him was the Instinctive and Moving centers grouped in the lower level---just as predicted

    3. "She took her own life because of all of you! The school wouldn’t help her when she turned to someone for help!" she turned back to the crowd, now noticing the four girls who abused Rosabell, grouped together at the right side of the crowd

    4. I have grouped these people as entertainers because these people here in hell

    5. In general the changes could be grouped under the following categories:

    6. The sense of unity can be broadly grouped into the three categories listed below:

    7. “I hope they got to shelter in time,” he announced, turning back to the others grouped around the modified fusion heater, “It’s mighty hot out there

    8. As I neared his home, I noticed all my family grouped around a table, deep in discussion

    9. the remaining soldiers grouped, giving evidence that mere mortals are no less heroic, to allow

    10. It stands to reason that when all the "political" prisoners are grouped together in one prison apart from the normal criminals they obviously have time to learn from each other and you from them

    11. blocked by the grouped of police

    12. Three perfectly grouped arrows were clustered within the center of the target

    13. A couple of worn folding tables and chairs were grouped in front of its entrance, but it was too early in the day for them to be occupied

    14. Its monetary power is fragmented in million of organizations that act separately, same when they are grouped in confederations

    15. b) Areas of Activities create virtual ambiences where the organizations are grouped and totally turned operational by trade line, which operate without fixed cost need

    16. “As you can see, there is a large force waiting for us, grouped around that station

    17. Use the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen to contain items that are grouped together

    18. Johnson and some instructors grouped us and set up test missions for us, it was exciting to finally do this for real

    19. Being grouped with others who are similarly exceptional further increases your individual awareness of your value

    20. The obelisk, with its brightly shining apex, and the taller of the other buildings they had previously seen in outline were grouped in the center a short distance from the river

    21. Most of them were still asleep, and a third of them slept standing up in tightly grouped little herds

    22. The pilots, grounded until the heavy rain passed, were grouped around the Ops counter waiting for news of Higgens

    23. of the other buildings they had previously seen in outline were grouped in the center a short

    24. They were also grouped around a central figure, as Moshe's

    25. The other pilots grouped together to head toward their individual squadron briefing rooms

    26. Alright, now what they should have done is grouped their keywords into the following

    27. They grouped just inside the exit of the main building and were kept in touch with the control room by radio

    28. Stars are grouped in huge structures called galaxies

    29. Lich-trolls and troll women who conducted business in the central marketplace grouped together

    30. The various fighters grouped together as they passed through the spatial portal to the Ghastly Fens

    31. The male and female wizards of Coermantyr Castle grouped themselves in a circle within the standing pillars of the aging ruins

    32. The Victors are their children, three teenager boys, so similar in their physiognomy as in their characters; and although their first names are common to all of them, the second varies, but for me, in order to avoid inconveniences of time and space, I grouped them all under a same name "Victors"

    33. The travelers grouped together and ran out the main entrance of the City Hall

    34. He was sitting on a very smooth rock and acted as if he were on the verge of igniting a fire consisting of hollow trunks, termite-eaten, grouped in the form of a lump, to heat his dinner

    35. Collected data should be grouped in a way that makes the data valuable and reliable

    36. numbers, can be grouped together in an ―Other‖ category

    37. But not as single or grouped words; whole concepts thought and feelings felt exchanged betwixt the four of Us attending the experience

    38. round the great tree in front of His house; and the Masters grouped

    39. The Masters grouped Themselves in a semicircle on the

    40. qualities that are grouped under each of the Rays, and but a fragment of the

    41. while the rest of the Brotherhood is grouped in the garden a few feet below

    42. Then I beheld the true strangeness of this place: a bevy of pale horses were lined against the very front of the house itself, grouped on either side of the great porch and spaced evenly; there were many markings imprinted in the grass, which, though I am no expert, seemed to have come from some spell book of sorts; and, at the very heart of the yard, a fountain that looked to be made out of brown, withered thorns planted itself in the ground

    43. 5 When referring to the “subconscious and unconscious”, due to the fine lines of ambiguity surrounding these two as separate, for the ease of understanding we have grouped these into one

    44. 12 Associated core experiences and associated experiences are real life events and experiences that have gone on to form a perception, which for simplicity have been grouped together as one

    45. As for the plan of the whole town, castle, or whatever it was intended for, he could see just enough to get the impression of a great number of courts, mostly circular, each surrounded by its own wall, and connected with the others by open arches, and all, apparently, grouped about the cluster of fantastic towers in the center

    46. The smaller ones were stacked in random patterns of various sizes, but grouped, ending up at exactly the same height as the huge ones

    47. Initially, some of the inhabitants of the shanty town grouped together near the gate, bearing banners and chanting repeatedly, “LET US IN” and, as the occasional convoy of armoured coaches arrived and were let through, they would run up to the open gate in an attempt to gain entry

    48. They were grouped fairly close to one another and he hoped that the spread from the gun would be sufficient to disable more than one with the first shot, leaving time to shoot the third

    49. sets, which included examples all four types of calculations grouped

    50. Children were grouped together in the middle of the room

    1. " She stroked his arm gently as she lead him toward a grouping of stand-cushions

    2. We can see that all fields now have a grouping

    3. "An energy age gone mad," Alan told him, "Far beyond what you had here in the development of bully grouping

    4. “Excuse me Zune, but it’s a hierarchy problem, don’t you see? There’s nothing wrong with classifying and grouping and organizing and all that, but the deal is, when we end up on top of the taxonomical pyramid, that tends to give us illusions of grandeur and superiority that are not at all justified when a global point of view is taken into consideration

    5. This ego trip is why there is a Mensa International which is a grouping of people who have scored high on an IQ test

    6. It is simply a grouping of like-type data

    7. The ideal solution would be to create a Twitter list that allows you to narrow in on specific users by grouping them into categories, and manage the information that you receive by efficiently organizing the topics that you are interested in learning about

    8. As a grouping

    9. Social bookmarking service is the process of grouping and storing bookmarks, an

    10. “Care to sit?” he asked and motioned to the cozy grouping of outdoor furniture

    11. the categorization process is more credible IF the criteria for the grouping is identified, and the

    12. serve as the plausible basis for grouping together

    13. necessary? and What will the grouping achieve? Problems often occur because the basis of

    14. for the grouping that is contemplated

    15. Pose the questions: Why is this categorization necessary? and What will the grouping

    16. Experience - the sensations and grouping of sensations one has had throughout life

    17. that same significant grouping of colours

    18. Higher beings or those which are evolutionarily more advanced are not part of your soul chain or grouping but are simply that of another type of evolution

    19. There is what you would term ‘True Angels’ that do exist as a different type of soul grouping

    20. The energy will group in space, grouping together as one, with all the energies of the atoms present at this location for one moment in time

    21. This collective grouping of all energies and life will be to some a

    22. This grouping at the point of origin will be the one moment in time in which the universe is at rest, giving God

    23. The basic structure of elements grouping on

    24. Big Bang: The post result of the grouping of all energy in the universe

    25. The collective grouping of all the energy from every single atom in the universe combined and joined together before the initiation of the Big Bang

    26. Leading whitespace (spaces and tabs) at the beginning of the logical line is used to determine the indentation level of the logical line, which in turn is used to determine the grouping of statements

    27. himself comfortable on the bed, grouping two cushions and a

    28. directed against them because of their biological grouping

    29. As you see, this grouping of MEANINGS is hardly related to the common grouping of

    30. resulted primarily from simple grouping

    31. Earth will thus not rest until that illegal grouping of local politicians and industrial magnates is dismantled and its leaders punished as the traitors they are

    32. It’s amazing to think the simple mixing and grouping of atoms that formed molecules as plain and abundant as water has led to the marvelously sophisticated process of precise replication found in animals as diverse as butterflies and whales

    33. The grouping of pods hovered just beyond the comet, close enough to the shuttle craft that they could

    34. There were other teams, each designated with a specific grouping of talents in expectations of future needs, but Alpha team was generic enough to cover a

    35. “Why are you here?” Gomez asked, not liking the fact that he was grouping all of

    36. See how touching one gives you a menu for another grouping of icons, narrowing the focus? Try something

    37. “Target the nearest grouping of life pods and prepare to fire on my orders

    38. Mirren launched a volley of torpedoes detonating them near the first grouping of

    39. hoping for more obstacles against the Romulans, and so it was only serendipity that the Romulans had taken refuge within the grouping of life pods

    40. As he walked towards the buffet table, he scanned the room to see who was grouping together

    41. Lov found a grouping of several nice plants

    42. What is important, though, is this grouping: left side of the body, creativity, intuition, moon, female

    43. I don’t think anyone would argue with the correctness of that grouping—it is the grouping of the soul

    44. Opposed to it is the grouping of the self: right side of the body, knowledge, reason, sun, male

    45. Back on the Eastern Shore, Timonus, Julian and Camilla crawled along the ground until they found a grouping of large stones they could hide behind as they spied on the Giants' caravan

    46. Avoid all grouping by clan, race, beliefs, etc

    47. At first I thought it was one massive blob-like creature with hundreds of arms and legs, then I realized it was a grouping of creatures creating the illusion of a single entity

    48. The alliterative grouping is a mnemonic device and only approximates the process roughly represented by them

    49. Because if it's a class, then every percentile and percentile grouping would all be classes

    50. Why---there is even a surging effort among a cross-pen grouping to destroy themselves, before the slaughter, via a home-brew poison that renders their consumables useless!”

    1. Online groups and social networks can even drain your energy if the people on there are always complaining

    2. One could choose and join a few of such groups

    3. They are likely to look at life from many different angles and perspectives and not get frozen in certain views, typical of certain age groups or become predictable with familiarity

    4. Senior Citizens forming their own support groups are more likely to talk as senior persons than as senior citizens

    5. The advent of constant media influence and increased mobility make it so that the morals and values of family groups are not passed down as unchanged as they once were

    6. "Both you and I," Herndon said, "and several groups we don't want to find it

    7. Clearly there were two different groups breaking in to steal the Chip and they had nothing to do with each other

    8. There are other groups among the Brazilians who want it, more because they are vying to succeed him in some custom they have called 'governor,' that I don't understand very well

    9. He supported rights of individual ownership and fair interaction with people of other ethnic groups

    10. The ethnic groups in the Gengee were always Elf and Troll, and doostEr was familiar with the legends from the times when the lines between them were drawn in blood and blade

    11. Ahmed kept him busy the next few days supporting many other meetings as different groups of important souls from the expedition argued this way and that regarding the world of Satan

    12. 11:5), there is indication they prophesied publicly in mixed groups of men and women

    13. 4 light years and those cultural differences were enough to separate them from the ancient hatreds of Earth's ethnic groups

    14. The sunny weather had brought people out and there was something of a festive air to the couples and groups sitting at tables outside the cafés and pubs she passed

    15. Her first rendition of how it worked was 5, attn#, 5, 4 digit session id, 5, 4 digit address modifier or subsession id, 5, 1 digit random data, in groups of 2 or 3 at a time, every 1000 – 5000 packets, 5, 0 to about 1 million digits of data

    16. “We call on those groups

    17. Obviously, the skin, rather than being a single organ, consists of groups of organs, each

    18. … don’t think about your feet, Lintze! I stare at the mass of people … families out with their children, young lovers wandering along arm in arm without a care in the world … groups of men – obviously seamen from the ships

    19. Looking round I realise that I might have taken a wrong turning because I'm surrounded by small groups of impoverished and suspicious stragglers who guardedly, seem to be offering each other objects for sale

    20. Apart from that group, there are several older men – very serious and sitting in splendid isolation – and, surprisingly, several family groups of mother, father and children

    21. Believe it or not large groups of women intimidate men

    22. They stand in small groups, laughing and talking like extras waiting to take part in some theatrical costume production, glittering eyes beneath their scarves, laughing at the Yamaha, laughing at our bumbling stumblings across the pebbled beach towards the bike

    23. Little groups formed around the house and conversations were varied

    24. In fact, one of the only groups remaining intact during this phase of life is the

    25. He was, as is only natural at his age, most attracted to those girls that hedeemed to be pretty, and would watch girls huddle together in groups, gazing at them as they lost themselves in the rhythm of the dance, and he fell in love at least once every half an hour

    26. gov - includes programs from these agencies that are of interest to small, grassroots groups

    27. They may also help small groups with other challenges, such as training volunteers and staff or expanding the reach of the services they provide

    28. All faith-based and community groups that receive Federal funds are subject to basic audit requirements

    29. interest groups, nonetheless the pressures placed on any free

    30. minor altercation the previous week between two groups of

    31. They sat around in small groups discussing in hushed tones the coming Scather attack and formulated a plan that would be put into motion should they try to attack the city in the forest

    32. The farmers lived in small groups of stuccoed stone houses of several rooms each, with toilets that flushed with a bucket and little stone gutters that brought water from streams in the hills

    33. Mothers were indulgent and loitered in groups nearby, chatting and laughing and flirting with the men working nearby

    34. “There are eyes watching us from far above, two different groups

    35. The other tables held different groups, once out of training the girls decided among themselves who would sit where

    36. There was always enough to go around and charitable groups ran a surplus

    37. in groups, gazing at them as they lost themselves in the rhythm of

    38. prosperity in unlawful groups

    39. Certainly, there were several groups of men standing

    40. moment and wandered over to one of the groups of smokers

    41. “They’ll hunt in small groups, maybe half a dozen, usually led by an

    42. The officers file out of the room, chatting in groups and preparing for another day on the streets

    43. There were several popular species in the mix, each with the batter that complimented their area and the ethnic groups from there

    44. Most of the regular clubbers hit the queues outside around eleven and the punters on the early shift are still thin on the ground and coalesce into random groups

    45. After twenty years of evolution in club land white stilettos and plastic handbags may have given way to belly button piercings and porthole dresses, but the ritual stand-off between groups of rhythmic girls and leery boys is alive and well

    46. The trainees were instructed to divide into groups of two for a

    47. Other groups had been directed to communicate with the

    48. 'Long before all the tribes of the great plains came under the sway of the first great chief, far away in an open field beyond the distant mountains, two groups of young men from 'the people' armed themselves with spears, sticks, and bows and excited each other to the verge of a violent fight

    49. certain amount of tension with some groups in this country in the

    50. The other groups of chairs and settees, the massive mantle and fire place with marvelously wrought andirons, fire tools, and the long snouted bellows leaning against the ornate fire screen

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