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    1. A stick whacked at a clump of waist high nettles, sending fragments of the sting-laden leaves scattering across the rough grassland at the edge of the meadow

    2. He was in the center of a thicket, his legs drawn up, his back against the clump of thick reeds that was one of the trunks of this clump

    3. They camped in a clump of big arching trees

    4. They were in the center of a clump of archwoods, their fire was in the very center of the clump, a clump big enough that it must have been here since the sea first left this spot

    5. It pranced from brush clump to brush clump

    6. Desa went wild with the fire, building a blaze that lit the plains for a hundred yards in all directions from this keltoid clump

    7. The trunks of this clump of keltoids formed a rough circle about fifteen feet in diameter with the fireplace right in the center

    8. Kortrax was again free of the horizon, smiling broadly on the endless expanse of ribbonleaves and fronds spreading away to the northwest like a floor of hip-deep yellow flowers widely scattered with graceful archwoods like the clump they were camped in

    9. There were millions of tiny hisses as laleets called for mates from the reeds lining the tiny creek that meandered around this clump of trees

    10. As the dark approached once again they found a keltoid clump that was on an island in the brook, which was now a stream

    11. Alan's foot was definitely aching by then, and the deep bed of dried fronds around this clump was very comfortable

    12. ‘I reckon it has to be just the other side of that clump of trees

    13. This whole village was built out of one archwood clump, a stream, some big stones carved out of the creek bed and some plank-up plus the trunks that grew up around it

    14. There were plenty of paths to enter the village, all of them lead to a public square under the three grand houses grown from the central trunks of the original archwood clump

    15. ’ Andy commented stopping to look at a tall clump of something she couldn’t identify standing sheltered by a bush of some sort

    16. between a rather overgrown clump of rhododendrons and a morass of

    17. Over millions of years, those particles clump together to form a certain asteroid, and that asteroid

    18. Desa was gentle with them and went into a clump of trellised vines and soon came back with a few tiny eggs

    19. These houses are well grown, they were a clump by themselves a century ago

    20. Klowa and Luray found a place out in the back of a keda field on the far side of the clump of jungle beyond the brook

    21. The words 'Gale Force' was introduced into the language by one strong limbed poet who tried to clamber over the ramparts to reach the tenuous safety of a large clump of scurry bush, only to be thwarted and bowled back over the edge at his every attempt

    22. The northwest corner of the pyramid was embedded in a clump of grown building that added a few more floors above the stone maze of the quadrangles

    23. There was no one clump of city as large as the clump in Zhlindu, but there were so many canals with so many miles of city along them that there could well be more in total

    24. The slaves felt lucky if they got a clump of maggots, because it was the only way their meager portions provided enough energy

    25. “I have already observed several more foraging in a clump of grass over in that direction

    26. I had just looked over a clump of trees a little to my left when a movement or something caught my eye I had started to traverse back when another shot rang out

    27. I now had the clump of trees in my view and I could see the merest hint of smoke curling up and drifting away

    28. We sat on a soft clump of greenery

    29. Setting off again across the hot shale, tripping on the occasional clump of cat grass that crept across the ground in search of moisture, rooting where it could, the adventurers moved onward

    30. He noted what looked like a small clump of birch-bark held down under a rock, and a blackened coffee pot

    31. The group were near to a bridge in what looked to be a large clump of bushes

    32. The drive in was through a clump of huge oaks, but out back it was all fields and hills, with a little creek meandering away in the far distance

    33. There was a big clump of birches

    34. When his blazing eyes came to my clump of fern, my heart

    35. On the other side of the road and back towards the field, there was another very small clump of trees

    36. In one clump of tents, there was half a dozen Anonymous campaigners, frequently clad in crumpled suits and shiny masks

    37. Rising, I made my way outside to where a little clump of men stood watching a speck in the serene, distant sky

    38. The logs helped them reach a clump of land, solid enough to support their weight

    39. I had to explain it again a couple of times, about little puff-balls of smoke or gases all lined up in a row ahead of the meteor, and how the thing would arrive in Earth’s vicinity as just a big clump of steam; without enough kinetic energy to cause any harm or penetrate the atmosphere, et cetera

    40. Walter Blythe suddenly rose from a mossy cushion behind a little clump of firs where he had been reading

    41. A tall clump of perfect asters grew at her side

    42. What was eerie though was the clump of walking plants about

    43. over to a spot where a clump of clover was growing and dropped

    44. “There’s a clump of trees and

    45. He flattened out 10 feet above the saw grass headed north toward the bamboo clump

    46. Break, Break, Slingshot, you got the bamboo clump on the north edge?"

    47. Hiding in a clump of trees downhill from the half-built fort, holding a bow with a stringed arrow, Atli had waited for Halfdan and his advance group to jump out of their hiding-places to signal the start of the attack

    48. I pinched a clump of the glossy sheets and turned to

    49. My hand trembled as I parted the clump of fern where the pink limestone had been placed

    50. tribal encampment situated in a clump of silver trees within the mile high valley

    1. I always end up virtually buried inside the cover trying to straighten out the duvet so that it isn’t all clumped up in one corner

    2. I’d know where to find you for about a week, clumped here on the floor

    3. And there they were all clumped together on the grass under the oak tree

    4. Zorandi clumped towards a large section of diamond glass

    5. My shredded, bloodied shirt had finally finished drying against the warm captain’s chair, and it stuck to my skin and clumped in my ponytail

    6. All the time travelers clumped together and ran into whatever it was

    7. The cave began to crumble slowly, pieces of clumped dirt fell, causing a major cave in

    8. deep crimson leaves that clumped together and looked up towards the suns

    9. Now it is of the principle understanding that these things can be placed, clumped, and classified in one, all-encompassing category: the negative, though the feeling here is that there is not just the negative but the semi-positive

    10. As the third tribesman clumped his way past Conan to his death, the Cimmerian, his veins bulging in his temples with his efforts to break past the unseen barrier that held him, was suddenly aware of allied forces, unseen, but waking into life about him

    11. Because witches and cats were often clumped together they

    12. Big trees, more popularly called ‘Beast Trees,’ because of the toral, grew at random, sometimes three or four clumped close together, sometimes far apart, and unlike the trees of a forest, they were sparsely situated over the fields

    13. Leesa turned and saw it was one of the goth guys, clumped with his fellows in their usual place near the back

    14. His hair hung in clumped strands, and his face was streaked with dirt

    15. The other pair of boots clumped past her door and she heard the scratchings of a lock in that door

    16. Every time the girl moved her head they sparkled more, a smattering of stars clumped together to adorn a naked ear

    17. It took her a beat to remember what he was talking about, and when she did fetch the test tubes from her bag, he seemed disappointed at how puny the polverone looked, clumped there at the bottom

    18. They sat at cubicles, typing in shirtsleeves, or clumped at windows trying to dig the action in the plaza through the gathering dark

    19. She’d been waiting for about ten minutes when the door opened and Li’l Tony Willis clumped into the room in chains from wrists to ankles, all five foot nothing of him, wearing an orange jumpsuit and two full sleeves of tattoos, twists in his hair and ’tude on his face

    20. The judge waved her to the bench, and she and Mickey as well as Broyles and his second chair clumped up to the front

    21. The rest of their classmates were clumped in groups around the room

    22. This causes some deciles to be clumped together

    23. Riotous and disordered as the universal commotion now was, it soon resolved itself into what seemed a systematic movement; for having clumped together at last in one dense body, they then renewed their onward flight with augmented fleetness

    1. A clumping of clouds cluttered the sky, blocking out the stars and moon

    2. The plain cat tray clumping

    3. The bacteria are purple in color and have been loosely clumping together

    4. When there are enough of them clumping

    5. Through the silence of the long flat road and the jingling of the harnesses, Mary found her attention hovering over a vague feeling of unease; as though something in the symmetry of the clumping hooves had been lost

    6. from clumping and floating in the reactor

    7. EDTA is an anticoagulant that causes platelet clumping in some patients and would result in pseudothrombocytopenia

    1. dominion of the fromboise assault, there stood man-size thistles and towering clumps

    2. Twenty story residential canopies line the beaches for miles along all the rivers, and more high-rise clumps can be found on the best beaches or kayak routes for several miles around

    3. The data for this transmission was mostly 5's with some clumps of other numbers now and then

    4. His feet would then extend beyond the opposite side of this ring of reed clumps

    5. There were a few clumps of larger archwood trees in the distance, probably related to the species that people grew houses from

    6. Most clumps of trees were to the south, but they had a long time to go before they would think of camping again

    7. The place is a mess, covered in abandoned building material and rapidly shooting clumps of dock and nettle, which are spreading across the broken and barren ground

    8. sat rocking, with head in hands, clumps of hair in

    9. Clumps of primrose are already bursting through the early grass heads as cows lay down in fields under a changing sky

    10. clumps of rhododendrons and laurels that encircled the lawns

    11. There was a lot of ornamental detail on most houses, porch rails were fanciful twists of thick vine, with clumps of leaves, large maroon flowers and long string beans

    12. Here and there next to the house, wherever there was a crack between rocks, thick twisted vines with small clumps of long floppy leaves grew large, brilliant and aromatic flowers and hard green pods

    13. Out from under there, regular polygons of ribbonleaves grew clumps of spaghetti strands out of their centers

    14. Beyond, a wider area held clumps of arching hairy sticks bearing fruit

    15. There’s tall crystal towers scattered all around, sometimes in clumps and often near locks

    16. silence, as I dragged his carrier over the often-bumpy clumps of hard snow

    17. She lifted her head, the curls of her hair were clumps of knots, and turned to find the freckled face of Tetloan grinning at her

    18. Galimoto's claws were balled into fists, filled with clumps of Tetloan's hair

    19. They reached an incredibly high bridge between clumps of towers and subconsciously had the sense to stop and collapse onto one of the benches on the tiny plaza beside it before they went pitching over the edge

    20. Strange to say very little of the latter could actually be seen, a few eagles and hawks overhead mainly following the uplift at the rampart edge, no rabits appeared in the grass clumps, the landscape seemed totally deserted

    21. There were some other big apartment clumps now and then, a quarter mile away at the waterfront

    22. Some were weeping openly, others were rending their hair, literally tearing it out in clumps while still others were biting their own tongues, blood flowing freely from their mouths

    23. Her skin was covered in layers of dirt, while clumps of mud and stray branches peppered her hair

    24. The few clumps of your hair serve as some sort of safety net

    25. Crouched in little huddled clumps of threes and fours, the tattered forms of 'conscripts' scraped, cracked, chewed and sifted out even the smallest bits of ore from the mounds of rock and debris surrounding them

    26. The landscape would still contain a few clumps of grass to relieve the browns, tans, yellows and grey of the rocks

    27. It's former rural setting was slowly being gobbled up by rows of semi-detached middle income estates of two storied houses, pretending to blend into the countryside behind clumps of trees, that the developers in their wisdom had not obliterated, completely

    28. Occasional clumps of cat grass, streaked up from the silvery grey sand

    29. This patch of woods had all kinds of grassy clumps and rotted log piles in it, perfect hiding spots for a small girl

    30. The bank was covered with large clumps of nettles and they would have missed the tunnel completely if Darkburst had not disturbed a field mouse which had then darted into the darkness for safety

    31. Spoon small clumps of blueberries onto the waxed paper

    32. It was covered with large, thick bushes, set between clumps of high grass

    33. There were strands and clumps of forest, where peasants once gathered firewood

    34. A ragged cheer went up from clumps of youthful aliens here and there, and they came running out to the center, forming up in couples, trios, quads and odd-numbered formations

    35. He had been following the path from behind the clumps of trees along its side

    36. Small maple trees - Chinese maple which seeded prolifically, and delicate Japanese maple – both with gorgeous Autumn colours, and clumps of white birches

    37. The area closer to the house was densely planted with growing beings rescued from destruction in the previous garden: lithe birch trees graceful as dancers, clumps of fairy-like nandina, stately arum lilies, agapanthus mounding greenly, fine-leafed groundcovers spilling over every surface

    38. “Non-virulent colonies grow in clumps that look like this

    39. So I got up and walked over there --" He pointed down-hill at a spot where there were some clumps of mountain-grass, a pile of grey stones

    40. rode the more bodies we saw, all piled up in clumps, some without clothing but now many still

    41. coming out in clumps as he settled to the floor

    42. upstream that there was a crop-type plant that grew in clumps in

    43. It was patchy, and it came and went in clumps

    44. In the near distance were some peculiar clumps

    45. Those peculiar clumps of fog were more than clumps of fog

    46. clumps or blobs of dark plasma that populate the

    47. This provides evidence of clumps or blobs of dark plasma that

    48. Adler [2] claims that we have detected these clumps or blobs in

    49. This provides evidence of clumps or blobs of dark plasma that populate the atmosphere

    50. clumps, not unlike a spider web dappled with water droplets This structure

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