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Hawk в предложении (на )

  1. The hawk began to sob.
  2. The Hawk and the Gull.
  3. The Beauty of the Hawk.
  4. He had an eye like a hawk.
  5. Owl Three, this is Lady Hawk.
  6. Hawk one, you are red leader.
  7. His green eyes were hawk eyes.
  8. He watched the man like a hawk.
  9. Hawk five, you are blue leader.
  10. Uncle Chin, meet Henry the Hawk.
  11. The hawk raised his fingers to.
  12. Hawk Nine, you are white leader.
  13. Uncle Chin, meet Henry The Hawk.
  14. The Hawk had made his last swoop.
  15. She and Red Hawk would stay the.
  16. They did, by a hair, Lady Hawk.
  17. Hawk looked bad, but he was alive.
  18. Red Hawk is upstairs in his room.
  20. The hawk keened once and joined him.
  21. They untied the hawk, and had him.
  22. The Hawk once fought for his brother.
  23. Hawk thirteen, you are green leader.
  24. Eugene Red Hawk Madison on July the.
  25. Yes, sir, Hawk said at his back.
  26. Thanks Hawk, you’re a life saver.
  27. Hello Wren, Kim, Tracker and Hawk.
  28. She and Red Hawk would stay the night.
  29. Radar, watch that freighter like a hawk.
  30. All the hawk said was, Just wait and see.
  31. My work here is finished, Hawk said.
  32. Is that you, Red Hawk? I’ll be damned.
  33. Then Hawk collapsed onto the rug facedown.
  34. The hawk stirred and ruffled its feathers.
  35. The hawk said, This should be far enough.
  36. High up, the cry of a hawk pierced the air.
  37. Hawk made a phone with his thumb and pinkie.
  38. Hawk eyes peered from behind those glasses.
  39. His narrow face is that of a predatory hawk.
  40. All Witches call signs, this is Lady Hawk.
  41. Hawk three and four teamed up on a destroyer.
  42. In the form of a hawk, I flew to the Stag.
  43. Paulina married a young man in the Hawk Ordu.
  44. I knew the view would be like that of a hawk.
  45. Red Hawk! She’s jealous of us? Why?
  46. The Hawk had given her so much and her life.
  47. I got a pretty good look at Hawk, I said.
  48. The red tail hawk is a majestic bird in Arizona.
  49. Base to Black Hawk what is the problem?
  50. Where’s Red Hawk? she wanted to know.
  51. It appears to have been shot down, Lady Hawk.
  52. Murray opened his eyes as Mr Hawk began laughing.
  53. The Hawk lowered his head and stretched his neck.
  54. Eugene Red Hawk Madison on July the 28th of 2013.
  55. Sorry, Lady Hawk, will pass the word right away.
  56. I remember your ranger had a hawk or something.
  57. At that time Red Hawk barreled into the dining room.
  58. Zia, can you hear me? I’m in the Black Hawk.
  59. In that same exact place where Red Hawk sleeps now.
  60. Hawk Squadron parked in a low orbit over the planet.
  61. She decided to tell the hawk the truth… partially.
  62. I can send a hawk with a spell, Marcus offered.
  63. Hand, Red Hawk said, holding his small hand up.
  64. Hawk Cooper had come to escort Silas to the Bear Cave.
  65. Squinting, The Hawk looked over at the black man and.
  66. An injured hawk was outside of the dormitory that I.
  67. Jeremiah took Red Hawk back into the stock room, put.
  68. Cookout? Yeah! Cookouts are good, Red Hawk said.
  69. He thanked the hawk for his protection of the animal.
  70. When he got near to her he said, Hi, I’m Red Hawk.
  71. I followed the trail I had seen from the air as a hawk.
  72. Hawk Squadron’s humans gathered in the meeting room.
  73. Hawk Squadron slowly passed the destruction in silence.
  74. The hawk keened once and returned to its original perch.
  75. Whitey and Shorty ordered the hawk guards back up, and.
  76. The hawk flared its wings and lowered its head in reply.
  77. He just sat there taking notes and watching like a hawk.
  78. She turned and faced the hawk and bowed with great flair.
  79. The call of the hawk mingled with the braying of cattle.
  80. Jaden realizes it’s a red-tailed hawk and not an eagle.
  81. Tomorrow you can have all the pussy you need, Mr Hawk.
  82. But although this bug was common, he was special to Hawk.
  83. The Descending Hawk pattern starts with a long white day.
  84. She would settle down with Henry The Hawk Hunting.
  85. Is your wife at home? the one called Hawk asked him.
  86. Jasper bent down, its face was so huge it covered the hawk.
  87. It was times like this that The Hawk really was aware of.
  89. Not in front of Red Hawk, Henry! But it was too late.
  90. I looked up, saw a hawk circling in the broad seamless sky.
  91. Da Nang Control, this is Lady Hawk, on takeoff procedure.
  92. Mr Hawk started laughing and Mr Crow slowly started to grin.
  93. Macho, Hawk said, bending over to examine his captive.
  94. The man even had a hunting hawk that would sit atop his arm.
  95. A hawk soared over the valley beneath the early morning sun.
  96. These detectives are going to be watching you like a hawk.
  97. Bear, Lion and Hawk were the code names they'd go by tonight.
  98. A picture of a hawk on one wall reminds me of Tori’s tattoo.
  99. They took off, one hawk after the other, and joined the other.
  100. Both days of the Descending Hawk pattern must have long bodies.
  1. Brad, Hawking is a British.
  2. Time‖, Stephen Hawking says on p.
  3. He even beats out Stephen Hawking.
  4. Well, Hawking doesn’t think that.
  5. Gun-Molly once did Stephen Hawking.
  6. Stephen Hawking bet US$100 that the LHC.
  7. Doctor Hawking asked you a question, Dr.
  8. According to Hawking, the universe by itself.
  9. It was a slyer alternative to garishly hawking wares.
  10. And what has this to do with Stephen Hawking? The section I was.
  11. Hawking is rarely mentioned in the barely legal sluts magazines.
  12. You could hear them hawking and talking and stretching themselves.
  13. I thought that your beloved Stephen Hawking was the top dog in.
  14. Hawking doesn’t think that the universe has anything to do with.
  15. Anyway! the Professor said, Hawking thinks that the Big Bang.
  16. Then I think that Hawking has more belief in his math than he has.
  17. Who else could I be? I was not Stephen Hawking making the observation.
  18. Let’s have no more of that from you, Hawking, I say! I just had.
  19. It makes a hawking noise while turning its neck and head to look at the ship.
  20. You, on the other hand, will be hawking another edition of your prophetic drivel.
  21. Where the cry of a merchant hawking his wares was to be heard over any cry of praise.
  22. Stephen Hawking, a Brief History of Time, p 51, Bantam Books, 1995, first published in.
  23. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said something I first read in an article by Stephen Hawking.
  24. Hawking had been helping defend Cambridge from its alien siege when he answered the call.
  25. Stephen Hawking states that time can be thought of as another spatial dimension and that.
  26. Stephen Hawking, this spin is said to have a fractional value of 1/2 which means they do.
  27. Hawking, this spin is said to have a fractional value of 1/2 which means they do not look.
  28. Hawking informs us that all particles in the universe have a property called spin which is.
  29. Stephen Hawking is an example of applying the body alone to danger while inspiration stays the same.
  30. We go hunting and hawking, we have wrestling matches and contests of horsemanship, and we play football.
  31. But other times they just lazy around; or go hawking—just hawking and sp—Sh!—d' you hear a noise?
  32. Obviously Linda was asked if she had any recollection of that awful incident? asked Mr Hawking pensively.
  33. In other words she really was sleepwalking when this incident occurred? asked Mr Hawking with great animation.
  34. Hawking in his book "A Brief History of Time" asks : "Why does the universe bother to live?", he can't find an answer.
  35. It was a rare fine day in a wet summer, and he would have liked to be out hawking, but to his anger he was not able to go.
  36. Now it had chipped stucco walls and a steady crew of locals in the parking lot hawking T-shirts, electronics, and phone cards.
  37. This is why her lie detector test exonerates her because she has no recollection of the attacks? interjected Mr Hawking.
  38. His name was Mr Robert Hawking, an Englishman and a specialist homicide lawyer, that had set up an office in Athens a decade ago.
  39. Mr Hawking reassured her that it was still 50/50, and tomorrow’s cross-examination of Peter and Miss Kemp will go in her favour.
  40. Newman had not succeeded in getting a job at the trade since he came out of prison, but he tried to make a little money by hawking bananas.
  41. I was thinking the same thing, the computer said, in a synthesized male voice that sounded exactly like the one used by Stephen Hawking.
  42. I was most impressed with what Stephen Hawking (described by some as "the most prominent genius of this world") had to say, at the time, about ‘wormholes’.
  43. Can you please talk us through her elaborate brain frequencies that have been printed out and mounted here said Mr Hawking while staring at the mounted exhibit.
  44. In other words she was in a narcoleptic sleepwalking mode and therefore not conscious on the night of murders? asked Mr Hawking while looking intently at Linda.
  45. I venture in an area that has not been evoked by Mr Hawking when I declare that it is possible for us to alter the current reality using the power of our mind and brain.
  46. Examples: Connie Chung, Bill Clinton, Michael Douglas, Jose Feliciano, Aretha Franklin, Stephen Hawking, Jimi Hendrix, Calvin Klein, Martin Scoroese, Barbara Streisand, Marlo Thomas.
  47. Reductive but true: at any given hour, the hawkers of Chinatown will be hawking, the mah-jongg players mah-jongging, indolent fish lazing in the tanks that front the seafood restaurants.
  48. In fact the ‘ground state’ that Hawking refers to may be something in addition to a state of energy — it may be a ground state of information and order, according to Fred Alan Wolf.
  49. The driver of the other jeep swerved around a large, insect infest boulder, and upon coming around it had something bipedal ran across his jeep, uttering a quick hawking growl as the light touched its skin.
  50. It so happened that the next day towards sunset, on coming out of a wood, Don Quixote cast his eyes over a green meadow, and at the far end of it observed some people, and as he drew nearer saw that it was a hawking party.
  51. As the waves of sound rose and fell and rose again, he could hear the muffled conversation between a certain yellow-haired Nord woman hawking her available accommodations and what Delvin assumed was an Imperial man, whom he had never seen before.
  52. Large multi-colored cloth tarps and tents were stretched out on poles all over the sloping, grassy field, with dozens upon dozens of men, women and children hawking food, clothing, specialized weapons and arrows, mementos, armor-adornments, charms, and whatever else they thought they could trade or sell.
  53. Kitty felt that in her, in her manner of life, she would find an example of what she was now so painfully seeking: interest in life, a dignity in life—apart from the worldly relations of girls with men, which so revolted Kitty, and appeared to her now as a shameful hawking about of goods in search of a purchaser.
  54. There are as many varieties of wyverns as there are birds, including (but not limited to) the homing or messenger wyvern, hunting wyverns suitable for the equivalent of hawking for small prey, the crag wyvern (a flying predator with a wingspan of ten feet), various species of sea wyverns, and the king wyvern (a very large flying predator with a wingspan of up to twenty-five feet).
  55. The chase is the emblem of war; it has stratagems, wiles, and crafty devices for overcoming the enemy in safety; in it extreme cold and intolerable heat have to be borne, indolence and sleep are despised, the bodily powers are invigorated, the limbs of him who engages in it are made supple, and, in a word, it is a pursuit which may be followed without injury to anyone and with enjoyment to many; and the best of it is, it is not for everybody, as field-sports of other sorts are, except hawking, which also is only for kings and great lords.
  1. He hawked Joe.
  2. Here’s Divine Providence, he hawked.
  3. He strained to sit up, hawked back and spat out.
  4. Remaining droplets had to be sucked and hawked up.
  5. Could it be openly hawked in the dockway court?
  6. The largaph gargled and hawked as he was hoisted off the floor.
  7. Love is free; buy the book, here, now, from me! Jesus hawked.
  8. Three cheers for the sister-in-law he hawked about, three fangs in her mouth.
  9. The merchandise spread on the street and hawked with an infinite variety of stentorian voices.
  10. Janice had in part confirmed the theory by explaining how he made it a point to ensure that the property he hawked was never hot.
  11. And, in fact, Bilibin’s witticisms were hawked about in the Viennese drawing rooms and often had an influence on matters considered important.
  12. And, in fact, Bilíbin’s witticisms were hawked about in the Viennese drawing rooms and often had an influence on matters considered important.
  13. She had also sent me one of those soppy cards that were being hawked about that showed a soldier thinking of his sweetheart back home and she had written happy birthday on the back of it.
  14. With the collaboration agreed upon he would make his way back to his stall, only to have the young woman eventually make her way to it after inspecting the wares hawked by the other merchants.
  15. As a last resort he had recourse to all the herbs that the Indians hawked in the public market and to all the magical specifics and Oriental potions sold in the Arcade of the Scribes, but by the time he realized that he had been swindled, he already had the tonsure of a saint.
  16. Alarming details were hawked about, fatal news was disseminated,—that they were masters of the Bank;—that there were six hundred of them in the Cloister of Saint-Merry alone, entrenched and embattled in the church; that the line was not to be depended on; that Armand Carrel had been to.
  1. Next week the Raiders take on the Hawks in Athens.
  2. She described herself as a dove surrounded by hawks.
  3. We are mice, he thinks, and the sky swirls with hawks.
  4. The hawks landed near Kevin and, when they touched the.
  5. The hawks flew down, scooping up Sam, Samantha and Jane.
  6. Then a big dip landing by the hawks woke Samantha and Jane.
  7. The hawks placed the children on a hill overlooking the city.
  8. Then all the hawks left, flying in the direction of the city.
  9. The pod was like a red hawks feather as floated in the sky.
  10. As the hawks landed, they were well groomed and taken care of.
  11. And when you start flying beware of the owls, eagles and hawks.
  12. Tomorrow morning is your meeting with the hawks at the Pentagon.
  13. This time, no refuge, but a place full of fire and invading hawks.
  14. There were sparrow hawks with white bellies, and screeching kestrels.
  15. Now he was dead, no one could stop the hawks in the Austrian government.
  16. They stood on the mountain top waving to the hawks as they circled around.
  17. For the hawks on the other side of the glass, it was the centrifugal parts of.
  18. Thank you for saving my child! Hialeah said, mother to one of the young hawks.
  19. The creature then whistled up into the air, and an army of large wind hawks flew down.
  20. If hawks are prevalent in your area, shelter these feeding stations with a wire roof.
  21. The Payables program would need to be re-run, tomorrow, and they'd watch it like hawks.
  22. I am Alpha, First of the Red Hawks that abide in this valley; only the Teacher ranks higher.
  23. I am still the Commander and Chief, and those hawks have to do pretty much what I tell them.
  24. Instead of two hawks there were now dozens of them hovering with shrill cries over the marsh.
  25. These hawks would also come out and start hovering high in the sky above our compound a few.
  26. Then at Milan there were sharp-winged hawks, of a bright brown, cutting figures over the roofs.
  27. Even as Carthen and he scrabbled to their feet, it was too late and the hawks were already there.
  28. It was an enormously deft and subtle manipulation, designed to appeal to both war hawks and doves.
  29. Three were lean, white-robed hawks, Zuagir tribesmen without a doubt, nomads from beyond the river.
  30. And what are these owls, eagles and hawks? Dark states of your mind are your owls, eagles and hawks.
  31. At the end of the verses there is reference to rams and hawks and eagles all attacking a great leader.
  32. These hawks were larger than Andrew realized, and they were able to pick up the kids by their shoulders.
  33. No young hawks, thank the great spirits for watching over you! Today, you were granted another sunrise.
  34. When the chickens run free, predator birds like hawks pose a significant risk to these helpless creatures.
  35. His spirit body would grow intensely dark and then intensely light as would the spirit bodies of the hawks.
  36. Her call was not ignored, the hawks were on their way with plenty of other hawks to help transport them home.
  37. They eat fruits and nuts and insects, unlike many birds their size that are predatory, such as Adeross Hawks.
  38. Kingfishers and hawks swept to the surface of a nearby lake to arise with shiny fish in their beaks and talons.
  39. Everywhere he looked there were security guards armed to the teeth and watching every single worker like hawks.
  40. The stones he hurled with a curse went wide or fell harmless, though in his youth he had felled hawks on the wing.
  41. The director, Howard Hawks, adjusted the shooting schedule and then sent for the acting coach, who arrived quickly.
  42. There had been nowhere to do it though, not with the camp monitors watching them like hawks twenty-four hours a day.
  43. Here, there were twenty or more stalls holding the condorlas with another section housing falcons, hawks and kestrels.
  44. The next moment, the air began to whirl in wild patterns, the burning trees and the hawks swooping in a strange vortex.
  45. I stared at the sky, watching the hawks and eagles that soared in serene circles above me, but I couldn’t quite relax.
  46. Hundreds of them would come out in batches to the apparent delight of a pair of hawks that had taken up residence nearby.
  47. The crying of the ravens, the howling of the wind and, last but most satisfying of all, the shriek of wild hawks on the hunt.
  48. It defended itself ably, but careful to conserve their missiles, the Hawks brought it down with two well placed heat seekers.
  49. The leader of the hawks told the others that this was as far as they could go without being spotted by the manta rays of the air.
  50. So have I seen a bird with clipped wing making affrighted broken circles in the air, vainly striving to escape the piratical hawks.
  51. I wondered idly what they thought of us – if they thought us just overly large hawks or realized the condorlas were ridden by men.
  52. I could smell the forests, the spray in the air and hear the crying of the hawks, the chittering of ground squirrels and blue jays.
  53. The War Hawks, gung ho hyper nationalist Congressmen favoring war against both Britain and Spain and invasions of Canada and Florida.
  54. So she sat there watching the sun sink behind the mountains, the hawks swoop back to their nests, and the deer come out of the trees.
  55. You think the protesters are as excited about war as the most bloodthirsty policy hawks; both are ennobled by the pitch of the battle.
  56. From their neutral expressions, Raven could not tell if they enjoyed their job or not, but regardless, they watched over him like hawks.
  57. O that you and I escape from the rest and go utterly off, free and lawless, Two hawks in the air, two fishes swimming in the sea not more.
  58. He wore black plate-armor and was followed by thirty spearmen, black-mustached hawks of the border wars, as avaricious and ruthless as himself.
  59. As the hawks flew vigorously through the air, Sam began to dream about all the things he had gone through, and began to see what scared him most.
  60. He glanced back and saw how the snow-ravens wheeled and dived, trying to escape from the fire that spun upwards from the hawks as they pursued them.
  61. Where has the witch gone? roared another voice, the voice of youth and battle and tooth and claw; the voice of wolves and hawks and bounding deer.
  62. Torin and the other Alit’aren scanned those faces like hawks spying for a mouse to catch in their claws, the Guardians watching the crowd just as warily.
  63. With a few minutes to wrap their minds around everything that they had been through, Samantha gave a wild call to the large hawks that had dropped them off.
  64. It is accepted that there will always be doves and hawks that try to balance between reducing the suffering of the people in a lost cause and national pride.
  65. Howard converted 21 of the 39 attempts and surpassed the 34 set by Wilt Chamberlain for the Philadelphia Warriors against the St Louis Hawks on 22 February 1962.
  66. Veteran director Howard Hawks guides the large cast through the tune-filled story of a beautiful blonde with a weakness for diamonds, and her equally lovely enabler.
  67. The Golden Hawks in this venue were no garden-variety raptors, however, but much larger---with talons powerful enough to rip out a Normals’ throat or even crush his skull.
  68. Red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis): This noisy carnivore emits a terrifying screech to ward off rival hawks during hunting and aggressively defends its territory.
  69. And as we dawdled along behind, watching him like hawks lest we lose him under a leaf or something, we all got so cross and ill-tempered we were ready to bite one another's heads off.
  70. Nightfall nodded, and they made the final dash to the base of the banyan, flailing their staffs at the strafing hawks and leaping to catch and swing up into the tree’s lower branches.
  71. Bitter Knife laughed and wiped his face and said to Runs Like Cheetah, I hate to tell you this my friend, but I think your little Ghost Hunter is going to hunt with hawks, not cheetahs.
  72. Nervous-looking ground squirrels sat on jagged rocks, one moment watching for rattlesnakes in the sagebrush below, the next moment cocking their heads to watch for hawks circling high above.
  73. During their ascent the piercing call of a nesting pair of Golden Hawks kept the hackles at the back of his neck up on end, especially since in native form the raptors were a natural predator.
  74. Or into his wife or children's' bankster accounts in London or other family in Zurich! Or they create a Trust somewhere in the usual islands watched like hawks by the money laundering police.
  75. That happened to be Hawks territory, where he and his cohorts had cut their teeth backing up Ronnie Hawkins back in the early ’60s—before Dylan went electric and they became The Band.
  76. A bird in this interval might easily be blown to the distance of five hundred miles, and hawks are known to look out for tired birds, and the contents of their torn crops might thus readily get scattered.
  77. Smaller seed-eating birds’ droppings are small and mostly liquid, whereas the owls and hawks produce pellets which may contain indigestible parts of the meal taken, be it fish, bird, insect vole or rodent.
  78. I replied, I saw the same thing in my mind as you, Night Stalker, but I saw more—I saw that that the hawks will be as fierce as Ghost Hunter and that they will fly with him when he rips the seal between worlds.
  79. Then the subsequent reversal that takes place results from all the stop losses sitting out there, like trout sunning themselves at the top of a lake—easy targets for the hawks who come swooping down from overhead.
  80. Some hawks and owls bolt their prey whole, and after an interval of from twelve to twenty hours, disgorge pellets, which, as I know from experiments made in the Zoological Gardens, include seeds capable of germination.
  81. However, even with this information, the hawks still adamantly opposed surrender, claiming the Japanese would keep fighting to the bitter end for the Emperor in the faith that they shall find martyrdom and eternal life.
  82. Strange to say very little of the latter could actually be seen, a few eagles and hawks overhead mainly following the uplift at the rampart edge, no rabits appeared in the grass clumps, the landscape seemed totally deserted.
  83. Whenever the brush thinned and the hawks closed in, Edgar and Nightfall would stand back to back and stab and swing at the swooping birds with their staves, but the closer they approached the banyan tree the more furious and aggressive the hawks became.
  84. It can be explained by these insane things trying to dominate the earth by the oldest measure of reptilian bird dominance invented: physical height, the farthest distance from the earth being the exclusive realm of the most dominant killers of birds: hawks, eagles and buzzards.
  85. And the bushes about the river had been cut down, and the river itself, not visible before, now gleaming like steel in its bends, and the moving, ascending peasants, and the sharp wall of grass of the unmown part of the meadow, and the hawks hovering over the stripped meadow—all was perfectly new.
  86. When they left the kingdom of the snow-ravens, the sound of the hawks and that one wild scream echoing in his heart, the four of them—Carthen clinging like a kitten to Isabella’s waist—leapt through a membrane of soft feathers which roared like a winter storm and the land behind them snapped shut.
  87. I pass my life with my wife, children, and friends; my pursuits are hunting and fishing, but I keep neither hawks nor greyhounds, nothing but a tame partridge or a bold ferret or two; I have six dozen or so of books, some in our mother tongue, some Latin, some of them history, others devotional; those of chivalry have not as yet crossed the.
  88. It did not simply flutter like a butterfly, nor soar like the larger hawks, but it sported with proud reliance in the fields of air; mounting again and again with its strange chuckle, it repeated its free and beautiful fall, turning over and over like a kite, and then recovering from its lofty tumbling, as if it had never set its foot on terra firma.
  89. And all came with nimbi and aureoles and gloriae, bearing palms and harps and swords and olive crowns, in robes whereon were woven the blessed symbols of their efficacies, inkhorns, arrows, loaves, cruses, fetters, axes, trees, bridges, babes in a bathtub, shells, wallets, shears, keys, dragons, lilies, buckshot, beards, hogs, lamps, bellows, beehives, soupladles, stars, snakes, anvils, boxes of vaseline, bells, crutches, forceps, stags' horns, watertight boots, hawks, millstones, eyes on a dish, wax candles, aspergills, unicorns.
  90. All day long I am giving out table linen, ordering meals, supporting the feeble knees of servants, making appropriate and amiable remarks to officers, presiding as gracefully as nature permits at meals, and trying to look as though I were happy; while out in the garden--oh, I know how it is looking out in the garden this golden weather, how the placid hours are slipping by in unchanged peace, how strong the scent of roses and ripe fruit is, how the sleepy bees drone round the flowers, how warmly the sun shines in that corner where the little Spanish chestnut is turning yellow--the first to turn, and never afterwards surpassed in autumn beauty; I know how still it is down there in my fir wood, where the insects hum undisturbed in the warm, quiet air; I know what the plain looks like from the seat under the oak, how beautiful, with its rolling green waves burning to gold under the afternoon sky; I know how the hawks circle over it, and how the larks sing above it, and I edge as near to the open window as I can, straining my ears to hear them, and forgetting the young men who are telling me of all the races their horses win as completely as though they did not exist.
  91. Then something shifted inside me and I was no longer next to the face but far across the river fluttering like a moth in front of the Creation Star—all the while being drawn closer and closer to it until I had an orgasm that was so intense I began crying and screaming and laughing in a voice I had never heard before—and then I was high above the river delta watching the grain fields grow from seed to harvest in an instant while the river kept overflowing its banks and then receding just as quickly—and this kept happening over and over while the sun and moon kept rising and setting in the flick of an eyelid—as if time were somehow racing ahead of itself—and then I was above the villages watching a band of older hunters savagely murdering women over and over while the young cheetah hunters attacked them in bloody waves—neither of them winning and neither of them losing—and then I was high above the Settlement watching a tall young shaman I knew was Ghost Hunter locked in mortal combat with Runs Like Cheetah—Ghost Hunter with his bloody, ravenous hawks and Runs Like Cheetah with his sleek cheetahs—first in the Settlement and then in the villages and then on the white beaches of the great blue water and then I was suddenly high above the river delta looking down at the dark chaos of what was once beautiful and a dark rage began building up inside me that I knew would never ever go away and then I was arm in arm with Runs Like Cheetah, slaughtering the women-killing hunters over and over until the stench of death was everywhere—and then everything went black and I was falling and falling and then I was lying on the river bank looking up at the smiling, concerned faces of Runs Like Cheetah and Bright Hands hovering over me like anxious mothers waiting to hear what had happened—and was I all right?
  92. In the dream, he was as a grown man flying with his hawks, ripping the seal between worlds when Mafdet appeared to me and said,.

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