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Peddle в предложении (на )

  1. Each peddle got him nearer and near to safety.
  2. Probably got a new toy line he wants to peddle, he's.
  3. Swings and a sandpit and a peddle car in yellow plastic.
  4. Peter smiled and pressed the peddle to the ground, and the.
  5. He’s literally driven around the country in his car trying to peddle it to whatever.

  6. Why I'm so happy you're here is that I can use that magnificent pouch of yours to peddle items.
  7. We’d come all this way to peddle our wares, but we were powerless in the face of such overwhelming cuteness.
  8. Paying booksellers to peddle your books – what faced me – is ludicrous, unless it is done without any charge.
  9. I also sent out two emails in the hope that I might be able to peddle some of my latest book, since it too is about missing intelligence.
  10. They peddle out such a fish as that by the pound in the market-house there; everybody buys some of him; his meat's as white as snow and makes a good fry.
  11. Further, once we’ve done this, and made ourselves known, we can start to build a positive reputation and back peddle ourselves out of this hole that Pressman and Sheaar have put us in.
  12. But what the defensive investor really needs to defend against here are the hard-selling insurance agents, stockbrokers, and financial planners who peddle annuities at rapaciously high costs.
  13. The asset gathering complex and the actively managed mutual funds they peddle are, for the most part, a disastrous social experiment that began with the advent of the 401(k) in the early ’80s.
  14. Political religions, including Sci–Coll, dismiss spiritual religions and their heavens as fairy tales; however, these same political religions peddle an earthly utopia, an Earth-based heaven, which is just another fairy tale.
  15. It was a poor day when he did not peddle back to his hut without at least half a dozen twenty-five centimetre fish, unsuitable for filleting but adequate for pounding and kneading into balls, resting at the bottom of the basket tethered between the handle bars of the cycle.

  1. It hides all of the graft, paybacks and influence peddling.
  2. When peddling wares in the Amazon frontier, success equals more success.
  3. He had learned the family business from his dad and brother, drug peddling.
  4. His son has developed some revolutionary software which he has been peddling on the internet.
  5. Not unlike, come to think of it, those ads overhead, peddling podiatry, plastic surgery, orthodontia.
  6. While the rickshaw-puller was peddling her home, Roopa tried to speculate about his wife and their life.
  7. She had to go slowly, the street being crowded with pedestrians and street vendors peddling their wares.
  8. Breakfast over, they went into the street, busy with the trade of carters and orange boys and peddling old women.
  9. Profit margins were at stake for those who made a living by degrading, peddling and consuming natural resources.
  10. They are an honored member of the entire system of legalized bribery influence peddling, and corruption in Washington.
  11. These securities tend to be at the opposite end of the spectrum from the momentum stocks that most brokers are peddling.
  12. Pharmaceutical companies are peddling more treatments than the miracle cure salesmen of old, with many of the same effects.
  13. They learn graft, influence peddling, money laundering, and all of the other semi-legal and illegal necessities to running a corporation.
  14. The potters decided to avoid the overhead of a regular retail store so they were peddling their goods at flea markets and other such places.
  15. My dear, lovely as you are, I think unfortunately that you would be much better served peddling your wares to those who are looking to buy.
  16. I had been around morning television for a while, so I knew when I accepted the job that we’d be peddling softer fare than the evening news.
  17. Samantha could not help but think, Were you thinking about your kids when you were peddling meth? She handed her a tissue and patted her shoulder.
  18. As soon as everyone realized that the Dominex building was still standing and they were still peddling drugs, the value would most likely recover.
  19. He knew he needed something stronger than yet another slap to keep going and heard a guy peddling speed on the dock beside the cook where he bought this roll.
  20. A concession along one wall offering hot food and cold beverages was doing a brisk business and prisoners wandered through the milling throng peddling handicrafts.
  21. I made a campaign issue of a certain renegade band of cocaine traffickers who have been peddling their stuff in Limon and the federal government seemed incapable, or unwilling, to do a thing about it.
  22. Oh, maybe not directly, no, but with the connections to other businesses and networking through the community, high class pussy peddling has turned out to be the most lucrative business you’re involved in.
  23. The area around the station used to be associated with prostitution and drug peddling, but since the station’s modernisation and the building of the St Pancras international station next door which is home to the cross channel Eurostar it has moved upmarket and is no longer regarded with such distaste.
  24. She started up her own newspaper and fought her way into the upper circles of influence peddling, found out how these people really do the business of politics by favoritism and nepotism and corruption: and peddled the appearance of being morally outraged by the behavior of her own class of filthy rich scum.
  25. One, either Smith and his invisible hand and the theories of market forces were wrong, or, there was some agency with an agenda to dumb down the public by peddling crappy shows and tunes, overwhelming an already stupid population with commercials for things they didn’t need to impress people they didn’t like.
  1. Christina peddled away as fast as she could.
  2. Topps walked with me home and then took his bike and peddled back to Melrose.
  3. As the buck reared up and peddled its front feet, Joey dove for the vine on the ground.
  4. As he peddled away, he could hear a cacophony of roars from the lion, screams from the trio and gun-shots.
  5. I peddled my bike hard through the early morning darkness that sheltered Kings Town in a cold and quiet state.
  6. He had become frustrated with the way antiquated and patently false ideas were so easily peddled and embraced in our society.
  7. The cage of silver bars that confined those teeth seemed no more substantial than the honey-crystal straws the vendors peddled in the bazaar.
  8. One of the last of the philosophers—Connecticut gave him to the world—he peddled first her wares, afterwards, as he declares, his brains.
  9. The two small ones could have sat in the strong frame to the front of the handlebars, while one peddled and the fourth sat astride the rear carrier.
  10. They were pictured as bigger than today's floaters with open decks and enormous sausage balloons and horizontal fans to drive them, peddled by most of the troops aboard.
  11. There is no way to know, of course, if these are the same creatures that came through when Lance died, or when the portal in my basement opened, or if there are other portals opening in the world, or if Tom has peddled his supply and that is the cause of their sudden reappearance in my life.
  12. She started up her own newspaper and fought her way into the upper circles of influence peddling, found out how these people really do the business of politics by favoritism and nepotism and corruption: and peddled the appearance of being morally outraged by the behavior of her own class of filthy rich scum.
  1. She was wearing a necklace that had two strings of smooth uneven peddles of coral that clicked with her every move.
  2. These he peddles still, prompting God and disgracing man, bearing for fruit his brain only, like the nut its kernel.
  3. He had his feet on the peddles maneuvering the speed, while his right hand turned a little yellow ball, half of which was protruding from the surface of the table.

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