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Hood в предложении (на )

1. He took off the hood.
2. He died on Mount Hood.
3. The hood was too tight.
4. Boyz n the Hood (1991).
5. On the hood of my truck.
6. She pulled the hood of.
7. I sulked beneath the hood.

8. Finished up at Fort Hood.
9. Hood took my breath away.
10. You pull the hood tighter.
11. In the days of Robin Hood.
12. Gould from within her hood.
13. Had his hood up, the idiot.
14. Hood: Prince Of Thieves OST.
15. Pop the hood, he said.
16. His hood was pulled low to.
17. The enemy opened fire on Hood.
18. The hood was pulled off but.
19. The extractor hood is silent.
20. He slams his fist on the hood.
21. Ed got out and raised the hood.
22. Hood, if perhapsà well à.
23. Lydia looked away from the hood.
24. Robin Hood, eh? That name again.
25. My hood stayed in place however.
26. Then the Hood was back in place.
27. Beneath my hood my eyes widened.
28. I blinked and pushed my hood off.
29. Here this man was, a hood legend.
30. Tom lifted the hood and braced it.
31. Easton jumped onto the hood and.
32. Knocked him right up on her hood.
33. One of the mages removed his hood.
34. Rain clattered on Benson’s hood.
35. Little Red Riding Hood 166 to them.
36. Leave the hood the way it is Hank.
37. Dol turned and threw her hood off.
38. He lowered the hood to reveal his.
39. The wind blew her hood to one side.
40. Sorry about the hood, he said.
41. Hood to their temporary difficulty.
42. Never mind, we'll put down the hood.
43. I pulled the hood down off his head.
44. The hood slipped back from her head.
45. When I landed on the hood I felt a.
46. The first hood waved the second back.
47. I kept my eyes open inside the hood.
48. Then Agnew took his hand off my hood.
49. He was wearing a hood and a bandana.
50. I notice he isn’t wearing the hood.
51. A hat as well as a hood for the coat.
52. Hood was the ultimate battle cruiser.
53. Back in the hood, the scene was merry.
54. Nigga ain't that stupid in the hood.
55. He slid down to the hood, so he was.
56. The pretence of the hood was forgotten.
57. Robin Hood wasn’t feeling at all well.
58. He rang Denis Hood to arrange a meeting.
59. He lifted his hood against the rain and.
60. You can get a 90° rotation on the hood.
61. The mistake was also realised on the Hood.
62. YOU COULD DIE OF TERROR, the hood intoned.
63. Chuck, he said and dropped his hood.
64. Jack finally jumped off the hood of his.
65. She will be wearing a jibbah with a hood.
66. He knew he was getting nowhere with Hood.
67. Tobias leaned against the hood of the car.
68. I’m gonna have a look under the hood.
69. Climbing onto the hood of the truck each.
70. Did you see a leash? A hood? Of course not.
71. Where is there one? asked Robin Hood.
72. We all sat in them, and I lowered my hood.
73. So what you doin’ livin’ in this hood.
74. Robin Hood was the hide-and-seek champion.
75. Yes, the person in the hood was a woman.
76. She put on a cape with a hood and went out.
77. She could feel his breath against the hood.
78. She pressed her hand to the hood of the car.
79. Hood had anticipated, had also taken place.
80. We pulled over and gingerly popped the hood.
81. Lydia stared into the blackness of the hood.
82. Lower the hood hung on that last lament.
83. His hood and his grey rags were flung away.
84. An’ what o’ the Robin Hood Oath?
85. The silver Tesla had pockmarks on the hood.
86. Mary stood up and pulled off her knit hood.
87. Since 1988, Robin Hood has invested over $1.
88. So did the ancestors of al these hood peeps.
89. With care he pulled the hood down completely.
90. Robin Hood and the Monk (Child's Ballads, No.
91. Amy got off the hood and turned the radio up.
92. Jason called his dead-end street the Hood.
93. In this unique book, Ann Hood will help you.
94. Exactly what I said, laughed Denis Hood.
95. He wore a cloak and a hood; his large watery.
96. He smiled slightly and then let the hood down.
97. No one deserved forced servant hood like this.
98. Covered with a cloak and a hood over her head.
99. And taught servant hood as He washed their feet.
100. Its face was hidden in the shadows of the hood.
1. A tall, distinguished looking man glared down at me, a look of complete contempt hooding his eyes.
2. Certainly, there was no justification for the forced nudity, naked triangles, sex acts, and hooding.
3. Within an hour the merchant, stroking his big overcoat neatly down, and hooding up his jacket, with the agreement in his pocket, seated himself in his tightly covered trap, and drove homewards.
1. There I was hooded and.
2. Just as the hooded man.
3. Now then the hooded monk.
4. Batistuta and the hooded monk.
5. His eyes were dark and hooded.
6. The hooded figure in front of Dr.
7. The hooded monk is here, Hal.
8. At the same time, her eyes hooded.
9. Despite the heat, three were hooded.
10. His hooded eyes burned with intensity.
11. A hooded figure standing over her bed.
12. His mind then turned to the hooded monk.
13. The hooded figure blinked once and then.
14. I need to know about the hooded monk.
15. They were hooded and suspiciously shiny.
16. IT'S THE HOODED MONK! someone cried.
17. About the hooded monk and from the RKU.
18. He'll declare vengeance on the hooded monk.
19. The hooded figure teleports into Central.
20. The hooded figure’s mask had slipped off.
21. The hooded monk was standing in the middle.
22. Turning slowly, he gazes at me, eyes hooded.
23. Then she put his body into a hooded top to.
24. A dark shadow moved next to the hooded figure.
25. That is… He looked up at the hooded man.
26. The hooded guy then said, Give me the keys.
27. The hooded man then says, Your pain, I feel.
29. The hooded figure spun around to face Ariella.
30. He watches me for a long time with hooded eyes.
31. Sully’s eyes hooded over and he stared at me.
32. The hooded man raised his staff once more and.
33. The hooded man was chanting something in Latin.
34. I saw enough tonight, the hooded man said.
35. Give her time, Goody, said the hooded man.
36. He nodded in the direction of the hooded figure.
37. The other, narrow, slanting and slightly hooded.
38. Sam frowned and stared at her through hooded eyes.
39. She gave him a hooded eye, but no retort for that.
40. The middle hooded figure slowly elevates his hand.
41. The liger jumped once again on the hooded figure.
42. I swear, he said, his eyes hooded with shame.
43. On his way, his attention was struck by a hooded.
44. This man had been sitting there, hooded, without.
45. The hooded man made a beeline for the stairs and.
46. The Hooded One was not her mother, she somehow knew.
47. This time it was by someone wearing a hooded cloak.
48. Barbara, the hooded monk is here, he whispered.
49. She saw the tall hooded silhouettes of their riders.
50. Curled up in the middle of a bleak and hooded cell.
51. He wouldn’t allow this hooded guy to get involved.
52. A hooded person appeared before her carrying a bucket.
53. She turned into his hand slightly and her eyes hooded.
54. He wore a gray hooded sweatshirt, jeans and slippers.
55. He hovered above me and looked at me with hooded eyes.
56. A hooded figure was sitting on Henri’s chest with a.
57. And there was that skinny guy in a bulky hooded shirt.
58. The remaining hooded figure rolls his eyes behind his.
59. In movies, people who were hooded could always see out.
60. He’d told him everything except about the hooded man.
61. Get up, the hooded figure said, with a voice silky.
62. Nancy was back in less than a minute, her hooded cape on.
64. Oh why that darn, dastardly hooded monk, Rob said.
65. A short while later both hooded men ascended the wooden.
66. Alric looked at the hooded figure, You’re sure?
67. Machinma from the premises, the hooded monk tracked the.
68. An old man was dozing in a great hooded chair in the hall.
69. A tall, hooded figure was knocking at Henriette‘s door.
70. The bird would be hooded and thus remain perfectly still.
71. The hooded Redeemer stopped his horse in front of Elowen.
72. He was dressed in black hooded robes and carried a scythe.
73. The Grand Inquisitor snarled behind his hooded, black robe.
74. Then, from the wooded area near us two hooded men appeared.
75. So what's the first step in the hooded monk mystery?
76. Several more men appeared, all hooded, some carrying torches.
77. IT'S THE MONK! IT'S THE HOODED MONK!!! he cried as he.
78. A hooded man appeared in the darkness of the hall, steadily.
79. As he looked at the hooded man, his head filled with voices.
80. The hooded figure reached down with one hand and released a.
81. Tom was staring at the hooded figure with undisguised hatred.
82. What of the hooded monk and Batistuta? Marte Meo asked.
83. Doctors bump and bend around the vigilant, black hooded woman.
84. Did the hooded monk come down here? Batistuta asked him.
85. As usual, King Exinder was cloaked in shadow, his face hooded.
86. His face was hooded, and he did not speak his master’s name.
87. The hooded man looked at Hank and said, Brenda’s my sister.
88. On the green there waited, still and silent, the hooded Rangers.
89. The hooded man spread out his hands to indicate his surroundings.
90. The fact that the weather was cold was very handy as the hooded.
91. The blue hooded cape she had draped over her shoulders only 231.
92. Bequen, said the hooded man to the girl, this one saw it.
93. The intimidation factor that this hooded figure has placed on.
94. The actors wore hooded white cloaks, concealing their identities.
95. Amos was astounded but not repulsed by the hooded man’s actions.
96. Samantha dove the vessel, ducking and dodging the hooded creature.
97. Standing over them was another man, also dressed in a hooded robe.
98. Let’s hear what she has to say, declared a tall hooded man.
99. The big man shoved him again, and the hooded man did not fight back.
100. One of the hooded men was about to do away with you, at one point.
1. Nope, they had on hoods.
2. They were monsters wearing hoods.
3. Could be our local Scottish hoods.
4. They wore dark hoods over their heads.
5. Jimmy placed dark hoods over our heads.
6. The two hoods shrugged into wakefulness.
7. Two men wearing black hoods enter the room.
8. He has dealt with real mafia hoods already.
9. We pulled on our hoods and braced ourselves.
10. I looked at the two hoods on the hood, their faces and.
11. One by one the men around me began taking off their hoods.
12. The ones with silver ears coming out the sides of their hoods.
13. A few hours later, the hoods were removed, and the boys found them-.
14. No one about, Where the fuck was Maiorescu or any more of his hoods?
15. Lifting hoods for protection, it secured the dullness for the rest of.
16. Chevalier spoke, though it was hard to tell who was speaking, the hoods.
17. Yeah, we straight, Raekwon said then turned to the two young hoods.
18. Covering up their own evil with white sheets and white caps and white hoods.
19. He could not see anyones face for they were covered by their respective hoods.
20. A couple of kids sat on top of the car hoods, laughing, and guzzling their beer.
21. Neither man bothered with hoods, and after a hesitation, Jess left his down, too.
22. He could tell nothing of his rescuers except that they wore dark cloaks and hoods.
23. The Irish hoods were stubbornly posted between him and the tenement house stairway.
24. The sagebrushes shone with new silver leaves and the oaks wore hoods of golden green.
25. No one in either car was moving and there was fire coming from underneath both hoods.
26. The priest squinted up at the two young hoods, frowning when he recognized who it was.
27. In the center of the room were two tables with large black hoods suspended over them.
28. Billy knocks on the office door and enters, finding Ted surrounded by the local hoods.
29. They were clad in cloaks of dark grey, and their hoods were cast now over helm and head.
30. Wearing their Mage cloaks and hoods they dropped by negrav chute then headed for the Arena.
31. Feeling suddenly queasy, he looked up to find a pair of executioner hoods looming over him.
32. Not least because he has agreed to pay the Hoods interest on the deposit until we do so.
33. Makeshift hoods had been fashioned to protect their eyes from the glare of the late-day sun.
34. The Hoods are a nice family, said Bowman, but I haven’t seen Robin since he graduated.
35. The man left, muttering, and we pulled our hoods tighter and wrestled the tub into the rooms within.
36. Some of them were leaning on the hoods, some of them inside, and some of them just on the sidewalk.
37. We had already put on our Gore-Tex clothes while on the yacht, and in the boat we pull our hoods tight.
38. Subsequently the thousand heads of Shesha began emerging, spreading their majestic hoods inside that grotto.
39. The men stood around in their white sheets with their hoods off, conducting the most ordinary small-town meeting.
40. In Poughkeepsie a group of fans bought bright pink oilskin tablecloths and fashioned capes and hoods out of them.
41. They will also flare out their iconic hoods and emit a bone-chilling hiss that sounds almost like a growling dog.
42. I saw a group of cloaked men standing well back from the front lines, dressed in black with hoods over their heads.
43. Since then: this 9,000 yr-old hierarchical pattern of gangs, gangsterism, hoods, Knights…Killing in the night time.
44. Manned by locals wearing robes with hoods, the boats lent a final sense of mystery and endless time to the atmosphere.
45. For once, they are not allowed to pull on their Klan hoods and go riding off into the darkness, unmolested, unpunished.
46. A group of men were leaving the great hall, pausing long enough to pull up their hoods before venturing out into the rain.
47. When they came within sight of the city, Ralph gave out hoods with holes for the eyes and mouth, and they all put them on.
48. The bodies were slumped and fallen, draped over one another, with bloodstained clothes, and hoods still over their heads.
49. He desperately wanted to pull out his torch, but he knew that would make their hoods come up and their goggles come down.
50. We both wore traveling cloaks with hoods that helped obscure us from the probing looks we encountered from within the inn.
51. The Death Guards' faces were once more hidden beneath black hoods as they walked among the fallen, their blades stained crimson.
52. They looked around, moving their heads from side to side, peering through the holes in their hoods, looking like fish in a stream.
53. Have you asked all the hoods in town? It seems to me that whoever you’re tracking would have a lot to gain by blowing your leads.
54. As soon as we were within three hundred feet, a door on the roof swung open, and figures all in black complete with ninja hoods, leaped out.
55. We talked for hours, breaking off only to slip our hoods on and sit quietly on our mattress rolls when the guards brought in the evening meal.
56. It occurred to Phil that from the point of view of the birds, their still forms, obscured by canvas hoods, must have looked like lifeless debris.
57. We both lifted our hoods up about the same time and lit up a cigarette and she was telling me about a date she had with my friend the night before.
58. Berbers, Arabs in woollen jellabas and yellow babouches, their women in blue or green gabardine, hoods up and a gauzy cloth covering nose and mouth.
59. They swelled larger and larger and unfurled their hoods, and just when I was about to scream, I felt the room around me moving, slithering, slipping.
60. They were coming up behind the Mafia hoods who were standing near Thirty-first Street and trying to figure out what the hell to do next, their next move.
61. Very few slaves were visible and those that were covered with hoods or cowls and busied themselves away from the visitors as they progressed their tour.
62. She should move to California to a climate that would help her remove her boots, coats and hoods and show her lovely face, abundant hair, her perfect body.
63. Hipolyta and mother disentangled themselves from their rain hoods and boots and hung their clothes over a line in the kitchen which they'd strung for drying.
64. That is the romance of england: hooded robbers; hoods who are robbers: bird auras hiding inside them: robbers robbing robbers who are even worse than they are.
65. Despite their new robes and hoods they couldn’t help feeling a trifle nervous when an internal door opened to admit the most handsome man either had ever seen.
66. Well, in as much as they might face me, peering down, considering I’ve never seen beneath those voluminous hoods and can’t even say whether they have faces or eyes.
67. Once past the peak of the half-moon bridge our tasks eased, and we managed to stumble into a shelter on the island, dropping the sacks but retaining our sweltering hoods.
68. She would have liked to be once more lost in the long line of white veils, marked off here and there by the stuff black hoods of the good sisters bending over their prie-Dieu.
69. He took us in turns to the bathroom, still saying not a word, until, with us both sitting on our bed-rolls wearing our hoods, he knelt down beside me and spoke softly in my ear.
70. The women followed in black cloaks with turned-down hoods; each of them carried in her hands a large lighted candle, and Charles felt himself growing weaker at this continual repetition of prayers.
71. Among that growing throng, none gave the trio a second glance, even with their hoods raised to hide their blackened faces, or appeared to notice the large bulges carried under the cloaks of two of them.
72. It probably hadn't been all that good-looking in any case- it was said that Zlorf had chosen a profession in which dark hoods, cloaks and nocturnal prowlings figured largely because there was a day-fearing trollish streak in his parentage.
73. The facility was actually more of a factory than an office, a brightly lit room the size of a football field in which tape machines whirred, punch cards spewed out of readers in pink and yellow stacks, and printers chattered under hydraulic hoods.
74. It was smooth in detail, rough in bulk, but the floor was smooth and polished, the walls were deeply carved with heroic scenes from Elven history and the ceiling was fitted with good bioluminescent lighting, bright enough to keep Gnome’s hoods up.
75. O’er all this Costume, we wore black velvet Cloaks with ample Hoods so that our Nuns’ Costumes could not be seen at all by curious Passersby; and in these Disguises we had just attir’d ourselves when a Footman came to say that a Chariot awaited us without.
76. The women followed in black cloaks with turned-down hoods; each of them carried in her hands a large lighted candle, and Charles felt himself growing weaker at this continual repetition of prayers and torches, beneath this oppressive odour of wax and of cassocks.
77. Following the melancholy musicians there filed into the garden as many as twelve duennas, in two lines, all dressed in ample mourning robes apparently of milled serge, with hoods of fine white gauze so long that they allowed only the border of the robe to be seen.
78. Staring out at the hot desert, he said to his valet, George Jacobs, You want to know where he’s staying? Bing Crosby’s house, that’s where—and he’s a Republican! After that, Frank dropped Peter from two upcoming Rat Pack films, Robin and the 7 Hoods and 4 for Texas.
79. They thanked him, of course, with many bows and sweepings of their hoods and with many an "at your service, O master of the wide wooden halls!" But their spirits sank at his grave words, and they all felt that the adventure was far more dangerous than they had thought, while all the time, even if they passed all the perils of the road, the dragon was waiting at the end.
80. Instead of all that deadly white the courtyard was now a blaze of colours; glossy chestnut sides of centaurs, indigo horns of unicorns, dazzling plumage of birds, reddy-brown of foxes, dogs and satyrs, yellow stockings and crimson hoods of dwarfs; and the birch-girls in silver, and the beech-girls in fresh, transparent green, and the larch-girls in green so bright that it was almost yellow.

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