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Thug в предложении (на )

1. He looked like a thug.
2. A thug in the front row.
3. Just your basic nasty thug.
4. I am a scientist not a thug.
5. The thug fell to the ground.
6. He’s the biggest thug in.
7. Chatty Gossip is a murderous thug.
8. The last thug just stared at Jack.
9. Don’t let that thug under your skin.
10. Durrani was little more than a thug.
11. James is a thug who batters his women.
12. The thug pulled the trigger to shoot her.
13. You see, I’m not a thug! I respect the.
14. DC Connor O’Brien was a thug and a bully.
15. Why should I help you? asked the thug.
16. Even the thug stirred and muttered something.
17. Thank God it wasn't Oleg and his thug partner.
18. And I was a shaven headed seaside thug.
19. It’s time for you to pay! shouted a thug.
20. One thug stared at Samantha, the other at Annette.
21. For all I knew, Oleg and his thug partner could have.
22. I shared a jail cell with his hired thug, Will Vaughan.
23. A skinny thug with tattoos yelped and grabbed his thigh.
24. He and his thug friend could have bugged our house for.
25. That thug may or may not raise the alarm when he awakens.
26. The thug arched his shoulder, taking the blow on it while.
27. She’d just made friends with the mother of a little thug.
28. I needed the files, but I didn’t have to act like a thug.
29. Thug breeders don't care about the dogs' physical or mental.
30. Akstyr lunged to his feet and kicked the thug in the stomach.
31. Oh, I think shorty is scared, said one thug looking smug.
32. He turned back to his thug partner - they started arguing again.
33. And threatened me in the same way Oleg and his thug partner did.
34. Oh you weren’t saying that last night! said another thug.
35. The first thug shot Jack in the chest and he fell to the ground.
36. There’s a street thug named Jamal that runs with a bunch of.
37. Stand up! He yelled while pulling the thug up by his shirt.
38. Bilo kicked one thug into the open freezer then locked him in it.
39. The Royal Guards were tense and engrossed, ready to attack the thug.
40. The thug continued shooting at Jack while he hid behind a stone post.
41. His bald head made him look even more of a thug than his crew cut had.
42. Why should I have to be a thug just to show a black woman that I can.
43. And once when I was attacked by a thug and was placed in that fearful.
44. It turns out that Daniel the thug but fashionable dresser with bandanas.
45. She spotted the thug just as he sprang up and shot her foot into his face.
46. Got to – get to grass, the thug whispered apparently out of breath.
47. But when you look around then, you will see that a street thug who treats.
48. From nowhere a second thug leaped at Don, and Harry stepped in to inter-.
49. He played the part of a thug but Aquana knew he was more pussy then she was.
50. Its Government and national leader was an evil sly racist thug and criminal.
51. Gulab used the swatters to batter the thug till he was flat out on the floor.
52. The other was a common looking street thug with a tough, expressionless face.
53. Jesus is your Messiah, and plug the thug that broke into your house before he.
54. The thug then fell to the ground as Jack turned his attention to the other man.
55. Preeti found fly swatters, she threw two over at Gulab whilst swatting a thug.
56. She caught a glimpse of another thug in the glass, he was heading to attack her.
57. The gang of four ran up to her, one thug said, We have unfinished business!.
58. We’re in the mood! One thug blocked her way; the other thugs joined his side.
59. The gun confirmed Sally's worst fears concerning this thug who dwelt with her niece.
60. The second thug armed with metal knuckles ran up to Jack and punched him in the face.
61. The average Taliban fighter is actually no more than an illiterate thug with a rifle.
62. I swerved the car towards the side of curb and the fearless thug clutched at the dash.
63. Oleg and his thug buddy were likely putting their murderous squeeze on a few doctors.
64. In contrast, we have Samson, a womanizer, some would say a thug, who did things his way.
65. Five minutes later the other thug came across the same hall and called out to his friend.
66. Turning around, Oleg yelled into the dark and, suddenly, his thug partner with the pony.
67. Clinton reportedly cautioned that Obama has the political instincts of a Chicago thug.
68. Morristown greyhound station, but if Oleg and his thug partner were watching me from that.
69. The thug takes hold of it, sniffs it, then bites into the strap, causing Eugene to grimace.
70. If one bank robbery is committed they get the thug but when children disappear who cares?
71. Don’t listen to her she’s trying to trick us, said one thug rolling up his sleeves.
72. He knew how to look a thug squarely in the eyes and seem deadly; mostly they left him alone.
73. You got to lay off the rock buddy, Cocaine leaves you jumpy, responded the second thug.
74. Chiang Lui was one of the toughest enforcers for the Triads since he was a young thug in China.
75. The thug leaped forward and swung at Ali with the machete, he slashed it aiming at Ali’s neck.
76. Calcutta, India, as they were drawn into a revival of the thug activities, and the masterminding.
77. We can take you on, come on guys! The thug looked round to find that his friends had vanished.
78. Whenever I was shot in the back by some two-bit thug trying to rob me, I lost the use of all my limbs.
79. Gangsta rap sends the dangerous message that through a thug lifestyle one can attain wealth and status.
80. I guess it feels that something more is here and coming you know, said the first thug to his friend.
81. The other thug had managed to take up a sitting position against the wall but was still nursing his pains.
82. Growing agitated by the old man's resistance, the thug forces his exasperated victim back inside the store.
83. Could a small time, local thug like him really afford this kind of quality out here in the wilds of Wickford?
84. I mean come on that Blood chapter could have picked a better thug to come get me if they wanted to take me out.
85. He is struggling with a much larger opponent, a thug in a crisp black suit with wide shoulders and maroon Mossant hat.
86. They had run off in the opposite direction, the thug looked back then at the girls, then saw a fist zooming into his face.
87. One thug got hold of a glass bottle and tried to hit Gulab with it, but soon discovered that she was far too quick for him.
88. Alf was tied to a chair near the center of the room and one thickset thug with his back to Max was punching Alf to soften him up.
89. Yo, Keys, order me a Philly cheese steak and a water, the young thug told his friend and then looked in Sonja’s direction.
90. What might bring you here today? Olin hoped that it was not news that the thug Jarad Hortmuller had escaped from the Concord jail.
91. Olin could see the white of the man's teeth in sharp contrast to his full black beard as the thug smiled expectantly in the darkness.
92. In his report it would be said that Barney was reaching for something, and no one would believe the word of a thug over five officers.
93. The thug was now inches away from her and as he made one more step into hallway, she put her leg in front of his foot and tripped him.
94. The gunman of the first car was identified as Mark Grimes, a local thug for the Money Never Sleep Chapter of the Bloods known as Shine.
95. She followed mutely, and then screamed when another thug appeared from behind a caravan, raised his sword and plunged it into Emory’s chest.
96. The facts were simple; Mendoza was really a young thug and gang member called Carlos Mendez and the ID he had belonged to one of his victims.
97. Traveling alone he made much better time because he was now willing to risk noise and possible encounters, except that he would avoid the thug.
98. Dude was a straight up thug no doubt, but underneath all of that I saw an intelligence and a maturity that I don’t even think HE knows he had.
99. Rani and Jags had arrived to the rescue, the thug got up from the floor; he was hyped with anger, he clenched his fist and scrunched up his face.
100. The story seemed almost true to her but she found it difficult to place Manish in a character of being the robbed one rather than the thug himself.

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