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Goon в предложении (на )

1. Five of her elected goon.
2. Did Cooper and the goon squad.
3. Another goon advanced toward me.
4. The goon stood patiently by his.
5. Watch your mouths, the other goon said.
6. I overhead the conversation at the goon table.
7. She climbed in with a goon either side of her.

8. Dearest Goon, (She calls me that and whatnot).
9. Cooper and the goon squad would have to wait.
10. I probably didn’t care as much as the goon squad.
11. If I could defeat the big goon I would be a legend.
12. Jensen," the Goon was saying, "Is that Eddie here.
13. A goon in my house smashing things with a baseball bat.
14. I could see the trepidation in the eyes of the goon squad.
15. Cooper and the goon squad were going to be elated about.
16. I didn’t know why their loyalties laid with the goon squad.
17. The goon didn't acknowledge them and they said nothing to him.
18. With the goon squad benched, there was major line shuffling done.
19. If there was any better time to show the goon squad that I was.
20. After his bodyguard escorts me up the stairs, the goon disappears.
21. That goon with the snarl over there said something about ants.
22. The rest of the goon squad laughed at Cooper’s slurring comments.
23. As luck would have it, there was an empty table behind the goon squad.
24. As the car glided away, the goon on her left proceeded to search Carla.
25. I needed to show the goon squad that this team could win without them.
26. Wiseman had accepted a mask from the goon and slipped it over his head.
27. The goon tried to look away, but Sledge yanked it back with his free hand.
28. Manish Kumar, the driver of metro line and a shameless goon, she recalled.
29. My strut told the goon squad that without me for the next four games, they were.
30. After explaining the antics that the goon squad pulled, he was none too impressed.
31. I was gonna call Big and the crew and show the goon squad I was done fucking around.
32. The goon glanced at Roy, and looked into a 10-gauge shotgun leveled at his pointy head.
33. Andy moved forward and pointed his gun at the larger goon: "you gotta gun too asshole!".
34. There was that reference to Allan Sherman’s trip to a summer camp, in Goon Squad.
35. That thought was shattered when the rest of the doors opened and the goon squad exited the car.
36. Every frustration I had against Cooper and the goon squad was wrapped around every punch that I.
37. They thought a battle with the woodmen was going on; but they goon learned what had really happened.
38. Conrad thought for a moment, wondering who was telling the truth – Chandio, or his big goon, Farris.
39. The goon in uniform, the Naud, was beginning to waver; his mind was swimming with fantastical images.
40. Lui walked over to the goon he did shoot that was still stretched out on the ground and kicked him repeatedly in a frenzy.
41. He looked at me blankly, never having heard of The Goon Show and perhaps believing we were all in this revolution together.
42. Naturally, being Goon Show fans we both enjoyed to the point of hysteria Spike Milligan in his own play, The Bed Sitting Room.
43. Meanwhile, Mitchell ducked a violent swing by the two hundred pound plus goon, who squatted behind the plate as their catcher.
44. Inside, the goon was seated, resting his fat elbows on the counter and preparing to sink his teeth into a sloppy breakfast roll.
45. The second goon watched with disbelief his comrade crumple down in a heap and earned an uppercut under the jaw for his hesitation.
46. He watched from the breakfast room of the hotel as one large goon rolled up in front of the Cash for Gold and unlocked the shutters.
47. I would have been happy to hear that because it would have pissed the goon squad off, but due to the circumstances, it didn’t really faze me.
48. Lying prone on the ground, the goon who was knocked down looked around at the merchants, who quickly stifled any smirks or guffaws that were starting to come out.
49. After engaging in a brief and heated exchange–all in Italian–the goon returned to his stool and Domenico, as was his custom, recapped to that point their conversation.
50. The relief was awash on the faces of Cooper and the rest of the goon squad, no longer having to worry about the being the first captains in over ten years to fail in making the tournament.
51. I’m glad to hear that because I keep thinking about Phoebe Fanning, with her busted face and kids hidden with a relative, and a goon for a husband who’ll probably kill her when he gets out.
52. With all the lights off in the recording room, the illusion was that John was still out there somewhere in the gloom, joking with the band, putting on his Goon voices, just as he had done on the Beatles Fan Club Christmas record in 1963.
53. As much as I hated Cooper and the goon squad,.

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