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Hoodlum в предложении (на )

1. I think she loves that hoodlum, said Peggy.
2. We’ll show you the door, said another hoodlum.
3. Living openly as an escaped thief and hoodlum and robber and gangster.
4. Joseph Bolsano… Well, it seems that the reign of that hoodlum is over.
5. Being a hoodlum he had simply taken advantage of the encounter to attempt to rob them of their money and horses, a bigger prize than a squawking pullet.
6. I have no clear idea as to who cooked up the crazy idea that five WASPs should live together on South Chappel Avenue above a crazy single black mom and her hoodlum son, Felton.
7. For the first two resolutions will be taken as practically meaningless;—designed simply to smooth the way for the last: while the last will be interpreted as a surrender on the part of Christian people to the hoodlum element; a cowardly backsliding of Congregationalists in California from the position as up-holders of the liberties and rights of men, which our churches here and elsewhere held so bravely in the years gone by.

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