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Hooligan в предложении (на )

1. The man answered, ‘This young hooligan.
2. Shawna never trusted his hooligan friends and.
3. No, but I did learn some interesting facts about his hooligan buddies.
4. The hooligan menace had abated dramatically, and there was a new found civic pride in the younger members of the community.
5. She shrugged and spread the napkin carefully over her lap, trying very hard not to dive into the food like a starving, voracious hooligan.
6. They’s six guards outside with a great big sack, an’ Hooligan comes quiet down the rope an’ they jus’ hol’ the sack out an’ he goes right inside.
7. The only mitigating circumstance I can imagine is if one of his hooligan buddies heard Nigel carping about the contract negotiations and took it upon himself to make Nigel the star.

8. Maybe the necklace belonged to one of Ruth’s hooligan friends? Maybe they were stealing? I couldn’t imagine Ruth stealing, or drinking, or smoking! But there is a lot I didn’t know.
9. Kicking Off: Porn Star and ASBO Hooligan Batter Telly Kids, was the headline, over a huge freeze frame from the recording appearing to show Natalie lifting one of the kids off the ground by his hair.

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