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Rowdy в предложении (на )

1. As Tim got busy with a rowdy.
2. Oh, you can count on that lot getting rowdy.
3. Red Badger busted out into a rowdy celebration.
4. All right you two, enough of this rowdy behavior.
5. The rowdy bunch in the front howled at the hopeless.
6. Lain, "Family Tradition" and "All My Rowdy Friends Have.
7. Venna was lost in her mop of rowdy copper curls in his arms.
8. He glanced around the crowded bar, taking in the rowdy patrons.
9. It was crazy rowdy that year, one of the nearby guys said.
10. To Kevin’s surprise, the animals weren’t rowdy, agitated or angry.
11. They could be rowdy, but they were used to Dad telling them what to do.
12. A few dozen rowdy fellows, and with them some ladies, remained in the hall.
13. The stadium seating was full and the patrons were as rowdy as he might have.
14. His somewhat dry voice readily countered the resounding tones of the rowdy Nord.
15. Dave stuck his head inside to see the place was overflowing with rowdy partiers.
16. People dressed in fancy dress and their faces hidden behind masks became too rowdy.
17. As the others passed by her, she recognized rowdy Dave, quiet Vince, Bridget, and Stan.
18. Apart from Glain and a rowdy group playing dice in the corner, they were almost alone.
19. The cost of damage to the place by a rowdy band is not included in the cost of the room.
20. They may get a little rowdy with new fish introduced to the tank, but more on that later.
21. Mitch and the 10 boys start to chit-chat with Mike and the other boys being loud and rowdy.
22. The driver of the first car was another member of the same gang, Ralph Lewis known as Rowdy.
23. The rowdy Roman march songs were most liked, with soldiers singing along while drinking wine.
24. The sun is up and a rowdy crowd is gathered around a raised dais in a central square of the city.
25. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) had its first female champion: Rowdy Ronda Rousey (USA).
26. As the crowd became more boisterous and rowdy, I started wondering what was taking so long for the ceremony.
27. Your job is to kick out rowdy fuckers who don’t know the meaning of the words, no touching the dancers.
28. He talked about riding with the rowdy boy's, later she found out that was the name of the sun-dance kid's gang.
29. Don’t give us that man! Mike shouts as he, Mitch and the other boys excitingly become loud and rowdy again!.
30. I wouldn't have been bothered by her concern if our campers were bothering her children or if they were extremely rowdy.
31. Somehow, she survived the rest of the journey and the constant embarrassment she suffered because of his rowdy behaviour.
32. Around 40 teen and pre-teen boys surround Mike talking and laughing, being very loud and rowdy as they chit-chat and laugh.
33. In the compartment next to ours there was a group of noisy, rowdy Polish officers all traveling in the same direction I was.
34. Daphne heard the second jeep pull up beside the first, and more voices added to the conversation, Dave’s rowdy voice among them.
35. Mitch bursts into the room with 10 other pre-teen boys bursting in right behind him, being very loud and rowdy as they chit-chat.
36. Before he could retort, the door opened with a crash and a group of rowdy men burst in, laughing and seeming very pleased with themselves.
37. As we got more into the swing of things and the ale flowed the piano started up and the pub started to get more and more crowded and rowdy.
38. As soon as I awakened, I noticed that there was a significant increase in the number of people strolling through the area, many of them were rowdy.
39. The rough and rowdy white people with their ten-gallon Western hats had a tendency to use weapons in place of words, and they hated being locked up.
40. Mike, Mitch and the other Youth Performers and Athletes enter the organization meeting room as they all continue to be loud and rowdy with each other.
41. They become rowdy and boisterous - holding underwater raves, getting high on seaweed and playing Beach Boys records until four o-clock in the morning.
42. Of the sixteen rowdy young officers who had shared the pornographic palace on Oahu, only four—Louie, Phil, Jesse Stay, and Joe Deasy—were still alive.
43. With glass partitions between sections that could be polarized to become one-way mirrors, the action could become in fact about as rowdy as a customer wished.
44. The ride had become rowdy once again, children being children with horse playing, the throwing of papers and passing notes, and all the girlie gossip taking place.
45. The rugby boys could stuff their less than subtle gibes and always rowdy insults where the sun rarely ever shined (you could never quite tell with one or two of them).
46. Clarity pushed open the door of Senor Toadś and found herself in the middle of a rowdy atmosphere which reminded her of her own spring break vacations a few years earlier.
47. Was this the same rowdy, vulgar club that he despised? What was happening on the stage? An asymmetrical bead of water joined with its neighbors and slowly began its descent.
48. You are seditious! I'll inform against you! What are you saying? Who are you? Are you a rebel, you sheep's head? A rowdy, stupid man they would turn off without a character.
49. He was troubled about the prince, too, and so bewildered that he did not even observe Rogojin’s rowdy band crowd past him and step on his toes, at the door as they went out.
50. There were some more police cars, a fire truck from a volunteer brigade, and another float with a bluegrass band picking and strumming a rowdy interpretation of Jingle Bells.
51. The third floor was the dockhands circular, it could get rowdy up here and there were a lot of drug sellers, but she walked briskly along here til she was at the dock of her ship.
52. Steve, pictured below left with Rowdy Roddy Potato Head, has won the Championships a total of four times, from 2006 to 2008 in Barnesville, Minnesota, and Clark, South Dakota, USA.
53. In the summer season Abermôr station can get quite rowdy with all the holidaymakers pouring back into the town after an evening’s drinking session in towns up and down the coast.
54. A little less obvious might have been helpful, but Galloway wasn’t going to pull off being anything other than what he was, which was a rowdy country loving southern boy rebel at heart.
55. It reminded him of the parliamentary battles he had covered in Canberra and he was glad the political scene in his new home was becoming more lively, though thankfully not quite so abusively rowdy.
56. As red, blue and white explosions bathed the room in light and sound, the lovers screamed and moaned together as loudly as they dared, completely drowning out the rowdy celebration in the rooms below.
57. He remembered seeing him for many years in the rowdy chess wars at the Parish Café, hoarse with so much talking, and growing fatter and rougher as he sank into the quicksand of an unfortunate old age.
58. They were rowdy and noisy and waving a lot of money about and when I looked at them I thought what a bunch of cowardly shits I had lost a lot of good mates so that these scavengers could have a cushy war.
59. Now out of sight of university police patrols, the students’ party turned quickly much more rowdy, while loud music was played in the lounge, prompting many couples in dancing, often glued to each other.
60. The worst of it was that most of these rowdy ones were his fellow passengers in Crass's brake, and there was not much chance of getting a seat in either of the other carriages, for they were overcrowded already.
61. It seemed obvious that it had continued without interruption: Mike was still buying horses, the whole valley knew that, and considering their rowdy nights in San José, his cohorts were still arriving with cash.
62. After a while we walked back across from the carpark to the front of Mooseheads and the ladies and I were just standing there chatting and having a laugh when a group of lads came around the corner acting all rowdy and hard.
63. To twenty dead trolls! Hvitserk toasted, and the three brothers gave a rowdy cheer, raising their tankards and crashing them together with such gusto that there could have been very little left in them to drink once they had finished.
64. I did not notice, however, that there was anyone egging the crowd on and I don't want to accuse people falsely, though I did see and recognised at once in the crowd at the fire two or three of the rowdy lot I had seen in the refreshment-room.
65. Later he seemed to grow impatient with the road, started to drive faster than was necessary, approached curves without slowing down so that he had to give the brake a few jerky pushes while negotiating them, overtook other cars when the visibility was doubtful and behaved more and more like a rowdy, occasionally even clearing the road ahead with angry hoots of his horn.
66. On the rowdy crowd of wet salt,.

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