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Bully в предложении (на )

1. Her son was a bully.
2. You can bully a horse.
3. I cannot abide a bully.
4. He’s just a big bully.
5. The mother of the bully.
6. Why, it's real bully, Tom.
7. It was a real bully circus.

8. He was a very queer bully.
9. It is an intelligent bully.
10. Plenty bully enough for me.
11. Oh, this is bully, you know.
12. He was a bully and a coward.
13. Woundwort was no mere bully.
14. He tried to bully me into it.
15. He’s the bully at school.
16. I was big, dumb, and a bully.
17. He wasn't just a bully though.
18. He’s nothing but a bully.
19. Woolly Bully – Sam the Sham.
20. Well now, said the bully.
21. About the return of the Bully:.
22. Find the biggest bully in the.
23. We need another country to bully.
24. And he’s a bully on the mend.
25. Don’t be such a bully, Gamyon.
26. Usually a bully was just puffing.
27. But you needn't bully me about it.
28. Two old milk cow, little bully calf.
29. Shamus McCafrey is the village bully.
30. I’m not a bully I wouldn’t hurt.
31. Another tyrant, another bully smashed.
32. Just a moment! the bully shouted.
33. Just bullies following a tougher bully.
34. Do you want to let Mars bully her?
35. What sayest thou, bully Bottom? BOTTOM.
36. He had always hated that kind of bully.
37. We are being bullied to bully each other.
38. Honestly, the bully beef is much better.
39. Big, bad bully, being mean to your wife.
40. The bully straightened himself, mumbling.
41. He was also the bully you smiled at and.
42. Here are some bully handling suggestions.
43. Persuasive Speaking Without Being a Bully.
44. You can overcome the oppression of a bully.
45. If you face a bully negotiator, be prepared.
46. DC Connor O’Brien was a thug and a bully.
47. This lead mare is not a bully, although she.
48. He’s a bully, but I think that will change.
49. Thomas also began to bully other weaker kids.
50. Darnay," said Bully Stryver, "and I'll do it.
51. Who was possibly a secret psychopathic bully.
52. She’s been trying to bully me for ten years.
53. Thus God seals the heart of every proud bully.
54. Yes, a man, he could bully into irritating him.
55. The whole school thought her child was a bully.
56. He wanted to bully me because he hadn't got me.
57. Some Unus are standing up to the bully leaders.
58. By now the fat bully had seen and recognized him.
59. He’s a bully, and his friends are bullies too.
60. I wasn’t about to let a bully push him around.
61. Ralph had behaved like a bully, and Ralph knew it.
62. Life is easy when the bully decides to give you.
63. Morgan to bully and scream at him to buy a stock.
64. What do you think a bully is feeling or thinking?
65. He wanted to bully the untested American president.
66. Attorney to bully the plaintiffs and their lawyers.
67. Fundy, his bully friend, and I walked up this road.
68. Don’t ask! Go! the bully called out, annoyed.
69. Many children have written in about the bully, Rhett.
70. Matt always has to get his way and is a outright bully.
71. The modern day Gull Dong is a combination of the Bully.
72. The bully will get their due in time, wait for it and.
73. If you continue to bully my ward, I wil exile you and.
74. A true leader never has to bully others to get results.
75. I’m not the bully here, I’m the speechless victim.
76. The man backhanded one of the bully boys across the face.
77. Children may bully others or attract bullies as a target.
78. A loose Manipura results in a behaviour called being bully.
79. The bully was contorting his huge face and sweating freely.
80. The bully falls to the ground with his pants at his knees.
81. Outside the bully pulpit, Stallman has also learned how to.
82. When you’re that small, every bully sees you as a target.
83. The bully drew out his tongue and drove it over his fat lips.
84. A couple of days later Johnny opened a can of bully and said.
85. Maybe they just remember me being mean and a bully, but they.
86. Like any bully, he had a taste for a particular type of victim.
87. Would the bully wait for an appropriate moment to kill Fred?
88. This coaching model (for use with students who bully) has five.
89. Buffo wrote a bill? What was it? A bully protection act?
90. Kemp was physically powerful man with a short fuse – a bully.
91. Angie smirked at me and told me not to let Mum bully me around.
92. Oh, he is too old to be called a bully, but that’s what he is.
93. She’s still a bully, but now I won’t let her push me around.
94. You can’t let that woman bully you into leaving the school.
95. John did not let Diotrephes intimidate, bully, or dishearten him.
96. The bully pulled her by the hand, swung her forward and let her go.
97. Are you now, or have you ever been, a liar, a bully, and a cheat?
98. And more often than not, he had been her favorite choice to bully.
99. As rules are changed to favor the bully, the big man on the beach.
100. Even though Rob was much smaller, he stared the bully straight in.
1. You can stop the bullying.
2. Bullying a horse is a good.
3. No mention was made of bullying.
4. It felt like school bullying again.
5. He was bullying the lower class students.
6. That crime, poverty and bullying are natural.
8. They say that Ziggy is doing the bullying.
9. Bullying got worse for Thomas his sophomore year.
10. He didn’t last long under her bullying tactics.
11. Jamie was openly gay, endured bullying throughout.
12. Bullying is positively related to criminal behavior.
13. Bullycide is the term used to describe bullying in.
14. Until a sudden a group of gang were bullying the kids.
15. Buffo’s bullying slipped by the authorities that time.
16. Bullying is teasing that has taken a more aggressive turn.
17. Cardinals have been bullying the poor witnesses they’ve.
18. Once bullying has been reported, both the student who was.
19. Barkley weren’t around, he took great joy in bullying me.
20. For many reasons, students rarely report the bullying they.
21. Molly was not daunted by D'Oliya's bullying or the situation.
22. Bullying others and occupying their land cannot be condoned.
23. If you hate, if you are prejudice, hate hungry, and bullying.
24. Where were the teachers when all this bullying was going on?
25. The ruffians are on top, gathering, robbing and bullying, and.
26. She would also argue that bullying must have been taking place.
27. Samantha: Renata went off her head when the bullying started.
28. I was sad, and I succumbed to the bullying of this demon chicken.
29. Thomas also never told of the bullying he faced each day at school.
30. It’s actually worse if your child is the one doing the bullying.
31. You’re too anxious to make money and too fond of bullying people.
32. I got into fight with this guy who was bullying my younger brother.
33. Resisting the bullying of the boy and running after the girls 110.
34. Encarnacion decided it was time to put an end to all of the bullying.
35. Don't give them the satisfaction of letting their bullying hurt you.
36. Lindquist also adds a subtext concerning bullying to his story, with.
37. I recently had some rehashing of the ordeal of handling bullying at my.
38. In other cases, more help is needed, especially if bullying is an issue.
39. One thing that you need to watch out for in terms of teasing is bullying.
40. Every day I’m getting e-mails from parents concerned about bullying.
41. They observed a rough and bullying youth brutally attacking a smaller lad.
42. Except in this case, there was no one bullying me, but the experience itself.
43. All along, the slick, self-righteous prick had been bullying her, hitting her.
44. Anyway, this bullying thing has gotten out of control, said Miss Barnes.
45. I hardly noticed them at first until they started their harassment and bullying.
46. Jackson, demonstrated that he was sent for the purpose of bullying the Government.
47. Butler shrugged his shoulders, I was merely following up a complaint of bullying.
48. I had grown up watching the bullying and injustice Arthur had experienced amongst us.
49. Norman Douglas made periodical irruptions also, bullying and coaxing Ellen by turns.
50. He was concerned about bullying, but he was equally concerned about two other things.
51. The internet has always been a sanctuary from bullying and a bunker for counterattack.
52. At one point the lawyer was accused of bullying and threatening for suggesting the.
53. I tell you, he has been bullying Liza, simply to ‘let off bile,’—you understand.
54. She made it clear that girls nasty bitchy bullying would be dealt with and not tolerated.
55. They do that regardless of the hatred, intolerance, sexual agony, and bullying they cause.
56. At his age, teasing and bullying was the only way he knew to express his attraction to her.
57. I told him he was always in fights with Abbey and bullying Lucas, and I didn‘t like that.
58. You've just had the unfortunate experience of bullying - and it's time to put a stop to it!.
59. He darted into the hall, and a few moments later his bullying voice sounded from the back room.
60. It was a form of mild bullying which she was to learn he didn’t tolerate when he was writing.
61. But the bullying should wear off with time and they should coexist with most other species just.
62. The 'Beat Bullying' Hypnotherapy / hypnotherapy session can help you put an end to the bullying.
63. I found out tonight that my son Max has been bullying some of the little girls in his class.
64. Any time that she would speak to me the truth straightforwardly, I assumed that she was bullying me.
65. When does the west stop bullying poorer nations? When they become too rich and too powerful to be bullied.
66. These thugs were comfortable bullying the regular citizens who had the misfortune of living amongst them.
67. You will not receive any further salary until we have completed our investigations of the alleged bullying.
68. He sweated and wheezed his way around the building, pushing his subordinates around, and bullying his peers.
69. The school experience turns into bullying and hazing causing withdrawal, sadness, depression, anger, and worst.
70. The only time he’d even been accused of bullying was at the orientation day, when he wasn’t even a student.
71. She was still steaming about the deputy head’s attitude, but her main thought was to get the bullying stopped.
72. I’ll bet he put Al up to bullying Stef, and Andy was the one stealing credit card applications out of my trash.
73. And the two last words, shouted in a bullying fashion, usually at Annie, made the family writhe with hate of the man.
74. He had seen her before - she was one of the harpies shouting abuse at Murray on the day he’d stopped the bullying.
75. And I will, when I’m good and ready, but not because she’s bullying me into it,’ Tadeo replied with irritation.
76. No one linked Lance’s bullying to the death, and when he appeared he was as irritatingly smug and abusive as usual.
77. Ito himself did all of those things except the last, and he had no intention of donning a kimono and bullying his wife.
78. It was a form of mild bullying which appeared to amuse him as much as not being allowed to help her with the housework.
79. Madeline noticed she wasn’t quite as obsequious toward Perry now that she knew his son had been bullying her daughter.
80. Then for a child seeing the sport killing of soldiering as healthy, they learn that sport bullying is fun and profitable.
81. Smith had learned a long time ago that a friendly approach always worked better than some of his colleagues’ bullying tactics.
82. He stood with his head on one side and himself on one side, in a Bullying, interrogative manner, and he threw his forefinger at Mr.
83. Sexism, bullying, torturous killing are all examples of emotional detachments; a rigid determinism under extreme tension to do the cause.
84. He didn’t doubt for an instant that the bullying of the faggot kid had occurred, nor that his son might be, in some minor way, censurable.
85. Is that who you mean? Juliette? What about her? Apparently, this bullying had been going on for ages and that Juliette didn’t even—.
86. He was unprepared for wrestling and was subjected to the best I could give in front of his classmates, and that was the end of his bullying me.
87. He was the typical semi-educated, macho male and perhaps that was what Sisi liked though she often rebelled at his overbearing and bullying ways.
88. The idea of belonging would amount to a tribal mentality, racism through raw instinctual desires to survive, while abandoning or bullying the weak.
89. He’d never actually mentioned playing with Amabella before, which was part of the reason it had seemed so unlikely that he’d been bullying her.
90. When accused by the press of greed and bullying, they claimed that the rebate requested was fair because it was linked to increased turnover.
91. This leaves the future negotiating power of these suppliers significantly weakened, and encourages a repeat of the bullying behaviour by the buyers.
92. The lead guard, Steven, a relatively new guy on the block, seemed confused, alternating between real concern and short-tempered, bullying frustration.
93. I just couldn’t take the bullying so I fought with all of them, especially the blacks who thought I was a pushover but they soon changed their tune.
94. How could Fenton not be there tomorrow as usual, annoying them all, bullying them? Nobody particularly liked Fenton, but he was one of them, after all.
95. Donald, in a rambling polemic, accused her of incompetence, bullying methods, having no control over her underlings and trying to ruin the local economy.
96. He was upset by the bullying he had received, and when he noticed some of the others smoking he thought he would have a pipe; it might steady his nerves.
97. Other causes may include the seeking of attention from authorities or parents and resolving social issues such as bullying or lack of friends (Frey 2001).
98. The meetings reinforced beliefs in apartheid; they inflated egos and encouraged bullying with their strong fascist content and their white supremacy messages.
99. Even if the psychologist was right and Ziggy really was experiencing bullying himself, there was no way that Jane could make the school consider that a possibility.
100. A lot of children have been victims of cyber bullying where someone your children chatted with online threatens your child if they don't do what they want them to do.
1. She was teased and bullied.
2. I was bullied in school today.
3. Coaching the student who bullied.
4. That year when you were bullied.
5. Coaching the student who was bullied.
6. May get bullied by other surgeonfish.
7. We are being bullied to bully each other.
8. Obese boys are more likely to be bullied.
9. No-one should put up with being bullied!.
10. I was bullied all through school because.
11. I can't believe that she was getting bullied.
12. You was favored, and he was bullied and beat.
13. I admitted that from my childhood I was bullied.
14. And Being Bullied Linked To Suicide In Children.
15. I refuse to be bullied in my own home, I tell you.
16. Matthew surmised that he had probably bullied him.
17. She was bullied in school that day and was also sick.
18. She had bullied him and driven him and terrified him.
19. And I understand from him, that he has been bullied.
20. Old Orlick bullied and beat, eh? Now you pays for it.
21. Remove tank mates that get overly bullied or pestered.
22. Tip #87: When your child thinks, I’m being bullied.
23. A study conducted by Yale University showed that bullied.
24. The bullied student must lodge an official complaint with.
25. Always coach the student who was bullied and the student(s).
27. It is a shame you should stay here to be bullied in that way.
28. He could be bullied back in those days with little or no effort.
29. He was bullied and teased by the staff and other children, alike.
30. How could he ask them for help? What if they bullied him again?
31. He might look for ways to coerce her, but she was not easily bullied.
32. She was being bullied by the cops because of her association with Jeff.
33. Wilsons's story that Faith Meredith went there and bullied him into it.
34. There was never any way of knowing just how far Mammy could be bullied.
35. We bullied and cajoled her and replaced her dwindling courage with ours.
36. He said, I see that you can’t be bullied, and I admire that in you.
37. It wasn't that she was bullied as such, but she didn't feel she fitted in.
38. And he certainly wasn’t going to be bullied like a timid Manmohan Singh.
39. Hammond had bullied them all and they were terrified of him and of Johnny Jones.
40. I was almost bullied into her arms and at the age of nineteen lost my virginity.
41. I was often maltreated and bullied; pushed around and beaten by the toughies at.
42. In an argument, he never bullied or forced his views or humiliated the opponent.
43. Shah, though, seemed pretty insistent, but I wasn’t going to be bullied easily.
44. People probably thought she’d attacked Harper in the sandpit and bullied Amabella.
45. The absolutely worst thing for any young man to do when bullied is suffer in silence.
46. I know who you are and what you did, I know that you bullied my parents then shot them.
47. As soon as the two bullied saw their captures, they started with the threats and insults.
48. Did she have a boyfriend? Was she being bullied at school or something like that?
49. With hindsight, I don’t fully understand why I allowed myself to be bullied by this man.
50. However, she would not be bullied into matrimony, and was just as adamant in her position.
51. And when the mean-looking elderly man bullied or ordered the boy about, Arthur was furious.
52. It was hung on a chair to warm before the fire, otherwise he would have bullied and blustered.
53. No one bullied the litigators at her old firm; indeed, they were often regarded as the bullies.
54. Yes, because she totally missed the fact that Amabella was being bullied by that Ziggy kid.
55. She's ill, thought the latter, and perhaps very ill; she has been bullied and ill-treated.
56. So far telling the truth had gotten her eaten by a lion and practically bullied into become a queen.
57. She couldn’t stand to sit by and watch someone smaller and weaker get bullied for being different.
58. And now she assaulted her victims, bullied them, tugged at their shirts, rumpled their hair, asked:.
59. However, I shall tell you this much: we had enough of being attacked, of being bullied, of being abused.
60. When does the west stop bullying poorer nations? When they become too rich and too powerful to be bullied.
61. I wondered if he’d heard about Casey, the boy he’d bullied mercilessly throughout most of high school.
62. The problem, Nancy quickly decided, is that the president is being bullied in the pre-debate prep sessions.
63. He was not further bullied at present, and within half an hour his good humour seemed quite re-established.
64. If you are found to have bullied any member of staff or forced them to tell lies then you will be dismissed.
65. When money was needed for new building materials or something essential, Roger simply bullied it out of Marc.
66. He had bullied the weak and toadied to the strong, and the lies he had told at her trial almost got her hanged.
67. They bullied, cajoled, and flat-out lied until this boy, by now helplessly confused, finally said, ‘I did it.
68. Caroline sighed, she had been bullied again, she hadn't wanted to go riding across the moor to try to save Adam.
69. This was not the meek Frank she knew, the nervous beard clawer who she had learned could be bullied with such ease.
70. What was Saxon’s excuse for behaving the way he did? He hadn’t been bullied as a child as far as Celeste knew.
71. If I have not coincidentally passed through here, a delicate little maiden like you will surely be bullied by others.
72. Is it a figure of speech to say that you and Sergeant Boxer tricked and bullied my client until she confessed?
73. His wife was a little sharp-faced woman who bullied her husband when he was sober and was bullied by him when he was drunk.
74. With a shy grin and a sigh he described his defence of bullied kids at school with a weapon he’d secreted up his backside.
75. So did that mean Perry’s behavior wasn’t anything to do with the year he was bullied? It was a family trait they shared?
76. He was the youngest in a family of six, all of the others being female and he had been bullied by them since his birth he said.
77. These thoughts bullied their way into his mind as if some ethereal healer was prescribing them as an unguent for fraying nerves.
78. So after a week of being bullied I hated going to school, I’d pretend to be ill and try to avoid the building like the plague.
79. They knew I had been bullied, that there had been a death and that my parents had moved us to Castle Rock, mostly for my benefit.
80. Is it depression? Could it be drug abuse, could it be that they’re being bullied and school becomes traumatic? We have to igure out why.
81. They had bullied him to get on his knees, and with the ice-cold water still pounding his face; this humiliating task was difficult and torturous.
82. Zarras’s father bullied and stole and plundered until he held titles for all the Eastern Lands except the Ploughman’s little plot of ground.
83. Zach had convinced him to go thinking it would be fun to see all the assholes who had bullied them in high school now that they were billionaire tycoons.
84. She had endured her fair share of run-ins with the patriarchal male-dominated RSS leadership in the state and wouldn’t be bullied into submission easily.
85. The girl had been getting bullied pretty badly at school, so they were investigating kids at their school, but they didn't come up with anything convincing.
86. It is our clanish luv that has bullied the Earth into critical condition; a luv of one's own, whatever that might consist of, are the many sores of her illness.
87. It was fascinating stuff as she told the story of how Tafferel bullied her father and that she didn’t know where to turn until she found the website and Gomes.
88. DC Ray Tikasingh had bullied and barged his way through the virtually grid locked snow covered London streets to get them all back to base as quickly as he could.
89. By contrast, the German commanders were bullied and their decisions interfered with by Hitler, who tried to control the battle from the distant Wolf's lair in East Prussia.
90. They bullied and good naturedly manhandled the girls, petted them and fondle their breasts and behinds on the sly, getting slaps and screams for their efforts and always a good laugh.
91. One man for example who was most definitely being bullied by his neighbors wanted to fight back but he did not and so the attack continued on for almost a year until he simply moved away.
92. Conservatives in American have been bullied into believing they should hide their faces, speak softly, and give assurance that they are as compassionate as the revolution claims to be.
93. Caroline was normally more apt at ducking out of trouble, back when she was at school she had been bullied constantly by the older girls, every day without fail they would steal her dinner money.
94. If the fire were rather low he bullied about that; he grumbled about his dinner; if the children made a chatter he shouted at them in a way that made their mother's blood boil, and made them hate him.
95. And another flashlight; at the start of their climb, Charlie had asked to requisition the elevator attendant’s, but Pulaski, feeling bad about having bullied the guy, had said no, that would be wrong.
96. Her relations had all died off—her husband was dead and buried forty years since; and a niece, who had lived with her and bullied her up to three years ago, was dead too; so that she was quite alone.
97. Were they involved in this in some way? When it was her turn to bring him bang up to speed with her day she decided not to tell him about DS Tony Ellett and being bullied into signing a statement that wasn’t true.
98. I think an error was committed, when, affecting to desire an amicable arrangement with Great Britain, instead of treating with her as a nation not to be intimidated, much less bullied, the non-importation act was passed.
99. In the nineteenth century the Western powers had bullied China into accepting imports of opium (yes, back then drug smuggling was actually Western government policy!) and forced her to open up her ports to Western trade.
100. Animal experiments showed that if people constantly intervened to protect the runt, punishing any others that bullied it, and allowing it to always eat first, then there was a transformation in the pack hierarchy over time.
1. The bullies in the square.
2. They act as greedy bullies.
3. Kids become victims of bullies.
4. They were the two school bullies.
5. Dictators and bullies hate humor.
6. What are your thoughts on bullies?
7. Being called bastard by the bullies.
8. When the bullies said I turned my.
9. We’ve allowed the bullies of the.
10. Just bullies following a tougher bully.
11. Only a coward bullies a little girl.
12. Besides, loud- mouthed bullies are stupid.
13. The sad fact is that bullies are everywhere.
14. And my mum says bullies are really cowards.
15. It was the playground and the bullies again.
16. I have seen lots of horse bullies and none of.
17. You're never anything but cowards and bullies.
18. These men were bullies hired by Sweater's agent.
19. He’s a bully, and his friends are bullies too.
20. Why do you think bullies need to pick on others?
21. And one time it was a band of street bullies who.
22. However, he still could not stand up to his bullies.
23. I dreaded that long walk more than I did the bullies.
24. Yes this is Max; he is the dog who hates bullies.
25. You can defeat the bullies who have been torturing you.
26. It seemed that all bullies graduated from school into.
27. Jerks are basically bullies and bullies are never cool.
28. When they join the west, and becomes one of the bullies.
29. Children may bully others or attract bullies as a target.
30. Bullies use this invasion of space to intimidate a victim.
31. Still thinking it was the bullies, I didn’t raise my head.
32. Here he doesn't feed her properly, beats her, and bullies her.
33. Why mothers allow their sons to grow up as religious bullies is.
34. You are playing the receiving roll in the victim and bullies game.
35. Two bullies beset your door, from which there are but two avenues.
36. Thomas was without protection from the bullies, and bullies love to.
37. Bullies aren't just in the school yard; they are in the workplace and.
38. Tommit reminded me of the bullies I had left behind in the real world.
39. Thugs and bullies should be treated harshly, as they would treat others.
40. Remember people negotiate because they have an interest – even bullies.
41. Gomes smiled and shrugged his shoulders, I hate bullies! He laughed.
42. Some children have even died at the hands of bullies who have targeted them.
43. Is someone there? I asked, expecting more bullies to appear from hiding.
44. Meantime, a few of the local bullies deal with anyone that buys parts from me.
45. Any slam-bang bullies would be thrown out as soon as they so much as touched Jim.
46. And I had plenty of experience handling bullies who liked to do that stuff to me.
47. This means at times Christians must stand up to rebuke the bullies who try to take.
48. The stab wounds were serious and all three bullies were away from school for a week.
49. There is only one way to deal with bullies who use their size to intimidate, ridicule.
50. Let the power of Hypnotherapy help rid of you of the torture bullies try to inflict.
51. I have a weakness regarding bullies and those who choose to operate through intimidation.
52. My bullies in the real world seemed like newborn puppies compared to Tommit and Drayben.
53. Perhaps she’s the impurity in him, the static in his signal that the bullies can sense.
54. I got very good at it, good enough th’ bullies left me alone and went after easier targets.
55. I’m not sure how much time passed before I saw the schoolyard bullies again, and they saw me.
56. No one bullied the litigators at her old firm; indeed, they were often regarded as the bullies.
57. Tyler, I understand you may be a bit confused but not all Unu are lazy bullies, Ethan said.
58. Ella defended her brother Blake and stood up to the bullies, only occasionally abandoning a fight.
59. His experience in childhood, when bullies had sent him home bloody every day, was repeating itself.
60. I cautiously opened one eye and to my surprise, I found a human barrier between me and the bullies.
61. My experience with bullies had taught me nothing; I did the same thing I’d always done: I ran away.
62. They were the classic bullies; mean when it was one-on-one, outright vicious when it was two-on-one.
63. This process of hating others who remind you of yourself also is what happens between nerds and bullies.
64. Between the criminal gangs, the bullies, and the plaguing poverty around, she didn’t feel safe at all.
65. Bullies were different people when you caught them alone, away from the social safety net of their droogs.
66. Somewhere in that direction is Schulpforta with its dark spires, its bed wetters and sleepwalkers and bullies.
67. I hated all bullies, so when I saw ‘em going after others, I’d fight for th’ others who couldn’t fight.
68. Still, the bullies did pause for a moment, and momentarily looked at each other and wondered what they should do.
69. Bullies, bigots, rapists, petty thieves, liars, tricksters and minor miscreants of all types have gone over to Venak.
70. Bullies had a disposition to form gangs later on when troubles haunted them, and they steered animals to the shelter.
71. In section D was the story of how the town’s boys had captured the two bullies that were taking candy from little kids.
72. Suddenly, laughter filled the air, the kind that bullies use when trying to surmount their victims, and I peered at my brothers.
73. What is a little pain compared to the truth? My father bought me up never to back down against bullies and never to tell a lie.
74. His time in Borstal had got progressively worse and worse since the early days when he decided to defend himself against bullies.
75. Yet, in making such election, you must necessarily coincide with the wishes and act according to the commands of one of the bullies.
76. She wiped her hands with the end of her chunni, and watched the whimpering bullies scattered off, well, limped off into the distance.
77. Dwarf in a bear suit, comic figure in whatever show he performed, the little guy had no doubt known his share of bullies and tormentors.
78. And when the weeping stopped we compared long-lost childhoods and the bullies who had tormented us for being different, and not knowing why.
79. Nerds (high dependent character types whom bullies pick on) have been hurt and deny their pain, causing it to turn inward as anger towards themselves.
80. What is the point of violent struggle against the biggest, strongest bullies in the world? You're attacking their strongest point, victory is impossible.
81. It was curious to step within that world for a moment, allowing myself to be tempted and flattered by the flirts and the bullies beyond the velvet rope.
82. Identify abusers, bullies, and stalkers in the workplace (bosses, colleagues, suppliers, and authority figures) and learn how to cope with them effectively.
83. All her jock friends, the cheerleaders, the wannabe bullies, all the people I had spent years mocking whenever they tried to push me and my brothers around.
84. I’m halfway through with mine and so far all I’ve managed to learn is that Dejon is a terrible king- I already knew that- and that the soldiers are bullies.
85. Ooh, what am I going to do? I smelled her fetid breath as she leaned even closer, and heard the tittering of her friends and fellow bullies in the background.
86. Peter thought of how he stood up to bullies, how he remained who he was, despite what others thought; how he obeyed and respected his parents and the elders of his community.
87. She held his arrogant but increasingly frightened gaze imagining how potent it must have been when he was a teenager defending himself and his brothers from stupid high school bullies.
88. I suffered from a constant paranoid fear of physical attack, a fear totally unfounded in a law abiding city like Ottawa, and a condition surely grown out of my early need to avoid bullies.
89. Instead of pitched battles in the streets, he said Indians should stage protests and allow the British to attack without hitting back: Doing so would show the British for the bullies they were.
90. More than 4,000 years ago: the worst European killers and gangs of professional bullies and thugs: took over the running of the honest smaller, weaker, hardworking Europeans: before the Stone Age.
91. What made this action an especially noble one was the fact that Cobbett was one of the greatest bullies in the midshipmen's berth, and had specially singled out Marryat for cowardly and brutal treatment.
92. I can’t tell you that when I woke the next morning that the bullies didn’t terrorize me, or that the madam of the house didn’t make me wash dishes, or that I didn’t have to live in a dilapidated orphanage.
93. The man said he would wait as desired; Sweater resumed his oration, and presently the interrupter and his friends found themselves surrounded by the gang of hired bullies who wore the big rosettes and who glared menacingly at them.
94. At heart he was an arrant coward, which is the way with bullies among apes as well as among men; so he did not remain to fight and die, but tore himself away from them as quickly as he could and fled into the sheltering boughs of the forest.
95. In the end, though, in the grand measure of things that mattered, what would he gain by running? If the world was as tough as Grandpa made it out to be, then Ben didn’t see the point in running away from his first potentially dangerous encounter with the neighborhood bullies.
96. Consumer parents are raising their children to be not only be more spoiled, more stupid, more fearful, more cowardly, more hypocritical… raising more bullies, raising them to be more cruel, more criminally abusive to other children… allowing them to literally kick other children in public without even regarding it as an bad habit.
97. This mean that a gang of bullies trying to gang up on a lone man, trying to defeat him simply by the advantage of superior numbers… which is a false superiority: in fact it is proof of their inferiority because one bully will never be able o defeat one honest man who stands his ground and refuses to be intimidated… will be instantly attacked by every single human within eyesight.
98. Stories of a shared suburban childhood: homemade billy carts and the time Saxon saved Perry from the bullies at school and what about the time when Perry brazenly stole a banana paddle pop from the freezer at the fish and chip shop and the big scary Greek man grabbed him by the scruff of his neck in one big beefy hand and said, What’s your name? and Perry said, Saxon Banks.
99. There is proverbially a mystery among most men of new wealth, how they made their first ten thousand; it is the qualities they showed then, before they became bullies, when every man was someone to be placated, when only hope sustained them and they could count on nothing from the world but what could be charmed from it, that make them, if they survive their triumph, successful with women.
100. And so saying he stood up and laid his hand on his sword, waiting to see what the Knight of the Grove would do, who in an equally calm voice said in reply, Pledges don't distress a good payer; he who has succeeded in vanquishing you once when transformed, Sir Don Quixote, may fairly hope to subdue you in your own proper shape; but as it is not becoming for knights to perform their feats of arms in the dark, like highwaymen and bullies, let us wait till daylight, that the sun may behold our deeds; and the conditions of our combat shall be that the vanquished shall be at the victor's disposal, to do all that he may enjoin, provided the injunction be such as shall be becoming a knight.

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