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Ruffian в предложении (на )

1. You are a ruffian and a fool.
2. You are a ruffian and a highway-robber.
3. Joby came here with another ruffian.
4. After this stage, he had turned ruffian.
5. He looked at the ruffian hard as he told his lie.
6. It was a straight left against a slogging ruffian.
7. The man whose voice accosts us is a common ruffian.

8. But the ruffian flung it at his head and then darted.
9. The ruffian who had gone with her made his appearance.
10. It must have been a cunning and practised ruffian! The.
11. The ruffian got to his feet and strutted over facing Ritter.
12. Harald had described his brother as an ill-mannered ruffian.
13. You could no longer bear the idea of this ruffian owning her.
14. You could no longer bear the idea of this ruffian owning her?
15. With woman steps she followed: the ruffian and his strolling mort.
16. Thenardier was a ruffian in the eyes of all the world except Marius.
17. The doctor struck out suddenly and stretched the ruffian on the ground.
18. It must have been a cunning and practised ruffian! The boldness of it!.
19. His sickly fear of that ruffian was the most rejoicing sight imaginable.
20. That Mulligan is a contaminated bloody doubledyed ruffian by all accounts.
21. It was the work of this brutal ruffian whom he had the misfortune to employ.
22. I picked out a big mean looking ruffian and headed straight at him for several reasons.
23. The bandana ruffian cleared his throat and approached Sonja as if he didn’t notice Brian.
24. What we pay rates and taxes for I don't know, when any ruffian can come in and break one's goods.
25. Marshall was a ruffian, hired by who? The Earl? Did the Earl know Petra had staged the explosions?
26. Meanwhile, the infant ruffian continued sucking; and glowered at me defyingly, as he slavered into the jug.
27. I meant this morning to get that ruffian Mitya locked up and I don't know now what I shall decide about it.
28. You worthless fellow, you are drunk! Go to sleep now, you ruffian! And tomorrow you’ll catch it, Mr.
29. Meanwhile, the infant ruffian continued sucking; and glowered up at me defyingly, as he slavered into the jug.
30. All that were left would soon be squandered to a ruffian who told her convenient lies and trapped her still further.
31. One was a scarred, sinister-looking ruffian in leather breeks and ragged cloak; the other was Tarascus, king of Nemedia.
32. He pulled himself together with a mighty effort, and presented a composed aspect to the ragged ruffian who burst into the chamber.
33. So don't be so lenient on this Cheddar-headed ruffian, because, despite his coarse lovableness, he is complicit in Fishmael's mission.
34. Then he raised his revolver and covered the young ruffian, who was advancing upon him with his dangerous riding-crop swinging in his hand.
35. The final words of the intelligence officer, as related to me, were: I could have fallen on the 'begrimed ruffian hero's' neck and kissed him.
36. I clambered out upon the sill, but I hesitated to jump until I should have heard what passed between my saviour and the ruffian who pursued me.
37. The ruffian kicked and trampled on him, and dashed his head repeatedly against the flags, holding me with one hand, meantime, to prevent me summoning Joseph.
38. Conan had only a brief glimpse of it; and then the ruffian pulled a slouch hat over his eyes, drew his cloak about his shoulder, and hurried from the chamber.
39. At the ruffian Rostopchin’s house, he continues, they found rifles, papers, and a letter which he had begun—he ran away without having time to finish it.
40. The Pig-faced Ruffian ravish’d me and carv’d this horrid Cross upon my Brow, but when he came to stab me thro’ the Heart, he was no longer puissant as he thought.
41. It is easy to imagine them sitting in booths alongside the busiest roads, protected by a big, strong ruffian, wringing their hands with joy each time someone came along.
42. Indeed, it was almost mesmeric, the effect which this giggling ruffian had produced upon the unfortunate linguist, for he could not speak of him save with trembling hands.
43. Honest citizens begin to think; ‘Well no wonder they made roses illegal; everyone who has anything to do with them is an evil ruffian! Roses are obviously vile things!’.
44. The ruffian Woodley was a very different person, but, except on one occasion, he had not molested our client, and now he visited the house of Carruthers without intruding upon her presence.
45. Gavroche did not shut his eyes to the fact that the old man, in the first place, and the child in the second, would make but two mouthfuls for that redoubtable ruffian eighteen years of age.
46. The prisoner of stupid and greedy banditti is always at the mercy of the first imbecile ruffian, who may blow out his brains in a fit of temper or for some prospect of an immediate big haul.
47. What was this tender Cain? What was this ruffian religiously absorbed in the adoration of a virgin, watching over her, rearing her, guarding her, dignifying her, and enveloping her, impure as he was himself, with purity?
48. History, would you be surprised to learn, proves up to the hilt Spain decayed when the inquisition hounded the jews out and England prospered when Cromwell, an uncommonly able ruffian who in other respects has much to answer for, imported them.
49. Vampa gazed on him for a moment without betraying the slightest emotion; while, on the contrary, Teresa, shuddering in every limb, dared not approach the slain ruffian but by degrees, and threw a hesitating glance at the dead body over the shoulder of her lover.
50. Of the fate of Carruthers I have no record, but I am sure that his assault was not viewed very gravely by the Court, since Woodley had the reputation of being a most dangerous ruffian, and I think that a few months were sufficient to satisfy the demands of justice.
51. Of the fate of Carruthers, I have no record, but I am sure that his assault was not viewed very gravely by the court, since Woodley had the reputation of being a most dangerous ruffian, and I think that a few, months were sufficient to satisfy the demands of justice.
52. He also admitted that you had some interest in a mill news to us) that necessitated your riding about alone, or attended by a ruffian who, or mills (we did not press him on this, being most upset at this information which was Captain Butler assures us, is a murderer.
53. Was it, then, in that guise that they appeared through the mists of the sea, distant, perplexed, and simple-minded? And what on earth is an "engaging ruffian"? He must be a creature of literary imagination, I thought, for the two words don't match in my personal experience.
54. I have said that he is the worst man in London, and I would ask you how could one compare the ruffian who in hot blood bludgeons his mate with this man, who methodically and at his leisure tortures the soul and wrings the nerves in order to add to his already swollen money-bags?
55. I have said that he is the worst man in London, and I would ask you how could one compare the ruffian, who in hot blood bludgeons his mate, with this man, who methodically and at his leisure tortures the soul and wrings the nerves in order to add to his already swollen money-bags?
56. This he very glibly swallowed, on the notion of my being one of those unhappy street-errants, who devote themselves to the pleasure of the first ruffian that will stoop to pick them up, and of course, that I would scarce bilk myself of the hire, by not returning make the most of the job.
57. In the place where she heard Heathcliff termed a "vulgar young ruffian," and "worse than a brute," she took care not to act like him; but at home she had small inclination to practise politeness that would only be laughed at, and restrain an unruly nature when it would bring her neither credit nor praise.
58. Yes, it was like a dream in which a man fancies that a ruffian is coming to attack him, and raises his arm to strike that ruffian a terrible blow which he knows should annihilate him, but then feels that his arm drops powerless and limp like a rag, and the horror of unavoidable destruction seizes him in his helplessness.
59. Poor old chap! But have you any idea how that ruffian Sotillo obtained his information? He did not get hold of any of our Cargadores who helped with the truck, did he? But no, it is impossible! These were picked men we've had in our boats for these five years, and I paid them myself specially for the job, with instructions to keep out of the way for twenty-four hours at least.
60. This had given her, when very young, and even a little later, a sort of pensive attitude towards her husband, a scamp of a certain depth, a ruffian lettered to the extent of the grammar, coarse and fine at one and the same time, but, so far as sentimentalism was concerned, given to the perusal of Pigault-Lebrun, and "in what concerns the sex," as he said in his jargon—a downright, unmitigated lout.
61. Lately, on account of the vast sums being spent on magical artefacts and the risk of thievery, the milliners had been compelled to join together on the one site and implement extra security, so that when Gaspar and Hubris arrived at the end of the lane in front of the workshops they found their way barred by a new iron gate, lit by the flames of a burning brazier and manned by a hired ruffian wielding a nasty cudgel.
62. Ellen, I was ready to tear my hair off my head! I sobbed and wept so that my eyes were almost blind; and the ruffian you have such sympathy with stood opposite: presuming every now and then to bid me 'wisht,' and denying that it was his fault; and, finally, frightened by my assertions that I would tell papa, and that he should be put in prison and hanged, he commenced blubbering himself, and hurried out to hide his cowardly agitation.
63. And at eight o'clock next morning you were graciously pleased to set off for Serpuhov ; at that time you had just sold your Tula estate to settle with your creditors, but there was still left in your hands a tempting stake ; that was why you had come at that time to Moscow, where you had not been able to show yourself till then for fear of yoiir creditors, and this Serpuhov ruffian was the only one of them who had not agreed to take half of what you owed him instead of the whole.
64. They struck a light and saw that Zimoveykin and Remnev were fighting together, that they were swearing and abusing one another, and as they turned the light on them, one of them shouted: "It's not me, it's this ruffian," and the other who was Zimoveykin, was shouting: "Don't touch me, I've done nothing! I'll take my oath any minute!" Both of them looked hardly like human beings; but for the first minute they had no attention to spare for them; the invalid was not where he had been behind the screen.
65. The whimpering of our deck-boy, a skinny, impressionable little scarecrow out of a training-ship, for whom, because of the tender immaturity of his nerves, this display of German Ocean frightfulness was too much (before the year was out he developed into a sufficiently cheeky young ruffian), his desolate whimpering, I say, heard between the gusts of that black, savage night, was much more present to my mind and indeed to my senses than the green overcoat and the white cap of the German passenger circling the deck indefatigably, attended by his two gyrating children.
66. This reflection kept me perplexed and longing to know really and truly the whole life and wondrous deeds of our famous Spaniard, Don Quixote of La Mancha, light and mirror of Manchegan chivalry, and the first that in our age and in these so evil days devoted himself to the labour and exercise of the arms of knight-errantry, righting wrongs, succouring widows, and protecting damsels of that sort that used to ride about, whip in hand, on their palfreys, with all their virginity about them, from mountain to mountain and valley to valley--for, if it were not for some ruffian, or boor with a hood and hatchet, or monstrous giant, that forced them, there were in days of yore damsels that at the end of eighty years, in all which time they had never slept a day under a roof, went to their graves as much maids as the mothers that bore them.
67. What! This man was that Thenardier, that innkeeper of Montfermeil whom he had so long and so vainly sought! He had found him at last, and how? His father's saviour was a ruffian! That man, to whose service Marius was burning to devote himself, was a monster! That liberator of Colonel Pontmercy was on the point of committing a crime whose scope Marius did not, as yet, clearly comprehend, but which resembled an assassination! And against whom, great God! what a fatality! What a bitter mockery of fate! His father had commanded him from the depths of his coffin to do all the good in his power to this Thenardier, and for four years Marius had cherished no other thought than to acquit this debt of his father's, and at the moment when he was on the eve of having a brigand seized in the very act of crime by justice, destiny cried to him: "This is Thenardier!" He could at last.
68. After he had sneezed, the showman, still acting the ruffian,.

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