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Illegitimate in a sentence

atrocities of an illegitimate war.
I think Pierre also is illegitimate.
Our wants are many and illegitimate.
‘His children are all illegitimate.
Added, My illegitimate half brother.
despot (the Illegitimate Herod family.
A legitimate one and an illegitimate.

He had dozens of illegitimate children.
You also have an illegitimate kid –’.
because he knew about her illegitimate child.
and not from the fathers of illegitimate children.
that he was an illegitimate son of Waylon Jennings.
we call normal, is therefore made illegitimate.
They are cancerous byproducts of illegitimate Islam.
and he had another illegitimate family of children also.
Every other way of accumulating things are illegitimate.
He will father six illegitimate children with his whores.
• There will be an abundance of illegitimate children.
woman was who bore his illegitimate child?’ said Jean,.
worse, illegitimate children who had never been recognized.
that ignore the will of the people are illegitimate governments.
This is not necessarily an illegitimate use of the educative arts.
„You, Lida, are CCs illegitimate daughter adopted out at birth.
Cursing all stupid, interfering, illegitimate women, he bent over it.
illegitimate wars instigated in the same room? Why would we still be a.
Admittedly, it is highly unlikely that Jesus was an illegitimate child.
production of illegitimate children and of fatherless homes is encouraged.

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Synonyms for illegitimate

bastard illegitimate whoreson illicit outlaw outlawed unlawful

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