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    1. Allow to soak in the direct sun and moonlight for 24 hrs

    2. Bark: Allow bark to dry on sun tray, then grind bark to powder, place in panty hose, tie into ball and add to container of water and allow to soak for 24 hrs, strain through filter

    3. Seeds: Grind seeds with coffee grinder, place into panty hose, tie into ball and allow to soak for 24 hrs

    4. Flowers: Pick flowers, allow to dry on solar tray then grind into powder with mortar, place into panty hose and allow to soak for 24 hrs

    5. Johnny fell, winded and gasping, feeling his shirt soak with blood

    6. He tightens his grip on me, holding me closer than ever and murmuring soothing noises as I soak his shirt with tears

    7. It was given off by the fabricators mounted to the Lula's great top plate, a sandblasted foot of soft iron in a circle, meant to soak up all the snowflakes they would hit

    8. By the time that he did make the connection he was sinking to the floor and losing consciousness, his head and shoulders wrapped in an old bath towel that his step-mother had thrown over his head as she struck to soak up the inevitable streams of blood

    9. ‘You’d better have a nice long soak in the bath after dinner

    10. “I’ll have to heat some water to soak this in

    11. Maybe you could read a book … in your current state of mind? A nice soak in the bath? Probably not enough hot water, Abi washed her hair earlier, remember? The tank wouldn’t have heated up again yet

    12. a small stream and removed his sandals to soak his

    13. has her way, she will soak my hair in a gallon of oil and then comb


    15. Perhaps she should get a towel, soak it in cold water and douse his head in it

    16. They had the consistency of iron and I knew many a person who had chipped a tooth or teeth trying to bite into them the best way to eat them without suffering damage to the teeth was to soak them in tea which softened them before you bit into one

    17. I of course had no tea so U poured some water into my mug and left the bloody dog biscuit to soak praying that it would soften the damn thing up before I tried to eat it

    18. dressing gown, had her legs twisted round by the side of her chair so her feet could soak up the

    19. It was Adem’s fourth pint, and he was glad to get something to eat to soak up the alcohol

    20. He hadn’t spoken to her for a week now and longed for some time alone to soak in her soothing presence

    21. The best thing she could do now was soak in some warm bath water, but there wasn’t time

    22. It had been a rough week, and she wanted a relaxing soak

    23. ” Dunn placed the kerchief atop the bottle and, one-handed, tipped it to soak the cloth

    24. When the group returned she would have lunch then treat herself to a long, hot soak in the bathtub

    25. Plus there's an additional toilet, over there, and a hose pipe connection with a soak away

    26. There was a bath down the hall, and Colling indulged himself with a hot soak before putting on fresh clothes before he would join the Countess for dinner

    27. snatched in front of him, and got left out in the rain to soak, you should be a sad

    28. All we ever mean to him is our money, and he‘ll try to soak us for more and more of it whenever he can

    29. Boil it they did; but as it did not occur to them to soak it beforehand it was too salty to eat

    30. Wash the sago and soak it for 1 hour

    31. Soak the pulse overnight, and simmer with the vegetables for 4 hours

    32. Wash well, and soak overnight in the water

    33. The general practice is to soak them in cold salted water with the idea of drawing out and killing any insects

    34. Soak the tapioca in the water overnight

    35. Soak a vanilla pod in the cold milk for 2 hours

    36. Soak the agar-agar in cold water for half an hour

    37. “Now go soak your smelly big rock feet in a swimming pool of commercial bleach,” Jaden says, while cutting off the rook monster’s huge head as it lays helpless on the ground

    38. Be sure to soak wood chips in water for 30 − 60 minutes before putting on the grill

    39. She took off her shoes and let her feet soak in the

    40. He took off his shoes and socks and let his feet soak

    41. If ever she needed a long soak, it was now

    42. I need some things out of the car, and then I need you to soak

    43. the fire victims and she had put them into the bathtub to soak

    44. box of Kleenex to soak up my tears and my snot

    45. glad my brain can be here more often to soak in as much of it as

    46. �It feels nice to just sit calmly an� soak in the beauty of God's creation,� John said

    47. "You know," he said, "we need some sort of an inner cap to soak up all this sweat

    48. Lifting her head from his lap and standing up, she said, "I comb my hair every morning and, every bath-day, I soak it in a potion made from magic plants

    49. "Hey, Pa," I said, "We need a two minute soak to loosen the feathers

    50. Assigned to the paint line again, a tired ache reminded her she'd forgot to soak her wrist amidst yesterday's excitement

    1. Water slowly, allowing the earth to get soaked

    2. vegetation, soaked through the sole of her boot

    3. at himself and he did not know if the blood that soaked his garments was his,

    4. Cosmicblasto would be soaked by Trixy, but there were other

    5. Marshall stood there soaked

    6. in his rough white whiskers, in the folds of his sun soaked skin,

    7. the flow of life ebbed and soaked into the cold stone sill

    8. At this camp they spent an uneventful Dusksleep, wore Alan out with sex-as-entertainment for Nightday, got soaked in a massive electrical storm for Dawnsleep that they dried out of thru Morningday of the week they finally walked out of that wilderness

    9. I glance at my boots now claggy with clay as well as soaked

    10. The entire vat needs to be replaced as the wood would have soaked up the poison by now

    11. She got to lay in the surf until the heat of the day was soaked out of her, then walked the spume with Yellelle, aiming to go to the nearest point and back

    12. She soaked the labels off of every bottle of Cava before it was

    13. the ground on a rain soaked headland

    14. I ran to the river at the base of the hill, removed my blouse and soaked it in the cold water

    15. His trousers are cold and clammy against his skin and he can smell ammonia and the earthy dampness of soaked cloth

    16. dusty floor; his pants were soaked and he reeked of

    17. When she takes her hand away the fabric of the plaster is already showing a small brown stain where the blood has soaked into the wadding

    18. Waves showered them with icy spray, so that Chen was soaked and shivering

    19. tears washed away the blood that soaked his face in the corners and under his

    20. His white T-shirt was soaked and stuck to

    21. soaked and sweat ran down his face like he had been trapped in a coffin for hours

    22. Once back at Knume’s she washed some clothes she would be taking, while they soaked, she squeezed and strained the lvinch, filling three big skins with the juice

    23. Finally, she sat up and pulled the soaked sock from her foot, something she should’ve done sooner

    24. soaked through to the skin and as miserable as a

    25. While the rest of the contingent soaked up the

    26. soaked to the skin

    27. he began to bathe her head with a cloth soaked in the

    28. One of his golden sleeves was soaked from dunking Alec's head while the rest of his robe was splattered with stains of puke

    29. As if a shock had been soaked with water,

    30. They ignored it every time a jet of water soaked their long, coarse hair

    31. soaked in what he thought was alcohol

    32. about, who was soaked in soda by my friend and who tried

    33. But Nerissa couldn’t trust that either a wine soaked head or fear of the law would make

    34. What was she doing here?” She took out her handkerchief, soaked it in the pond and used it to dab the girl’s face

    35. compromise when Nerissa suggested wiping Eury with a cloth soaked in cheap wine

    36. Elina leaned her head on Arkaneh's shoulder, running her fingers through his soaked hair

    37. “You were screeching like a soaked cat as he dragged you

    38. A trail of thick, strongly scented blood had soaked the grass

    39. I was soaked everywhere, and for a moment I thought I had knocked one of the water pails over

    40. The people soaked in the beautiful scenery and then began to honor their deal by writing stories on the boards

    41. The rock was soaked with fluid and blood still trickled down its sides

    42. He eased it further and found, as he expected, that the hair on the back of her head was soaked with blood

    43. I knew I needed to quickly get my breath back so I took a deep breath of air and pushed forward all the way upright whilst Elijah held on to my pack and helped me to stand however both my kit rifle and myself were soaked

    44. All this time I had been operating on anger but now as I looked at the blood soaked bodies at my feet and somehow felt a little ashamed though I don’t know why after all these were the enemy

    45. Sebastian was soaked to the skin, like the other people in his unit

    46. Then the whole mess is soaked in salt for three days

    47. I could hardly speak never had I been so angry it was all encompassing it washed over me like paint and soaked into my very soul I thought that I might go mad But Rosie stopped me saying

    48. There was blood on his shirt and gore from his lost arm and the earth where his stumps lay was soaked in blood I looked at his face which was also blackened and scorched but which otherwise wasn’t so bad

    49. Then, she reached for the towel she kept on her pillow for just such occasions to wipe away the sweat that soaked her brow and cheeks

    50. I fell asleep and the tears soaked my bolster and the nightmares came back frightening in their intensity and scared the shit out of me the guard woke me and I was trembling in every limb and I had a slitting headache

    1. Establish a regular, relaxing bedtime routine such as soaking in a hot bath or hot tub and then reading a book or listening to soothing music

    2. Some studies suggest that soaking in hot water (such as a hot tub or bath) before retiring to bed can ease the transition into deeper sleep, but it should be done early enough that you are no longer sweating or over-heated

    3. If there is a drought, it is better, rather than sprinkling lightly, to water twice a week, soaking the soil to a minimum of 4 inches, or not at all, for shallow watering causes roots to spread out near the top where they will be baked by the sun, becoming unable to withstand drought

    4. Despite my screaming bruises and the blood soaking across my tattered face, I managed to spring up and land astride Robbie’s chest

    5. He lay there watching her sleep, soaking in the scent of her, and remembering the evening before

    6. The water is starting to sweep across the deck, a surge of chilly water washes over the top of my boots, soaking my socks … urghhh!

    7. A shivering fit brings him to his senses soon enough though and, with a filthy look in my direction, he goes off into a corner of the room to divest himself of his soaking clothes while I do the same by the fire

    8. Goodness knows what state our boots will be in tomorrow after their soaking

    9. Whether it was the preparation of a new meal, or a more efficient method to perform an already familiar task, they were like sponges soaking up the attentions and instructions of their parents and Great-uncle

    10. Roman stood with eyes shut and punch dripping down his face, soaking

    11. She just sat there, soaking in the sun, staring up at the second floor balcony

    12. Ask God daily to fill you with a fresh awareness of the Spirit and spend time soaking in his presence

    13. no more bandits, and arrived soaking but in relatively

    14. removed his boots and was soaking his feet in the

    15. and soaking his heels in the cool water

    16. But she better take action now or she’ll end up soaking her in a pot of

    17. The mist from the waterfall soaking his back

    18. I could feel tears slide down His face, soaking my robe

    19. Dotted around were people, some with their trouser legs rolled up or skirts hitched up above their knees; couples soaking up the sun together or rolled in an intimate embrace

    20. She kissed and hugged her and reassured her that she was in safe hands before hurrying to fill a hot mustard bath, so that within minutes Rosemary was stripped and soaking to bring some warmth back to her chilled bones

    21. The wind and rain blowing and coming down soaking us and by this time we were all tired and hungry and more than a little pissed off

    22. Helen came round the table and sat down next to me she took me in her arms like a child and my head led on her bust as my tears wet and stained her dressing gown soaking through to her nightdress below

    23. She was Queen of the Fireplace, stretching out in front of the glass window and soaking up the warmth the gas flames gave off

    24. Also can be used by soaking a cloth in the infusion and putting over the eye until you eye feels better

    25. Her clothes were soaking wet and her backside was numb with cold

    26. straight to the bathtub, poured some nice hot water, and got my shoes off, placing my feet in the water for a good soaking

    27. Pirate could feel and even smell the soaking trail of dog�s spit all over his face

    28. Kay stood on the keep’s front steps, her heart thundering in nervousness, soaking in the warmth of the brilliant afternoon sunshine

    29. The nurse picked up a cloth already soaking in a tray on the night table near the bed

    30. It wasn’t going to be easy to tell her that this incident was the final straw; hopefully a good soaking under a hot spray would calm her down somewhat

    31. A wave crashed over the side of the boat, soaking them all

    32. While he was still soaking, Elizabeth came in and took away his grimy clothes

    33. As they forged the river, Beth noted that the water rose above the rider’s knees, soaking his pants

    34. Amonas looked around him, soaking up his surroundings

    35. She was a frail little thing who looked all of 60lbs soaking wet

    36. entrance of her soaking wet pussy

    37. The card was soaking wet, but the numbers were

    38. I loosened my grip over my daughter’s face, which was now soaking wet in her tears

    39. The drops turn into a stream of water, and soon water gushes out of the tank, splattering all over the slab, soaking the bottom of Reggie’s pants

    40. About this time a soaking wet Silpitocle presented himself

    41. missed the hockey match and as a soaking sheet came walking

    42. candidate for a soaking as he passed and before long he was

    43. Both my brothers found it hard to control their blood oozing through their hands soaking their clothes, I had struck deep, nearly into bone, but I hadn’t intended to kill, I was my father’s daughter in the end, and killing my brothers was unfathomable

    44. I read it again, still soaking in all the information he was giving me

    45. aspirin he had left, and then soaking the willow bark in a solution of

    46. to a final soaking before cooking

    47. He slowly rotated in place, soaking up the power and taking in the panoramic view of dozens of volcanoes extending to the horizon in all directions

    48. In clear violation of the regulations, Court threw down the microphone and ran out of mobile into the soaking rain

    49. Judah and Moshe contented themselves for a good part of the early morning soaking up the

    50. They had to rest for a while before they were forced to move away from the stream of water that was soaking them

    1. A beat passes while John soaks in this revelation

    2. ’ He said, his temper flaring as he picks up the tent and soaks his hosen in the process

    3. As he soaks and lathers under the hot stream he returns to thoughts of Maggie and Jock

    4. Maggie soaks a tea towel under the cold tap and starts to wipe away the congealing mess of mud and blood from his hands and face

    5. “Red wine soaks into cedar wood,” she told him

    6. Move, we have about thirty minutes before the rain comes and soaks everything

    7. He soaks himself into his work, taking time each day to pour over scientific procedures and learn skills acquired by other states, cities, countries

    8. Blood from his face and neck soaks the carpet beneath and Curly Pete pulls the cushion from Razor Mick's hand and slides it gently underneath his head; �He was a good friend, he always said he would go first

    9. up, and the humidity soaks

    10. The water instantly soaks through my pants and hits my legs, ice-cold

    11. downpour of rain and soaks you to the bone,” he said and grabbed my

    12. Natural bristle is extremely porous by nature and thus it soaks up a great amount of water that it touches

    13. In one corner sit some bleary-eyed old soaks

    14. The pain soaks in and I feel like I am on fire from the inside

    15. That soaks all coffins under

    16. As producer Greg Rosalsky put it: “The first bun soaks up your saliva like a sponge and then it seems virtually impossible to eat the second one

    17. The hot liquid soaks into his white shirt, scalding him

    18. 'The water soaks into them

    19. "The water soaks into them

    20. “Soaks you in a minute

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