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    1. What did this have to do with how the world turned? Why did it matter? Is that what yaag gave her, the ability to not have every imperfection in the world her personal problem with the whole population lined up wanting to know why this imperfection still existed? Why is it her problem? Because she was the daughter of the wizard?

    2. We have a belief, due to past non-‐truthful conditioning, in imperfection

    3. "It takes an imperfection to make something real

    4. Right from the start point out the imperfection and then turn it into a

    5. Danny thought the imperfection suited

    6. It felt strange to see himself on screen and he was suddenly aware of every flaw in his face, every mark and imperfection

    7. It was a human gesture, admitting one’s imperfection eagerly without guilt, shame or regret

    8. Survivors slipped through in some manner and those Apostolic Christians marched forward into the second century of John’s future in all their imperfection

    9. “It is not clear that an imperfect being could have a very clear notion of a perfect being, because an imperfect being might be unable to distinguish between perfection and imperfection, so Axiom 2 is suspect to me

    10. And the churches that all the apostles and so many, many more had given up their lives for, had grown and expanded in all the imperfection of their devotion

    11. Their striving against these sources of imperfection of the Word has been preserved within the record of their teachings

    12. But it, in its imperfection, would not be sufficient in and of itself

    13. Only time itself will tell if we are able to choose the best from among all the rest! But history repeats itself as a testimony of our imperfection

    14. Indeed, our imperfection points to Jesus’ perfection, and His perfect completed

    15. duality is an illusion induced by the imperfection of the psyche

    16. M: Yes, there is, but it includes all imperfection

    17. And any movement away from this perfect state would only end in imperfection

    18. The most innovative concept that lies at the heart of Luria’s teachings is the imperfection of beginning

    19. It is but a help to the weakness and imperfection of their Nonage, a discipline necessary to their education

    20. probably notice the imperfection, but she saw it

    21. fullness of absolute Love and there is no imperfection in him at all

    22. judges of their guilt and their imperfection, both towards themselves and

    23. After concepts of imperfection have been acquired, one can

    24. Imperfection was a turnoff

    25. the ways in which our imperfection shows itself in our lives is in the fact that we have some one characteristic developed in excess of the others

    26. 11 Error (evil) is the penalty of imperfection

    27. The qualities of imperfection or facts of misadaptation are disclosed on the material level by critical observation and by scientific analysis; on the moral level, by human experience

    28. Evil is, therefore, also a measure of imperfection in universe interpretation

    29. Error (evil) is not an actual universe quality; it is simply the observation of a relativity in the relatedness of the imperfection of the incomplete finite to the ascending levels of the Supreme and Ultimate

    30. imperfection, so he may connect with the audience

    31. imperfection in a piece of otherwise useful clothing

    32. Through the drowned pleas of Nathan's semi-muted voice, he captured every unique quality, each imperfection, on what the men randomly displayed: first, the thick blonde hair and upper body of the white individual busting out of a skimpy, brown tank top

    33. wars, inequality and imperfection finally ends

    34. Despite their imperfection, His frontline managed to win thousands of souls for the

    35. “I am just angry because it had to demonstrate it's imperfection

    36. Probably sounds like a silly story, but this was the beginning of the realization of the imperfection and selfishness that had been embedded in my life

    37. The valley of lust is the valley of imperfection and no one in it can enter

    38. The imperfection of man,

    39. the imperfection on her exquisite body

    40. The sense of daily failure, weakness, imperfection, and inward conflict, will no longer mar their peace

    41. The only imperfection is your choice

    42. if there was no imperfection? Okay, you chose imperfection and now

    43. The dragon state of existence dwells in an abyss under the floor of the red sea in dark shapeless environment showing his punishment upon the imperfection of mankind

    44. His look shows how god who expresses complete and perfect human creation declines in a state of imperfection and faults to give such equality

    45. Pride without the cure will continue to ripple in reality with a murmuring sound as a shallow stream over stones insisting on absolute imperfection, preventing pure and glowing feelings

    46. We cannot invent perfection out of imperfection therefore the idea of a perfect being must come from something that is at least as perfect as the idea

    47. Now he would feel guilty about that - his mother would probably blame this imperfection on the gardeners when she saw it

    48. which there is not even the least imperfection? When does perfect know-

    49. So, one’s dirt and imperfection is that which makes one throw himself in fire and flame with it wishing to relieve himself from suffering and defects

    50. First, we take humans as they are and recognize human imperfection

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