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    1. However, when stress levels increase and become prolonged, feelings of exhaustion, debilitation and inadequacy begin to set in along with various physical side effects

    2. the sense of inadequacy within him,

    3. of inadequacy, shame, grief, and loneliness into his adulthood

    4. There are feelings of being different, confusion and a sense of inadequacy, even is the person is super responsible

    5. His marital duties as a responsible breadwinner had degenerated into a struggle to keep his family afloat financially, which brought about feelings of frustration and inadequacy that were always bubbling up inside him

    6. To dream that someone is a Capricorn signifies fears of inadequacy

    7. To dream of failure signifies fears of inadequacy and low self-esteem

    8. To see dirty or torn underwear suggests that you are not comfortable in your own skin and have feelings of inadequacy

    9. He hadn’t realised how deeply her death had affected him at first, the feelings of inadequacy and guilt it had aroused in him

    10. Over the years these dissatisfaction mounted and Albert Gray began to gamble, the thrill of the chase replacing his deep feelings of inadequacy

    11. The present situation with Iran reveals the inadequacy of the UN

    12. Also, it solves the problem of the lack of income and of the inadequacy of resources for the organizations to accomplish its purposes with success to turn them autosustainable

    13. However, no matter how much the State collects trillion in taxes, there is always inadequacy of resources to cover its own budget

    14. Although the Third Sector utilizes billion of billion dollars annually in collected resources, there is always inadequacy of resources, because it only transfers and it doesn’t turn the durable wealth

    15. one’s inadequacy and the need for a guide or a teacher

    16. the gamers had ended up in Siberia and his feelings of inadequacy

    17. all, our trying not to acknowledge its blatant inadequacy, the

    18. They seek to remedy this inadequacy, not through creating and producing values, but by

    19. She sought to remedy this inadequacy

    20. Mind in a whirl of inadequacy, headache, self-reproach… I spent the day in bed, dehydrating, starving, unable to sleep, delirious with self-recrimination, refining plans for suicide

    21. Many are held back by a sense of inadequacy which they acquire during

    22. You have thwarted your mind by holding thoughts of inadequacy,

    23. inadequacy, replacing them with pictures showing the condition you would like to

    24. "This inadequacy of which you speak is something I have been forced to live with all my life

    25. Inadequacy never came into it

    26. Helpless and hopeless people turned to drugs and over indulgence to numb their feelings of inadequacy

    27. His spoiled self will demand more from you and others, treating his feelings more important because he has become used to making up for his feelings of inadequacy in this way

    28. drank heavily, trying to avoid the stares and the feelings of inadequacy

    29. fears of inadequacy will quickly be replaced by the confidence of

    30. shares) is indicative of the inadequacy of internally generated funds

    31. are computer generated, there is both a lag time and inadequacy in their breadth of

    32. inadequacy and a whole array of other inappropriate

    33. Nothing about him suggests oddness, inadequacy, or moral frailty

    34. The inadequacy of the overall conception, however, can be read in both the

    35. “Leave me alone!” she called back, aware of the inadequacy of the response, but uncertain what

    36. Illegitimate and adopted children, especially of humble origins, often develop narcissistic defenses to fend off persistent feelings of inadequacy and inferiority

    37. Realise that guilt, and the resulting feelings of inadequacy, are

    38. a total wimp and feelings of inadequacy cannot help but creep in

    39. It is believed that the inadequacy of production output in meeting current demand carries the risk of financial losses resulting from the fact that the company is incapable of producing higher quantities and might thus lose some of its well-recognised customers as well as some potential new customers and its company image

    40. “So should we hope or not?” Reho's impatience was with both the vagary and inadequacy of the much too long response

    41. It was with mixed feelings of inadequacy and fear combined with determination and resolve, that tumbled within Kathy’s mind and soul, when the limo drew up to the entrance of the Crest Tower…

    42. His frustration and feelings of inadequacy became almost a tangible presence between them

    43. It seemed, too, that if ever there was a time when conditions might have been expected to have halfway adjusted themselves to the pressure which by day brought out all too clearly the hopeless inadequacy of the facilities provided by the city to perform one of its most important and inevitable functions, it was at that early morning hour of our visit

    44. "I don't know," I said, "but I imagine that in connection with the actual inadequacy of the equipment one would find reflected the same makeshift character in the attitude and actions of those who handle the city's dead

    45. Josh wanted to defend his query but recognized the inadequacy of anything he might have said

    46. The boundaries soften and dissolve, and any sense of inadequacy, limitation, or deficiency is lessened or eliminated

    47. Management had its annual discussion about breakup arrangements, and their general inadequacy

    48. His sexual inadequacy vis-à-vis Lea"s needs had reached an impasse

    49. My sexual inadequacy obviously played its part in this loosening of our ties

    50. The problem with any kind of empirical healing practice; is the inadequacy of approach and understanding

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