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Lapse в предложении (на )

  1. A lapse in symptoms (e.
  2. Sleep is merely a lapse in mem-.
  3. The kind luxurious lapse and steal.
  4. To the lapse, uneducated eye of.
  5. And, after a short lapse of time, Mr.

  6. There shouldn’t have been a lapse.
  7. What was the time lapse there?
  8. A few moments of tense silence lapse.
  9. Before this lapse in judgment, he’d.
  10. She knows it was just a temporary lapse.
  11. There was a lapse in my memory from that day.
  12. Hath gathered credence with the lapse of time.
  13. But that is to be expected from one so lapse.
  14. The moment I was about to lapse in sleep, someone.
  15. Such a lapse in concentration could get one killed.

  16. There was no way for me to calculate the time lapse.
  17. After the lapse of a good quarter of an hour, and some.
  18. After the lapse of a few minutes, he was no longer blind.
  19. He liked to lapse into the dialect when he talked to her.
  20. It was at this epoch that Marius, after the lapse of six.
  21. It couldn’t be real or the embarrassing lapse that had.
  22. How wonderful, she said, not noticing his lapse in.
  23. Forgetting about their presence, the lapse cost him dear.
  24. Destroy the rights of property and we lapse into barbarism.
  25. I noticed her panic made her lapse into her native language.

  26. Tell my story? Lapse of judgment? It’s as though God-zog.
  27. She shook her head to clear the momentary lapse in attention.
  28. M: You talk of the unconscious when there is a lapse in mem-.
  29. He grinned, Is that what it was… a lapse in judgment?
  30. The biggest sticking point was the time lapse before the sale.
  31. After a short reflective lapse in conversation, Moshe remarked.
  32. During that lapse the Devatas sent Guru Brihaspati to sabotage.
  33. At all costs, Nicky did not want to lapse into depression again.
  34. Cursing inwardly at his lapse, Kifter tried to conceal his fury.
  35. The enemy’s lapse in professionalism cleared Eilidh’s mind.
  36. After the lapse of a few minutes he no longer knew his position.
  37. Lydgate! said Mary, with an unmistakable lapse into indifference.
  38. They were waiting for any minor security lapse which they got soon.
  39. For a moment they all thought the grand old senator had had a lapse.
  40. I had expected time to lapse whilst I was elsewhere folding it.
  41. For instance when repayment on a loan starts only after a lapse of a.
  42. It constituted a critical lapse in judgment and a personal failure on.
  43. He cursed himself, that brief lapse in judgment could cost him his life.
  44. It was a lapse of judgment — understandable, but a lapse all the same.
  45. As Nangong Ping was startled, in a lapse of concentration he allowed his.
  46. As with all thinking, it’s possible for noting to lapse into judgments.
  47. Because of a momentarily lapse when he tried to think about Zhan Donglai.
  48. With the death of six men, suddenly the formation had a momentarily lapse.
  49. The best way to prevent a lapse or relapse in anxiety disorder symptoms is.
  50. It would further record that, miraculously, I was able to lapse into fluent.
  51. The consequence was, that it did not reach her before the lapse of three days.
  52. The clean ups were performed and in 1995 the tax was allowed to lapse with $3.
  53. In his passion he forgot the lapse of the years and the possibility of changes.
  54. Rather annoyed by the Hite’s lapse ways, Tarmon led them out, concentrating on.
  55. Thankfully though, I'd secured my status as a scholar, and even with my lapse in.
  56. The old man began to smack his lips and seemed to recover from his mysterious lapse.
  57. Except for the time when he’d had a lapse in judgment when he’d been her cover.
  58. With the lapse of time, you see this vibration around yourself as a glowing light.
  59. I saw him smile to himself—grin rather—and lapse into ominous musing whenever Mrs.
  60. The mere lapse of time by itself does nothing, either for or against natural selection.
  61. It was a mutual lapse of judgment and could have been the biggest mistake of our lives.
  63. I saw him smile to himself---grin rather---and lapse into ominous musing whenever Mrs.
  64. Apparently they had learned something of my story from me during the days of my lapse.
  65. Mitch cast another ill-advised glance at the body, a lapse of judgement he would regret.
  66. He imagined it was a temporary lapse, an escape from her pain, a temporary hallucination.
  67. Sullen she allowed the conversation to lapse into nothingness, stealing a quick glance at.
  68. That's it then… I don't want to be added to that number based on one lapse in judgment.
  69. Phaedra gave succour to him and he would lapse in and out of the void under her watchful gaze.
  70. She knew it was unprofessional but the occasion merited this one small lapse in her behaviour.
  71. I took no note of the lapse of time—of the change from morning to noon, from noon to evening.
  72. He could not repress the thought that this lapse of memory had occurred at such a critical time.
  73. After the lapse of about ten minutes, the soldiers began to change about and to converse together.
  74. However, you are not able to do this instantaneously, but only after a lapse of one or two seconds.
  75. Nearly four years had passed away; at the end of the second he had ceased to mark the lapse of time.
  76. God himself culminates in the present moment, and will never be more divine in the lapse of all the ages.
  77. An unhappy lapse of fortune and the absence of my protector have cast me down, certainly, but not forever.
  78. Feltus’s eyes lighted up as a flash of lightning seemed to restore the subject to the lapse in his memory.
  79. Chamberlain sits so near to him that, in case of a lapse of memory, she can play the part of stage prompter.
  80. I speak of sequences, but I required no lapse of seconds to stiffen myself for a third encounter with Quint.
  81. In the case of the second entry illustration, a lot more time lapse is allowed for the spacecraft to revalue.
  82. And I was always happy, Martha continued as if she had suddenly been awakened from her lapse in her monologue.
  83. After the lapse of a few seconds, the room and the opposite wall were lighted up with a fierce, red, tremulous glow.
  84. When Miss Havisham had fixed her attention on me, she said, speaking as if there had been no lapse in our dialogue,—.
  85. Standing the moment she felt the witches power lapse, she threw herself at the door with all her strength, but it didn't budge.
  86. Ultimately after the lapse of centuries, these sub-breeds would become converted into two well-established and distinct breeds.
  87. At the time the circumstances made a deep impression upon me, and the lapse of two years has hardly served to weaken the effect.
  88. She found, to her dismay, that this was owing to their having eaten all the seed potatoes,—that last lapse of the improvident.
  89. She didn’t really have any place to stay, she had let the room in that little inn where she stayed with Jorma lapse last week.
  90. Sure, it is your money and your choice, but that person may contest the will on the basis that you had a temporary memory lapse.
  91. The attention span for this level is very brief, with a maximum span, without any lapse at all, that may be as short as 8 seconds.
  92. The facts are conclusive in its favor, and no obstacle to its discharge can be conceived, except the lapse of time on this subject.
  93. On days when there was a lapse in needed chore business, they sat in the great room and Harry would read from a new or favorite play.
  94. But there are instances where, after the lapse of many hours or several days, the sunken whale again rises, more buoyant than in life.
  95. Five years after, it was raised to seven shillings, and after the lapse of another five years it had been increased to eight shillings.
  96. As I note above, absolute numbers can have some importance, despite all logic, but I would not rely on them if there’s much time lapse.
  97. The lesser things he began to let go from him, for fear of this big thing, the lapse towards death, following in the wake of his beloved.
  98. To the mortal consciousness there appeared no lapse of time; the resurrection of life followed the sleep of death as of the same instant.
  99. This lapse is needed for you to clearly, logically, and visually register things that happen in the structures of your Self-Consciousness.
  100. With the lapse of time, VaR became the compulsory indicator appearing in the accounting reports of the majority of financial institutions.
  1. You are lapsing because it is wearing off.
  2. It resulted in them lapsing from going to Mass on a regular basis.
  3. Lapsing lighthearted, she said, Methinks Alex doth protest too.
  4. They were lapsing into the relationship they'd had before the Moorhen.
  5. Her mother was talking at last, just as the daughter was lapsing into silence.
  6. Over our dessert of lemon syllabub, Mia regales us with her exploits in Paris, lapsing at one point into fluent French.
  7. Hypothermia is progressive - one's body program passes through several levels before lapsing into an subconscious condition.
  8. Even in the lifetime of the apostles, each church was prevented from lapsing into apostasy only by the watchful care of the founders.
  9. What does this state of political structure mean for Jews? I believe it provides the sort of state in which lapsed and lapsing Jews feel safest, and which they strive to replicate wherever they live.
  10. Certain it was that I was lapsing into sleep, the open eyed sleep of one who yields to a sweet fascination, when there came through the snow-stilled air a long, low wail, so full of woe and pity that it woke me like the sound of a clarion.
  11. Internally, whether in the globe or animal body, it is a moist thick lobe, a word especially applicable to the liver and lungs and the leaves of fat (γεἱβω, labor, lapsus, to flow or slip downward, a lapsing; λοβὁς, globus, lobe, globe; also lap, flap, and many other words); externally a dry thin leaf, even as the f and v are a pressed and dried b.
  12. Because they are the furthest removed action for a person living the life they are in, at the point of the receipt of the news: becoming world champions in sport at entirely the wrong age, selling everything to launch a business idea, leaving everything they know to cleave a new life in a foreign country where there is no chance of lapsing back into the ways of Blighty, dedicating their lives to a cause which they feel warrants such a sacrifice with the most incredible, world-changing results.
  1. Then he lapsed into silence.
  2. Sometimes he lapsed into a.
  3. She lapsed into dismayed silence.
  4. The brothers lapsed into silence.
  5. She lapsed back into sleep again.
  6. She lapsed into self-loathing again.
  7. We both lapsed into hopeless silence.
  8. Time lapsed on toward one future state.
  9. Finally he lapsed into dignified silence.
  10. That, lapsed in time and passion, lets go by.
  11. Some seconds lapsed before the man spoke again.
  12. Rosemary lapsed into silence again, remembering.
  13. They had now lapsed into another era of silence.
  14. President MacArthur lapsed into a sudden silence.
  15. Robert lapsed into silence, staring out over the.
  16. He had lapsed into the non-state of the Empty Ones.
  17. Deprived of combat he lapsed again into a sullen silence.
  18. An hour had now lapsed since the Spitfire's urgent report.
  19. Now Lisa lapsed serious as she turned her attention to Alex.
  20. Now John lapsed into a more silent kind of pictorial reverie.
  21. Thirty seconds lapsed and then he heard his friend’s voice.
  22. Barron and Barnett lapsed into an uneasy silence as they both.
  23. Alex had already lapsed serious again, and he tilted his head.
  24. The two men laughed and lapsed into thoughtful quiet once again.
  25. A wolf, it is said,—but here the tale has surely lapsed into.
  26. She lapsed into a stream of mumbling that Hal couldn’t make out.
  27. Two years had lapsed since I was last in Spain with Satchi & Devi.
  28. How the hell— he began, but then lapsed back into silence.
  29. Majesty had lapsed dangerously, but in his own defence, he trusted.
  30. She was a bit surprised because the scheme has, in reality, lapsed.
  31. He lapsed into fitful sleep, fearful of the nightmares which always.
  32. They all lapsed into a long silence and stared out the small windows.
  33. Again he lapsed into silence, speaking only when absolutely necessary.
  34. Just as suddenly as he had lapsed into darkness, his demeanor became.
  35. The answer did not please her, and the conversation lapsed for awhile.
  36. The kerygmatic sermon of the Church has lapsed into superficial moralism.
  37. Lost in thought, Travis hadn’t realized that the conversation had lapsed.
  38. Ten minutes lapsed before Rose appeared with the towel wrapped around her body.
  39. It is intended by the statement "then, the devil lapsed them away from it…".
  40. Good, moderately lapsed Christian that I am, I even said a prayer of contrition.
  41. After his spirited display of defensive skill, he had lapsed into silent apathy.
  42. Matthew although having recently lapsed from the church went along to please Ellen.
  43. They had finished telling everything about their holidays and lapsed into silence.
  44. In the latter case there was pure forgetfulness, when he lapsed from consciousness.
  45. That night, Fela came down with such high fever that she nearly lapsed into a coma.
  46. When he and Andrew lapsed into discussions about plants my mind tended to switch to.
  47. Judah, and four drovers, all of whom had done the digging, lapsed into the repose of.
  48. Who won? Don’t be silly! Douglas lapsed into silence, staring up into the sky.
  49. Both women lapsed into silence for a few moments until Zoe couldn’t stand the silence.
  50. Once back in the physical state, the interviewee learned 20 minutes had lapsed and the.
  51. And how glad she will be, how delighted! he muttered, but lapsed into silence again.
  52. He lapsed away, even for minutes, ringing those measured changes on his hands the whole time.
  53. Stone lapsed into a special brief melancholy from which he revived as he began to speak again.
  54. God says: "Then, the devil lapsed them away from it and got them out of what they were in…".
  55. Turning again to the others within the servant's group, who had lapsed into a shocked silence.
  56. You don't understand, she snapped indignantly, then immediately lapsed into mournful nostalgia.
  57. Wolfshiem swallowed a new sentence he was starting and lapsed into a somnambu-latory abstraction.
  58. Less than a minute lapsed during which time Brigit could not take her eyes off the man by her side.
  59. She lapsed into the stillness of concentration - I into contemplating the dread prospect of old age.
  60. Continued flickerings of the dream taunted his sensibilities as he lapsed back toward a deeper sleep.
  61. She lapsed into silence, punctuated by the occasional gulping sob, as if she was struggling to breathe.
  62. May Lin was ministering to Jenni who had lapsed into unconsciousness, and hopefully, forgiveness!.
  63. That deal lapsed in February when the Office of Fair Trading referred it to the Competition Commission.
  64. But the dart guns came up as soon as she raised her voice and she lapsed into stony silence for an hour.
  65. The Divine Nature is declared to be the grand argument for the final restitution of all lapsed creatures.
  66. There was the clink of teacups, the sighing of the wind in Vincef's private court, but conversation lapsed.
  67. After several hours, he lapsed into a restless, exhausted sleep, reclined right there upon the stone steps.
  68. Could I have a refill? she held her glass out to me, briskly, as if a long time had lapsed with it empty.
  69. Simon Peter was very much hurt by his brother's insinuations and immediately lapsed into crestfallen silence.
  70. Finally, she lapsed into giving me simple directions – turn here - left at the light – that sort of thing.
  71. Then she went away and shortly later returned with some one and a cart then he just lapsed into unconsciousness.
  72. When at last she left you, you lapsed at once into deep reverie: you betook yourself slowly to pace the gallery.
  73. A spattering of white crosses erected roadside pays homage to those whose concentration lapsed on the sharp bends.
  74. Clodius’ recurring smirk lapsed into a quizzical glance, and he craned his neck to attempt to read across the table.
  75. What else was there to say? She daren't push further, he wasn't going to open up any more, so the whole subject lapsed.
  76. Her father was a lapsed Catholic, her mother an indifferent Protestant, and Samantha had not been raised in any faith.
  77. Glancing at the clock she could see that no time other than what had lapsed since picking up the flower, had occurred.
  78. He was a nervous wreck before and during each lesson, a fact that he admitted to no one and very soon lapsed altogether.
  79. But instead he lapsed into sulky silence, hugging his knees, and rocking back and forth, muttering Kf, all the while.
  80. Yes, you must see—’ And here he lapsed into silence, shaking his head until at last he remembered they all stood watching him.
  81. He began his story meaning to tell everything just as it happened, but imperceptibly, involuntarily, and inevitably he lapsed into falsehood.
  82. Surrendering, I ascertained by all Our clothing, when We were: still homeward bound…but time had lapsed, and I was still outside Myself.
  83. Marc and I, both lapsed Catholics, didn’t practice our religion, but I remembered as a child that I firmly believed the saints watched over me.
  84. Mr Chandio, I— As Gary spoke, a hard slap landed on the back of his head and he lapsed into silence, rubbing at the spot with a shaky hand.
  85. They both lapsed into silence, each absorbed in their own thoughts, as the van ate up the miles between the hospital and the Meadow’s family ranch.
  86. The primary wave had dashed high into the air, most of which lapsed back with only a small remainder descending upon them like a monsoon spray of moisture.
  87. With a last simple prayer, the clandestine traveler pulled his robes over his head and lapsed into an exhausted slumber, his belly empty and his heart full.
  88. We had to wait quite awhile till it quietened down but eventually the front lapsed into silence again and the flares stopped whooshing up as darkness returned.
  89. Even the poor devil who had waved the single despairing signal of distress had lapsed into unconsciousness before he had learned whether it had availed or not.
  90. We both lapsed into silence and I concentrated on looking at the scenery and trying to struggle with the last few clues of the crossword puzzle in the newspaper.
  91. He sat down and tried to seem gay, but it was up-hill work; it roused no smile, no response, and he lapsed into silence and let his heart sink down to the depths.
  92. I must tell you I am not a man of science and to my ears you lapsed into Swahili for a moment there, while you told me about what you find more interesting than your wife.
  93. I reminded him of the false hopes into which I had lapsed, the length of time they had lasted, and the discovery I had made: and I hinted at the danger that weighed upon my spirits.
  94. Now that her various personal pursuits—and the larger pursuit of the right pursuit—had lapsed, much of her time not occupied with Board matters was lavished on one kid or the other.
  95. And she leant her pretty head back against the sill, with a half a yawn and a half a sigh, and lapsed into an aspect of abstracted sadness: neither caring nor knowing whether we remarked her.
  96. When the dome was thinly covered his face lapsed into darkness but, as he set himself to fan the fire again, his crouching shadow ascended the opposite wall and his face slowly reemerged into light.
  97. What does this state of political structure mean for Jews? I believe it provides the sort of state in which lapsed and lapsing Jews feel safest, and which they strive to replicate wherever they live.
  98. One day, however, when he had been conning one of his music-scores, and by force of imagination was hearing the tune in his head, he lapsed into listlessness, and the music-sheet rolled to the hearth.
  99. Myserrah, after registering sudden surprise, lapsed into the same hate-filled glare, which was now overlaid with a surliness that befitted his apparent realization of the new reversed position that he found himself in.
  100. He lapsed again into a deep lethargy, and was only dimly aware when the chariot halted in a deep, high-walled court, and he was lifted from it by many hands and borne up a winding stone stair, and down a long dim corridor.
  1. Even writers have lapses.
  2. Your sleep comes on in minute long lapses.
  3. I mean, you could be… He lapses into thought.
  4. The time lapses; the instant transportation from.
  5. Lapses are very common and typically pass with time.
  6. But then he lapses into deep concentration for a minute.
  7. I was so nervous that I have memory lapses of the sequence of events.
  8. Remy and those curious lapses from the dignity that might be expected of the managers.
  9. Reason is subject to lapses in judgment; that is to say, subject to variation and change.
  10. The lip—labium, from labor (?)—laps or lapses from the sides of the cavernous mouth.
  11. The man was plain stupid; worse, he was arrogant about it, flaunting his frequent logic lapses.
  12. Jason, of course, was unaware of the lurid lapses Bruce experienced during intimacies with Juliet.
  13. Coast Guard officials initially were concerned with alleged port security lapses and potential risks.
  14. You think all existence lapses in as quiet a flow as that in which your youth has hitherto slid away.
  15. Unless they are suffering temporary lapses of sanity, they do not double-cross or cheat their employers.
  16. The good tended to serve his needs with only occasional lapses, but the bad seemed to be with him always.
  17. Except for 2 lapses in 11 years, when I had been at parties and consumed a lot of alcohol, I have been totally off the smoking.
  18. World Weary Avengers could not afford any lapses; they were the owners of some extremely advanced and therefore dangerous technology.
  19. Memory lapses, scratches I don’t know how I got, and I know this sounds stupid, but some of my clothes don’t even fit anymore.
  20. D’ata’s repeated lapses and blatant confessions demonstrated rebellion against God and, consequently, were the most serious of nature.
  21. It is more of an agreement really, if one partner wants to end the relationship then all they have to do is wait till the agreement lapses which is every three months.
  22. Gnazzo left UTC for a job with a Long Island company, Computers Associates, which promptly was debarred and humiliated in the financial markets for severe ethical lapses.
  23. Warren would say comfortably, resolutely closing her eyes to the fact that James’ early environment, and not his sense of humor, was responsible for his occasional lapses.
  24. Nearly hysterical in his screams of fright and anguish, his story was told between the many lapses of coherency, while he forced himself to relate what he could barely stand to relive.
  25. Buster laughed though offered no explanation of his response to his cousin’s inquiry, but given Judy’s tendency to have lapses of absentmindedness during which she occasionally acted quite foolish, his reaction was understandable.
  26. But I should not weary you with my letter, sir, if I were not firmly convinced that the nobility of your sentiments and your open, candid character would suggest to you yourself a means for retrieving all lapses and returning everything to its original position.
  27. There might have been lapses of an erring father but he wanted to turn over a new leaf and now, when at long last in sight of the whipping post, to lead a homely life in the evening of his days, permeated by the affectionate surroundings of the heaving bosom of the family.
  28. The lunatic is both cunning and malignant; she has never failed to take advantage of her guardian’s temporary lapses; once to secrete the knife with which she stabbed her brother, and twice to possess herself of the key of her cell, and issue therefrom in the night-time.
  29. While I am likely still in the early to moderate stages of the disease, I’ve been experiencing unpredictable cognitive lapses that make it impossible for me to meet the demands of this position with the highest of standards that I’ve always held myself to and that are expected here.
  30. How many of those polled expressing approval of a man who for over twenty years has slipped and slid his way out of dirty situations with word games, would allow the Pope the same leeway in his publicly-demonstrated moral standards? Non-Catholics, at least, would be shocked and outraged if he acted the same way, making no allowances whatsoever for all the "good" he supposedly does in between lapses of holiness.
  31. As he threw down his book, stretched his legs towards the embers in the grate, and clasped his hands at the back of his head, in that agreeable afterglow of excitement when thought lapses from examination of a specific object into a suffusive sense of its connections with all the rest of our existence—seems, as it were, to throw itself on its back after vigorous swimming and float with the repose of unexhausted strength— Lydgate felt a triumphant delight in his studies, and something like pity for those less lucky men who were not of his profession.

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