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Lick in a sentence

Fenrir tries to lick it.
He tried to lick his lips.
Greta wanted to lick it off.
With a lick, the man stood.
They’d lick us in a month.
Then it began to lick itself.
Then it hits me: Lick the Pink.

This type of blues lick works.
There was no time to lick the pop.
Cynthia began to lick her daughter.
Lick your lips if you‘re thirsty.
Conrad watched the man lick dry lips.
The gentle lick of his yellow flames.
Skip immediately started to lick it up.
I laughed as it started to lick my face.
He gave her clit another lick, tasting her.
I groaned, swallowed and tried to lick my lips.
He went up to his room to lick his wounds, to.
Gary could only lick dry lips, unable to answer.
But I still want to lick David Tennant’s face.
If I licked my lips, I’d probably lick his too.
They lick their lips as if Jaden is food to them.
My boyfriend has told me that he wants to lick my.
One last lick for the road, Stacey chuckled.
Cats lick themselves and would not like its taste.
Giving it a little lick, I placed it on Sue’s hip.
This Panny-Tavor then went to give my face a big lick.
Joey had one last lick of the chocolate pie when his.
Had to almost lick ’em to make ’em stan’ still.
She could, she said, lick her weight in City Councilmen.
Just in case, I threw in a kiss and a lick every-so-often.
Then I went in again and gave Sue’s armpit a good lick.
He held the envelope up before his huge face to lick the.
All he wanted was to find a hole to crawl into, and lick.
We returned to the salt lick and secured twelve more deer.
The craving for iron causes veal calves to lick their own.
The old air traffic control building had a lick of paint.
They were going to hit a lick and wanted some more muscle.
Of course, I couldn't resist giving them a kiss and a lick.
There ain’t nothin’ FROM THE OUTSIDE can lick any of us.
He returned to his licking.
Ulfur laid down, licking his.
Once he started licking, her.
The licking became more intense.
He started licking his other paw.
That is why I see it licking its.
Lap up: The act of licking up water.
Hal, you’re licking your lips.
There would be no licking of wounds.
Licking its wounds the mind gave in.
They were still licking their wounds.
Sim just stood there licking his lips.
Houston said, licking his parched lips.
Anup is licking the tears from my face.
Already flames are licking the ceiling.
Um, he says while licking his lips.
Then he came up to them, licking his lips.
As such, if you recognize that licking a.
The puppy was licking his face frantically.
It’s more of a case of licking my wounds.
Licking my bone-dry lips I answered the voice.
Silver was licking Bigwig's wounded shoulder.
Your friends will be licking the plate clean.
Oh, yes, licking the bone is probably a very.
But now he wished the licking had never ended.
He stopped licking her neck and took a step back.
Licking his lips, the chief looked back in his.
Smuts crossed the river licking his wounded pride.
Dodds would be licking her lips with anticipation.
The big cat sat on a branch, licking herself clean.
He looked me over, licking his lips in the process.
A large cat-like creature sat there licking its paw.
Then slowly, licking his lips, he unbuckled his belt.
A spaceship… repeated Sorren, licking his lips.
He was lying behind the destroyer licking his left paw.
He stretched out a paw and began licking his upper arm.
The dead dog is licking your wounds and healing them.
Is this what you meant? she asked, licking the tip.
It was early morning and I was licking a malted vanilla.
Antonia looked up at Sal, licking her suddenly dry lips.
He licked his dry lips.
When I licked it, he.
Then, I licked her chin.
He licked his lips with.
Kevin licked his dry lips.
He licked her bottom lip.
So I licked his chin and.
Warm waves licked her legs.
Mick licked his parched lips.
Connor licked my neck again.
She licked her lips and ran.
He licked his lips and nodded.
Sweating, he licked his lips.
Tui nervously licked her lips.
Corey licked off all of the.
He frowned and licked his lips.
Andy licked his lips nervously.
Houston licked his cracked lips.
The horse licked David’s face.
She licked his face and whined.
They both licked their dry lips.
Will licked his lips and nodded.
Cherva licked his lips nervously.
Lips were licked in anticipation.
He licked his lips spasmodically.
He licked Than all over his face.
He licked his lips before replying.
Russell licked his lips, nervously.
He licked my face as he jumped out.
He turned his head and licked my.
As she licked her lips she prayed.
He licked his lips and tried again.
He licked her hands as she pet him.
Examining his finger, he licked it.
She licked her kitten, and shivered.
A flame licked up and over the box.
It too licked at the same boundary.
She licked a finger and held it up.
She took a bite and licked her lips.
He licked his lips, tasting my tear.
The mother licks its wound.
He kisses and licks every single.
Small tongue licks between each toe.
It licks its chaps from time to time.
After several licks, it was found to.
She licks it off with catlike delicacy.
That means he’d have to take his licks.
Heat licks my throat at the sight of her.
His glances were licks of fire on my skin.
The woman licks her lips and sends him kisses.
Tony Reilly licks his lips when he sees blitz.
Whose hand he licks like a dog his master’s.
He licks, sucks, blows that warm air down there.
Instead, the beast licks its fangs and sits down.
Boo lets out a little squee and licks your finger.
Sharon’s chest then gave her three licks on the chin.
Fenrir, Amy’s Fenrir, moves closer and licks his face.
We hear the opening licks of the ZZ TOP song, La Grange.
Roman, landing a few good licks of his own here and there.
When he finishes speaking, Simon licks his lips and frowns.
They chink glasses as the opening drum licks to the ZZ TOP.
Johnny, who was laughing as Apollo bombarded him with licks.
These licks are great places of resort with the hunters, who.
For a moment, the mind-executioner licks his lips and ponders.
Damn, you need to shave this thing, she said between licks.
He starts small, biting licks of the crop against my belly once more.
Simon licks the matches on his fingers and rubs his knuckles with them.
Create your own licks out of these new fingerings and seek out the licks.
In the next few examples I have put together a few licks that utilize these.
I should feed you The Pill, Sadie licks the corner of Victoria’s mouth.
Very slowly, he rains small, biting licks of the crop down my belly, heading south.
He nuzzles your skull and licks the side of your face mass moving from underneath you.
Either of us looking away, out of nowhere he flashes me his teeth then licks his lips.
Today it's "Eroshka licks the jug", but then Eroshka was famous in the whole regiment.
His thumbs pinch into my butt cheeks and spread them as he licks up the crease of my ass.
Salt springs and licks are found more in the western than the eastern range of mountains.
After six minutes of all variations of lip slides and tongue licks, he could take no more.
Once we started following the Licks around Miami Beach, it was clear to us that they had.
She bites her lips or shows her tongue, or she licks her lips and touches the front of her teeth.
His masterful mouth loved her with various licks and sucks that made her groaning and twisting in his hands.

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