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Lump в предложении (на )

  1. There was a lump in my.
  2. A lump rose in my throat.
  3. A lump had risen in his.
  4. I had a lump in my throat.
  5. A lump formed in my throat.

  6. A lump rose in her throat.
  7. That just gave me a lump.
  8. A lump formed in her throat.
  9. With a lump of guilt in my.
  10. A lump rose in Clare's throat.
  11. Smith had a lump in his throat.
  12. A lump was rising in my throat.
  13. He collapsed, a lump of flesh.
  14. A lump rises in Carol's throat.
  15. A lump developed in my throat.

  16. A lump formed in Don’s throat.
  17. Lydia felt a lump in her throat.
  18. Junya felt a lump in his throat.
  19. Andrew felt a lump in his throat.
  20. A giant lump had formed in the.
  21. A tiny lump came into her throat.
  22. A lump lodged in Locke’s throat.
  23. I swallowed the lump in my throat.
  24. It had a huge, painful lump on it.
  25. Tom swallowed a lump in his throat.

  26. Erik swallows a lump in his throat.
  27. She swallowed a lump in her throat.
  28. Dar felt a lump form in his throat.
  29. Usually a bank FD is paid in lump.
  30. Youre just a lump of useless shit.
  31. I swal owed the lump in my throat.
  32. Vinny felt a big lump in his throat.
  33. My heart is a big lump in my throat.
  34. Still, it puts a lump in the throat.
  35. He swallowed the lump in his throat.
  36. She swallowed the lump in her throat.
  37. Sam swallowed the lump in his throat.
  38. A lump of panic formed in my throat.
  39. Gary swallowed the lump in his throat.
  40. John swallowed the lump in his throat.
  41. Then lump them together to save time.
  42. I have a lump the size of a stone.
  43. Don’t lump me with the rest of you.
  44. But all I feel is a lump in my throat.
  45. Donna swallowed the lump in her throat.
  46. Then We developed the lump into bones.
  47. Claire felt a lump come into her throat.
  48. Then We developed the clot into a lump.
  49. Casey swallowed the lump in her throat.
  50. A lump formed in the old man’s throat.
  51. And inside the paper was a lump of gold.
  52. As he spoke, a lump formed in his throat.
  53. Clayton swallowed the lump in his throat.
  54. I felt a lump in the bottom of the spine.
  55. A painful lump grew in Janelle’s throat.
  56. Jack swallowed the lump and turned around.
  57. Lump of carbon no larger than a chestnut.
  58. Jameson about the lump, said the doctor.
  59. A huge lump seemed to burn Willie's chest.
  60. In October I felt a lump in my right thigh.
  61. She tried to ignore the lump in her throat.
  62. Si looked like a LUMP rather than a Cuboid.
  63. It brought a lump to both of their throats.
  64. Removing her hand the lump had disappeared.
  65. I swallowed an egg-sized lump in my throat.
  66. Barry Hicks swallowed the lump in his throat.
  67. But he'd have to lump it, resolved Rafferty.
  68. If Trask didn't like it he'd have to lump it.
  69. A large lump formed in the back of his throat.
  70. It's been there---the lump has---a long time.
  71. This could be a lump sum payout, redundancy.
  72. So Roger puts the useless lump of metal away.
  73. All of a sudden I had a big lump in my throat.
  74. There was a large lump of cooking lard on a.
  75. Ellie swallowed against the lump in her throat.
  76. At its other end was a lump of melted plastic.
  77. Merthin felt an unexpected lump in his throat.
  78. I kept typing, a lump rising high in my throat.
  79. A lump of snow cannot be melted instantaneously.
  80. Zarko swallowed hard at the lump in his throat.
  81. It rolled off into the sand and made a wet lump.
  82. He raised the lump of wax, which now resembled.
  83. Only one lump of sugar in my tea, if you please.
  84. Cinder could not speak for the lump in her throat.
  85. Chureal flicked rainwater from his lump of a nose.
  86. Another lump wouldn’t make much of a difference.
  87. Tom was surprised to find a lump in his own throat.
  88. Just thinking about it brings a lump to my throat.
  89. Apparently it had taken a lump of coal to examine.
  90. By November the lump was visibly bigger every day.
  91. Ingrid nodded slowly once, a big lump in her throat.
  92. Raven felt a painful lump at the back of his throat.
  93. His voice was a lump of chalk lodged in the throat.
  94. Children… I gulp down the lump in my throat.
  95. It was hard saying that over the lump in my throat.
  96. A lump forms in my throat and I want the talons off.
  97. To my utter delight, there was a lump sum in there.
  98. A lump of self-loathing lodged itself in her throat.
  99. I suspected a lump hidden somewhere under the coats.
  100. Weeks later another lump appeared in the same place.
  1. Just lumping a number of firms together.
  2. I’m lumping all of these together in one category.
  3. What are you laughing about, Sully said, lumping back down on the sofa.
  4. Add 1/2 cup flour in a bowl and mix 1 cup of water by adding slowly (prevents lumping).
  5. By lumping them together, it verifies that religion is a creation of man, and is not of the.
  6. I always thought that such approaches, lumping alien spaceship landings in with that, were too contrived.
  7. Trumbull had departed with a fine bow, Solomon, leaning forward, observed to his sister, You may depend, Jane, my brother has left that girl a lumping sum.
  1. I lumped him with the rest.
  2. Obviously he lumped me in with those same toffs.
  3. The harbour had been trashed – the black swirling water lumped with untidy.
  4. The Coral Banded Shrimp is usually lumped in with the other cleaner shrimps but this behavior.
  5. Why not say, there are a plurality of theories, we have lumped them under a single topic out of.
  6. And as he got older, instead of mellowing, the neuroses intensified and he lumped them all together.
  7. Little as she liked the idea of being thus lumped with Blanche Remi, Lillian made it a point to be lovely.
  8. Douglas chewed one bit of food for three minutes, and then, pretending to wipe his mouth, lumped it in his napkin.
  9. And he lumped her in with Stephanie, being responsible for him losing everything that was important to him, Beth picks it up.
  10. Not only that, but it is likely that the house he is then lumped with won’t sell for enough to cover the debt, let alone make a profit.
  11. When you consider all the up gaps lumped together, you find that 1-, 3-, 5-, and 10-day nominal returns and market-adjusted returns were negative.
  12. Like the Nazis, he consistently lumped Jews and communists together, and frequently threw all supporters of the boycott movement into the same general category.
  13. There was quite a bewildering succession of drives, dances, picnics and boating parties, all expressively lumped together by Phil under the head of "jamborees"; Alec and Alonzo were so constantly on hand that Anne wondered if they ever did anything but dance attendance on that will-o'-the-wisp of a Phil.
  14. But now, when Jews were lumped in with other second-rate foreigners trying to sneak into this country, when Jews were accused of committing terrorist acts within the United States itself, when Jews were arrested and detained by her own government, and, most of all, when her son was beaten at school for being a Jew, now the price was too steep for her.
  15. They left and Murray locked up behind them and returned to making the rack, when he’d finished he bolted the rack into the truck, he stopped for lunch and watched the midday news on ABC, Iraq, Iraq and then more Iraq, then some experts and politicians displayed their ego’s, pompously having their say, the two messages that he got were firstly that no-one seemed to have a clue what to do, and secondly quite astutely the ABC had lumped politicians and experts together, talk about the blind leading the blind, the next item was about a car crash on the highway not being interested he turned the television off and went back to work, he finished the small amount of welding and burning that still needed doing on the plate steel project, after grinding the welds smooth he left it to cool down while he loaded some of the stuff onto the rack in the truck, he then wandered over to the fridge got a beer and decided to have a play with the dart guns, he was spraying the darts all over the board when he suddenly realised they hadn’t tested the knockout drug that would coat the darts, what if it didn’t put the guards to sleep immediately or what if they woke before they had finished, if the drug wasn’t instantaneous, the guards, if they were fast enough, might even start spraying bullets around, he would have to inform Mr Hawk of his misgivings when he came back from his fishing trip.
  1. As they watched the lumps.
  2. Mowing after the lumps are.
  3. These are as they are, lumps.
  4. Camel dung, musk and lumps of rock.
  5. Strain out any lumps through a sieve.
  6. If mowed regularly the lumps are not.
  7. Richard reclines into the furry lumps.
  8. His eyes were as dark as lumps of coal.
  9. But lately it has been dropping in lumps.
  10. Lumps of black glass littered the streets of.
  11. He sat flinging lumps of earth in the stream.
  12. Within the dust there seemed to be lumps that were.
  13. You will have less lumps than if you beat it by hand.
  14. Fe-Si-Mg lumps are placed in the WELL & covered with M.
  15. At the sight of the flag great lumps rose in our throats.
  16. He touched his head and discovered several painful lumps.
  17. It was our business to squeeze these lumps back into fluid.
  18. Can’t have the hostages knocking lumps out of each other.
  19. Gray and brown lumps stuck up from the ground all around it.
  20. There were misshapen lumps where its nose and ears should be.
  21. The old man returned with a few lumps of coal which he placed.
  22. She added two lumps of sugar to her cup then stirred the brew.
  23. Eyes protruding, tiny black irises on egg sized lumps of white.
  24. Around 60% of children in Fukushima now have lumps in their thyroids.
  25. The fat women's breasts were lumps of yeasty dough left in the dust.
  26. They grab wafers between which are wedged lumps of coral and copper snow.
  27. Three and a half would be sufficient, and she withdrew a few lumps.
  28. I told you it was all lumps and holes! the little princess repeated.
  29. Her fingernails had been ripped off; her face was a mass of purplish lumps.
  30. The dangling lumps parted around Clotho’s mouth; a lipless, teeth-lined hole.
  31. He watched as the others surrounded it and battered it to death with lumps of.
  32. While you’re here love lumps, suppose you set the course while I sit here.
  33. Both Stu and Spock had lumps in their throats and felt like bursting into tears.
  34. Overhead, strange bituminous stars like lumps of coal formed alien constellations.
  35. This definition lumps most systematic strategies into alternative beta but not all.
  36. The look of some of the lumps suggested that Nem wouldn’t want to lose his footing here.
  37. Round the outside of the crater the sloping ground was spattered with black and red lumps.
  38. His bulging forehead had lumps scattered across it like a collection of knobs on a pumpkin.
  39. If dinner delayed an instant more, Grandma and the potatoes would develop simultaneous lumps.
  40. Grade III hemorrhoid hang out (prolapse) from the anus and feel like soft, small hanging lumps.
  41. Jersey was pressuring me to wrap the case up quickly or hand it off to the FBI and take our lumps.
  42. I can see no matter what I say you'll add sugar lumps and stir your spoons so loud I can't be heard.
  43. The juice is sour, and loaded with pulp, so much that I feel the lumps rub my throat when I swallow.
  44. Instead, as lumps of ice displaced my guts, I gave a pathetically unconvincing performance of not caring.
  45. I stared at the mound of twisted metal, trying to make out the shapes and colors, the lumps and cavities.
  46. Some bastard had cauterized all the synapses and electronically traumatised those two lumps of cerebellum.
  47. Mark prepared two cups, one white with two lumps of sugar and a tiny white pill, and one black for himself.
  48. Not bothering to dismount, I pull up my sleeve … my forearm is a mass of red lumps, all burningly itching.
  49. New York, still young, vigorous and hale, prefers its drama in lumps, and suffers from no dyspeptic results.
  50. Aaaaaaarggggghhhhhh! went Ford Prefect, wrenching his head back as lumps of pain thumped through it.
  51. With this stake came a heavy hammer, such as in households is used in the coal cellar for breaking the lumps.
  52. Two half dead children had great lumps of ice on their cheeks: it was their tears frozen on their pale faces.
  53. When I saw two small lumps under sheets on the lawn, I grabbed Adanne tighter and pressed her head into my chest.
  54. Mark yelled as he swerved, wrenching the bars and bike around the brown shapeless lumps shuffling in front of us.
  55. With a snarl he exerted his inhuman strength, and knots and lumps and ropes of thews rose along his massive arms.
  56. Tricks with numbers are a curse but half the point of having a broad portfolio is that it smooths lumps and bumps.
  57. This is why cooling stars end up as dead lumps of heavy metals: whose atomic weights begin either at 26, 38 or 50.
  58. You shake it out of your head, drop your dishes in the sink, and retrieve Wafer’s squirming lumps from the table.
  59. Egypt is a narrow strip of ancient black dust that becomes fertile if it is wet; hard as stone if lumps are left to dry.
  60. Dispersed through it, were found lumps of selenite, or foliated gypsum, some of which were half as large as a man's fist.
  61. The sugar-manufacturer who says: "Loaf, clarified, lumps, bastard, common, burnt,"—this honest manufacturer talks slang.
  62. All the colored arts and comforts of old Europe flew westward to beautify the Panamanian houses at the call of golden lumps.
  63. I was so hungry by this time though that I drank the hot bully even though it was like swallowing vomit complete with lumps.
  64. As you can see plainly, I got a few lumps before I was able to free myself and my driver, killing my captors in the process.
  65. The main trunks were at least thirty feet thick, the lumps in the bark on the coils of it’s roots were big enough to sit on.
  66. Looking around again, Amy pats her skirts and feels the comforting lumps of her key chain and pepper spray beneath the fabric.
  67. Mr Jingles, replied the nurse as she saw him slowly move back down the ward, dragging the pail with his big lumps of meat.
  68. At the street end the dirt road continued across a stubble field, and the black lumps of haycocks were visible in the starlight.
  69. The men were forming in a line, and as they passed the stoves, the cooks ladled lima beans and lumps of boiled beef into the cans.
  70. I glanced over to where I’d last seen him, and there were four lumps of indistinguishable human clutching themselves and moaning.
  71. Leave this a little while until the yeast bubbles, then smooth out all lumps and pour into a hole made in the middle of the flour.
  72. Lumps of ice formed wherever water splashed on the boys’ sweatshirts and the stocking hats they wore pulled down over their ears.
  73. Then he opens all three balloons spilling a few very compressed lumps of weed and many other smaller balloons of other drugs on to his lap.
  74. An acre of sweaty, smelly bodies push, pull, and press various shaped lumps of steel or mechanical contraptions whose designs even predate the domes.
  75. His ears were nothing but shapeless shreds, ragged at the edges, seamed with ill-knit scars and beaded here and there with lumps of proud, bare flesh.
  76. External hemorrhoid, also known as perianal hematoma, are visible, enlarged blood vessels located on the outside edge of the anus and resemble small lumps.
  77. Finally, they sourced the most tender scallops that Sophie had ever tasted, straight out of Venus, like little lumps of salty butter, melting on the tongue.
  78. That day as she bathed him she noticed that his back was infested with regular lumps down the spine; a lump either side of the column, one between each rib.
  79. He was an undifferentiated triangle of flesh, with breasts the size of soft basketballs, and other unexplained lumps and bulges the size of king-size pillows.
  80. Checking a big garbage container, she noted that although it was empty, there was garbage stuck to the bottom inside, gum and suckers and unidentifiable lumps.
  81. Previously only known as chicken feed, it was now ground up and turned into lumps of a very hard, yellow loaf-shaped substance which could not be managed easily.
  82. Reaching the barbed wire fence at the far side, they milled about, the ones nearest the fence getting caught on the barbs, tearing lumps of fleece from their coats.
  83. These men would hide the salt in their clothing and carry it to the mill, wait until the guard wasn’t looking, then drop lumps of it into canteens filled with water.
  84. For the present they were no longer climbing, but the ground was now more broken and dangerous in the dark, and there were blocks and lumps of fallen stone in the way.
  85. After tripping and stumbling over these lumps of decay, I came suddenly against something hard, and I found that an upright post was firmly fixed in the center of the hollow.
  86. His new morning ritual, after a hot shower, was to poke and prod various parts of his body to check for lumps, bumps, and discolouration, or just to see if they came off in his hand.
  87. Being timid and young, they prefer a bottom on which there are many caves and little crevices and lumps of mud where they may hide from predators and protect themselves from the waves.
  88. Down on the far end of Khume Lvataiya from Khiynian Well the foundation blocks give way to haphazard lumps of the original postpile basalt far beneath Visyaign Technological University.
  89. Huge lumps of red clay were mixed in with the dark top soil and he guessed it was the clay that had stopped a major catastrophe because it was denser and had absorbed less of the water.
  90. Edgar moaned when their hushed voices had faded to nothingness, discovering that he was only able to shift about atop his perch: his legs were lifeless lumps, refusing to carry his body.
  91. But he didn't and we continued to bob our way across the yard in the summer breeze, two white faced, voiceless lumps of quivering humanity, suspended a hundred feet in the air on an old garden bench.
  92. He poured some of the cocaine onto a small mirror on the Mexican style coffee table, then used an old-school razor blade to chop out the lumps and ease it into four thin lines, each about an inch long.
  93. Then little Gerda shed burning tears; and they fell on his chest, they went to his heart, they thawed the lumps of ice, and consumed the splinters of the looking-glass; he looked at her, and she sang a hymn.
  94. Inside, they spread out sleeping bags, made depressions in the sand for hips, cut two thick lumps of bread and two equally enormous slices of cheese, then, sharing the water bottle, quenched both hunger and thirst.
  95. The line of sledges, the horses in tandem, glide quickly along the narrow road that lies through the forest, now between high trees, now between low firs weighed down by the snow, caked in heavy lumps on their branches.
  96. The external qualities of this substance are as follow: small white lumps, hard to the touch, but dry and easily yielding to pressure, somewhat gritty to the teeth, and imparting an earthy and saline taste to the tongue.
  97. In the course of the argument cannonballs, scimitars, boomerangs, blunderbusses, stinkpots, meatchoppers, umbrellas, catapults, knuckledusters, sandbags, lumps of pig iron were resorted to and blows were freely exchanged.
  98. It had cooled and crystallized to such a degree, that when, with several others, I sat down before a large Constantine's bath of it, I found it strangely concreted into lumps, here and there rolling about in the liquid part.
  99. One day, gutsy girl, she snuck over to the high school side of the building and was waiting at his locker in jeans with sequin butterflies on the pocket and a pink shirt that poked out in gumdrop lumps where her breasts would be.
  100. The boys returned to the police academy, stole lumps of sugar from the kitchen to feed the police horses in the stables, quickly grew bored, and then wandered around Köpenick in the rain, drawing crowds of curious villagers wherever they went.

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