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    1. After what seemed like an eternity of silence, mostly because Ackers was scrutinizing them from the view screen, the elevator finally came to a stop with a sudden lurch

    2. John and Dave lurch forward as the car slams to a halt

    3. five ways to leave someone in the lurch,

    4. The leese was caught off guard by the cave in, and it's lurch allowed Alan to scramble a bit farther onto the shore with a mighty yank from Luray

    5. Oi, Lurch, over here, mate!" he yells, pointing at the youth

    6. feeling his stomach lurch somewhat

    7. “Huh?” The Imperial’s trance broke with a rare lurch backward

    8. It was the same leg that ended in her maimed foot, so her customary limp was more of a lurch as she went to Homer

    9. The forge smoke drifted upward and twisted its wispy tendrils around his body with a slight lurch of the breeze

    10. His lips tingled as they pulled apart and he felt his heart lurch with attraction

    11. Katie looked relieved, but Carmen’s stomach took an uncomfortable lurch

    12. He sat down with a lurch and a sigh

    13. With a sickening lurch, he started into his roll

    14. The train gave a funny little lurch under us

    15. “Inspector!” he heard, and his stomach gave a lurch of anticipation

    16. He felt a lurch that accompanied her excited announcement

    17. Once predestination could become a provable fact, the whole structure of history would lurch in another and less predictable direction

    18. I yank my hand from between her teeth, my vision going black at the edges, and with a lurch, smack my hand around the handle of the gun

    19. As Taser shot by, the retired professor muttered something and made a furtive lurch for him and the dog crossed over

    20. I see a gun on the tile near a drinking fountain and lurch toward it, breaking my grip on Matthew’s hand

    21. There was a slight lurch as the craft was released from its moorings, and ahead on the viewing screens I could see the bay doors opening and a rush of air escaping the bay as the energy screens dropped

    22. The ship did not lurch forward like the Dark Talon did; it was a very smooth and even acceleration

    23. lurch the bottom of the window overcame its inertia and slid

    24. With a sudden lurch she awoke, and near fell out of the oak that they were in, her life line being the arm that Cody had placed around her

    25. He sensed rather than heard Ralph’s sudden awakening, a lurch in the channels of his mind where the connection of memory was stored

    26. A jarring reactive lurch in the opposite direction now took place

    27. With a lurch, Simon opened his eyes

    28. In an unaccountable lurch, he intersected their path

    29. The sudden cry of the snow-raven and the lurch of the mind-cane in his grasp told him what he already knew

    30. With a final lurch the straining animal joined him

    31. An unexpected lurch and the falling sensation stops

    32. Another lurch of the ground sent Kerim forward releasing her from his arms

    33. Crunch! The far end of the barge hit a submerged boulder near the head of the falls with a jarring lurch

    34. But just then the train gave a lurch and began to move

    35. And just then the car DID give a mighty lurch and I pitched toward the edge of the car and went over

    36. Tenney got up to a three-point stance and tried to stand and lurch toward the road but caught his bad leg on a grass tuft, and down he went with another yell

    37. Of course I wouldn’t consider leaving you in the lurch

    38. The Chosen felt his stomach lurch and wondered how it was that he felt such remorse for three lives lost when he had watched so many die

    39. Using the bedroom telephone extension, Violet had eavesdropped on Stephen’s nightly calls to the camp, and learned that instead of being taught a lesson, Zeno was completing his studies and assisting Jarek Schwartz, who had left Bindi Hussey in the lurch after promising marriage!

    40. ‗I was so sorry to leave you in the lurch after only a month,‘ she chattered, ‗but I was pregnant with Sebastian

    41. ” His stomach gave a lurch

    42. Up ahead he saw a truck lurch sideways, somehow loosing the container it was carrying which slid off the truckbed and ended up at a crazy angle half on and half off the truck

    43. A fierce cry rose from Conan's lips as his sword went up; a pale oval of a face was turned toward him, a sword gleamed in a half-seen hand, and Beloso echoed the cry—and then the weary stallion, with a lurch and a groan, missed his footing in the shadows and went heels over head, hurling his dazed rider from the saddle

    44. With a sickening lurch, the boat with Siri, Akie, his bike and all his equipment were scooped up and thrown against a barrier that preventing them from tipping back over into the sea

    45. Sabrina felt the ship lurch as the mass of the seating section fell away

    46. Suddenly, another lurch of the building threw me down the stairs

    47. Meanwhile, Lurch had a separate shovel for each of his ingredients

    48. 'Lynda, my mind's made up' I said 'Sorry to leave you in the lurch but that's the way

    49. He just happened to see the enormous vehicle lurch over the unyielding obstruction and went to investigate

    50. Harmony felt her stomach lurch as the elevator plummeted rapidly

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