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Lurch в предложении (на )

  1. Holly felt her stomach lurch.
  2. The sick lurch in my stomach.
  3. Suddenly his heart gave a lurch.
  4. He turned a foul eye toward Lurch.
  5. With a lurch, Simon opened his eyes.

  6. He sat down with a lurch and a sigh.
  7. The motion caused the canoe to lurch.
  8. Aya felt her heart lurch involuntarily.
  9. Libby’s stomach took a sickening lurch.
  10. Suddenly I lurch forward with a bending tic.
  11. The train gave a funny little lurch under us.
  12. With a sudden lurch, he remembered the plans.
  13. We all lurch to the beat of a different heart?
  14. Every lurch should have caused Emory great pain.
  15. With a sickening lurch, he started into his roll.

  16. With a final lurch the straining animal joined him.
  17. An unexpected lurch and the falling sensation stops.
  18. In an unaccountable lurch, he intersected their path.
  19. With a lurch of panic, she realized they were too late.
  20. But just then the train gave a lurch and began to move.
  21. John and Dave lurch forward as the car slams to a halt.
  22. He felt a lurch that accompanied her excited announcement.
  23. Of course I wouldn’t consider leaving you in the lurch.
  24. You have only waited your chance to leave us in the lurch.
  25. At that precise moment the Barony gave its hardest lurch yet.

  26. Jess felt a heavy, sickening lurch in the pit of his stomach.
  27. Oi, Lurch, over here, mate! he yells, pointing at the youth.
  28. With a sudden lurch forward, he rushed at the beast on the left.
  29. Suddenly, another lurch of the building threw me down the stairs.
  30. Holly felt her stomach lurch, she pressed a hand over her mouth.
  31. Harmony felt her stomach lurch as the elevator plummeted rapidly.
  32. Meanwhile, Lurch had a separate shovel for each of his ingredients.
  33. The Revenants in the room lurch forward and more begin to pour in.
  34. A jarring reactive lurch in the opposite direction now took place.
  35. Huh? The Imperial’s trance broke with a rare lurch backward.
  36. I didn’t know those broads were from a whorehouse, Lurch said.
  37. Inspector! he heard, and his stomach gave a lurch of anticipation.
  38. Paulus bitterly complained that the Luftwaffe had left him in the lurch.
  39. Katie looked relieved, but Carmen’s stomach took an uncomfortable lurch.
  40. Sabrina felt the ship lurch as the mass of the seating section fell away.
  41. I saw Coombs lurch forward, his glasses flying off, his gun pointed my way.
  42. My heart gave a sick lurch when I looked to Sohrab's bed and found it empty.
  43. Another lurch of the ground sent Kerim forward releasing her from his arms.
  44. He knew he had landed her in a nasty hole, and was leaving her in the lurch.
  45. Gertrud sat gripping the bandbox, for with every lurch it tried to roll out.
  46. It still framed an elfin face of such pure beauty that it made his heart lurch.
  47. The raft gave a sharp lurch, and another barrel was torn away, and then another.
  48. He, too, had been flung away from the long tiller, which took charge in the lurch.
  49. His lips tingled as they pulled apart and he felt his heart lurch with attraction.
  50. Ziggy’s near fall had made Jane’s heart lurch, and now she was furious with him.
  51. Don't you see what I mean?—How can I possibly run away and leave them in the lurch?
  52. Andrei chose that moment to lurch around the corner of the tent, dragging Sandal behind.
  53. The sudden stop caused Matt to lurch forward and violently back, jerked by his seat belt.
  54. When the undead began to lurch toward the water’s edge, Kyrin and the Priest took off.
  55. When he was about 50 yards off the man gave a sudden lurch at the door and passed within.
  56. Well, having had his fill, it’s only time before her favored man leaves her in the lurch.
  57. Every lurch and judder of the truck bed caused the muscles of her abdomen to tense and flex.
  58. He backed away from her with a lurch, knocking over the table with the burning candle on it.
  59. The car didn’t lurch forward or away, it didn’t spin its tires, or rev its engine menacingly.
  60. The collar shut with a tiny, singing sound, and Jess saw Morgan lurch as if physically stung by it.
  61. The ship did not lurch forward like the Dark Talon did; it was a very smooth and even acceleration.
  62. And just then the car DID give a mighty lurch and I pitched toward the edge of the car and went over.
  63. The central part of the bridge seemed to lurch downward on the side nearest Merthin, the upstream side.
  64. Crunch! The far end of the barge hit a submerged boulder near the head of the falls with a jarring lurch.
  65. Emily fought against the lurch in her stomach at the thought of gravy, but it was too much and she turned.
  66. They continued to sink deeper into the bay as Ingrid's slender body gave a lurch, and her eyes rolled back.
  67. He just happened to see the enormous vehicle lurch over the unyielding obstruction and went to investigate.
  68. The sudden cry of the snow-raven and the lurch of the mind-cane in his grasp told him what he already knew.
  69. I see a gun on the tile near a drinking fountain and lurch toward it, breaking my grip on Matthew’s hand.
  70. She had made use of him, and now was going to leave him, without apparently giving him a thought, in the lurch.
  71. The forge smoke drifted upward and twisted its wispy tendrils around his body with a slight lurch of the breeze.
  72. Ella put a restraining hand on his arm and said in a low, warm voice: Don ’t leave me in the lurch now that.
  73. It was the same leg that ended in her maimed foot, so her customary limp was more of a lurch as she went to Homer.
  74. As Taser shot by, the retired professor muttered something and made a furtive lurch for him and the dog crossed over.
  75. When you lurch from one thing to the next, constantly scheming, or reacting to incoming fire, the mind gets exhausted.
  76. The doors buckled with a mighty heave, sending Cecil, the Colonel, Murphy and Kate bouncing forward in a sickening lurch.
  77. At that moment they met, and the peasant with a violent lurch fell full tilt against Ivan, who pushed him back furiously.
  78. After all, why didn’t he peep in, before leaving? Oh, why did he leave me in the lurch? How could he be so cruel to me?’.
  79. She stood pulling off a pair of red gloves, looking up and laughing to Walter Carter, who got out with his habitual lazy lurch.
  80. He tried to plant his feet at the threshold, but it only lasted for a split second; the pole sent him into the Maze with a lurch.
  81. He sensed rather than heard Ralph’s sudden awakening, a lurch in the channels of his mind where the connection of memory was stored.
  82. Once predestination could become a provable fact, the whole structure of history would lurch in another and less predictable direction.
  83. I yank my hand from between her teeth, my vision going black at the edges, and with a lurch, smack my hand around the handle of the gun.
  84. Now I could only lunge at the little man with empty fists and lurch to a halt as he stepped aside because a final thing had broken in me.
  85. The Chosen felt his stomach lurch and wondered how it was that he felt such remorse for three lives lost when he had watched so many die.
  86. With a sudden lurch she awoke, and near fell out of the oak that they were in, her life line being the arm that Cody had placed around her.
  87. She pressed her thin dark hands together to push away the terror growing in her now, and she felt the car bucket and lurch around other ears.
  88. Brooke in the lurch when he needed "coaching" for the election, and when there was so much canvassing, direct and indirect, to be carried on.
  89. The leese was caught off guard by the cave in, and it's lurch allowed Alan to scramble a bit farther onto the shore with a mighty yank from Luray.
  90. Decoud, with his eyes full of water, and lowered head, asked himself how long it would be before she drew past, when unexpectedly he felt a lurch.
  91. A minute later he got up, evidently meaning to go out, gave a lurch, stumbled against the leg of a chair, fell full length on the floor and snored.
  92. Tenney got up to a three-point stance and tried to stand and lurch toward the road but caught his bad leg on a grass tuft, and down he went with another yell.
  93. A weather-beaten sign-post with one bent arm pointed crookedly down a field-track at right angles to the road, and with a lurch and a heave they tilted round the corner.
  94. After what seemed like an eternity of silence, mostly because Ackers was scrutinizing them from the view screen, the elevator finally came to a stop with a sudden lurch.
  95. The Glassman-Hassett model is akin to balancing an elephant on a fence post: One small wobble in the post and several thousand pounds will lurch in an unexpected direction.
  96. Up ahead he saw a truck lurch sideways, somehow loosing the container it was carrying which slid off the truckbed and ended up at a crazy angle half on and half off the truck.
  97. But a "pot-hole" in the narrow road supplied a lurch that dislodged her, with the result that she slid overboard, and the shortness of the rope prevented her from reaching the ground.
  98. With a sickening lurch, the boat with Siri, Akie, his bike and all his equipment were scooped up and thrown against a barrier that preventing them from tipping back over into the sea.
  99. Chantal became unaware of her surroundings and found that her head was clearing when all of a sudden the door burst open and John came rushing in causing her body to lurch like an old rag doll.
  100. There was a slight lurch as the craft was released from its moorings, and ahead on the viewing screens I could see the bay doors opening and a rush of air escaping the bay as the energy screens dropped.

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