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Muse в предложении (на )

  1. Incited by his stormy Muse.
  2. Muse can bring to the table.
  3. She is the muse of all of us.
  4. And you, there’s only one muse.
  5. Mid the magic madrigal of a muse.

  6. Which afterwards the muse revived.
  7. I muse over that while I wash up.
  8. The monsters of the British Muse.
  9. That first the Muse appeared to me.
  10. But he who by the Muse was nursed.
  11. But the histrionic muse is the darling.
  12. The Muse appeared, when love passed by.
  13. A northern sky, but yet the Latin muse.
  14. The Muse as we know her today wasn’t.
  15. Of course, McCoy continued to muse.

  16. I never took my face away from the Muse.
  17. The scout hesitated, and appeared to muse.
  18. Without a Muse the words, paint and clay.
  19. Historically, it has been called the Muse.
  20. Chapter 25: I See the Muse in a New Light.
  21. Daily he would muse about Helga; the few.
  22. Co-author & Editor of THE MUSE ON WRITING.
  23. In effect, the poet and Muse have become one.
  24. Sing, Heav'nly Muse, that, on the secret top.
  25. He seemed to muse for a moment, keeping silent.

  26. If anyone’s inspired by the Muse, it’s you.
  27. And there my muse with heav'nly transport glow:.
  28. Historically, that voice has been called the Muse.
  29. What I found out, of course, is that the Muse can.
  30. My Muse may be excused if she is silent henceforth.
  31. Even more than the sprint, it's the muse they like.
  32. I picked up the Muse and started looking thought it.
  33. As you heard me say, I call on the Muse to begin when.
  34. The music was his life, his soul, and the drugs were his muse.
  35. A classic case where you muse about the smallness of this world.
  36. And here and hence for thee, O universal Muse! and thou for them!.
  37. Ameana and I would look in the Muse to figure out where to go next.
  38. See them pray thanks on the shores of sight, Men of muse once sheer.
  39. Caliope the muse of eloquence and heroic poetry and chief of the muses.
  40. Poetry that softly moves my being, what muse can soften me more still?
  41. As I pass by Cherrie’s house, I can’t help but muse how nice it must.
  42. The Muse is a red leather-bound book in which past Guardians have written.
  43. Melville’s Muse: Literary Creation and The Forms Of Philosophical Fiction.
  44. Moreover, it seemed he regarded her as his muse, certainly not his guardian.
  45. Someone who is interested in learning new things, Deanna continued to muse.
  46. She was chosen to be the muse of our varsity basketball team where I belonged.
  47. All were nonplussed by this but they didn’t have time to muse on it because.
  48. Then Master called to stop my muse, Behold what Truth is thine to know!.
  49. Sort of lost the muse, Garcia said, his voice monotone, devoid of emotions.
  50. Despite what Homer thought about her feeling for heroic verse, the same Muse spoke to her.
  51. She, it is certain, would do it very accurately, untroubled by the deceptions of any Muse.
  52. She was left there to muse, to think seriously about her ever-evolving situation in Skyrim.
  53. For Roger, the “botillo” constitutes, without doubt, “The Delicacy King of the Muse”.
  54. For a time after Olmedo's muse had become mute, littleverse of merit was produced in Ecuador.
  55. Hot with the Fire of the Muse, I sat down to write—but alas, I had neither Quill nor Ink!.
  56. I tried it the other way--writing whenever the muse struck--for decades, and it did not work.
  57. Vaguely frustrated, a little bored, abandoned not only by his muse but by Ms sense of purpose.
  58. Angry at my visceral reaction, I forced every part of my body to stay put and focus on the Muse.
  59. They stepped back and began to muse further afield in an effort to find profit in their project.
  60. But she would often clasp her hands behind her head and muse when she was supposed to be working hard.
  61. O’Neil would muse at the time, The market is the only thing in life that is the ‘great leveler.
  62. She is from Jamaica and she also loosely Nigeria is her muse, this is where many of her stories take.
  63. Surely there is some humanity couched within, he would muse, however deeply it might be buried.
  64. Poets often refer to this aspect of the Muse as the Perfect Listener, the one who understands everything.
  65. Amid this muse the Queen announced, Dear Ones, prepare! He cometh The Folk of Yore – Sacred Memories.
  66. The Muse is an archetype that must have developed very early, right along with the Mother Goddess archetype.
  67. After he’s gone, I take the mugs into the kitchen and absentmindedly wash them up as I muse over his kindness.
  68. What it had felt like was the voice of Poetry, the voice of the Muse, which has a very different psychic texture.
  69. But some while back one night I dreamed that I was motoring along a country road with my inspirational Greek muse.
  70. It started as a vision, I could feel it, and then somehow, the energy of the Muse came in, like two rivers joining.
  71. By then my head was clearing up a little and had begun to muse over Veronica’s whereabouts, mostly while I was alone.
  72. I think you’re right in saying that the Muse began as an internal modification of the directive voices early humans heard.
  73. Institutional red bricks of the former Muse of Therapy were pushed to the west into a large pile and sold off at an alarming rate.
  74. But the three white-robed daughters of the Muse of Joy are nowhere to be seen, so I can only assume that Resa’s joy is my doing.
  75. And drawing herself up to what she deem’d the proper Attitude for receiving the Muse of Poesy, she recited in a sing-song Voice:.
  76. He cites the voices associated with schizophrenia as one proof of this, and the voice associated with the act of poetry (the Muse) as.
  77. On bad days, my muse eludes me as easily as Pan's shadow and no matter which keys I press, blah, blah, blah appears on the screen.
  78. Surrendering completely to the Muse is the key, and only a few poets—like Shakespeare in his dramatic poetry—have ever mastered it.
  79. I started to muse aloud, The Canadian River flows all the way from the Sangre de Cristo mountains near the Colorado, New Mexico border.
  80. But he did not have time to muse further as he, along with the others in their nets, suddenly were jerked and swayed over to the platform.
  81. When was the last time you saw a kid's free lemonade stand? though moved by her passion, my cynical muse still seemed to be bitter realism.
  82. She fell short of ideas after picking up the brush, spending hours on chasing her muse in her search for something her soul might have to express.
  83. When someone verbally abuses us, for example, we could muse: I wouldn't be suffering this harm now, if I hadn't abused someone similarly in the past.
  84. Away with caskets, and settings, and frames! I am not a picture, or a jewel, whatever your poetic eye, misled by a sly and tricky Muse, persists in seeing.
  85. The daimon, creative force and inner muse, that produced this world's spirit is monergy and all the destruction it creates through its creations of destruction.
  86. Somewhere in that long cycle, as some part of our internal directive voices began to transform themselves into the story-telling Muse, we began to imitate those.
  87. But what is it that makes us this way, which is really another way of asking: what is it that makes the Muse, or the unconscious, so hungry, so desirous, of our.
  88. Amonas thought there was a lot about Hilderich to muse over when time and circumstance would allow it, but there were other more pressing matters to attend to first.
  89. Deeply regretting this weakness on the part of a sister muse, we shall at once retire from her sacred precincts, within the proper limits of our own humble vocation.
  90. As Jane Washington so aptly put it, the Miracles are always riffing on Smokey’s song, to which I will add this significant corollary: the poet is always riffing on the Muse.
  91. In which such surprizing Events occur that we dare not e’en hint of ’em here, lest the Muse of Historio-Comical Epick Writing be very cross with us and flee our House forthwith.
  92. After all these years, I've discovered that I write better in the morning, when I'm sufficiently caffeinated and energetic enough to grab my muse by the heels and pin her to a page.
  93. Jaynes says that when Homer invokes the Muse (Sing Muse and through me tell the story) he is requesting that those voices assist him in creating the poem he is about to speak.
  94. Drive a nail home and clinch it so faithfully that you can wake up in the night and think of your work with satisfaction—a work at which you would not be ashamed to invoke the Muse.
  95. Having the liberty to choose the subject of my choice for this article, I would like to muse on two subjects that were, is, and will remain close to my heart, Literature and Philosophy.
  96. Thus he came to write his loathed Memoirs; for those on whom the Muse seldom smiles are driven to write only by Want of Money, not, like Dean Swift, by the Noble Desire of bringing Mankind to its Senses.
  97. With you in my Belly ’twas as if I had the very Muse inside me! My Quill flew o’er the Pages as if propell’d by Angels’ Wings, or, i’faith, as if Pegasus himself had seiz’d it and gallop’d away amidst the Stars!.
  98. For if you go beyond this and allow the honeyed muse to enter, either in epic or lyric verse, not law and the reason of mankind, which by common consent have ever been deemed best, but pleasure and pain will be the rulers in our State.
  99. Encouraged by the result, I began to think about writing more wedding poems for friends and family, but still being unsure if the Muse would deliver, I used Hux’s poem as a model, modifying the particulars to conform to the wedding in question.
  100. I think of them lame and handicapped, leading their Muse by the hand with anxious care so that her shining feet, set among the grass and daisies along the roadside, shall not be dimmed by the foulness through which they themselves are splashing.
  1. To idle musing was a prey;.
  2. She was deep in other musing.
  3. The prince walked along, musing.
  4. A long and musing pause succeeded.
  5. After musing a moment, he added:.
  6. Musing upon them; as a mother, who.
  7. Calvin stared past the wall, musing.
  8. She touched his face, musing silently.
  9. Then he sank into dreary musing again.
  10. Musing, Helios sat on Tom’s shoulder.
  11. The rest is useless philosophical musing.
  12. Musing on such thoughts Levin reached home in the.
  13. And the guests stopped laughing and fell to musing.
  14. Andrew said nothing, musing over the crow’s words.
  15. He returned to his musing about the mysterious sedan.
  16. He appeared to be musing on the vanity of human glory.
  17. Then Alfred went musing into the deserted schoolhouse.
  18. What a perceptive child, the panther said, musing.
  19. And the three women all fell to musing on the same thing.
  20. Well, said he, what are you musing about? What.
  21. Musing on such thoughts Levin reached home in the darkness.
  22. Never thought of that, Juan said, musing over the music.
  23. He put down the guitar, lowered his head, and fell to musing.
  24. Merthin left the priory and walked back to Leper Island, musing.
  25. Ceaselessly musing, venturing, throwing, seeking the spheres to.
  26. Yeah, but that could also work for us, Crusher said, musing.
  27. Musing on long-pass'd war-scenes--of the countless buried unknown.
  28. He spent a happy hour musing on the vagaries of fortune and on his.
  29. His musing was interrupted by the employee who handed him a print out.
  30. Musing had always been good for Nathan, this time it was no exception.
  31. Chloe was quiet for a moment, musing over the spell, nothing came to mind.
  32. Musing over this, she ate her way steadily through the food on her plate.
  33. He tossed them to the children and returned his silent musing to the river.
  34. Musing about her awakening as her mind became clearer, she remembered a dream.
  35. These acts of violence had gone beyond bestial; he continued musing to himself.
  36. But it was more recent history that both detectives were musing about in silence.
  37. Katiousha was sitting at the table alone, musing and looking at the wall before her.
  38. But there was a group that had sought to challenge my witness, the musing continued.
  39. I suppose it's all right since he wears a wig, he went on, musing blissfully.
  40. Hawkeye moved away from the lookout, and descended, musing profoundly, to the shore.
  41. Bill: I beg to differ with Michael on one point in this lengthy metaphysical musing.
  42. He had suddenly relapsed into musing, and had probably not heard the question at all.
  43. I saw him smile to himself---grin rather---and lapse into ominous musing whenever Mrs.
  44. But here, alone, halfway up the sky, I am afraid that death would interrupt my musing.
  45. I saw him smile to himself—grin rather—and lapse into ominous musing whenever Mrs.
  46. But just as I was musing thus, the Storm seem’d to blow away as fast as it had risen up.
  47. The marvel of Nature shaking off sleep and going to work unfolded itself to the musing boy.
  48. It’s incredible how fate works sometimes, Kathy continued in a musing tone of voice.
  49. There was a faint far clamor, a sigh, a musing upon distant things, heard in the stethoscope.
  50. Peering through the slots in the blinds, he spoke in a ruminating, almost musing sort of tone.
  51. Putting down the paper, musing on this subject, one could hear a faint droning in the distance.
  52. I leaned my elbows on the piano, covered my face with both hands, and fell into a fit of musing.
  53. He sat down musing, and strange thoughts flitted across his mind and became hatched in his brain.
  54. I opened my suitcase again, brought out my pajamas, put them on and lay in bed musing things over.
  55. Heathcliff looked at him a bit, and then silently resumed his breakfast and his interrupted musing.
  56. As I say, I have not experienced this before, Gelahn continued as if he were musing to himself.
  57. There is always this sense of loss, this musing of how nice it would have been to have known her then.
  58. Without attending to this sudden change in the other's humor, the scout after musing a moment continued:.
  59. Y’know what I’d love? she continues, keeping the edge out of her voice, as if musing to herself.
  60. I hardly know whether I had slept or not after this musing; at any rate, I started wide awake on hearing a.
  61. She found her musing turn to lust for all that money, and wondered as to the wisdom of throwing it into the sea.
  62. Instead, he nodded in silent agreement and then said with a careful choice of words as if musing on the matter:.
  63. Cam said goodbye and disconnected, musing that whatever happened, he could get used to the idea of going home to her.
  64. That last day I came here, she continued, presently, with a musing air, you might have said more than you did.
  65. But he did not pursue the speculation, and without replying, he fell to musing on a quite different and personal matter.
  66. But now, because of all this musing he was doing right now, he might remember this particular cat even in ten years time.
  67. The scout dropped one end of his rifle to the earth, and leaning his hands on the other, he stood musing in profound silence.
  68. What do you think? Musing to himself, he knew Henri would be devastated at the loss and blame himself for not being here.
  69. Signor Pastrini remained silent a short time; it was evident that he was musing over this answer, which did not seem very clear.
  70. I need to smack it with a hammer, Ed said flatly still musing about this stranger who was more familiar to him than his own brother.
  71. The Pilgrim was offering a reverent gaze to it, seemingly musing about the workings of God in His Land, engrossed in thought and prayer.
  72. He fell to musing by what process it could come to pass, that he could be humbled before all of them, indiscriminately--humbled by conviction.
  73. He fell to musing by what process it could come to pass, that he could be humbled before all of them, indiscriminately—humbled by conviction.
  74. He took a sip and leaned into his desk, musing over the situation, his eyes on his First Officer, but not focused until he was ready to speak.
  75. Garcia scratched his face a little, either enjoying the laughter as he appeared to be musing about couch jumping or actually considering the antics.
  76. He was seated on a pile of brush, a few twigs from which occasionally fed his low fire, with his head leaning on his arm, in a posture of melancholy musing.
  77. The warriors were lounging in groups, musing more than they conversed and when a few words were uttered, speaking like men who deeply weighed their opinions.
  78. I was lying there musing over all this prior to starting my day, when alarms started going off left right and centre and I wondered what on earth was going on.
  79. It was light enough to see and the musing Indian peered through the moisture laden air searching for the three sentinel palm trees overhanging the landing place.
  80. Oh, it was about the general, began the prince, waking abruptly from the fit of musing which he too had indulged in and—and about the theft you told me of.
  81. He pondered and rubbed his forehead, and, strange to say, after long musing, suddenly, as if it were spontaneously and by chance, a fantastic thought came into his head.
  82. Cole should come in, I found in one of my pockets a purse of guineas, which he had slipt there; and just as I was musing on a liberality I had certainly not expected, Mrs.
  83. The General had been musing on these recent past events for some time it seemed, because he could hear anxiety and worry in the words that his adjutant repeated in the same staccato manner:.
  84. The melancholy air, the hour, together with the vast frame of the man who thus leaned, musing, against the English ramparts, left no doubt as to his person in the mind of the observant spectator.
  85. Duncan had stood in a musing attitude, contemplating this scene a few minutes, when his eyes were directed to the glacis in front of the sally-port already mentioned, by the sounds of approaching footsteps.
  86. N—no! not quite that, this time; on the contrary I was allowed to go in for the first time on record, and I had the honour of musing over his features, too!—but he happened to be a corpse, that's all!.
  87. One night a few weeks ago, musing off the erosion of the years, finding each others' faces somewhat more pouched and our hairs more conspicuously in absence, we became enraged over the typical citizen's ignorance of Dudley Stone.
  88. But I've been as happy musing by myself among those stones, under that old church: lying, through the long June evenings, on the green mound of her mother's grave, and wishing---yearning for the time when I might lie beneath it.
  89. The next question was directed at Garcia, but he was still musing over all the unique gifts each of the members of his band had brought to help create their unique look and sound, and though he had heard the question, he delayed processing it.
  90. For several hours I was left to myself, sometimes musing on the islanders—but no longer fearing them because the captain's unflappable confidence had won me over—and sometimes forgetting them to marvel at the splendors of this tropical night.
  91. Suppose I am taught," he went on musing, "to shoot; I press the trigger," he said to himself, closing his eyes, "and it turns out I have killed him," Alexey Alexandrovitch said to himself, and he shook his head as though to dispel such silly ideas.
  92. Flanders would fall musing about Morty, her brother, lost all these years--had the natives got him, was his ship sunk--would the Admiralty tell her?--the Captain knocking his pipe out, as Jacob knew, rising to go, stiffly stretching to pick up Mrs.
  93. The head of Chingachgook was resting on a hand, as he sat musing by himself but the moment he had heard the warning of the animal whose name he bore, he arose to an upright position, and his dark eyes glanced swiftly and keenly on every side of him.
  94. Suppose I am taught,’ he went on musing, ‘to shoot; I press the trigger,’ he said to himself, closing his eyes, ‘and it turns out I have killed him,’ Alexey Alexandrovitch said to himself, and he shook his head as though to dispel such silly ideas.
  95. She sat musing over her dinner, ate a little of it, left the table as soon as she could, and restlessly wandered through the rooms from one to the other, then upstairs to the den, where in the dark she threw herself full length on George’s hard leather lounge.
  96. Thanks to this inspiration, he got on swimmingly for a time, but gradually the work lost its charm, and he forgot to compose, while he sat musing, pen in hand, or roamed about the gay city to get some new ideas and refresh his mind, which seemed to be in a somewhat unsettled state that winter.
  97. Had there been one sufficiently curious to have watched the movements of the newly elected chief, he would have seen him seated in a corner of his lodge, musing on the subject of his future plans, from the hour of his retirement to the time he had appointed for the warriors to assemble again.
  98. Musing about the workings of the game I remembered the seed and how pivotal it’s role actually is: the rules of the game clearly state that ‘in the highly improbable case of technical error, the current game ends in a draw and is reseeded to allow the players a fair second chance at winning’.
  99. At last, he said, “You’re quite a big chap aint you, James?” I shrugged and he continued, as if musing to himself, “Now I wonder what it is that you want with ‘Sonny Boy’ Vern? -Something to his advantage, is it?” I laughed shortly and he said, predictably, “Yeess!” as if meaning precisely the opposite.
  100. Suddenly, as I was musing on these very melancholy Things, my Eyes, those bright Orbs that had so lately been feasting upon the Beauties of the Countryside, began to o’erflow with Tears, which in turn drew a watery transparent Curtain betwixt myself and the World, making the entire Landscape resemble some underwater Faery Grotto.
  1. I know , mused Shiva.
  2. She mused much, and aloud.
  3. Who are you? he mused.
  4. He mused on that and nodded.
  5. Lucky for me, George mused.
  6. Funny how life is, he mused.
  7. I sent gifts, he mused.
  8. Trevain mused over her words.
  9. I mused over it for a moment.
  10. A funny walk? he mused.
  11. Who could figure? Credit mused.
  12. Surely, he mused, there must.
  13. Well, she mused, not that good.
  14. Guns and stuff, he mused.
  15. Surely he must have, she mused.
  16. Is that from water? Moshe mused.
  17. Some of them, Tammas mused.
  18. Not a sobering notion, he mused.
  19. How ironic, the witch mused.
  20. Would only make sense, she mused.
  21. I don’t know, Fiona mused.
  22. Maybe on a red-eye, she mused.
  23. The Colonel mused, Let’s see.
  24. She does have feelings, he mused.
  25. It wasn’t all bad, Darius mused.
  26. Maybe it’s the fresh air? I mused.
  27. Of course you don't, he mused.
  28. Fleas might work, Martha mused.
  29. He mused on it and patiently waited.
  30. So I heard Ma say, mused Edwin.
  31. My first kiss with a mortal, I mused.
  32. Apparently not, she mused wryly.
  33. Apophis and shadows, Bast mused.
  34. He could be hideous, she mused.
  35. Could be anything, Abigail mused.
  36. He mused upon the terribly timing of.
  37. It has been a good season, Zoran mused.
  38. Not much like a princess now! he mused.
  39. And sooner or later, Bernie mused.
  40. But what do I have in return? he mused.
  41. Dying children, a virgin birth, he mused.
  42. Hero? Vinny mused at the thought of this.
  43. How did it get in there? she mused.
  44. Perhaps adults were use to it, he mused.
  45. How did that come about? she mused.
  46. Maybe Fred’s right, I mused to myself.
  47. What an odd statement to make, he mused.
  48. Could Osgood Thrip be an ally? he mused.
  49. And so the field reduces, he mused.
  50. I mused, Have I learned anything?
  51. Maybe that's just as well! he mused anew.
  52. If only things were that simple, she mused.
  53. A captain of tens with twenty men? he mused.
  54. Moshe mused, eyebrows raised at the thought.
  55. Oh how the mighty ones fall, he mused.
  56. He mused at how shaken and affected he was.
  57. Guard-ways’ he mused as they travelled on.
  58. Maybe that’s just as well! he mused anew.
  59. I think it’s beyond saving, he mused.
  60. To register something, he mused again.
  61. Interesting, the unison whispers mused.
  62. There was definitely a mystery here he mused.
  63. Scriptures mused about how times have changed.
  64. Which way are you heading? he asked mused.
  65. The Internet was a great thing, he mused again.
  66. People don't keep well, mused Miss Entwhistle.
  67. The Madonna now has eyes, he mused to himself.
  68. Camping is fun, isn’t it he asked mused.
  69. Someone should answer that phone, he mused.
  70. Actually, she mused, he looked quite good in it.
  71. An odd thing to do, he mused, but hardly a crime.
  72. Tammas mused for a moment and then shook his head.
  73. It is indeed a beautiful, historic city, he mused.
  74. It has certainly been interesting, he mused.
  75. Lu Yixian bitterly laughed awhile before he mused.
  76. I always looked up to you and Dad, he mused.
  77. You always have the hots for rebounds, he mused.
  78. Somehow, he mused, showers at this time of year.
  79. Such was the fate of soldiers, he mused bitterly.
  80. Perhaps, he mused, it was those high cheekbones.
  81. And, he mused, he really didn’t have anything.
  82. I mused on all the consequences of this situation.
  83. It’s always such an awkward venture, she mused.
  84. The cockpit temperature was quite high, he mused.
  85. And above all I mused, I had my father’s memory.
  86. John mused it over behind his eyelids for a moment.
  87. The word attempted had a nice ring to it, I mused.
  88. He had to be more careful, he mused as he drove on.
  89. He mused what the Indian man could feel guilty for.
  90. On mused on the simplicity and genius of temptation.
  91. I was having the same thoughts, mused Rudolph.
  92. So was this a plan to torch a car? Cruz mused.
  93. I wonder if there is a phone booth nearby, he mused.
  94. And I’m the one who uses that name, he mused.
  95. I wonder where he gets his temper, McCoy mused.
  96. Don't worry about him, Moshe mused laconically.
  97. His eyes had wandered from her as he mused out loud.
  98. I've not done that for a while now, have I?' I mused.
  99. Safety for gypsies is a double-edged sword, he mused.
  100. It was most likely, he mused, some variation of both.
  1. I know, muses Kate.
  2. The Muses are real too?
  3. Who taught it to the Muses, too.
  4. She muses: What was Olga's fate?
  5. He ignores my question and muses on.
  6. She was not made for Milton and the Muses.
  7. I think of what the Muses would say to that.
  8. Along that way of thinking lies madness, Gautama muses.
  9. Well, he muses to himself, I guess I have egg on my face.
  10. She knew, because today she’d heard echoes from the Muses, too.
  11. Now she will take revenge by killing all vampires and their muses.
  12. The muses, still with freedom found, shall to thy happy coast repair;.
  13. Ras muses, No one would dare hide without distancing himself first.
  14. Caliope the muse of eloquence and heroic poetry and chief of the muses.
  15. In what ways has Fishmael become like the fish? Well, they are both now muses.
  16. Why, yes, I said, of course they answer truly; how can the Muses speak falsely?
  17. In an engraver's shop on the boulevard there is an Italian print of one of the Muses.
  18. He must be favored by the Muses, because his writing sang with their immortal voices.
  19. As he watches some of the visitors departing the grove, the man muses that the sorry.
  20. It’s dangerous and treacherous and, to me, more beautiful than all the Light Muses combined.
  21. Hippocrene, the spring of the Muses on MountHelicon, is said to have sprung from a blow of his hoof.
  22. These are the Light Muses; embodiments of their father’s personality and their mother’s goodness.
  23. This the Muses affirm to be the stock from which discord has sprung, wherever arising; and this is their answer to us.
  24. A moving automat, the mechanic muses, is that a contradiction? It says a faint Carpenter’s Box Luncheonette on the side.
  25. She was beautiful and kind and she held close to her a love of life that rivaled the Light Muses that Kiko had told him about.
  26. In destroying this work of art, this marriage of the Muses with technology, this stranger has, indeed, shown himself to be the most astounding of all things.
  27. Wherever even a question of it arises Love and the Graces fly affrighted, followed closely, by the entire troop of equally terrified Muses, out of the nearest window.
  28. His successors, the Ptolemies, invited scientists, poets and philosophers to live in the city and built for them a palace, the temple of the Muses, where they would be able to work in peace and serenity.
  29. As for Favourite, O nymphs and muses! one day when Blachevelle was crossing the gutter in the Rue Guerin-Boisseau, he espied a beautiful girl with white stockings well drawn up, which displayed her legs.
  30. And what happens? if he do nothing else, and holds no converse with the Muses, does not even that intelligence which there may be in him, having no taste of any sort of learning or enquiry or thought or culture, grow feeble and dull and blind, his mind never waking up or receiving nourishment, and his senses not being purged of their mists?
  31. And though only the best of them will be appointed by their predecessors, still they will be unworthy to hold their fathers' places, and when they come into power as guardians, they will soon be found to fail in taking care of us, the Muses, first by under-valuing music; which neglect will soon extend to gymnastic; and hence the young men of your State will be less cultivated.
  32. Why, even the unhappy laugh, and the policeman, far from judging the drunk man, surveys him humorously, and the little boys scamper back again, and the clerk from Somerset House has nothing but tolerance for him, and the man who is reading half a page of Lothair at the bookstall muses charitably, with his eyes off the print, and the girl hesitates at the crossing and turns on him the bright yet vague glance of the young.
  33. Papa was so angry that he began a letter to Collins _père_ telling him to remove his son to a city where there are fewer muses; but Collins _père_ is a person who makes nails in Manchester with immense skill and application and is terrifyingly rich, and my step-mother's attitude toward the terrifyingly rich is one of large forgiveness; so she tore up Papa's letter just where it had got to the words _erbärmlicher Esel_, said he was a very decent boy, that he should stay as long as he wanted to, but that, since he seemed to be troublesome about learning, Papa must write and demand a higher scale of payment.
  34. Ended for aye the epics of Asia's, Europe's helmeted warriors, ended the primitive call of the muses,.

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