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    1. "Just stating some questions I ponder," she said, "I'll have to go see for myself," and with that she disappeared into the crowd

    2. I ponder how I can ever resolve his anger towards me

    3. She shouldn't let her thoughts wander out here, this wasn't the time and place to ponder everything, this was the time and place to be super alert and focused

    4. As I shut the door, I ponder what she said – sort of related

    5. I will see you then,' Mrs Ganguly said and left us to ponder over her

    6. left to ponder on the mechanism that was at work

    7. Sit and deeply ponder these things, as they are important ingredients for

    8. ' This shall be our launching point toward the practicable method to become as a human was intended” The guest leaned back and let his host ponder the image undisturbed

    9. Sitting over a pot of coffee in my dressing gown I ponder the day

    10. Why she had not thought to ask about a wife, made Emma ponder herself

    1. Frank pondered for a moment and then looked at the clock

    2. doostEr pondered the idea that this Ava, who deleted herself from search engines, could be aiding her old lover in stealing the cargo from its rightful owner who was deeper in the chaparral? It could be that Ava was arranging to have the cargo hijacked as it went by? He was suspicious of that Sorceress because of the deletions from his searches

    3. As Cat pondered on that last statement, the noise of twenty-four hour bustle

    4. I pondered how it related to me

    5. she pondered as she hurried towards the kitchen to speak

    6. “I wonder what Jake has up his sleeve this time,” pondered Steve

    7. He lay on his back under the drowsy influence of the heat haze and pondered his future, concluding that he really must think about settling down

    8. After a long hot bath and a stiff whisky Ken sat and pondered the garden

    9. She changed into her workout robes and pondered what to do about Altera

    10. back under the drowsy influence of the heat haze and pondered his

    1. Living a life of counting days in The Waiting Room leaves me with way too much time for pondering

    2. ’ He said, pondering the question as he runs a comb absentmindedly through his hair

    3. I’m still pondering her words and, more importantly, what they say about her as we come off the motorway into the village

    4. while pondering on such possibilities that Johnny first noticed his erection, and then

    5. I am still pondering Rose’s comment when Nick turns up to collect me

    6. “You see yourself with us, but not as a rider, hmm…” she was pondering his response, “Jeff, perhaps you could be our advisor

    7. Daniel went down to the great Hall still pondering his conversation with Kate

    8. Annie sat in silence for a moment or two pondering the question of a broken heart

    9. Annie sat in silence for a moment or two pondering the question

    10. Pondering on this question/subject helps bring insights into better ways

    1. He ponders for a moment

    2. John Snyder, with admirable “savoir faire,” ponders the justice of the situation

    3. knew it not; does not he that ponders the heart consider it? And He

    4. Gazing into the mirror, I see a spirit that ponders, probing behind appearances

    5. For a moment, the mind-executioner licks his lips and ponders

    6. Stacy ponders to herself, “Is he just being polite

    7. Rosa ponders for a nanosecond, "I didn't do anything except tell Brink

    8. He ponders, “Steng should have been dead before he could be reached

    9. Though Jerry questions this behavior and ponders the idea of the lunch in the first place, it’s not that far fetched as we all have moved on to a meaningful relationship through our friends

    10. Though it will not be expanded upon in this module, it is our understanding that there are only ever two outcomes that overall consciousness ponders and makes decisions upon

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