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    1. And when it comes to Sabrina, I can merely speculate as to what her thoughts could be

    2. we speculate on the heads

    3. This was where he would be forced to speculate on what sort of device or being was performing all this quantum state changing

    4. He made only a couple small tweaks and wanted to speculate about nanites and quantum computing

    5. "That's an inflammatory way to put it," he said, studying her face for a reason she wanted to get him to speculate so wildly

    6. He told Heymon what they knew so far and said, "We were about to speculate where she might be hosted

    7. She’s not a bitch generally, just not terribly bright and it’s fashionable to gossip and speculate

    8. By the time we got to the apartment, I was beginning to speculate on what sort of dilapidated state the place would be in, but I was wrong

    9. I would speculate that our cryo-slicing technique has taken the brain, and therefore the soul, before their decay bacteria could spread thruout the brain and get a read out

    10. Kulai was glad to sit and speculate with him on shonggot and Kassikan politics, but when he got to his finances Kulai accused him of interrogation

    1. German archaeologists and historians have long speculated over a large amount of deaths in the area dated from the 12th century

    2. "I'm only human," Ava said, "I only speculated on the nature of intelligence, the self and the soul

    3. I speculated on the civil wars and religious factionalism and its effects on young minds

    4. We speculated on possible locations: Oxford, Reading, Bristol or Bath

    5. Steve mentioned how cool the evening it was and Kate speculated that winter would come early this year

    6. Remembering the Queen’s promise, the older riders all speculated and waited for the news

    7. speculated idly that it would be making its way up the overgrown

    8. He had speculated on this very topic more than once over

    9. She got to hear a little more conversation as these people speculated about what they called a 'flying camera'

    10. We speculated on life with such a disability

    1. Who speculates the wished inside,

    2. Are they “Coloring the News,” as William McGowan demonstrates they do in other respects as well in his book of that title? Perhaps, Seligman speculates, the bosses fear lawsuits

    3. to outlast the object it speculates

    4. And what’s that other beach that enters our conscious when our mind speculates

    5. The writer speculates on the reaction Elvis will receive in New York

    6. He speculates that the artificial creation of a black hole through application of

    7. It will aid all the existing materialism, which speculates at present on the dependence of mind on brain, and thence will lead logically to a denial of the being of mind where brain does not exist; even in Deity

    8. It is true she speculates with her own money, not mine; nevertheless, you can understand that when 700,000

    9. Danglars speculates, whereas he never does

    10. Harris speculates that one reason they cannot understand the difference between their expectations and their results could be that they are “of limited mental capacity

    1. I’m only speculating on how the

    2. Speculating about or describing in detail what his followers could experience on their own would have detracted from the goals of their practice

    3. She guessed the other client must have left by another exit, not wanting to encounter the other waiting, speculating on that person’s neurosis

    4. ‘By now people will know something strange is happening, the broadcasters will be speculating; they will be telling the populous where it is occurring, and so the people are running towards the zero-point zone

    5. of the field for jobbing, speculating, plundering, office-building & office-hunting would be produced by an assumption of all the State powers into the hands of the general government

    6. They are speculating about the ranks

    7. Speculating about which fears I will have to face, and how many there will be, is useless at this point

    8. Finally… Speculating the sparkling Stars,

    9. campaigns, and speculating about the blank areas

    10. For the obvious question then arises: what give birth to the original mother universe? Where did it come from? And why does it exist? So, by speculating wildly about a multiverse, we have just pushed the problem back one step

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