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    1. I love you, therefore you should sleep around a bit until you’re quite, quite sure whilst I get on with all this work for you, regardless of the outcome

    2. “It was really more of an inevitability; if one knows the proper angles of attack and thought processes of his opponent, there really is only one outcome to ultimately destroy them

    3. ‘Correct me if I’m wrong, but what you are saying is that you couldn’t stop it hurting but at least if they were happy, it would be a positive outcome

    4. He was built to solve mathematical equations and predict the outcome of certain events

    5. The size of the rock heading for the planet was six and one half miles, too big for there to be any doubt about the outcome of a collision

    6. We all want the same outcome, Marwan, for you and for us

    7. I faltered to a stop, suddenly panicking, doubting the outcome of this thinking

    8. What is the outcome of such beliefs? What are the practical implications of believing in a trinity instead of a monotheistic god? It is my belief and conclusion that God is only represented fully – even if we want to say that the cross is His core character – only when we can embrace this view of the trinity

    9. consider that it may have a more optimal outcome waiting

    10. in utter perfection for the Optimal Outcome of ALL

    11. It’d be another positive outcome of this whole affair if she and JJ were to get together as Berndt seems to think they may … Abery Hall ought to have children running around its grounds … Kara, get your feet back on the ground! Talking of which, you had better get yourself moving … get this bread home and dig out that authority Berndt gave you

    12. The central set of shelves held a selection of weaponry that not only looked lethal but also sported notes stating where it had been used, against whom and what the outcome had been

    13. The outcome of the conversation is known,

    14. "I pray for the same outcome," Thom said, and steepled his hands in front of him, "but we won't know until we make the study

    15. What a fantastic outcome for Jo – mind you, she deserves it

    16. ‘No problems with the pregnancy, I see, but an unfortunate outcome

    17. Finally, you can create a game in which you come up with the very best outcome you can

    18. This is the type of prayer that most people are probably familiar with, which includes asking the universe for a specific outcome

    19. answer, come up with a response that would help you to better handle such an outcome

    20. It is possible to influence the outcome of testing by

    21. outcome that is desired

    22. The Scathers, to their horror, were met by a group much larger than expected; their Intel was false! The battle was bloody and fierce, but the outcome never in doubt

    23. Merely feeling insecure or having a fear of the unknown outcome of

    24. such things? Tell me, what outcome should we

    25. “Mercifully, I suppose the outcome was fortuitous,” Fred

    26. job it was to prevent such an outcome

    27. Whatever the outcome of the evening’s

    28. 'A most satisfactory outcome, Bailli

    29. In a way it is easier now that we know what the situation is, but, I for one had been expecting a happy outcome … I remind myself this is real life, not a fairy story

    30. Even when he told her that day, that he didn't trust what the outcome of the suite was going to be

    31. She demanded a recount after that failed she went to the state legislature and tried to get them to change the outcome

    32. they looked than the actual outcome of their actions

    33. probably the best outcome

    34. It had been over a month since Brice and the Death Guards had returned from their meeting with Rafe, and judging by the outcome of their conversation, they meant to defend the city to the end, no matter what that end may be

    35. And it didn’t matter how many times he looked at them, the outcome was the same

    36. Clothier had wagered both his money and his shirt (the cowboy one), on the outcome

    37. Realistically the worst outcome is that the avatar will overpower me and take my place

    38. She had thought they had left during the early moments of the battle, when the outcome immediately turned grim

    39. Provided the Rift remained silent, the outcome of their battle would soon be decided

    40. Phyllis had quickly heard about the trial’s outcome

    41. and affirms your belief in the outcome

    42. Sometimes it brings the desired outcome, other

    43. The outcome could have been decidedly less agreeable for us

    44. The resulting outcome was a large, spacious room with several large machines standing in seemingly random spots

    45. She could sense his apprehension about the outcome of the meeting with the king, but she knew instinctively that it would be fine, especially with Darniil there

    46. The outcome of this is not dependent on me, nor is it my doing

    47. She was rather anxious about the outcome herself

    48. Confliction, confrontation, are set backs that will always be within yourself but you are always greater than any outcome

    49. Faith is the outcome

    50. you will create a rewarding outcome" the

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