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    1. Today the young are caught up with their careers, the middle-aged with position and prestige and everyone with competition and resultant insecurity

    2. Her resultant screams were deafening, resounding around the room, bouncing off the bare walls, adding tearing harmonics to dizzying echoes

    3. Somehow she managed to instil the last few words with a meaning which reduced the conviction of her brother for child abuse, the deaths of two men and a woman, and the resultant comatose state of her daughter to an event which was purely and simply intended as a disruption of her life

    4. The resultant stretch and rumple brought FA and LA into contact with the those other lonely forces so that through the progress of a now diatonic ascension and descension of any octave, having its existence among other octaves of similar nature, the forces could at last realize the imperative of their separation, i

    5. And if you don't mind my saying there was actually a great deal more than I'd estimated---Since you required only three years worth tuition and the resultant fewer years rents and such

    6. All other stories and illustrations are taken from internet sites and are part of the public domain The stories have been adapted for the ESL audience and the resultant materials are copyright Courtney E Webb, 2013

    7. The resultant rush of air should have been enough to suck the device out into space

    8. I can"t help wondering why, at just about the time in the 1860"s of the unification of Italy, with the resultant loss, to the Papacy, of the Papal States, the decision was made to portray Mary as having been conceived blameless for original sin

    9. The force of the water carried me halfway across the main road, dumping me astride the white line, and the resultant sixteen car pile up made the national news that evening

    10. Series combination—When we add resistance in series one after another , their values add up simply and resultant resistance is sum of all the resistances in series

    11. And if we connect these two in series, then resultant resis-

    12. Series combination—When we add capacitors in series one after another , their values decreases and resultant capacitance is computed by following formula -

    13. And if we connect these two in series, then resultant capacitance would be —

    14. One day Tommy had heard that Martha, then the village postmistress, had taken a nasty tumble from her bike and been severely hampered by the resultant lameness

    15. The continued variability of the climate (wet and dry cycles) complicated by the resultant overcrowding may have made the private storage of food-stuffs increasingly hazardous and the maintaining of order more difficult

    16. It is achieved through the commitment to understand the nature of negative thought patterns and the resultant stress (negative emotional patterns) and finally, the habits and behaviours that stress supports and the willingness to make adjustments in life-style to dissolve stress and support new health-promoting habits and behaviours

    17. What had happened, that we should take note of, just two years after they had reached the limit of their expansion, or had it happened already and only the resultant consequence became apparent by 666? Whatever it was, Muawiyah was ensconced in power so securely that he reigned until AD 680

    18. However, later this enables them to continue their irresponsible conduct with its resultant suffering (a lack of wisdom on our part)

    19. While these remedies lessen or eliminate the resultant suffering, the four opponent powers do not totally and completely purify negative karma

    20. of happiness ceases and the resultant sorrow too

    21. If Capitalism were the system by which entrepreneurs and business owners could “take advantage of” and “gouge” people, then there simply could not exist the natural market growth with the resultant high standard of living enjoyed in this great nation

    22. The Soul Beast did not flinch as the dagger pierced its tough skin and more fire pulsed from the resultant wounds, but unlike Sorus, the flames fell harmlessly around her, without so much as singeing a single strand of hair

    23. ments, they used electrons and observed how the resultant interference pat-

    24. Effectively the donors were quite anonymous! The resultant foetuses were declared wards of the state and made available for normal adoption so that they could go to deserving parents

    25. same article site without analyzing the quantity and quality of the resultant

    26. It portrayed the ideal of a resultant new order of human society

    27. The bacteriologist was able to grow this particular bacterium in a manner as to produce a potent cell mediated immune response in mammals when the culture was harvested at a certain phase of its growth and the resultant bacteria killed and fragmented a special way

    28. with the resultant cut-throat price cutting

    29. He had first hand knowledge of the September 1963 threat on the president’s life in Chicago (Cuban nationals with rifles in a hotel room that escaped before being caught) that forced cancellation of the president’s trip there and the resultant attempt to cover up this episode to avoid having to increase security all around

    30. The resultant shudder caused the stack of books to topple

    31. If a powerful vampire who is able to transfer her spirit to a human, uses a human’s body to conceive a child with a powerful werewolf, then the resultant tr-brid child will be one of the most powerful creatures on Earth whose strength will be equivalent to the strength of an immortal vampire or an immortal werewolf

    32. resultant freedom and independence this would give including the

    33. Missile attacks on Zamaril and the resultant destruction of its military might had shaken this entire world

    34. Since missile attacked Zamaril and resultant horrible destruction, had shaken the entire world

    35. We the ZTA men say this with full confidence that causes of attack on trade centre with resultant calamity that befell Zulimistan people and the reasons for dangerous missile attacks on Zamaril were the same

    36. If hatred keeps multiplying in their hearts then retaliation is the resultant reaction of these victims and then killing and killing of humanity everywhere

    37. Besides that Zulimistan should stop military and nuclear aid to Zamaril so that imbalance of military might and resultant complications are resolved in the region

    38. The resultant hiss seemed to capture his attention far more than Mark had managed

    39. The resultant dispute over whether this was a valid

    40. Using the Crashing Analysis I determine the resultant cost of the project provided it is completed for the minimum possible duration

    41. bloom has sprouted and the resultant flowers have been more colorful and hardier and

    42. "Throughout human history, in all times of flood, drought, the resultant starvation of millions, there are, stockpiled by the rich, food and supplies enough to save all who're condemned to die (by the greed of those who have, denying the necessities of life to those who need!)

    43. Within hours of the attack, Israel took advantage of the resultant confusion, launching two straight days of assaults on its hated neighboring Palestinians, hiding their own acts of terrorism in the dust-clouded fog of their supposed friend-country’s agony

    44. As an ethic of imagination, this means the intended and collateral consequences inform the formation of the imagiton, and that the resultant consequences of one's enactment become the concerns of one's reimaginings

    45. The resultant misery he brought to their lives when he pursued them to their hiding places and captured them to face their punishment changed the lives of all of them, one way or another

    46. The resultant agitated boredom renders them morally indifferent as to the method and mode of the elimination of their boredom, e

    47. The resultant increase in the water temperature

    48. We are being taught to demand face-recognition apps, which conditions us to being screened so we are less suspicious and even enjoy being tracked and tracking others without ever thinking of asking the question, “WHY?” The persistent assault upon and resultant lack of anonymity is the latest defeat for creative autonomy: the freedom to self-evolve

    49. The resultant clamour was followed by total calm and wondrous silence

    50. In addition, the messenger (cpth) said that a person who commits suicide is an unbeliever, and that a person who commits suicide by drinking poison will see themselves continually drinking poison and suffering the resultant pain from the time they leave this life until the arrival of Doomsday

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