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Outcome in a sentence

No matter what the outcome.
It was the perfect outcome.
He didn't doubt the outcome.
This was never the outcome.
The outcome here was instant.
Its outcome, also, is with.
There can be no other outcome.

The outcome was never in doubt.
The outcome is worth more than.
The outcome has been promising.
He who is above the outcome of.
We may assign a value to outcome.
Only the outcome meant anything.
The outcome was an invasion of.
The outcome is something to be.
I was very happy with the outcome.
He knew the outcome all the time.
The overall outcome is the most.
The outcome would be disastrous!.
All bets were off for the outcome.
I surrendered the outcome of the.
The conceptual outcome of a coin.
He wasn't pleased with the outcome.
Stop trying to control the outcome.
No way to tell the outcome, either.
The OBE (Outcome Based Education).
Better to leave the outcome to God.
So, we start with the outcome that.
Every time the outcome was the same.
Satan where the outcome is uncertain.
And the outcome is for the cautious.
The outcome of his decisions would.
Then, what is the outcome of this?
They both knew the outcome of capture.
Whatever the outcome, we have to try.
Whatever the outcome, he’d be right.
He tried again, with the same outcome.
You will be encouraged by the outcome.
A protected belief is also an outcome.
It is hard to imagine a worse outcome.

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