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    1. It is beautiful in its own way here, and there is more gentleness if not as much grandeur

    2. ” I have my own paraphrase of this; “You’re not where you work”

    3. A child is not going to have a healthy value of their own worth if they

    4. The cod cheeriness associated with your own

    5. from His throne dealing with life challenges on your own

    6. Raising a child who has healthy self esteem and belief in her own

    7. I unholster the revolver that he passed down to me when I moved out on my own

    8. There is a Colonel from his expedition who does not agree with the majority decision and wants to make his own policy

    9. Along the way, external events have had a habit of mirroring my own

    10. The sooner he was back in his own small pond the better, he thought

    11. He went thru the list again, but if he wanted them here, they had roots of their own

    12. Live your own life in that way and you will influence those

    13. His eyes told him immediately that he should have paid more attention to the astronomical news Ennin warned him about and less to stewing in his own woman problems

    14. Decisions are something that you make in your own mind on a constant and ongoing

    15. It is currently on etsy, and on my own website, below

    16. brethren, nor knew his own children: for they have

    17. The only liquid he consumed was his own urine, and he wasted away quickly

    18. YingolNeerie! Let's pretend that you made up your own involvement, just what you've told me about it and what its powers are is thrilling

    19. This means that each product can have it’s own set of follow-up emails

    20. Hermann tried to cover his ears with his pillow, but then he was bothered by the sound of the whistling from his own nose

    21. In this chapter, I will cover some basic methods of making your own organic fertilizers while showing you how we can help the earth (soil) reestablish the balance and restore the natural process by harness-

    22. I have included them to help you develop a feel for blending your own organic materials

    23. Business and society was never something he was deeply involved with, unless it was the politics of their own tribe

    24. Joshua had his own

    25. You must make your own as this stuff is not for sale

    26. James: 1:22: But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves

    27. Without the help of insects, we would be covered with our own waste

    28. Besides, people of the Type A persuasion will create their own stressful situations

    29. only, but I want to see the same manifestation in my own

    30. Paul always did it himself: started his own company; was a self-made millionaire; took business trips on his own coin

    31. Paul even ironed his own clothes at the end of each day

    32. “I think you’ll find that I can hold my own,” Nancy said

    33. Holy Ghost, according to his own will?

    34. Nothing organic here! So I would suggest that you make it yourself for your own use and make some extra for your plants!

    35. Senior Citizens forming their own support groups are more likely to talk as senior persons than as senior citizens

    36. “We are working with the Super Chip to convince the bank’s computers to take ten dollars from five million different accounts and place it in our own, anonymous offshore account

    37. Ants also have their own fungus that they carry on the bodies

    38. One has to highlight the rules of God about what is right and what is wrong in respect of serious problems like drugs, alcohol, pre-marital sex etc so that they can have the moral courage to refuse on their own

    39. Wisdom is different from knowledge, it is knowledge applied by the person in his own way

    40. They should be taught as to how to get to their own truth

    41. He decided that this would be his gift to them—he would grant them names and stories of his own making:

    42. When you look at their faces, and see the resemblance of your own children, it is such a miraculous feeling

    43. Grandchildren have a special place in our life, and our own children never feel jealous of the attention we give to their children

    44. It is a fine line we walk as grandparents, to love our grandchildren without interfering with their relationship with their own parents

    45. She’ll probably go to college and marry a doctor but never actually pursue a real profession of her own, especially after she has his first child

    46. Flustered with his own thoughts, Evan thrusts his cigarette to the ground without stepping on it

    47. It has a little lake of its own giving it a square mile of harbor and a few more square miles of lon

    48. · Getting their own mail is exciting for children

    49. Every writer needs a room of her own and I guess every band needs a garage

    50. We can also act as watchdogs even within our own social circles and families

    1. The other half were owned by residents of one of the tall trees around this basin

    2. It had been over fifty Earth years that Kulai had owned this place, but this structure had been completed while Europe was in the dark ages and Third Canal had been the beachfront

    3. In fact he was still combing thru boxes of children's wear abandoned by someone who had owned this house before Ava did

    4. ‘Dan owned a house there, you see

    5. By that token she should be more confident that she could survive on this planet, she'd owned a few properties during her meander to the north where one had to get a cook fire going with twigs for every hot meal

    6. Do you know that you pass right by the husbandry preserve owned by another former lover of hers?"

    7. I follow Molly into the house, trying not to feel out of place … how could I have ever thought that the owner of this could … but you didn’t know he owned this, did you, Liz? And he held my head over the loo while I chucked up! Oh hell!

    8. owned and which he sold shortly after she travelled to the far banks of the river, so

    9. They'd owned an aerocar for awhile in the 2350's, while all his children were still at home and alive

    10. There were a couple kegs aboard, owned by Yarnay on mast six, and she was able to mooch a cup or two a day out of them, but that was what Luray used to drink with lunch

    11. He had some savings, a little residue from a small property he and his wife owned and which he sold shortly after she travelled to the far banks of the river, so there was no need to work, at least not for a while

    12. She owned property in Yoonbarla and had a claim on space in Zhlindu

    13. I didn’t think he owned any property, but I may be wrong

    14. The young man looked at the house that Cyberia was pointing at and replied, “Oh yeah, that’s Stackton House, owned by the fourteenth duke

    15. "He owned these shin pads, just like Mr

    16. This lovely old place was once owned by a famous television personality, whose claim to good fortune and favour was based upon his inestimable knowledge of all things horticultural

    17. Armed with her father’s old address book, and after many disappointing telephone calls to old friends and distant relations, Annie eventually tracked down an ancient great-aunt who owned a crumbling Victorian villa that had been converted into bedsits

    18. owned a large bat factory in Kashmir

    19. and replied, “Oh yeah, that’s Stackton House, owned by the

    20. I’ve owned this cottage for years and years but rarely even been inside it

    21. He owned a couple of properties which he used to rent out and it made sense for us to sell the house here and for her to move up there to live in one of the flats

    22. that is owned by those that have mastered it

    23. What do I know about the family finances? Bertram owned a shop

    24. but what if they'd owned a house

    25. This lovely old place was once owned by a

    26. The farm owned a couple of pre-war tractors,

    27. My quarters have been shared with permanent residents twice since I’ve owned them, one other time while I leased here

    28. “Did Himla live in this apartment when he owned the house?” Ava asked

    29. “I’m Bekthi, but Himla was here when Hyondahi owned this house

    30. What else did she have to do? Go back home? What is home now anyway? Could she go back to the house she owned in Sinbara? Without a doubt Jorma would be going back there and he knew most of the people of that town

    31. Carl owned the property and had renters from time to time but nobody

    32. They were quartered in an Allcock & Sons owned hotel near the factory for the night

    33. never drove this well in the two years I had owned it

    34. For the first time in all the years that he has owned Sillick Farm, he notices the ornate ridge tiles that run along the apex of the barn roof and he tries to smile, but none of his facial muscles seem to work anymore

    35. This horse carriage was owned by a Cheese Merchant, who had come to sell all her cheeses

    36. A runaway horse and carriage owned and operated by visiting tourists not a local villager, plowed through the fence and side yard of the Lodges' grounds one late July afternoon

    37. Her G G Grandfather had actually owned everything east of the town and a large portion to the west at one time

    38. Titania and Jameson herded the horses not required for off-season commerce up into the pastures owned by the livery for this very purpose

    39. "I do?" She stammered over the thought of suddenly owning two homes, she who had never owned anything

    40. Neither Beth nor Jake owned a home either

    41. “This Woman, I promised my hand in Marriage if she would give me all the planets she owned! Now she’s an underpaid grunt who spends the rest of her life cleaning up the eternally toxic clusters of Klept-058!” Olorhleng said proudly

    42. that owned the meat shop on Fifth Street

    43. "I've never owned even the smallest piece of property-" she went on to say, looking up to where he stood

    44. It was a composite bat that I had owned for over a year

    45. That’s when I found the lween player, Jotal, actually owned the house

    46. Glenelle knew that part of her friendship with Ava, and part of Morg’s security was due to the entertainment she provided in universes like that owned by Morgan Evans

    47. Kit had re-run the satellite cable connecting a transceiver, in addition to the receiver they owned

    48. complex he owned on the East Side of town next to a church on a corner

    49. "Well, I can try, but the deed clearly indicated that Emme owned it, and the letter attached, that we really do want him to see … said that she had to pass it on to her Granddaughter but it also said ALL the land was included in the will

    50. He had acquired an interest in TAAG Angola Airlines even though it is 100% owned by the government of Angola

    1. “Was she some important heiress? I don’t think so, I found no record of her owning property there

    2. "I do?" She stammered over the thought of suddenly owning two homes, she who had never owned anything

    3. “Is there a problem with owning a kit?”

    4. If the maggots are coming out of your mouth, then it implies that you are not owning up to something you have said

    5. There is no great happiness to be found in owning

    6. The Constitution protected the slave trade for twenty years and gave slave owning states greater representation in Congress

    7. Plantation slave owners, or “the slave owning power,” as many abolitionists referred to them, likely played the leading role in why the US fought the war

    8. What: President James Buchanan's weakness, incompetence, defense of slavery, and sympathy for slave owning elites led directly to the Civil War

    9. Jefferson had originally criticized slavery in the Declaration of Independence, but other slave owning delegates forced that passage's removal

    10. He was the only president between Jefferson and Lincoln to stand up to the power of slave owning elites and prevent an expansion of slavery

    11. This is why owning your refusal to forgive is the best way to

    12. "Then you wouldn't be interested in owning the Locarno then, would you?"

    13. There was a time when owning slaves was

    14. Career choices like investing in real estate (such as a real estate developer, or commercial or residential investor), owning intellectual property rights (patents for inventions, licensing and even copyrights), being a bestselling author, investing in stocks or notes or bonds or being a successful business franchise owner are all ways to earn about a half a million dollars or more and that’s about the amount needed for Americans to earn if they don’t want to struggle from paycheck to paycheck but have enough to save enough and to really thrive financially

    15. Just the very idea of owning something that had once belonged to their grandmother, the great singer, only made Manda want it more

    16. Lord Robert had an impressive collection of ancient documents, the kind you can be arrested for owning, and I was able to read them—you see, Maggie, much as the Empire wishes the ancient languages extinct, they are not

    17. Your total cost for owning the

    18. These competitions can unfold in countless ways, from gaining a higher education to owning technological goods

    19. Owning an oxygen garden was where the wealth and fame

    20. However, through diligence and hard work, he managed, over the next twenty years to build his fortune and raise a family, eventually owning almost all of his uncle’s possessions

    21. them, owning a male and female is the only precondition

    22. Park saw gold in owning broadcast stations

    23. I had a house in Charlotte and the tax deduction that went along with owning it

    24. “At one time I had the ambition of owning several papers, but I was so busy running what I had that I didn’t have time to go out chasing down leads,” he added

    25. They traipse through life owning nothing, avoiding all responsibilities and social entanglements

    26. someday owning the property however are much more inclined to

    27. profound responsibility and owning what we are, what we’ve

    28. threatened by the other and vice versa, without either one of them ever owning

    29. dialectically overcoming our dynamic projections, of owning our guilt and

    30. Not that he was afraid of owning up, merely the discomfort of being grilled…

    31. Telephoning the owners of working windmills and talking to them about the benefits/pitfalls of owning one

    32. Owning fairground rides is not a need - it is a strategy for filling a need

    33. are the equivalent of owning one thousand slaves, making you wealthier now (whatever your level of poverty) than the kings of the ancient world

    34. How about owning a few other planets too? How about owning the entire Martian planet, and having the money to teraform it exactly as you want?

    35. Building ships and owning ships was prohibited under the British rule

    36. sexy speed boat that you dream of owning

    37. You meditate about owning the boat

    38. He was wealthy, owning many apartment buildings and a car radiator factory

    39. For works of fiction that a reader loves enough to revisit, nothing beats owning a printed copy on the bookshelf

    40. But when Herod refused to pay them any of the funds due Joseph, they gave up the ambition of owning a home in the country

    41. never see himself as owning such a sum of money

    42. himself owning and operating a large machine shop

    43. Fascinated by what he was deprived of, he dreamt of owning a Vespa

    44. Usually a Taurus will end up owning land

    45. Owning a piece of land was humanity’s earliest form of wealth: Taurus still feels that primeval connection

    46. So calling it what it is means acknowledging and owning up to the fact that your discomfort is based on the judgments, beliefs, and opinions you formed as a reaction or response to this situation

    47. "Being part of the Soviet elite, living a protected and privileged existence in a yellow-brick apartment on Aleksei Tolstoy Street, attending special showings of secretly imported western movies, owning a handtooled, black Zil limousine, a resplendent dacha in the hills, a villa on the Black Sea, just doesn't appeal to me

    48. One visitor said that it was like owning our own park

    49. Richard had learnt a great deal over the last few years of owning their own old farmhouse

    50. Given the huge investment that owning a horse requires, reported one Kentucky newspaper, “simply sending one to pasture, injured or not, is not an option all owners are willing to consider

    1. "So who owns it now?"

    2. "I know my uncle owns this place but really, who else could they put in charge? Draper? Hah!" Benji Draper was the oldest employee in the office

    3. He owns a largish property a bit further down the motorway – it’s not far from here

    4. "He owns them down here

    5. Iain owns a little house here in Blue Anchor, on the Somerset coast, and is willing to offer it for whatever use Errd can find for it

    6. Who owns it?”

    7. Zubin, he owns Wilson sports

    8. He owns one of the top hairdressing salons in the town

    9. That something else owns yet its own

    10. Everything except what Mom owns, of course

    11. Knume, who used to be her man and actually owns this house, threw her out because he hates Mappu with a blind, flaming passion

    12. I know a guy who owns the plant where quite a few magazines are printed

    13. Harris's property, and whoever it is that now owns the property, that lies west of town

    14. This warm country on the Mediterranean Sea owns the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands –

    15. Janet has 13 children, owns a real-estate business, and has a

    16. "Alan is the name of the guy that owns this place?" Rendrak asked

    17. "This is big time quarters up here," Kuthra told them once the assignment was made and they were on their way to it, "This is where they put visiting professors and research planners, or managers of large factories that the Kassikan owns, once in awhile a media person

    18. “You mean he owns a workshop where they’re made

    19. The other’s Stenarch, who owns the mine

    20. They seem to think that the more one owns the happier he is

    21. The main question doesn't refer to what one owns but if one is happy with his situation

    22. “And I suppose the sailors simply let him? Speaking as a man who owns many slaves,

    23. now owns her own business and just purchased a new home

    24. Now that he owns me, the backhand to my jaw and the six strokes with his staff were only a foretaste of my life here in this The Maiden’s Odyssey

    25. one owns the rights to it

    26. (George Brown owns this site

    27. So would any man who owns an insolent slave

    28. And Ductor, who owns the linen mill

    29. My brother owns a copy

    30. Who owns; What’s on base

    31. with, “Jeff owns a string of department stores, Desmonds

    32. She knows guns and Paul Isackson owns a number of handguns and a couple of

    33. “Sure, he owns the place, ought to be in later

    34. It seems that an acquaintance of his, the guy who owns the

    35. The most important thing was a key to a box he owns

    36. “If you know an address, or lot number, it’s a simple matter to find out who owns the property, what they paid for it and when, who owned it before, and all sorts of semi-interesting stuff

    37. She owns more than a dozen in her name, and there are numerous partnerships as well

    38. I guarantee you that legally very few listed companies owns anything physical of value

    39. There was one on that list of businesses Larocka owns, wasn’t there?”

    40. To understand what we own and what God owns

    41. This place is all he owns and it is no bigger than this entire room

    42. Spokesperson Catherine Creeper and Don Phybes, Scow site director; will speak publically about the company’s intentions for the Chemical Alley properties it owns and operates

    43. How many of us are able to quickly recite statistics such as which Quarterback has thrown the most touchdown passes or which Pitcher owns the best won/loss record or lowest earned run average however must give pause in naming the vice-presidential candidate in the upcoming presidential election? Bread and Circus‘ are coming full circle

    44. "Oy missis!" he called out after her, "Is it yer what owns that scrawny looking goat?"

    45. The company also owns 2,000 acres that straddle Highway 47B in the vicinity of Tonti Road

    46. “Who owns that gramophone?” I asked the Adj

    47. Like she owns the whole fuckin complex, and we"re put here by God to look after her special needs

    48. The challenge here is that if everyone owns it then it is nobody's responsibility

    49. Boyce senior owns a nominal three percent of the shares, and does not have a seat on the board,” admitted Clive

    50. “Hah! No one really owns it,” said the one still sitting at the table

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