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Own in a sentence

He is on his own.
He was on his own.
In my own mind I.
She was on her own.
But is it our own.
I pay my own bills.
He, too, made his own.

I know my own species.
Brutus was on his own.
Unless it was his own.
He was her own brother.
He was off in his own.
Do your own dirty work.
He shot his own player.
Rather, we do own the.
My thoughts all his own.
That was his own choice.
I saw it with my own eyes.
It was my own initiative.
She want to have her own.
I had to watch my own ass.
Vince gets in his own cart.
Charles, We own the place.
Here is her own recording.
It was the same as his own.
Was living in my own toy?
Anon had a plan of his own.
Want to own me? Stay away.
Our lives are not our own.
Honesty is its own reward.
Trust in your own healing.
It’s my own stupid fault.
It’s Dave … on his own.
Not their own self somehow.
His own sword hit only air.
To trust in their own heart.
He's found his own freedom.
And I like my own space.
My own horse! Jasper is my.
In fact he hated his own son.
Myths About Owning a Home.
Your total cost for owning the.
You meditate about owning the boat.
I know you believe owning slaves.
My father is a rich merchant, owning.
The idea of owning yourself is insane.
When we stop owning, we can share all.
But owning 30 or 40 could be a problem.
There was a time when owning slaves was.
Usually a Taurus will end up owning land.
The idea of owning other people is insane.
How about owning a few other planets too?
Park saw gold in owning broadcast stations.
Is there a problem with owning a kit?
Once you admit to yourself that owning things.
The average cost of owning a mutual fund is 3.
The idea of owning your own organs is insane.
I’ll be owning your house after this game.
That means owning just a few companies at a time.
Owning something unique is another type of niche.
People could basically sleep at night owning them.
There are several benefits to owning a franchise:.
There is no great happiness to be found in owning.
To win becomes equal to not only owning oneself, e.
The thought of her sister owning a gun was shocking.
There’s no harm in owning now that I was afraid.
For me, starting and owning a business was something.
I don't mind owning I am plucky sometimes, Karamazov.
One visitor said that it was like owning our own park.
Owning hundreds of things does not give you happiness.
Owning an oxygen garden was where the wealth and fame.
Also, materialism is way overrated, as is owning a home.
The huge amounts of realistic risk inherent in owning U.
He couldn’t ever remember owning one like this himself.
Consider the years of work that goes into owning property.
A few idly owning, and they the wheat continually claiming.
It is because of owning that there is a need for giving.
The idea of owning something smaller than you are is insane.
You could no longer bear the idea of this ruffian owning her.
Thus many funds end up owning the same few overpriced giants.
He asked who owned it.
He felt he owned her.
It was owned by an.
I bet Peter owned a gun.
But no self can be owned.
And what a car he owned.
He said that he owned me.
The house was owned by A.
Owned by the local church.
And now she owned a prince.
Now my aunt Kate owned it.
I was in a mansion, owned.
It must be owned by morons.
He may even have owned the.
He had no idea who owned it.
She no longer owned a jalopy.
He probably owned an arsenal.
I have owned myself in fault.
But when we said we owned a.
What you are cannot be owned.
Whatever they saw: they owned.
Feds were owned by foreigners.
Apparently the guy who owned.
SAS announced that it owned 6.
How long have they owned the.
She owned the Royal, you know.
Integrated Life also owned $17.
He owned large fields of grain.
The fat old hags who now owned.
Jiju had owned a new WangonR car.
People have owned it for a while.
Brown, who had previously owned.
The company owned the only store.
The less I owned, the less I had.
Paul’s parents had owned a farm.
Maybe he owned stock in Halliburton.
He named every horse he ever owned.
I owned that he never had been mine.
James Matheson owned this house.
I've had friends who owned trawlers.
He thinks he owns us.
My brother owns a copy.
He owns them down here.
His father owns the bar.
He owns a football club.
Procter & Gamble owns Mr.
And he owns the house now.
Who else owns the stock?
Who owns; What’s on base.
Which as yet he owns only.
The guy who owns the boat.
I think his son owns it now.
Her husband owns the garage.
Zubin, he owns Wilson sports.
Actually our mother owns it.
But the river owns the soul.
Be the one who owns others.
He owns the Big Farm up at.
What the Heart Owns Breaks It.
Who owns it? he demanded.
She already owns the American.
He owns her and should know.
The guy that owns this place.
I know the old lady that owns it.
Who owns this here store?
Whoever Broke the Family Owns It.
He owns the nursery, too?
Whatever you compete for owns you.
And Ductor, who owns the linen mill.
He owns the beach with two partners.
He owns this place outright?
Christ he probably owns half a dozen.
That something else owns yet its own.
Nobody owns that person’s feelings.
He does not own what Bill Ruane owns.
Because nobody really owns the internet.
Rory said, NSR owns this joint!.
Trom owns this paper and therefore you.
The Library owns every inch of it!’.
If owns me, thinks he can take my place.

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